Statement from DirecTV about The Mtn. in Idaho

Statement from DirecTV regarding The Mtn.

Lots of you have been in contact with me about DirecTV and its packaging of The Mtn. Here is the latest I've gotten from DirecTV's public relations department:

"We are currently evaluating our options with regard to the packaging of the service in light of this season's changes to the Mountain Network. While nothing has been finalized yet, we fully expect to have a decision prior to the start of the college football season. In the meantime, the Mountain Network is currently available nationwide as part of the DIRECTV Choice package in select areas and in the Sports Pack in all other areas."

Not sure that helps, but I wanted to pass it along for the Boise State fans concerned about it.

Mountain West channels

CBS College Sports (43 million subscribers) is available on Dish Network (152), DirecTV (613) and Cable One (332)

Versus (74.1 million) is available on Cable One (326), Dish (151) and DirecTV (603).

The Mtn. (12 million) is available on Cable One (329) and DirecTV (616) but not Dish.

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I Also Contacted DirecTV

and here is the reply I got yesterday:

"Thanks for writing. I would be happy to address if Boise State will be included in the Mountain West Sports Network of qualified schools. At this time, Boise State has not been added to the list of qualified schools. However, this may change at anytime, since Boise State has joined their conference. You can monitor any changes DIRECTV makes online at We will update our site if any announcements are made.

In the meantime, our SPORTS PACK does provide this channel. With SPORTS PACK, you'll get over 35 channels covering everything from college sports to international soccer, from fly-fishing to horse racing. Your subscription includes over 20 regional sports networks, plus channels like Fox Soccer, YES Network and many more."

Since all other MWC members have the Mtn. Channel bundled with the Direct Choice and above packages, I encourage all Boise DirecTV customers to email or call the company concerning this issue. I do not see how it can be equitable for us to pay for the $12.99 Sports package, when others in the conference do not.

Let's flood their in box with requests

I've forwarded a request as well. All BSU fans with Directv should do so. Those considering switching to Directv should let them know that you plan to do so, only if you don't have to buy the sports pack to get the Mtn. Flood their in box - go to the directv website and click on "contact us", follow the prompts.

Letterman was right-all weasels.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!


Everyone is making a big deal out of nothing, and making DirecTV out to be the big bad wolf in all this. The simple answer is that when they originally negotiated the contract with the MTN, and the agrement was made to provide it to subscribers in MWC cities/areas, Boise State was not part of the equation. Now that they are, I am sure that it will all be ironed out before the season starts. In the meantime, if you really must see the coverage (which really isn't all that great. The production of their shows is very low-buck) then pay the $12.99. I just don't understand where this sense of entitlement comes from. Even if it is not ironed out, there is no god-given right that as BSU fans, we should get all of their games for the basic subscription rate. It's called capitalism, folks.

This reminds me of the people that buy a house next to the airport, and then complain about the noise.

Don't Do It!

It's more fun at the end of Kuna Mora with KBOI and KFXD!


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

boy do you have it wrong

A big deal out of nothing,...a sense of entitlement...If it doesn't get ironed out....Boy do you have it wrong. If people in TCU backyard doesn't pay, or the folks in San Diego don't pay, or our friends in Colo and Wym or Vegas, then why should we have to pay out $13 bucks a month. Yes we should get the same rights about the Mtn being inclued with the choice rate.
Anyway its not the same as some fool buying a house next to the cow farm or airport as you say.

The gov't will have me living in a tree by then anyway...


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!