Canyon GOP vice chair: McGee would have been better off allowing confidence vote

Vice Chairman Steve Kren supports Sen. John McGee remaining Canyon County party chairman, and said McGee would have been better served with an up-or-down vote Tuesday night.

"I think John has the support of the Central Committee," said Kren, a former GOP lawmaker. "I think that he should have just had a vote and put it behind him. But now this is going to carry on for another month. It was my opinion to end it last night."

Kren said the Caldwell lawmaker and Senate Majority Caucus chairman didn't ask his advice. But McGee did consult with Kren about his plan to refer to the party's Executive Committee a resolution calling for an investigation of McGee's recent DUI guilty plea and a subsequent vote on whether to remove McGee as chairman.

"I was fairly comfortable that he had reviewed the rules of the party and was prepared to handle whatever situation would arise," Kren said Wednesday.

Before the meeting, Kren said McGee discussed passing the gavel to Kren to run the meeting.

"He expressed to me that he would do that when there was going to be a vote," Kren said. "He said if there was a motion and a second, then he would step aside and let me restate the motion and take the vote."

There was no vote, however, because McGee ruled as chairman that the resolution authored by Ronalee Linsenmann would be referred to the Executive Committee.

Kren said the Executive Committee will meet in open session at 6 p.m. Aug. 9 at the Canyon County Courthouse. The full Central Committee will meet at 7 p.m. Aug. 9.

A majority of the Central Committee could vote to remove McGee, but two-thirds of the county's precinct committeemen and woman must be present. In the 11-member Executive Committee, the resolution could be killed or referred to the Central Committee by a majority.

Linsenmann's resolution calls for an investigation by the party into McGee's "drunken actions" and for an investigative committee to report back "with any medical records or other information relevant to this issue."

When McGee pleaded guilty to DUI July 3, his attorney said he suffered a concussion, which contributed to his erratic behavior June 19. McGee was first charged with DUI and felony theft, but the theft charge was dropped in a plea bargain.

McGee's lawyer, Scott McKay, said a neurosurgeon examined McGee, but McGee and McKay have declined to respond to requests from the Statesman and the Associated Press for medical records.

McGee also has declined to respond to phone, text and email messages since his arrest. He did not return a phone call Wednesday.

Kren said an investigation is unnecessary. "I don't need to know the details. He's already pled guilty to a DUI. He's apologized to the Central Committee. I don't see the need for an investigation."

McGee's apology satisfied Kren. "It was a very eloquent speech. I think it was from the heart."

Linsenmann also was impressed Tuesday night, saying, "That was a very heartfelt apology and it does make me feel like kind of a tough, mean old mama to get up here and continue on with my resolution. But I have contemplated this for awhile."

(Listen to audio of McGee's apology and the parliamentary maneuvers that sidetracked Linsenmann's resolution).

The 11 members of the Canyon Executive Committee are: McGee, Kren, Linsenmann and State Committeeman Todd Lakey, State Committeewoman Julie Yamamoto, Secretary Nancy Baxter, Treasurer Mike Crow, State Youth Committeeman Matt Salisbury; Sid Freeman and Reps. Darrell Bolz of Caldwell and Gary Collins of Nampa.

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Thank you Dan for the update.

What Integrity?

I sure wish someone would explain to the GOP the difference between integrity and arrogance.

The guy has worked his whole

The guy has worked his whole life to get where he is so why shouldn't he fight to keep his job? Who wouldn't? So what if he went off on a bender? Everybody has done foolish things in their life and if they haven't I would be more suspect of them anyway. Representatives are human, not gods and they make mistakes. Personally I think because of this unfortunate event Senator McGee will be a better statesman. When a person falls hard they learn not to do it again. If he does then that is a different matter but until or if that happens I feel he will more realize how quickly life can change on a person so you better watch your step. He didn't beat somebody with a tire iron nor was he inappropriate with a child or female either. Let he who is with out sin cast the first stone.

I would agree, if the

I would agree, if the conduct were not so antithetical to any kind of moral character. He stole a truck! That's not the same as a bender. He abused the political system he seeks to be involved in by not allowing the vote on the resolution. That's not what leaders do in republics or democracies. Far be it for me to ever suggest that a lawyer might not have been perfectly honest, but the excuse offered by his attorney regarding the alleged concussion doesn't fit the known facts either, put him dangerously close to Bill Clinton territory.

I don't disagree about this fighting to keep his job. I disagree about whether people should put up with it.

You are kidding right?

This is far more than a drunken lark. A drunken lark is somebody taking video of somebody else intoxicated and acting foolish. These are actions that were initially charged as a felony. He was operating a vehicle, either stolen or without the owners permission however you may look at it not just impaired, but highly impaired at .15. Rather than take a cab or call someone because, lets face it, he made a night of it. He got himself into this mess. Give me a break. Im sorry, the concussion story isnt even plausible. He got this break for who he is and now its just spin.

38 years old

and that qualifies as a full life of work?, sucking at the public teat with lots of benefits and with litte actual work - whee what a life. If your good pal had been employed in almost any actual body of state workers. such as at transportation or ISP or the port of entry crew. Your pal would have been fired already. I've noticed that you seem to respond that anyone who objects to this idiot being allowed to provide substandard ethics and morals in our name, to being a Liberal wacko. I am likely guilty of that, after all I voted for R N twice, R R twice and G F, Steve Symms, Clement Otter, Patty Lodge, and a few others over the years. yep makes me a darned radical liberal all right. Well I'm beginning to think that at least a few of those won't be getting many more votes from me and yes I know that the first three are all dead and the fourth has no intention of running again.

So What?

So what if he went on a bender? So what if he stole a car? It's not like he's a democrat! I want my kids to know that there are two sets of rules in Idaho, one for the elite who make the laws,and one for everyone else.

How would you know?

I take it that someone is not you, you have no integrity.. you are a liberal shrill... nothing more.

SHILL, effendi!


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

The truth is...

he was simply minding his business. Celebrating a victorious round of golf with a Perrier when a psychotic, and vicious mind you, bar wench from the 19th hole slipped him a "Micky". I heard it was a lethal mixture of Tuinal and Seconal she had saved from the 70's for this purpose. In his state of delirium he thought his Gucci loafers were rabid steroidal golf course Gophers attacking his feet.He fought and fought those Gophers and ran with the swiftness of a Springbok away for his life!....then....While running for his life,he tripped on an Excursion,bumped his head on the hood,sustaining a concussion which obviously "negates ANY criminal liability", then said collision caused the keys to "pop" out of the car and onto his chest just as the rabid Gophers were gaining on him.What would you do? Escape with your very life in the Excursion obviously!!
Now the whole dui charge is a bunch of BS cooked up by Boise police because they are obviously a bunch of liberal ,hippie, commie,north-end union thugs who have nothing better than to harass poor republicans in distress and their moment of need.
SHEEESH people !! Where is your compassssion? !! This could have easily been ANY one of us !!

I Heard the Proceedings and It Was Pitiful

To be frank, I don't blame him for trying to salvage his political career. The problem is he is doing a lousy job. He sounded like a whiner and a liar. He said he plead guilty to his crime... a lie, or at least not the complete story. He committed the felony crime of car theft. He needs to speak to that, not compare himself to Governor Otter. He's got this bump on the head story going around, but others talking about it for him. He needs to let them off the hook and talk about it himself. He needs to say how he feels about other criminals getting a pass if they were falling down drunk at the time, and their crimes were "out of character." He needs to hold a press conference and answer anything asked of him. But then, that takes courage. He didn't sound like a man of courage; he sounded like a man feeling sorry for himself.

Why defend this man?

I get that he is Republican and so are many Idahoans, but why defend his actions? I don't care if he is replaced by another Republican...why would the Republican party want this guy as Canyon County party chairman let alone the Senate Majority Caucus chairman? Is this the best he have in Idaho? If this man was a officer in the military he would have been court martialed and at the very least slapped down in rank/pay. If McGee was a BSU fb player he would have been suspended or kicked off the team. I would lose my job if I conducted myself the way McGee has. Shouldn't we hold a State Senate leader to a higher standard of conduct and not shrug off/defend his behavior with "boys will be boys attitude"?

Gotta do what's right

Or at least appear to be doing what's right. Steve Kren is correct - John McGee should have turned the meeting over to him and stood by to accept whatever the committee chose to do. If he doesn't know by now what the consensus of the members is, then he's not much of a chairman. And if the consensus was to give him the boot, then he should have recognized the will of the committee and acted the part of a gentleman.

Instead, he had come across as a petty tyrant. That's a shame, because he's not one. He just seems to be lurching from one terrible decision to another. As a public servant, his constituents deserve better.

I also agree with Steve Kren

There's something skeevy about a chair making this sort of decision for himself about himself.

Abuse of power

McGee blatantly abused his power. Having said that, I am not surprised that many people are still defending him, including Otter. He needs to resign and soon, this will get worse if he gets a pass.

"tough, mean

old mamas and good ole' boys," business as usual in Idaho politics.
BTW Statesman, where is the follow up on the Boise City, illegally cancelled janitorial contract? Is Bieter getting a freebie on this one?

Did you watch the video?

The link is for the last 10 minutes of the meeting. Watch his body language. It is very telling. You must appreciate how he has to step OVER Ronalee at the end. We must do what we can to ensure he doesn't get elected to another term!

Central Committee

A bit curious I browsed "central committee" on Google. First hit was the following:

Central Committee was the common designation of a standing administrative body of communist parties, analogous to a board of directors, whether ruling or non-ruling in the twentieth century and of the surviving, mostly Stalinist, states in the early twenty first. In such party organizations the committee would typically be made up of delegates elected at a party congress. In those states where it constituted the state power, the Central Committee made decisions for the party between congresses, and usually was responsible for electing the Politburo.

Throw the bum out

If he has nothing to hide, he has no reason to fear an investigation. In fact,
it would help restore his credibility. First he refuses to share doctor's notes
proving that he suffered a concussion that might explain his behavior, and now this.
Hey John, either "man-up" or find another profession. We deserve more of our
public servants. This cronyism has got to stop!

McGee will never be considered a statesman

His DUI/Felony charges plus his own interference in stalling a vote on his retaining his status prevents that.

having just watched the video of the end of the meeting

I have to say that your statement that Linsenmann also was impressed Tuesday night, saying, "That was a very heartfelt apology and it does make me feel like kind of a tough, mean old mama to get up here and continue on with my resolution. ... seems a bit of a non sequitur.

Linsenmann introduced her resolution with some softening phatic. When McGee acted unilaterally as Chair to quash her motion (because he consulted his two predecessors, and they gave him the green light, he said), Linsenmann tried to raise one, and then another Point of Order, which were similarly quashed. The twit who spoke up--OUT OF ORDER, and not brought TO order by the chair--interrupted that process. Did you talk to Linsenmann after the meeting? She may well have been "impressed" at that point, but not in the way you suggest, Dan.

Never mind the as yet unexplained bender; McGee's performance in this meeting demonstrates quite clearly that he is unsuited to continue as Chairman of the Canyon County GOP. Unless part of their bylaws is that Rules of Order are a quaint formality that can be ignored whenever it suits the purpose of the Chairman. (I guess I do have to stipulate that the evidence at hand actually does suggest is their "tradition.")

What a joke

I am a solid republican voter...McGee is a nightmare for this party. How can he effectively lead when he is so clearly morally bankrupt? Yes he aplogized, but there are consequences for your actions Senator McGee.

The arrogance of this man is astounding, he thinks he can do what he did and then bully his way out of it. There are plenty of solid, upstanding citizens that can do his job. He should get out of the way and let someone with character lead.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

How soon we forget

How many of you remember Otter's pathetic performance when he was charged with drunk driving? I do. It was a joke. He acted like a kid trying to get away with stealing cookies with one in his hand with a bite taken out of it. Rather than just fess up, he pushed it as far as he could until he was found guilty. I remember him then getting credit for standing up and taking it like a man. Sheesh.

So, don't discount this man's chances of being gov some day. If folks could vote for Otter after his act, then anything is possible.