Boise State-Georgia football game sells out

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

Boise State has sold its allotment of 7,500 tickets for the Sept. 3 Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game against Georgia, making the season-opening football game a sellout.

Boise State received 7,500 tickets for the game and made them available to season-ticket holders first. About 500 tickets went on sale to the general public last week and were gone in 14 minutes, ticket manager Anita Guerricabeitia said.

Georgia previously sold its 53,000 tickets.

The rest of the tickets in the 71,959 -seat Georgia Dome went to game organizers. Those tickets won’t be sold publicly. lists fewer than 700 tickets to the game for sale, with a starting price of $260.

Boise State sold its tickets for $74 and $88.


I’ll have more on football tickets in Friday’s paper. Tickets for road games are on sale through the Boise State ticket office. Individual-game tickets for home games don’t go on sale until Sept. 14.

Neutral Field

7500 to 53,000. As if this neutral field could get any less neutral.

Neutral Field

It doesn't matter.... It's how we roll!

Looking forward to an exciting game!

One Benefit

… is being the underdog. No outcome prediction, but BSU's most statistically illogical(and only) loss last year was against Utah.

Ummmm, what?

Maybe I'm not reading your comment right, but a) BSU is the favorite in the UGA game and b)BSU's only loss last year came at Nevada, not Utah. BSU crushed Utah in the Las Vegas Bowl.

Boise lost at Nevada?

WHAT A GAME!!! and WHAT A KICKER!!! Suh-weeeeeeeet memories! Can anybody remember who won the ROSE BOWL, BABY?!!!!!! Do NOT FORGET TO SAVE A TICKET FOR RICHFROG vs. BS!!! Had my first premonitional purple dream last night concerning THE game,... WHET!

Ω Eau de Swamp

Nice to know where he "whets" himself.


I will sell you my 2 seats.

I will sell you my 2 seats. Sec 110, row 1 right at about the 20 line. Similar going for $310.00 each on SH. Gladly sit in the parking lot for this one and get back most of what I paid for my season tix if someone is willing to pay that (No idea why they would though).

Another hostile environment plus

I was at FedEx field last September when we were outnumbered 75k Hokie fans to 12k Bronco fans. I still don't know how Kellen Moore engineered the winning touchdown drive in 48 seconds with the noise level in that stadium--but expect an even worse situation for sure inside a dome. Hope we hit em' fast with some smash-mouth Doug Martin football, and take the crowd out of it.

Excuse me

That's Doug F. Martin, thank you very much.

Are you Doug, or his lawyer?


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!


I'll let you ponder for two seconds what the F stands for.

I could care less.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

Tin cup

And rain red threw down pockets. Gold was the flavor of the day. Then it froze.

Anyone else hear the buzzing sound of

Wood grapes till dawn? Thought you didn't.

Great local support !!

BTW Chadd, where have you been ? you haven't posted here in some time

Really, the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game?

How long until every game has a corporate sponsor. Sheesh...

Ohio State can host

The Tattoo You/You Car, Your Way bowl....Sunny...

Welcome back Chadd

Hasnt been the same here without you.

It'll be 60,000 in Red and Black, and 10,000 in Blue on game day.

Does that meen...

The Blue Sell Out?


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!


I live in Atlanta, BSU Alum, and my daughter is a cheerleader for BSU. I want to take the family to the game but spending $1000 is out of our leage. If anyone has tickets they want to sell at 100% the face value, please contact me.

Y'all Come On Down!

Let me say "Howdy!" to all of the Boise State fans about to descend on Atlanta. As a UGA alum (Class of '75), I hope y'all find our city fun to visit and head home with sadness for a loss, but a smile for the experience. A few "To Do" activities while in town: Take MARTA (our mass transit system) from the airport to downtown or Buckhead (if you're staying there for the weekend) - you'll save BIG $$$. Also, if you're a "burger/hot dog" type eater, don't miss The Varsity (across the downtown connector from the campus of Georgia Tech) - best fast food ever! Speaking of Tech, they play a game on the Thursday prior to the Chick-fil-a game - be among the 20,000 or so at The Joke By Coke (Grant Field, across North Avenue from the world headquarters of the Coca-Cola company)! The Braves are home with the Dodgers that weekend, so make a date to go to Turner Field. For the ladies, check out Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza (both on Peachtree in Buckhead) - best shopping experience in the Southeast. Fine dining abounds in downtown and Buckhead - I'm more of a Cheesecake Factory kind of guy (also in Buckhead). Hey - if any of y'all can help out, cut him a break. My son's a senior in the Auburn University band, so my wife and I will be looking for Iron Bowl (which will be the AU senior day) pretty soon! Take care and GO DAWGS!

Thanks for the info

Looking forward to a great game!

You forgot to mention

Six Flags and that NASCAR will be racing in Atlanta the night after the game.

Where's the talent gong to come from

aside from M & M (Moore and Martin) wheres the talent going to come from this year? Is there going to be a deep ball threat? I probably am a little late on this discussion or maybe the wrong board but haven't been really into much football till now. Anyone?

Do we have a gong?


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!



No, Mr. Barris, it's the instrument of your show!


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

Get your Google on

OBNUG (One Bronco Nation Under God)

Our standards - what we have always done

These past few days, I have been spending time reading OBNUG and, sites; a lot.

Almost every post is glowing about the Broncos chances agains the Dawgs and how BSU is gonna go undefeated and cruise thgrough the MWC like a hot knife throgh butter - because that is the way it has been in the past in the WAC.

Final scores and players statisctics are being proffesized, based on what has been the past Gold Standard of accomplishments.

Never before have I seen past performance drive the expectation for the future, as I have been reading these past few days.

Also, if of little interest generated so far, is how negative perfromance has not only been forgotten but discounted, as not to taint the overall 'good feeling' effect that is being created for the Great Unwashed Mas$es of Bronco Nation to to linger in and fill their football gas tanks with Good Bronco Gas.

If a player had 34 tackles last year, it is assumed there will be at least 35 tackles this year because he is a more mature Bronco and has 'learned the system' better. Same with final scores - we are used to very high scores by half and Bonco Nation will be dissatisfied if that standard is not achieved again.

Also, this will be a season where every blocker, actually blockes his man and plays are run as close to perfection as they could possibly be.

As the season has progressed it is interesting to note how much improvement in individual character and devleopmen has ocurred since last donning a blue uniform. Some of theseae players should prolly be considered for automatic cannonization, simply because they have spent a multi-month period of time without gettng into any types of academic, civil, or criminal difficulties.

We all know BSU is gonna beat UGA by at least 14 points, who the stars of the game are gonna be, what the final individual stats will be to a confidence level of plus or minus 5%, prior to kickoff.

I am left wondering what happens if things don't unfold per the expectation of the Great Unwashed Mas$es.

What if BSU wins, but only by few points - or does not win?

What if the Broncos get embarreassed real bad and lose badly - this is a scenario that has not been considered nor discussed for fear of fracturing Bronco Nation prior to the start of the 2011 season.

Will Bronco Nation survive a First Game Loss or will we see a fracturing of Bronco Nation and dissilusionment for the rest of the 2011 season.

There are those who want to see the Broncos lose - even longtime Bronco Supporters are in that category. A few months ago I was in Boise talking to an older BAA Member and he said "it would probably be a good thing for the Broncos to have a lousy season so we can get back to appreciating what the Broncos are gving us, cuz we are growing to just expect it, week after week".

I can only speak for myself - I expect the Broncos to go undefeated during the 2011 season - but would find it an intresting study in Sociology to observe the fracturing of Bronco Nation - Heaven Forbidt - the Broncos lose to UGA this First Game or don't win by heavy past historical margins.

Go Broncos.


Heaven forbid WHAT? FRACK THIS!!! (flex, flex)

gotta luv da UGA . Sociologists agree, fracturing Broncoland is a THRILLING SENSATION. Last year, t'wuz BroTCUman, ... This year, the dawg or da FROG!!! LIFE IS GOOD WHEN IT ALL COMES UP PURPLE! AND WE SHOULD KNOW!!! (flex, flex) Don'tcha wish you were a richfrog like me? Don'tcha? DON'TCHA? forgot something

"Rack Me!!!!"

Why are we racking you?


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

VNDL asked....[Will Bronco

VNDL asked....[Will Bronco Nation survive a First Game Loss or will we see a fracturing of Bronco Nation and dissilusionment for the rest of the 2011 season....].

To look at that possible future, one only needs to look at the present....

The Broncos were only 'one kick' away from the Rose Bowl and also a shot at a possible NC....did this extreme success....
1. Increase giving from Bronco Donors to Nation
2. Increase giving to Bronco Stock
3. Increase Merchandise sales

What was the giving before Nevada, and then after Nevada?

If Boise loses to Georgia, it will be over....Boise will still love their football and their Broncos, and they should, but it won't be the same....

Climbing 330 feet from the summit of Everest is not the same at the summit.... is July 16, 2011....How are the sales of Bronco Stock doing?

Ugly - you overreact

The loss to Nevada was hard for members of Bronco Cnation to take and handle (chest crushing defeat). I think Bronco Nation has recovered and will do well, whichever direction the Broncos take during 2011. Win or lose, I will be on the wagon.

If BSU loses to UGA it is not all over. A possibility of a BCS Bowl still exists. and the future of an undefeated season in 2012 or 2013 always holds true for a run at a Natty.

Maybe Bronco Nation has been guilty of wanting the Broncos wo win a Natty NOW - too soon efore its ready.

I know I have been. While others on these boards (JCLandon, 81, razor, and et. al.) have slowed me down on my expectations, I have wanted it ALL NOW).

Maybe the Broncos will get the Natty at a later date than I originally thougt.

That's okay, as long as they get it someday.


Taking Vandal Hatred too far

Just found this on

I gotta admit - sometimes this chit is kinda funny.


Ω Nice "highway" sign behind.

"Nations Worst College Football"?

Don't think it's quite that ... unless you factor in the Pabst wagon that guy is riding.

They really don't drink that garbage "up there", do they?

Nice touch with the brake on the left and the (presumed) brew hose on the right. Pegs need to be raised a bit. Good rig, though.


Thanks for the info. Folks around here like a little smack talk give and take but you seem to be too nice a guy for that.

Vandulls trying to stay relevant in FB with Bronco hate

Give it up Vandulls. The Broncos have left you behind, way behind. At one point it was great, but we grew up and you didnt. Your team sucks, plain and simple. Quit hating on the Broncos over FB, we are done with you. It's like an ex, just go away. Take your trolling to the basement of craigs are excused to leave the table...shoo

Yes, it was sold out to somebody long ago.


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.