Former Boise State track coach receives payment as part of lawsuit settlement

By Brian Murphy

Former Boise State assistant track and field coach Amy Christoffersen received a payment of $40,000 on June 13 as part of her settlement with Boise State.

It is not clear from the documents obtained by the Statesman under a public records request if the payments will continue or if it is the only payment due Christoffersen.

Christoffersen filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the university, athletic director Gene Bleymaier and former track and field coach Mike Maynard in Sept. 2008. The case was scheduled for trial this month, but the parties reached a settlement in June, according to court documents.

The payment came from the Idaho Department of Administration. The budget unit was labeled "insurance management."

Christoffersen's contact with the NCAA triggered the current rules violation case against the Broncos.

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Direct TV

I have had D TV for several years now. I have had access to the MTN and Versus. I stayed with D TV because Cableone did not have theses channels. While trying to view the MTN this weekend, I called in twice, the second time they charged me $12.99 per month to get the MTN. This chnages my contract and is not a good thing. I cannot be the only one in the valley to be hosed like this.

Stay Tooned.

I agree with CC

I agree with CC above....Cable Companies regardless of brand will be out to get you. I remember watching The Mtn before the move of BSU to the Mtn West and now...basic economics....Supply and Demand...there is a supply and now D TV has their hand out for their demand!

The MTN guy was on KTIK

the other day and was confindent that the MTN would be on the choice package by the season start. I think it will happen. I switched from dish to direct specifically for the BSU games and I have been happy with direct. But I will be a little ticked if I have to upgrade.

Next up for Amy

the Caldwell school district.......


She is already onto, I believe, her third lawsuit...but it isn't about the money, right? She is making a good living out of not working and complaining about it.


Have you heard anything about Dish adding The MTN?

The MTN guy also talked of dish

he said that the only way dish would add the MNT is if there were a new owner. It seemed personal and I must admit weird. Business of this nature should be money driven not emotional and personal. could have just been positioning but I think Dish definately will not have it this year adn probably not in the near future.....

Murph, why

why incorporate these 2 articles into one? Given; they both relate to BSU but the cable has nothing to do with the track coach issue.

Didn't seem like ...

... the DirecTV was a big enough thing to have its own blog. I'll move it.

-- murph

I also have contact DirecTV

and here is the reply I got yesterday:

"Thanks for writing. I would be happy to address if Boise State will be included in the Mountain West Sports Network of qualified schools. At this time, Boise State has not been added to the list of qualified schools. However, this may change at anytime, since Boise State has joined their conference. You can monitor any changes DIRECTV makes online at We will update our site if any announcements are made.

In the meantime, our SPORTS PACK does provide this channel. With SPORTS PACK, you'll get over 35 channels covering everything from college sports to international soccer, from fly-fishing to horse racing. Your subscription includes over 20 regional sports networks, plus channels like Fox Soccer, YES Network and many more."

Since all other MWC members have the Mtn. Channel bundled with the Direct Choice and above packages, I encourage all Boise DirecTV customers to email or call the company concerning this issue. I do not see how it can be equitable for us to pay for the $12.99 Sports package, when others in the conference do not.