Flying is not cheap: Boise State football's 2011 charter flights cost more than $512,000

By Brian Murphy

Boise State will pay $512,596 for six football regular-season charter flights on Frontier — and the figure could rise based on gas prices. The university submitted the contract to the State Board of Education last week.

Last year, the Broncos paid $400,781 for six regular-season charter flights. The increase was attributed to destination changes and an increase in fuel costs.

There is a fuel escalator clause in the contract, allowing Frontier to charge more for each cent rise in the cost of fuel over the base price of $3.00.

As part of the contract, the planes will include 137 or 161 coach seats and passengers will have access to live television (but not movies) at no cost.

The cost breakdown is as follows:

Georgia: $123,569

Toledo: $107,123

Fresno State: $72,570

Colorado State (Fort Collins): $62,100

UNLV: $69,429

San Diego State: $77,805

Boise State previously had a multi-year contract with Frontier Airlines. The deal increased "the likelihood of finding available aircraft, steamlined the booking process and improved the level of service the team received." However, when Boise State put out requests for another multi-year contract in March, no bids were received. The current contract with Frontier is for 2011.

Last year, Boise State played road games in Washington, D.C. (Virginia Tech); Laramie, Wyo.; Las Cruces, N.M. (New Mexico State); San Jose (San Jose State); Moscow, Idaho; and Reno, Nevada.

Chat replay

Thanks to everyone who participated in the chat today. Lots of questions about Boise State's position battles, the 2011 schedule and the Mountain West. Plus, our typical amount of backhanded compliments and out-of-line comments. Thanks again.

Kustra on Boise State's move

Boise State president Bob Kustra discussed Friday's official move to the Mountain West. For those who think the move is solely about athletics, Kustra talked extensively about the academic impact of the conference change. His first answer was about the reduction in travel time and thus a reduction in lost class time for student-athletes and he later talked about the academic benefits of being in the Mountain West with similar urban research universities, such as UNLV and San Diego State.

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Found out last week that Frontier is not going to be flying to Boise sometime in the near future. Had to re-book an October trip.

No problem ......................................

............ just raise tuition for the people who just want an education so they can make a better living for their family .

No problem ......................................

............ just raise tuition for the people who just want an education so they can make a better living for their family .

Oh the humanity!

How much gum does the Bronco football team go through in a season? How much does Coach Pete chew? Will the price go up if they decide to chew sugar-free? Please investigate this! How can an institution of higher learning spend so much on GUM?

How does this compare with other Top 25 football teams across the country? If the Broncos are getting ripped off then by all means this is a news story. If taxpayers are footing the bill so the Bronco team can sip margaritas and watch TV as they fly to games, by all means lets start a riot. Again, instead of throwing out a number to incite and excite the uneducated ma-s-s-es (which Murphy loves to do) why not find out how this compares to other teams who charter flights?

No blimps.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

I'm in talks with

I'm in talks with VanderSloot right now to get them their own plane - should just be a matter of time....

Good news

This will keep a lot of people employed. If sports creates jobs at this point, good for the Broncos.

I for one am completely outraged but this horrible turn.

Just image that BSU actually has to show up at the games. That is a total missuse of funds that could go to the Table Tennis or World of Warcraft teams. Shame on you BSU, paying for flights just won't do. Here's another news flash for you. BSU actually likes to show up for the games a couple days early. How about this headline? Most of the students like to eat at least twice a day. I know can you believe that? I need to blow the doors off one more for you... Other schools pay for flights also!!!! I know, it's a weird thought but it's very true.

Slow news day at the

Slow news day at the Statesman?

this is rediculous...

Why charter a flight that has 137 seats for coaches? What a waste of money. We need more seats for the players!

They were born with a seat.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

if the coaches take up 130 plus seats

Then how many seats will there be for the players.


I'm interested in seeing how much we save a year in avoiding the costs of the non-football sports traveling to Hawaii. . .


does the program make money or cost money? Anyone?

The football program?

the answer is yes.....

they make a lot of money,

they make a lot of money, easily 40 million dollars per year, and creating thousands of jobs.


You a little high (no pun intended), the latest DOE numbers puts BSU football at about $7.5M in the black.

The thousands of jobs is probably correct, between construction, game-days, and seasonal stadium jobs, I think that's about right.

Advertisements are a lot of

Advertisements are a lot of money, even advertisements at qwest arena runs about 35k per month for a little plastic sign.


what does Qwest arena and little plastics signs have to do with anything.......?

You're right!

It's Centurylink now.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

Especially at the gas station next door.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!


I think we should give them a bagged lunch and make them take Greyhound (builds character).

If they leave all the psychos on the bus...


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

Why doesnt the statesman

just report the whole truth.
Here is how much money the football program brings in. Here is how much they spend.
Here is how much the Athletic department brings in. Here is how much they spend.
All sales of merch should go to the football program's credit because lets face it the fans of BSU womens tennis are not buying out the Blue and Orange store in the mall.

Then, the statesman should publish the same info for other schools that are of interest. Instead of releasing some info that is geared to incite.

I would think this would be pretty easy to compile for such a reputable newspaper and such responsible journalists......


Thats not how Murphy rolls. He loves to be controversial and hated. He pretends hes being objective because he thinks Bronco Nation needs to be knocked down constantly and earn some humility. We get more love from the Fresno Bee, Matt Hayes, Kirk Herbstriet and Phil Steele than our own opinion guy. Now Im not saying he needs to be a homer like us (or obnug). Im just saying he gets paid to write his opinion about the Broncos, and his opinion stinks.

And why would you bother buy it or logging in?

Never mind if that's a keen solution.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!


Hows the little one?
Anyway, I understand and support your opinion of Murph. I have hated him, and thought poorly of him not just as a journalist but also as a person. And I have also seen him be logical, smart, and (even though a journalist will never admit it) a supporter of BSU. But honestly I think it is the proffession to blame. This is the same profession that thinks the NYtimes is objective and not liberal. Who thinks that they are untouchable adn becasue they have a constitutional right they somehow get to shed the resposibility that comes with it. A proffession where the papers are dwindling and the corporations that own them are controlling the so called "freedom of the press" in light of making advetisers and coupon clippers more at ease with giving them money.

Rather than hate, I have chosen to articulate my expectations of journalism and choose to do so on only the sports blog because if I were to venture into the political stuff I would lose my family and become so consumed with rage that I would die.

Dont you think the whole world would be better if instead of trying to get teh public to believe the impossible of being objective that news services were honest.

"hey we are the New york times. We are the liberal and progressive side of the news"
hey we are NPR, the communist side of the news"
"Hey we are fox news the right wing news service"
"we are the statesman, we are a supporter of BSU because we are in Boise and it sells papers, we are writing a story on BSU finances so the public can be informed"

Gosh, then we all could digest the info and decide for ourselves. It sure beats being lied to and manipulated into a reaction from the swindler who tells you how objective he is. Sounds a lot like a used car salesman stereotype.

Very good post

I too hate agendas. I admit I love the Broncos and think Coach Pete would make a fine US about 50 years. Old like Reagan.

I find it hard to believe people can claim to be objective when they manipulate the truth. I would have no problem with Murphy just admitting the truth. Something along the lines of: "Lets get real Bronco fans, Boise St. isnt the big time. I lived in the South, went to an ACC school and the Broncos facilities remind me of my Junior HS. You've had 10 good years as an FBS school. Whooptie doo! Try doing it for more than 100. You think Fresno St. is a rivalry game? Fools, please. Try an in-state rivalry where we spit blood and venom and our cousins are our brothers and sisters too. You played Virginia Tech once and thought that win was worth more than one "W"? Try playing them every year, with Florida St. Miami and UGA. All these bragadocious Bronco fans need some humility. I mean you play 5 teams a year that wont win 3 games. I secretly root for the Broncos to lose so the fans would shut up already. You have a track on your field, encircled with a 10ft chain link fence and a 21 inch replay big screen that looks like someone brought it from home. You have parking for 75 tailgate spots and fans who dress in camo."

Sound about right?

if you think that, you'll love this


Thanks for the share. He was/is an icon.


the old timer football guys. Living in the glory days, not even aware of the fact that you can go for two after a touchdown. (ask les miles)
Anyway props to murph who once tried to be a homer and predicted a "NW" world series. Only an east coaster would not even know that Denver is not part of the NW. And he tired to be a "homer" by mistakenly believing that anyone around here even could name 2 mariners.
Yankess rule! Broncos go undefeated and absolutely anyone alive or dead beats obama in 2012! Heres to the good times ahead!

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