Ada sheriff: Nobody treated for concussion while Sen. McGee in custody

Sen. John McGee's lawyer told a judge Friday that McGee sustained a
concussion that impaired his judgment before he was arrested early June 19.
McGee's lawyer also said McGee had a visible cut and bump on his head.

Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney said Tuesday that no inmates were treated for concussion while McGee was jailed June 19 and 20.

"All inmates booked into the Ada County Jail are screened by a medical professional and provided with appropriate medical treatment for injuries observed by medical staff or reported by the inmate," Raney said in a written statement. "Between June 18 and June 21, 2011, no inmate in the Ada County Jail reported or was diagnosed with a concussion or other closed head injury. Accordingly, no inmate in the Ada County Jail was treated or transported for treatment of a concussion or closed head injury during that time."

In an interview, Raney added that he takes seriously his obligation to care for inmates.

"We're not going to let somebody who has obvious symptoms of a concussion either go unmonitored into a housing area or just go walk out the door without somebody being able to tend after them," Raney said.

McGee, 38, of Caldwell, is Senate majority caucus chairman, the No. 4 Republican in the chamber. McGee and McKay have not responded to requests from the Statesman for medical records he described to Ada County Magistrate James Cawthon.

McGee also has not responded to emails and text messages seeking comment, including Tuesday afternoon.

McGee started drinking at Hillcrest Country Club in Boise on the night of June 18. About 3 a.m. on June 19, he was found 6.6 miles away, sleeping in an SUV that he'd damaged while driving. McGee was booked at the jail about 4:30 a.m. June 19 and released on June 20 after he posted bond.

McGee pleaded guilty to misdemeanor DUI Friday in a plea bargain that dropped a felony charge related to his taking another person's vehicle without permission and causing more than $1,000 damage. McGee paid $12,000 restitution to two victims before appearing in court.

McKay told the court that he was prepared to offer a defense based on McGee having suffered a concussion, but McGee decided to plead guilty.

"He fell and hit his head," McKay told Judge Cawthon. "We have documented photographs of the injuries that John McGee suffered after leaving that golf course, injuries consisting of cuts and bruises to his left knee, bruising on the left side of his body, a laceration and bump on his head.

"Undoubtedly, he fell because of the effects of alcohol. But what happened when he fell is he sustained a concussion. He was seen by a neurologist. The neurologist has confirmed he sustained a concussion, a closed head injury....When a person suffers an injury like that it affects, it impairs their decision-making. I don't offer that as an excuse, but it was a defense that was available to Sen. McGee; it was a defense that I was prepared to present at trial. But that is not what Sen. McGee wanted me to do. He set aside that defense to accept responsibility for his actions."

Several hours later, in a news release, McKay amended his statement, saying McGee "likely sustained a concussion."

Said McKay in the release: "Sen. McGee has been examined by a respected neurologist who has concluded that as a result of this fall, he likely sustained a concussion prior to the events leading to his arrest. In my judgment, the foregoing would have provided a complete defense to the criminal allegations made against him. Sen. McGee, however, advised me that he did not want to pursue this defense but instead wanted to take full responsibility for his actions including promptly reimbursing the affected
homeowners for the damage he caused and apologizing to them."

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Sen. John McGee better sue now ...

he didn't get the proper treatment when he was booked into ada county ... Don't the concussions usually happen as the person is being taken into custody? John the spearmint called, they found your shoes in the VIP shower area. Was it really a neurologist he was seen by, or a BS-ologist?


BS-ologist = lawyer?

The crimes keep adding up

Lying to the court is perjury, which is a felony under Idaho law punishable by 1 to 14 years in prison. See Idaho Cod §18-5409. McGee is just digging a deeper hole.


Dan, define "medical professional".


the sheriff is the one who made the statement. Check w/the sheriff.

Medical Professional....

The Jail has Medical Assistants, LPN's an RN and a PA-C. Generally, there's a "sick call" daily. If one of the MA's are concerned about a new booking's health, the inmate is segregated, observed and evaluated by the RN or PA-C. They're either sent to St. Al's or treated there. Generally, if there's any question regarding injury, the officers run them by the ER first.
I'd like to see the "Neurologist's" notes...


I agree with House Minority Leader John Rushe's quote from another news website. McGee, the ball is in your court.

Drunk or concusion

Could you really tell by a quick observation?

The judge bought it, that's what counts.

Unless a marvelous Republican surfaces to challenge him before November elections, that'll be a pass too.

"The judge bought in, that's what counts...."

Maybe to people like you double oh doosh. To most of us, it's the truth that counts.

You know better than....

criticizing somebodies feminine hygiene routine...I'm filled with shock clear to me massen gills.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

At least I ...

gave him a pass on his spelling this time. Concusion? Sheesh.

He's related to a Spelling?


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!


"Most of us" aren't the one's that has the power to put him in jail or not.
So your want for the truth only counts to you.

you need a summer job

It's because of educators like you, with summer vacations with nothing better to do than make comments on the Statesman comment board, the Meridian levy failed.

Delusional much? Drug co. reps have fancy clothes!


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

Sorry, my comment waS for

Sorry, my comment waS for iteachtoo. It's late and I'm turning in for the night. Good nigh Gracie...


Coupla things -

Went back & looked at his mug shot & (surprise?) no bumps/lacerations (I know it could've been somewhere other than his forehead, but if his knee was "injured" you would tend to think he fell forward, no?)

I can personally vouch (unfortunately)for what Sheriff Raney said about being checked by medical staff - unless things have changed in the last couple of years, everybody visits the Doc, even if they don't want to.


Although the sheriff doesn't say, I assume the jail treated Sen. McGee's visible injuries. Some of the signs of concussion are the same as the signs of intoxication. As drunk as Sen. McGee was, it might have been difficult to get a true reading of what was going on.

The law gives a person a right to get a separate medical opinion within a certain amount of time. Evidently, that's what Sen. McGee did.


This was my thinking. That's why I asked Dan to define "medical professional". Dan did not report McGee was treated by a M.D. that night.


the sheriff, as I wrote above, he's the one who made the statement not Popkey.

He might have

Gotten the concussion later. After his wife found out. I think this happened another time with a golfer whose wife whacked him up side the head with a golf club. Funny coincidence, there was a car wreck in that story too.

At any rate, there is more to the Fibber McGee story than we'll ever know. And gee, none of the GOP leaders have asked him to resign. WHAT a surprise.

McGee, what a liar

So public servants are now absolved from telling the truth. Clearly that is the message with McGee's attorney getting him off with a lie about a "concussion." McGee, karma will come around, bud. You know, you could do the right thing, but you didn't.


Drunk, lying, s*um. A shoo-in for higher office in Idaho.

BTW. The 12 year olds who wrote the code for editing this forum are still morons. SSSCCCUUUMMM. is a bad word in their world.

Senator McGee and his lawyer

Senator McGee came out and admitted he had too much to drink, made some really bad choices, and paid his fine.
He has also made restitution and apologized to the victims and has shown, what I believe to be sincere remorse over his actions. Unlike some politicians when caught DUI and make up stories as their cowboy boots hurt their feet and the chew they use is soaked in whiskey, he has owned up to what he did. John may not be able to run for governor, but he has preserved some honesty and honor that we expect out of our lawmakers.

One more thing, he should fire his attorney.

liar liar pants on

liar liar pants on fire..........the misinformation parade begins as the legal team willfully choose to confuse the issue by cloaking the truth with manufactured did he get six miles in bare feet with no cuts or bruises on his tootsies.



Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

The Hypocrital Cynical Defense

According to lawyer McKay, the consussion defense would have held up during trial but McGee, in the spirit of contriteness and responsibility, rejected that course of action.

Translation: I want the public to buy it but it's unprovable in court where full disclosure of all that drunken night's activities would have been revealed under oath.

Poor lawyering and PR advice.

Hey...he had to use the

Hey...he had to use the concussion card. The "Oh spit, my cowboy boots are so tight they hurt my feet and I can't walk straight" card had already been played. Republicans behave badly because they figure they won't get caught and Democrats just can't help themselves. WTF ever happened to INTEGRITY?



Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

That's a whole lotta words

used to show absolutely nothing new. Popkey in his element.

Beg to differ

Bone, beg to differ. This added information sheds further light on many of the questions left unanswered by reasonable common sense minds. His lawyer pulled a good one on the judge by inferring a concussion. The judge blew it by not questioning the attorney's remark.

It's actions like this

That have convinced me that there is no justice in Idaho. If your a member of the political class you can commit crimes and not face the same penalties that the average citizen would. The more they flaunt their power the more citizens will choose to revolt. I know that I can no longer vote republican on the state level.

LOOK at Norris

The issue is not with Ada County or McGee or his sleaze bag attorney.

Norris a public servant said HE SAW evidence of the concussion and now says confidentiality prevents him from revealing that.

Since when was confidentiality an issue in a PUBLIC case?

He's getting some deal to prosecute cases for Ada County. Why is it always his office?

Just a quick reality check

Not to rain on anyone's political conspiracy parade, but truth be told this deal is typical for anyone that is charged with what McGee was charged with. If he hadn't been able to immediately pay restitution for the damage then it wouldn't be. Although I get the impulse to cry foul here, it simply isn't true to anyone who deals with these cases on a regular basis. It seems like he was treated like everyone else, which has its own political benefits, which I am sure will be pointed out ad nauseum in future campaigns.

For those criticizing his attorney and accusing him of lying, I'd say this... you clearly have never encountered Mr. McKay. For whatever you may think of attorneys in general, or defense attorneys in particular, Mr. McKay does not fit the stereotypical-media hyperbole. He is quiet, honest, and full of integrity. If you judge him as less you haven't seen him work and have never faced him in court.

Shouldn't there be some

HIPAA considerations from the Health workers of ACSO?

I can see that there would

I can see that there would be a hipaa issue if they said they treated McGee for any particular condition, but saying that no one was treated for a concussion doesn't seem to violate anyone's privacy, but I'm no lawyer.

This whole deal feels like by the time it plays out it could be another example of "it's not the crime, it's the cover-up" that hurts you.

Good for Sheriff Raney

Glad to see he's standing up for his department and refusing to allow them to be thrown under the bus this way.

Nostradamus I'm not

but I predict that McGee will choose to not run for re-election, then get himself a nice, cushy job in private industry. In a few years, when the dust has settled and his mane has grayed, he will re-enter politics, allude to this episode as the foolishness of a younger man, maybe accept Jesus as his lord and master, and all will be forgiven, if not forgotten.

He is, after all, a Republican politician, and in Idaho that's about as close to Eternal Life as one can expect.

I'm hardly shocked that Nobody got treated for a concussion...

seeing as to how he caused all the trouble at home and our dads wanted to beat the crap out of him sometimes.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!