Boise State's Moore, Martin on Pony Express Award watch list for top tandem in college football

By Brian Murphy

The preseason watch lists for college football awards are being released, the surest sign that college football season is quickly approaching.

Preseason watch list schedule

July 5: Maxwell Award (overall)

Boise State nominee(s): QB Kellen Moore, who was one of three finalists last season; RB Doug Martin

Other Mountain West nominee(s): RB Ronnie Hillman, San Diego State; QB Ryan Lindley, San Diego State; RB Ed Wesley, TCU

Other BSU opponent(s): WR Damaris Johnson, Tulsa; QB Aaron Murray, Georgia

Last year's winner: QB Cam Newton, Auburn

July 5: Bednarik Award (defensive player)

Boise State nominee(s): DT Billy Winn

Other Mountain West nominee(s): LB Tanner Brock, TCU; LB Tank Carder, TCU

Other BSU opponent(s): CB Brandon Boykin, Georgia

Last year's winner: CB Patrick Peterson, LSU

July 6: Mackey Award (tight end)

Boise State nominee(s): Kyle Efaw

Other Mountain West nominee(s): Lucas Reed, New Mexico

Other BSU opponent(s): Charles Orson, Georgia

Last year's winner: D.J. Williams, Arkansas

July 6: Biletnikoff Award (wide receiver)

Boise State nominee(s): Tyler Shoemaker

Other Mountain West nominee(s): Josh Boyce, TCU

Other BSU opponent(s): Damaris Johnson, Tulsa; Tavarres King, Georgia; Richard Matthews, Nevada; Eric Page, Toledo

2010 winner: Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State

July 7: Lou Groza Award (kicker)

Boise State nominee(s): None

Idaho nominee(s): Trey Farquhar

Other Mountain West nominee(s): Ross Evans, TCU; Abel Perez, San Diego State

Other BSU opponent(s): Kevin Goessling, Fresno State; Blair Walsh, Georgia

2010 winner: Chas Henry, Florida

July 7: Ray Guy Award (punter)

Boise State nominee(s): None

Other Mountain West nominee(s): None

Other BSU opponent(s): Drew Butler, Georgia

2010 winner: Dan Bailey, Oklahoma State

July 8: Bronko Nagurski Trophy (defensive player)

Boise State nominee(s): DT Billy Winn

Other Mountain West nominee(s): LB Tanner Brock, TCU; LB Miles Burris, San Diego State; LB Tank Carder, TCU; LB Mychal Sisson, Colorado State

Other Boise State opponent(s): CB Brandon Boykin, Georgia; DT Logan Harrell, Fresno State; LB James-Michael Johnson, Nevada

Complete list: Click here

2010 winner: DE Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson

July 8: Outland Trophy (interior lineman: defensive tackles, offensive tackles, guards and centers)

Boise State nominee(s): DT Billy Winn; OT Nate Potter

Other Mountain West nominee(s): None

Other Boise State opponent(s): OG Chris Barker, Nevada; OT Cordy Glenn, Georgia; DT Logan Harrell, Fresno State

Complete list: Click here

2010 winner: OT Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin

July 11: Jim Thorpe Award (defensive back)

Boise State nominee(s): S George Iloka

Other Mountain West nominee(s): None

Other Boise State opponent(s): CB Brandon Boykin, Georgia; FS Marcus Nelson, Tulsa

Complete list: Click here

2010 winner: CB Patrick Peterson, LSU

July 12: Rotary Lombardi Award (offensive, defensive lineman or linebacker)

Boise State nominee(s): C Thomas Byrd, DE Shea McClellin, OT Nate Potter, DT Billy Winn

Other Mountain West nominee(s): LB Tanner Brock; LB Miles Burris, San Diego State; LB Tank Carder, TCU; LB Carmen Messina, New Mexico State; LB Mychall Sisson, Colorado State

Other Boise State opponent(s): OL Cordy Glenn, Georgia; C Ben Jones, Georgia; DT Logan Harrell, Fresno State

Complete list: Click here.

2010 winner: DT Nick Fairley, Auburn

July 13: Rimington Trophy (center)

Boise State nominee(s): Thomas Byrd

Other Mountain West nominee(s): Nick Carlson, Wyoming; Dillon Farrell, New Mexico; Weston Richburg, Colorado State

Other Boise State opponent(s): Trent Dupy, Tulsa; Ben Jones, Georgia

Complete list: Click here.

2010 winner: Jake Kirkpatrick, TCU

July 14: Butkus Award (linebacker)

Boise State nominee(s): None

Other Mountain West nominee(s): Tanner Brock, TCU; Miles Burris, San Diego State; Tank Carder, TCU; Carmen Messina, New Mexico

Other BSU opponent(s): James-Michael Johnson, Nevada

Complete list: Click here.

2010 winner: Von Miller, Texas A&M

July 15: Davey O'Brien Award (quarterback)

Boise State nominee(s): Kellen Moore, who was a finalist last season

Other Mountain West nominee(s): Ryan Lindley, San Diego State

Other BSU opponent(s): G.J. Kinne, Tulsa; Aaron Murray, Georgia

Complete list: here.

2010 winner: Cam Newton, Auburn

July 15: Doak Walker Award (running back)

Boise State nominee(s): Doug Martin

Other Mountain West nominee(s): Alvester Alexander, Wyoming; Asher Clark, Air Force; Ronnie Hillman, San Diego State; Matthew Tucker, TCU; Ed Wesley, TCU

Other BSU opponent(s): Adonis Thomas, Toledo

Complete list: Click here.

2010 winner: LaMichael James, Oregon

July 18: Walter Camp Award (overall)

Boise State nominee(s): QB Kellen Moore

Other Mountain West nominee(s): LB Tank Carder, TCU; RB Ronnie Hillman, San Diego State

Other BSU opponent(s): QB Aaron Murray, Georgia; WR Damarais Johnson, Tulsa; WR Eric Page, Toledo

Complete list: Click here.

2010 winner: Cam Newton, Auburn

AFCA Good Works Team (positive influence in community)

Boise State nominee(s): WR Chris Potter

Other Mountain West nominee(s): OL A.J. Wallerstein, Air Force; DB Ivory Herd, Colorado State; OT Jeff Olson, TCU; LB Nate Carter, UNLV

Ted Hendricks Award (defensive end)

Boise State nominee(s): Shea McClellin

Other Mountain West nominee(s): Stansly Maponga, TCU

Other Boise State opponent(s): Cory Dorris, Tulsa; DeAngelo Tyson, Georgia

2010 winner: Da’Quan Bowers, Clemson

Manning Award (quarterback)

Boise State nominee(s): Kellen Moore

Other Mountain West nominee(s): Ryan Lindley, San Diego State

Other Boise State opponent(s): G.J. Kinne, Tulsa; Aaron Murray, Georgia

Complete list: Here

2011 winner: Cam Newton, Auburn
– Award takes into account bowl games.

Pony Express Award (best tandem)

Boise State nominees: QB Kellen Moore and RB Doug Martin

Other Mountain West nominee(s): LB Tanner Brock and LB Tank Carder, TCU

Other Boise State opponent(s): QB GJ Kinne and WR Damaris Johnson, Tulsa; G Cordy Glenn and C Ben Jones, Georgia; K Blair Walsh and P Drew Butler, Georgia

Complete list: Here

2010 winner: First-year award

Lowe's Senior Class Award (community, classroom, character and competition; seniors only)

Boise State nominee: OL Nate Potter

Other Mountain West nominee(s): None

Other Boise State opponent(s): K Kevin Goessling, Fresno State

Complete list: Here.

2010 winner: QB Ricky Dobbs, Navy

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A good start

to the season, and also the surest sign that BSU has some great individual players on a team that has always had a team first attitude, and focused on winning and overall excellence. It also marks the level that the Bronco football program has reached as more watch lists are almost certainly coming this year, and in future years.

More than a start

Thanks for the link Spud

What I loved about what hes saying is that the talent for all these awards the Broncos have is spread out and on both sides of the ball. Moore Martin Byrd and Potter, Efaw and Shoemaker for the Offense and Iloka, Winn Marshall and Crawford (with more to come) on the Defense. This is the best line from the author:

"This is evident in the 2011 preseason All-American list which has Boise State with more players within the first three teams, at five, than any other school. A surprising statistic for what the ignorant have classified as marginal products inside a gimmick system. Even if “honorable mentions” are included, Boise State ties Alabama for the top spot with six players each."

Doug F. Martin

I expect huge success for this young man.

Hey Murph

Any chance you can keep us updated the CFPA lists as they come out?


Just that Malcom Johnson has walked back on......can you confirm?

Same rumor I heard...

from someone on Portland. That hes enrolled in summer school. Hope its true, although I hear Malcolm Johnson rumors all the time. Count Cripe among those who no longer wants to ever hear the name of Malcolm Johnson again.

Broncos vs. UGA

I hope the Broncos are really ready to play when they meet Georgia on September 3rd. I am a Boise State alumn who lives in Atlanta and the UGA players really have a chip on their shoulder. I think UGA's football program is desperate to have a better showing this year. Objectively I think BSU probably has a better team, but I don't know by how much. Go Broncos!


I think it will come down to conditioning and the ability to perform in heat and humidity. The UGA players probably have the edge in that category, unless the Bronocs are prepared thru extra conditioning. The heat we have been experiencing will be good for the players to practice in, and I hope it keeps up through July and August, but we have not heard/read anything about the player run practices, so far, in the Statesman. Maybe they are closed practices and Murphy/Cripe are not allowed to attend and report.

I too am worried about BSU's preparation (attitudinal, physical, environmental/weather/heat). Sure wish we could get more current news about the team and their summer training progress.

All we seem to get anymore is about recruits from high school juniors and sophomores, committing to the Broncos. That is wonderful for the 'out' years; but I want to learn more about what is happening with the Broncos, right 'now'.

BSU thinks we have big boys. But then again, check out the lines (both sides) of UGA and it is obvious their boys are every bit as big - if not bigger. That concerns me. Their D-Backs are pretty Big Boys, also and very fast.

I just hope the Broncos have not gotten the Big Head from too much Pre-Season hype.

I believe the Broncos will win - by how much I don't know any more. About 2 months ago I would have said by at least 14 - now - I am not so sure. A win for the Broncos - Yes; but I am not convinced it will be a blowout.

I am more worried about this game than I was for VATECH, by far.

Maybe I am just being a Nervous Nellie.

I will breathe easier when the Final Score shows the Broncos winning the game.


Heat and humidity?

The game is at 8:30 p.m. in the Georgia Dome. I'm pretty sure heat and humidity won't be a factor.


I hope you are right. I spent lots of time at Ft Benning (Columbus, GA) and even the evenings inside air conditioned buildings seemed real hot and humid compared to Idaho.

So - if heat and humidity don't play descrimatory factors, there really is no legitimate reason for the Broncos to lose the game, based on pre-season hype and what little news we have had so far.

But - then again - there was no reason (on paper) for the Broncos to lose to Nevada last season, based on the during-season hype and all the trememdous news that surrounded the Broncos last season.

We have no way of knowing or measuring the level of intensity the Broncos have toward the UGA game. Will they go all the way and leave everything on the field by the end of the game - win or lose? They did not show the ability/level of desire to do that in Reno.

Less than 60 days from now we will know the answer to the question.

Go Broncos.


Actually there are

many very legitimate reasons for the Broncos to lose - Georgia is a very talented team and has the home field advantage. They were underachievers last year and have something to prove. Nobody should think the Broncos "should" win this based on preseason hype - hype has nothing to do with on-field performance.

That only helps when you play your Vickie Lawrence LP : )

That's the night that the lights went out in Georgia...

(YES Reba is a good substitute but not half as satisfying)


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

Found a good read on this Bulldog blog via OBNUG

Sounds like someone forgot

Sounds like someone forgot this was an indoor game!

I have been inside the Georgia Dome in the dead of summer - its fine in there. Weather and/or humidity will be a non-issue. You really should scout the game better before you write paragraphs about weather playing a factor....


Yep, I hear ya. Likewise I am more concerned about this game than Va Tech. Maybe because I still have that butt-whipping in mind from last time BSU played UGA. Heat and humidity won't be a factor this time. The game is indoors in the air-conditioned Georgia Dome in ATL, not at Sanford Stadium in Athens, which is good for the Broncos. I am just constantly subjected to all the news about UGA and except for this match up with BSU, I pull for them as the home team. The Bulldogs had a horrendously bad year last season. I really don't understand it because I know they have tremdous talent. I am positive they will be ready for Boise State and will regard this game as 'do or die' as it doesn't get any easier for them the next week against South Carolina.


Didn't he rule over Duloc?

Just kidding, congratulations.

Idaho kicker Trey Farquhar on Lou Groza Award watch list Read

The reason why a vandull kicker is on the watch list is because he will probably set a record for punt yards this year..

The Groza Award

is for placekickers, not punters. The Ray Guy award is for punters - which Farquhar is not. I won't knock him because he's probably the only Vandal that could have started for Boise State last year. And no, I'm not forgetting Shiloh Keo, who would've been the third safety behinds starters Jeron Johnson and George Iloka.

Not good enouh to be a punter?


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

I predicted a 9-3 season for

BSU in 2011....

I may switch the losses tho....I had BSU losing to Tulsa, Air Force, and San Diego State....

I now believe that BSU will win Tulsa, but lose to Georgia....thus, still a 9-3 season....and in keeping with my bet with my 3 buddies....

My readings and analysis of the upcoming 2011 season is showing me that the Bulldogs want this game far more than the Broncos....this game is not an over-sight by the Bulldogs....the Broncos have the 'High-Press', and the Bulldogs have kept quiet....

Georgia will have a running game ready....

Broncos lost to Nevada, and looked vulnerable against Utah....

Does Coach Pete still have the fire?
Does Coach Pete have binoculars in a future vision?

Vulnerable against Utah?

What game were you watching? Boise State's mistakes kept Utah in it for twenty minutes, and more mistakes cost the Broncos a 35ish point win, but at no time were they vulnerable in that game.

Utah could have won that game....but

they tried to pass too much and have an equal fast paced offense to that of the Broncos....a big mistake....

to beat BSU, you must focus on making Moore scramble and you must be patient and use qb options and running plays....I would say, to beat BSU your total offense should have only about 20-25% passing plays....

Georgia will make Moore run, and Georgia will have a running game ready....

BSU was vulnerable to Utah inn that they showed the Nation their weakness that was building during Nevada....

9-3 season is still very good....Bronco fans should be proud....

Byron Hout

Byron Hout was a key player in stopping the run. He did not play against Nevada or Utah. The BSU front line with Hout in the middle will handle the run game.

I think you accidently hit the naysayers nail on the head

The naysayers talk about the Broncos lacking depth at key positions and you just validatd their point with that statement. way to go makanahele

Hey ugly.....

I hope you find professional help for your mental disorder! Exactly how did you sustain that tramatic brain injury?

I don't see evidence of any 'passion'

Less than 60 days until one of the biggest games ever for the BSU Broncos and all we read about is how some high school sophomore or junior is gonna committe to play football for BSU in 2-3 years.

Read the Atalanta rags and its all about the Dawgs beating the Broncos and how fired up the dawgs are.

Nothing like that going on here.

Maybe the 'fire' got put out last season when BSU lost to Nevada. Sure, they won two games after that loss, but played sloppy in both of them late season victory and bowl games.

After the Nevada loss, I am just not as convinced of the Broncos mental toughness and winning is the only option attitude, as I was this time last year.

It would have been different if the Broncos had lost and played their hearts out. But that is not how it played out. The Broncos folded in the second half and so did the coaching staff. Even the leadership of Coach Pete, was absent for that second half - he looked bewildered and confused the entire second half. My hat goes off to the Wolfpack - they wanted to win more than the Broncos didn't want to lose. I know I am gonna catch heck from some of the old time posters on this board; but I saw the game and how the Bronco players and coaches 'gave up' for whatever reason.

It will take a win against UGA for me to totally get confidence back in the Broncos and their winning attitudes and be convinced they are 'healed' from the Reno loss.

Go Broncos.


It's a little early, but

if you want some passion (and some SEC stupidity)


I reviewed your cite: Lots of smack talk from fans, but no real passion from players.


In coach Pete's

6 years here, I have never seen him allow player interviews in the summer. Shoot, he barely allows them talk during the season. Not sure what you're looking for but I doubt you'll here much from the players until media day.

As for Georgia, I know there's a bit from Murray giving props to our D, but I haven't seen or read much from directly from the players concerning BSU.


Last summer, the Statesman had lots of pics of the player run practices and little stories about how the summer workouts were coming along.

This year - nothing.

Maybe Coach Pete has totaly made the Broncos off-limits to the media, which I think is your point.

I would like to read from Murphy or Cripe if they can cover the summer player led workouts or not. If they can't so be it. If they can, then get us some pics and more current news about it.



Georgia will have the

Georgia will have the Broncos for lunch...going to be a very ugly game if you are a Boise fan.

Bulldogs can hardly breathe when they walk. Stick to kibbles.


Stop it y'all. That's freaky.

Season strength and conditioning limited to seasonal games?

Here is a typical example of a post from the BroncoCountry board:


Dream Weaver
17506 posts this site
Posted: Today 8:22 AM

Re: Strength and Conditioning

After the season starts, most conditioning is expected to come from the workout of the game itself.


No wonder the Broncos pooped out in the second half of the Nevada game. Many of us had seen this coming all season long, as starters were getting pulled in the Third and Fourth with regularity and getting reduced playing time. If BSU's strength and conditioning programs, during the season are developed during game playing time - it sure does not say much for the overall Bronco strength and conditioning program in my book.

If Coach Pete is gonna refuse to RUTS and continue to pull starters in the second half - then - he needs to improve his during season strength and conditioning program.

What ever happened to players, themselves running and working out, between games - using their own initiative? Don't the players have some type of personal responsibility to themselves to keep their cardio and wind up?

I don't mean to be Debbie Downer, but after the Nevada Debacle due to the starters getting pooped out in the secnd half, due to poor conditioning, I am not looking at the Broncos as a team that can consistently play all 4 quarters 'balls to the wall' and leaving everything on the field at the end.

Time will tell, and I want to be proven wrong. I want to see a Bronco team that has starters that can maintain a pyhysical competetive edge over their opponents for at least 4 quarters (and any overtimes - if need be). Until I see it demonstrated at UGA, there will always be a little nagging bit of doubt about it in my the back of my mind.



that you cite the Nevada game while completely ignoring the Virginia Tech result. Which team had what it took in the last three minutes of that game? It would be just as accurate for me to say that Boise State proved it could play all sixty minutes of any game, based on a one-game sample, as it is for you to say that they can't - based on a one-game sample.


VaTech was the first game of the season, while Nevada was almost the last of the season. My point was that as the season progressed the starters kept getting pulled in the second because BSU was up by so many points that Coach Pete didn't want to RUTS (it backfired and bit him in the butt in Reno) and didn't get a complete game shape workout. So when the end of the sason came, the starters were grossly out of 4 quarter game shape.

I am sure you watched that game and saw Broncos grabbing their knees and bending over to get more air between playes. You prolly also, saw the utter looks of shock, bewilderment and hoplessness on the faces of coaches and players, as the first half lead slipped rapidly away in the late third and fourth quarters.

The first half was dominated by a Doug Martin ground game. The second half - Martin only touched the ball 2 times. TWO TIMES !!!!!! WHY !!!!!!!!!

Why did the Broncos totally change their focus and game play the second half from the first half. I believe it is because they were gassed and could not execute the successful plays from the First anymore and the Bronco D was pooped and gassed and couldn't hold the Wolpack who were hopped up on adrenalin at the mere thought of beating th Broncos. The Wolpack was playing to win, while the Broncos were playing not to lose.

Can't compare VaTech and Nevada games - several months apaprt - two different sets of games and conditioning.



It's easy to sit here months after that loss and say that Pete pulling his starters during the season created a situation to where our starting D lacked the needed conditioning to stop Nevada. BSU didn't stop Nevada because Nevada had a solid football team that has gone toe to toe with BSU for a number of years and this past year ended up being the year that they finally came out on top.
Despite everything, BSU was in a position to win that game with a kick and it didn't happen, but hey, lots of things didn't happen for BSU that night. As good of a coach as Pete is, he and his staff were out coached in that game. That's why the 2nd half went the way it did and happens, it's just that in BSU's case, it doesn't happen very often, maybe once or twice every handful of years.
I think Jeff Caves nailed it on the head when he summed it up by saying that BSU was 'way overdue for a loss'. Props to Nevada! Go Broncos!

I get your point t2

nevada was a great opponent for four years. But I think everyone saw weakness at the end of the game. In the second half nevada was running all over BSU. And BSU did a great job stopping that run for a half. In the second half BSU was definately on their heels. Was it conditioning, mental, or Nevada just taking it up a notch.... who can say. But a catch with 2 seconds left gave BSU a game that no one would be talking about if a chip shot went through. Ugggghhh I hate even thinking about that game..... cant wait for the season to start!


you're right, nobody would be talking about the Nevada game had that kick split the uprights, but that's the difference between a win and a loss. Seems as if the negative aspects of a win are always erased with the thrill of victory, but with a loss, those same negative aspects are put under a microscope, examined, beat to death and buried, and then dug up later for a closer examination.
The point I wanted to make in my response to aq was, had that kick been good, nobody, and I mean nobody...would be questioning the physical conditioning of our starters. We've allowed many teams to make 4th qtr comebacks, but they're never remembered or discussed because we came out on top.

Remember 2006? Just think.... San Jose could have been the team that kept us from going to the Fiesta Bowl. Anthony Montgomery had to make a game winning FG against San Jose....yep, San Who Freak'n State! Had he missed that kick, I'm sure we'd be asking what ifs, and what went wrong, but he didn't. He nailed it and we went on to rout Utah and Nevada on our way to becoming Fiesta Bowl Champions.

Wow T2

with a walk off homer in the ninth!!!
Absolutely agree with your as.sesment. There are always close games in a season. You gotta be ready. Sleeper close game of the year this year? Wyoming.

P2 looks so much like JLandon - a couple of 'twinners'

I always get them confused. Okay, P2 - tell me again are you the one on the right or the one on the left:



Have to admit

Excellent post.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & conditioning programs are periodized: athletes have different workouts at different points of the sport year. Different workout cycles have different goals: strength development, flexibility, aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance, etc.

Base strength would have been addressed starting after the last game of the season and continuing for a block of 12 weeks or so. That would be followed by blocks of other activities intended to have the athletes at peak condition for the beginning of the competitive season.

Once competition starts, S/C shifts to a maintenance schedule. Trying to gain strength during competition is physiologically unsound. The activity of practices and games serves to hone and maintain the fitness level developed during the off-season.

I'm confident that Coaches Socha and Petersen will have their team mentally and physically ready to compete by the start of the season.

Trackmonster- good information

Another question for you:

Does getting pulled halfway the thrids and the fourths and not finishing regular game play, in any way detract from an athlete's 'game shape' or is that just an old Wive's Tale. I have heard both sides.

I am curious if BSU erroded game shape of starters and players who were pulled early, because BSU was firlmy in the lead of the game and Coach Pete didn't want to RUTS.

Does this have any deleterious affect on the conditioning of these starters and players for subsequent games, later in the season?

Not trying to get an arguement going, just want to learn about the reality of the strength and conditioning stuff and you seem to be the one who knows his stuff about it.



more to why they pooped out

If you rewatch the game you will see that a few key stops would have made all the difference. Because the Broncos didn't make some key stops Nevada stayed on the field and wore the Broncos down. But if you watch the game you will see the Broncos did make some key stops only to get hosed by the refs. Two really bad calls kept Nevada's drive going, gave Nevada a score, and wore the Broncos out. And yes the game proved that we really needed Hout.

Here ya go

this should fire'em up.

No credit, not even from the cheerleaders

B4 - that was great


A tip of the 'Ol Sombrero to ya, Sir. Well played.


agree with Cherokee

UGA will be loaded for bear. They are talented, proud and sick to death of hearing about Boise State's success. They also have something to prove after their disastrous (by their standards) 2010 season. The media hype is not helping Boise State.

King, Georgia #1 RB

ruled ineligible, academics.

Posted an entire blog on it ...


-- murph