Boise State's compliance director leaves for family reasons

By Brian Murphy

Boise State's new executive director of NCAA compliance has left the school because of a family medical issue, leaving the school searching for another compliance officer just weeks after appearing before the NCAA Committee on Infractions.

Josh Snyder was hired at Boise State in December. He had previously worked as the associate athletics director for compliance at Iowa State.

Boise State president Bob Kustra told the Idaho Statesman last month that he, university general counsel Kevin Satterlee and athletic director Gene Bleymaier personally interviewed the five finalists for the position when Snyder got the job.

"Two full-time compliance officers continue to serve the athletic department, and the university is actively recruiting his replacement. We informed the Committee on Infractions of this most recent and unfortunate development and assured them that we will have a new compliance director soon," university spokesman Frank Zang wrote in an e-mail to the Statesman.

Snyder's replacement will be the school's fourth compliance director since, at least, May 2007. In 2010, the job paid $55,016.

As a result of an NCAA investigation, Boise State moved the executive director for NCAA compliance from the athletic department to the president's office. The school also increased its compliance staff from 1.5 to three full-time employees.

Boise State appeared before the NCAA Committee on Infractions on June 10, facing 22 allegations, including a lack of institutional control.

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compliance director

what is the real reason he left we all know geneie boy

Why he left

Pretty sure he left because of the rampant lack of correct grammar on the Statesman's comment board.
Sources put the blame squarely on Vandal Weisberg's lack of actual edumakashun during his four years of inebriation.

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Vandals make it too easy.

You nay sayers

Never will leave Gene alone will you. Don't make up and invent stuff to suit your purpose.

He left before the family removed him.


Kevin Richert is scared of me for some stupid reason and I really don't care.

Josh's medical issues

As I understand it, Josh's got a family member that developed medical problems shortly after he took the Boise State job. His family to my understanding is still back in Iowa and as a result of the problem never moved to Boise.