Boise State football loses Class of 2011 signee to professional baseball

By Brian Murphy

Defensive back Malcolm Holland, who signed with Boise State after National Signing Day in February, will not be suiting up for the Broncos. Holland was selected in the 33rd round of this month's amateur baseball draft by the Los Angeles Dodgers and will sign with the team Wednesday for $160,000, he told the Idaho Statesman.

Holland, a 5-foot-11, 175-pounder from Chandler, Ariz., said he wanted to play both sports, but Boise State indicated they wanted him to focus solely on football.

"That's what I wanted to do. That's what the plan was. I talked to the Dodgers and they were fine with it," Holland said. "Boise wanted me to play one sport."

"... It was a really, really tough decision. I wanted to play both. I had to think and think it over with my family. It felt right choosing baseball right now."

Holland said scouts were impressed with his potential in baseball since he has not devoted himself to the sport full-time. He said he thought he would be drafted, but did not expect to be selected as high as the 33rd round. Baseball's draft has 50 rounds.

The $160,000 signing bonus is slightly above slot — the recommended amount for picks — for the 33rd round.

"I had to take it," he said.

Holland will play second base and begin his baseball career in the Arizona Summer League.

Holland was one of five defensive backs to sign with the Broncos in the Class of 2011. He is still listed on the Broncos' roster on their official web site (No. 27), but he is the only player that does not have a bio page.

The Broncos have commitments from three cornerbacks for the Class of 2012.

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way to go chump

he would not have liked his experience at boise jc


I'm assuming that you are a U of I fan because of your BJC remark. I hope you realize how pathetic this makes you look and sound. Almost as pathetic as the current state of U of I football.... almost.

we need...

more totally ignorant comments like this. meaningless, destructive drivel to try and make others feel as pathetic as you obviously do.

Please confirm...

Boise State a JC?...Really? Then, I wonder how the Vandals feel about losing to a JC in football for 12 consecutive years...and losing BIG. Nevermind Idaho dropping down to the FCS and the Big Sky Conference, just drop football all together.

I wonder

why football smack invokes such strong FEELINGS from some people! Proof that trolling works?

Weisberg is a UCLA

fan. So he knows nothing of football. He also never went there. Or any college. He couldnt even get into BSU or UI.


hey dufus- Gene Bleymaier is a Bruin. He went there, played there and served as assitant athletic director there. So I guess he, like Weisberg knows nothing about football. Right?

Perhaps you should learn about weisberg before you

make that conclusion. Do you really not understand anything?
Tell me what school do you support?

weisberg baits people into responding to him

If you possessed the basic capacity to conceptualize and understand things, you would have know that weisberg is a troll. Good thing you're not a fish or you'd be flopping around in the bottom of his boat right about now.

a troll?

what would you know about that hmm?
T2 which team do you support?

Good Luck....

Congrats to Malcolm and heres to hoping for a great future to a good kid.

Also, I hope hes getting paid the 160,000.00 in gold bars. Not sure if the McCourts check would cash.

Dollar signs..

Who needs a free college education when you can make $160k out of high school? We'll never see how the story ends, but in 5 years, this kid will be unemployed, without an education. Hope he saves EVERY penny of his salary.

Glad your crystal ball

is guaranteed to be 100% accurate. The one thing we will have to wait and see on is how the story turns out in 5 years. He still has the option to sign with a school that will allow him to play baseball and get that education you value so highly...

Not exactly.

Once he's signed with the Dodgers, NCAA rules prohibit him from EVER playing a college sport. So, he has burned his college bridge. Sure, he can go to school, but not as a college athlete.

As for my crystal ball, odds are stacked against him. Otherwise, he would have been drafted into the big leagues.

Have those rules changed?

I remember...way back in the early 80's...Danny Ainge played BB for Brigham Young and during the summers he played professional baseball for Toronto. Even more recently, that tight end for Notre Dame played pro baseball in the summers...was even here with the Hawks at one time.

no change

Russel wilson played for tri-City, he cant play college baseball. Ricky Williams, chris weinke, and jeff samardzja all did it


The NCAA allows him to play both sports...professional baseball and college football. Think Jeff
Samardzija, who played for the Boise Hawks and then left before the NWL season ended so he could re-join Notre Dame's football team. There are scores of players who play pro baseball in the summer and then (usually) college football in the fall. But both MLB organization and college/university need to agree to allow it.

If I'm wrong...

then I'm wrong. However, you'd have to admit that he'd have to be pretty special for a school to pick him up, since he broke his word. And, since I don't get the feeling he's the next Derek Jeter, I'd say he's made his bed.

I wish him well, but I can't help but think he's screwed the pooch.


He did what he thought was right for him at his young and tender age. $160,000 can look like a small fortune to some people and the immediacy of getting the money is too much of a tempataion to some.

Yes there are hundreds of 'hims' out there who acrew the pooch all the time and throw their athletic talents away for a short money fix. Only a very few actually get fa#thest along to actually make money in the long run, from pro sports.

Take Korey Hall for example. He has done well - but not getting rich by NFL standards. He knows his limitations and the limitations of the pro game. He is realistic and is saving/investing his discretionary profit/income for when he is no longer playing pro football - which could be any time, as he has already been in the NFL the standard and recognized 'average' of time/years.

Of course, Korey is the exception to the young players who take the quick cash. He got his college degree and made a few hundred thousand (maybe a mil or so when it is all over - enuff to start a good costruction business) and will quit playing ahead of the game. Good for Korey.

This other guy screwed the pooch - but that is okay. It is important from a statisctics standpoint to have those 'screw the poochers'. He will be totally forgotten by BSU Nation in about 2 weeks.


PS - You can't type the word (far thest) as the backwards Statesman thinks it is far tfest.

Yet I can say screwed....

Go figure...

Wrong, badfader

Once he signs he can never play college baseball but he's free to attend college on a scholarship in any other sport. He could sign this year with the Dodgers, take the $160k, wash out in one year, enroll in BSU in January and be eligible for five years of scholarship from BSU football.


I am so sorry to have had an incorrect opinion. I promise, I'll go sit in the corner now. I am so ashamed!!

Bad opinion??

You stated the mis-information as fact.


He was signed by the big leagues. No one, and I mean NO ONE ever goes straight into the majors from high school or even college. Ken Griffey Jr was drafted #1 by the Mariners and was assigned to Everett. He played against the Hawks here in Boise.

Even if he bombs in baseball, $160K isn't too shabby for an income. How long would it take for you to earn that much money?


Uh, this kid from AZ, or AZ State just did it. Pitcher. Leak, I think, is the last name. Just pitched the other night. He may be the first, but SOMEONE just did it.


You are totally correct. The odds of this guy making it in baseball are very slim. MLB goes all over the world in search of players. Baseball is an extremely difficult sport to excel in. The fact that he hasn't dedicated himself to it leaves him as an unknown quantity. He has some promise, to be sure, but history is full of 33rd round picks that have gone nowhere. He would be smart to bank the $160K in case he needs to go to school later.

I guess I've been out of touch too long...

But $160,000 for someone selected in the THIRTY-THIRD round???

And Weisberg...that was the dumbest remark I've heard this month...go ask Kyle Wilson about his DB experience at BSU and how that turned out for him. Or Quentin Mikel...or Gerald Alexander...or even Ryan Clady on the offensive side.

That is only

because weisberg hasn't been posting. Stick around, he'll easily surpass that one...

No hard feelings

I wish him well, and the best of luck playing baseball, hope he's putting some away, in case baseball doesn't work out, his stay in the Bronco Nation may have been short, but some times you have to chase your dreams......if you don't you could end up like that IDIOT .......wiesburg.. a sad little boy.......

Man some dude

screwed up a post and we all learned cool stuff about CFB. I think we shuold thank him. I didnt know that you could go pro and come back at a different sport.

Have to wish

Malcolm well in his baseball career, and look ahead. However, can't fault the organization either for following their beliefs on running the program. A scholarship is a valuable thing, and holding an athlete to the sport that's paying for it seems OK to me. Also, an open schollie is an opportunity for a hard-nosed, blue collar walk-on who just wants to play football--badly.

Besides the $160k, the standard baseball contract could

provide some money for college

Ω Better to know now

"As high as the 33rd round"? Give that scholarship to somebody who really wants it.

If he knew that "Boise wanted me to play one sport", and that wasn't what he wanted, why make the commitment? Youth? Uncertainty? Playing both ends?

Seems as if Malcolm never was truly sold on playing football for BSU. That isn't needed. Best wishes to him in other pursuits.


You cant blame a 18 year old kid for committing to BSU especially if his best option at the time was that college football scholarship. If in his mind he wanted to do both & saw that it was achievable, than whats the problem?

It says he found out that "Boise wanted me to play one sport," after the MLB draft so I doubt an 18 year old was playing both ends, maybe just making sure his future was flawless.

As well as this, Ive read about this situation before & a lot of the kids that give up football to go play baseball usually receive an incentive in their contract about going to school after their baseball career. I doubt he decided to give up the college scholarship without knowing he would have his school payed for after his Baseball career...

Ω "Than whats ..."

... the problem is that it could have cost BSU a (legitimate) recruit.

They might have been able to sign F Lawless ... and wouldn't have "payed" another nickel for it.