Cable One to add CBS Sports Network, which will air three Boise State football games in 2011

By Brian Murphy

Cable One will add CBS Sports Network (formerly CBS College Sports) to its Digital Value Pak on Aug. 1, in time for football season. CBS Sports will air three Boise State football games in 2011: Tulsa at Boise State on September 24, Boise State at UNLV on November 5 and Boise State at San Diego State on November 19.

Cable One also carries Versus (326) and the Mtn. (329) on its Digital Value Pak. CBS Sports Network will be on 332.

The channels are not available in HD, but Cable One says "eventually."


It will likely cost current Cable One subscribers an additional $10 to $15 per month to add the package that includes CBS Sports.

From Celynda Roach at Cable One:

To add the Digital Value Pack to an existing customer’s service who is not in a contract or does not want to go into a contract the cost would be:

$50.00 for the standard level of service AND

$10.00 for the DVP (digital value pack) AND either

$10.00 for a DVR (the price was $23.00)OR $5.00 for a standard DCT.

So, the cost could be $65.00 or $70.00 depending on which digital box the customer chooses. That does not include franchise fees or taxes.

There are introductory packages for new customers and customers who chose to add product that would put them into a contract.

(The Digital Value Pack) DVP includes access to The Mountain and Versus along with access to over 40 other additional channels.

Mountain West channels

CBS Sports Network (43 million subscribers) is available on Dish Network (152), DirecTV (613) and Cable One (332).

Versus (74.1 million) is available on Cable One (326), Dish (151) and DirecTV (603).

The Mtn. (12 million) is available on Cable One (329) and DirecTV (616) but not Dish.

From Cable One:


Cable ONE Customers Gain Access to In-Depth Coverage of College Sports, Including Boise State and Mountain West Conference Football

CBS Sports Network and Cable ONE announced today that beginning August 1 CBS Sports Network will launch on Cable ONE throughout Idaho as well as select markets in Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

CBS Sports Network, the original 24-hour cable network dedicated to college sports, will be available on Cable ONE’s Digital Value Pak. In addition, Cable ONE will launch CBS Sports Network across a majority of their systems at a later date.

“Cable ONE is thrilled to partner with CBS Sports Network in providing our customers with outstanding college sports programming, especially Boise State football,” said Jerry McKenna, SVP, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. “The Boise State Broncos have proven to be one of the finest football teams in the country. Now our Cable ONE customers won’t miss a minute of Bronco action.”

“We welcome our first-ever partnership with Cable ONE, and look forward to serving their subscribers this fall with full college football and Boise State programming,” said Bob Rose, Executive Vice President, Distribution, CBS Sports Network. “We’re excited to serve a huge and devoted college sports fan base, providing fans access to the Network’s outstanding line-up of games and in-depth coverage.”

Cable ONE customers will now receive access to CBS Sports Network’s extensive college sports programming, including complete Mountain West Conference and Boise State coverage. CBS Sports Network, through its long-term rights deal with the Mountain West Conference, will air 10 MWC football games this season, including three Boise State games: Tulsa at Boise State on September 24, Boise State at UNLV on November 5 and Boise State at San Diego State on November 19.

“We are excited that our fans have another avenue for viewing athletic contests involving Boise State as we move to the Mountain West Conference,” said Gene Bleymaier, Boise State University Athletic Director.

CBS Sports Network provides coverage of over 250 live events annually showcasing more than 25 men’s and women’s sports, in addition to a variety of studio shows, documentaries and original programs. Programming is highlighted by teams from the Mountain West Conference, Conference USA, Atlantic 10, Patriot League, the United States Naval Academy and the United States Military Academy, along with full college hockey, lacrosse and action sports events. CBS Sports Network is the home for U.S. Service Academy football, featuring all Army and Navy home games, as well as several Air Force games every season. For more information, go to

Beginning this August, CBS Sports Network will launch the “Tim Brando Show,” a live, television production of the popular nationally-syndicated radio program featuring CBS Sports’ Tim Brando. The three-hour show, which airs weekdays from 10:00 AM-1:00 PM, ET, covers the world of sports, with a focus on college athletics, featuring an array of compelling guests, topics and commentary.

Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, and owned by The Washington Post Company, Cable ONE provides basic cable, digital cable, high-speed Internet and phone service. Cable ONE operates in 52 locations and serves 690,000 households in nineteen states.

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Nice to know some organizations (Statesman not among them).....

do respond to the requests of their subscribers. Thanks Cable One!

Losing ESPN coverage is the downside of joining Mountain West

I am going to miss ESPN's coverage of the Broncos. When I had to watch a CBS Sports broadcast of the Broncos vs. Wyoming last year it was astonishingly inferior to ESPN. The Mountain broadcasts are no better. The Broncos are going to be seen by far fewer viewers now that they are in the Mountain West I fear, as well. One of the downsides of this otherwise positive move


I dont understand. BSU will still be on ESPN for several games next year. Its the lame games that only Ch 7 carried that are the issue here. CBS and CBS collegeand the MNTN and the like will still be huge in the viewer category. And while you might think the broncos lose viewers from the poor saps in the valley that didnt have cable and saw them on ch 7, The reality is that EVERY BSU game will now be nationaly avaliable. Something that has never happened before.
This also enables the Broncos to play more saturday games by not being at the mercy of ESPN's dream of showing a college game at 2 am on a tuesday night! Playing on saturdays will help polling and playing on National TV will help viewership. 6 games on ESPN is awesome and that is what BSU is used to but this will be more normal in the CF world. Its time for BSU to stop being known as the team that plays on wierd days on a wierd field and to start to be that contender that beats you on the Blue or green and is the terror of Saturdays in the fall!
Q. how did that TV deal work out for TCU's exposure last year? Didnt they jump the broncos with the voters BEFORE the nevada game? How is that possible if BSU was on ESPN and TCU was on some odd channel?

Thanks for making it

Thanks for making it clearer. It sounds better than I thought. I am just unimpressed with CBS sports and the Mt West channel. And I know the odd times has been an ESPN thing and it will be nice to be on Saturday. I just like ESPNs coverage and camera work.

And all but three religious channels I'm aware of went DTV SUN,

I'm not likely to get sat or cable anymore.

Having actually WORKED for the non-weasels here in the 90s and having worked at a radio station 21 years ago I still have a braincell or three.


Kevin Richert is scared of me for some stupid reason and I really don't care.

Is direct the only

provider that will carry ALL the BSU games or will Cable one now also?

Are you really that clueless

that you can't figure this out for yourself? Good Lord!!! Some people.

Geesh B754

Somebody is a little grumpy.....
Yeah, I have it figured out but I think the statesman should at least provide all the facts. Like what TV service will have all the games? Dont you think that is a good thing?

Geesh B754

Somebody is a little grumpy.....
Yeah, I have it figured out but I think the statesman should at least provide all the facts. Like what TV service will have all the games? Dont you think that is a good thing?

High Price TV.

I think it is great the way Cable One has always done what it can for Bronco Nation.

However I think DTV, Dish and Cable One are all pricing themselves out of business.
With around 20 HD channels for free with an antennae. All the movies, , concerts, etc. that you can watch available for instant streaming with companies like Netflix for around $10 a month, why would anyone want to pay $100.00 a month for a bunch of junk.

These companies need to have a good package that gives you your local channels, maybe a movie channel, a few doc-umentary channels, kids channels and sports channels that include all local sports for around $40 a month.

If “The Mountain”, CBS Sports, ESPN, Versus were smart they would provide streaming of all their main sports. For a few dollars you could pay these companies to stream the game you want to watch that day. They would make a fortune and their customers would only have to pay for the games they want to watch.

For the $1,000+ I’ll save this year by not playing the rip-off TV package game these companies have, I’ll be able to watch all of the BSU games by either;
1. Going to the game
2. Have lots of extra money for munchies and beverages for a private party
3. Have lots of extra money for brew and food at my local pub.

LOL, I had to put a hyphen in doc-umentaries because the statesman did not like the word c u m.

that's because the server is supplied by kim kommando


Kevin Richert is scared of me for some stupid reason and I really don't care.

By the way, four more channels converted Sunday, more like 35.


Kevin Richert is scared of me for some stupid reason and I really don't care.

Bravo Korp

I saw every game last year and I don't have any of the above mentioned services......

The TV package is going to

The TV package is going to hurt BSU's national visibility and potential recruits wont be able to be tune in to a nationally televised game and see the blue and know that if they attended BSU they be on ESPN national broadcasts.

.......bad TV package with even worse coverage and availability in all markets. The question will be why would any football fan watch Saturday mountain west games when they compete head to head with Big10, Pac12, SEC and Big going to be a very big challenge to attract non-rabid MW team fans to tune into any Saturday MW football......ESPN was the golden goose for exposure.........

What is that you Vandies dont get?

They will still be on ESPN. A lot. Was TCU unable to recruit? Utah? Give me a break. The players the Broncos are getting now ALL CITE WINNING as their main reason for coming to the BLUE. Winning is the golden goose for exposure. The Broncos are not going to get fans of BCS conferences (especially the SEC) to tune into their games on a Saturday afternoon regardless. Nothing is forever, especially mediocre television contracts. Win, and all the other things become easier to negotiate.

Its absolutely rich how Vandals have all the answers for the Broncos and yet cant get their own program out of the dumps.

BSU has been winning for several decades

but they've just now reached a point to where they're getting big time recruits.... but you're right.... ESPN televising Bronco games for the past severtal seasons had absolutely nothing to do with that.


Whoa, when did I say it had nothing to do with recruits Ugly (why did you change your username)? I said winning is more important than ESPN and I cited TCU and Utah as examples. Again, worry about cleaning your own house before worrying about ours.

don't play dumb

re-read your response to i83701 and you'll see. BTW, I didn't miss that you cited TCU and Utah as examples of MWC teams whose visibility and recruiting wasn't hurt by a bad tv deal. FYI, both those schools have been playing football since the 1800's and both have left/leaving the MWC and it's horrible tv deal for better conferences/tv deals, so nice going with those horible comparisons. Another FYI that you should know about is that I'm not ugly...I'm actually quite pretty (depending on how much alcohol one has consumed)

A lot of lame fyi's

You obviously dont get it. Im not surprised. Call out a vandal pretending to be a neutral fan and all rationality dissipates. TCU and Utah were able to win in the MWC with that "bad" TV deal. Not just win, but TCU played in back to back BCS Bowl games. WHILE THEY WERE IN THE MWC! Utah WON two BCS Bowl games, while in the MWC! Tell me how thats horrible comparisons? So because they started playing football in the 1800's means what exactly? Your logic is beyond asinine.

Come on haters. Where are some decent intelligent posters who can hate the Broncos and yet be objective? If not objective, at least be funny.

fyi- the vandals have nothing to do with bsu or the mwc tv deal

get over the vandals and move on with your life.

Hawaii and BSU have both played in BCS bowls despite being in a conference deemed to be a tier below the MWC, Besides, if it wasn't for BSU beating Fresno (who at the time was #8 in the polls and had the highest rank for a mid-major team since BYU won the natty in 1984) they too would have played in a BCS Bowl, so what's your point?

As far as you comparisons go, you might have a leg to stand on had those teams not decided to leave the conference and (according to you) it's successful tv contract, for a better conferences and better tv contracts/revenue shares/exposure

Im way over the vandals/It isnt 1987

This is a BRONCO thread and vandals were commenting on it. And doing so in spite. It seems you are right, they have nothing to do with these threads. So why are you commenting?

it's that subversive first amendment again, isn't it.


Kevin Richert is scared of me for some stupid reason and I really don't care.


why did you retreat to your anti-vandal bunker instead of offering a logical rebuttle?

I wouldn't wanna talk much if I had just rebutted...


Kevin Richert is scared of me for some stupid reason and I really don't care.


You're right. The players the Broncos are getting now have all cited winning as their main reason for coming to the 'BLUE', but how could they have known about BSU and the Blue, had it not been for seeing them on ESPN? Perhaps you think they're all just college football connoisseurs, that despite growing up in Texas and Cali, knew all about BSU all on their own. Is that it?

Yes JLandon, winning is the golden goose for exposure, so why can't you grasp that BSU's rich history of winning football games is what made BSU marketable to ESPN and that it was ESPN's exposure that these recruits became familiar with BSU?

It is just as ridiculous

if BSU had played on NBC every saturday that they somehow "owe" NBC their success. Last I checked ESPN never completed a pass or ran a two point conversion. BSU was ON ESPN because they WIN not win because they are on ESPN. You can always tell someone really hates the Broncos when they think that being on CBS college sports for a couple of games will destroy the program. Not the fact that BSU has put together excellent teams that are just head and shoulders above the rest. Its as if to say that if the vandies were on ESPN 6 times a year that they would be in the fiesta bowl. Because deep down that is what these people want to believe. Just ignoring the facts and going with what makes them feel good.
T2 and Ugly are the same. It has been confirmed. Its ugly's way of trying to get around his promise not to post and to jab at me. Funny, as he will do the same type of thing when he owes 400 dollars. We all know what kind of character he has.

the only thing ridiclous is the post you just made

the only reason ESPN was interested in BSU is because they win football games and the only reason ESPN gives a darn about BSU winning football games is because they discovered that by airing BSU games, they drew good ratings from coast to coast. In short, BSU was/is on ESPN because it was/is a good business decision for the ESPN, nuf said.
Geezus....the only thing some of us are trying to voice our opinion on is that potential recruits and football fans are going to miss seeing BSU play as often as they have, that is.... unless you think these kids down in Texas and Florida and elsewhere are going to become subscribers to The Mtn and Versus, just so they don't miss out on a single Bronco game.

Ugly, you just dont get it.

Name one BSU player that has said they signed with BSU because they are on ESPN at 11 pm on a tuesday night.
Yes national exposure helps. Yes ESPN is part of BSU's success. BUT now that BSU is always in the top 25 recruiting kind of takes care of itself. This is what you uneducated college football fans do not understand. Because you have never been recruited, never been a fan of a team that is in the top 25 EVERY year. You just dont get it. answer me this. Do you think BSU made the wrong move or has relegated itself to mediocrity because of the MWC move. In other words would staying in the WAC and playing UI at 3 am on a tuesday in april really be better because it is on ESPN? Are the higher ups at BSU just so football ignorant that your little brain has it figured out better?

Which network televised the 2007 fiesta bowl. The game that did more for BSU than any number of games on ESPN put together? The game that made Kellen Moore a hiesman candidate want to be a bronco? Tell me if you will what network had the statue play and one of the best bowl games of ALL TIME as ranked by the blessed, hallowed, great ESPN?



I'm not ugly but I do get it

there's actually been quite a few guys who have said that seeing BSU play on ESPN is how they became aware of BSU, but the two biggest reasons recruits say they chose BSU are 1) their campus visit and 2) Coach Pete

You seem to hate the odd game days/start times, and I suppose that's based entirely upon your viewpoint as a BSU fan, and not from the viewpoint a college football fan. I also suppose that you think you know more about broadcast ratings/ad revenue than the ESPN execs who decided to air games in the middle of the week. Maybe you should plan a trip to Bristol and set those people straight and give em a good solid potato2 football education. I'm sure they'd find it to be enlightening. As for your 'question of the decade'.... bear in mind that FOX and the Fiesta have nothing to do with the subject of BSU and the MWC TV deal. The only reason ESPN is being talked about is due to the fact that the MWV tv deal will result in fewer BSU games being broadcast on that network. please.... try to pay attention Lastly. The statesman article mentioned that there would be a Tim Brando show on TheMTN or Versus or CBS College Sports so let me toss a question to you.

What network exposure would benefit BSU more? a) having the Tim Brando show broadcasting live from Bronco Stadium, or b) having ESPN GameDay broadcasting live from Bronco Stadium?

The above stated question is simple and straight forward, so an A or B answer will suffice


Hasnt TCU BYU and Utah all had ESPN Gameday the last two years while being in the MWC? Last year they were in SLC for Utah/ TCU. The year before Ft Worth for TCU/Utah, Colorado Springs for Air Force/Army and in Provo for TCU/BYU. Thats 4 times in 2 years AT A MWC school. You truly are an idiot. You dont even really believe the junk you write. You are neither intelligent nor funny. Because you bring nothing to the conversation, tomato2, you will now be ignored. That was easy.

ha, you just made my point JLandon

The discussion we've all been having has been about the superiority of ESPN exposure over that of CBS College Sports/Versus/ThMtn and your argument agaisnt that is pointing out the number of times an MWC has been on ESPN Gameday? haha...and you're calling me an idiot? wow, that's funny!

fyi- Utah has been on ESPN just eight times since the formation of TheMtn due to the horrible MWC TV contract while BSU has been on ESPN that many times this past season alone. furthermore, BSU has played on an ESPN channel somewhere in the hood of 50x in the past decade. Utah will now be raking on Paac-12 TV revenue.
BYU has recently inked a deal with ESPN and now every BYU home game will be televised for the next 8 years. ESPN has also helped broked a 3 game deal with Texas. In addition to that, BYU has a 6 year deal with Notre Dame and NBC.

Still think the MWC's TheMtn/Versus/CBScollegeSports TV exposure is just as good as that of what ESPN provides?

nope you dont get it as usual ugly

Answer B of course. Nobody is arguing that ESPN is not benificial. But my freind in about 5 years you will see what a ESPN only outlook does for a football team. BYU making the biggest gamble in football history and BSU playing it smart. In Five years BSU will be in a AQ conf and BYU will be begging for money.

See what you dont get is BSU does not need some kind of ESPN "root for the underdog" story any more. It is nice but it does not benifit BSU more than the MWC and its TV contract.
Now for some answers from you.

1 NAME the player, any player, that signed because of ESPN. Idiot!
2 Do you think BSU would be better served in the WAC with an ESPN contract or the MWC?

BYU will never be begging for money

BYU and ESPN have signed an long term contract that will have ESPN broadcasting every BYU home game for the next EIGHT...yes...(8) years! BYU is also reporting that ESPN will "work closely with them to schedule high-profile opponents." ESPN recently brokered a 3 year deal for BYU to play Texas. In addition, BYU has agreed to a 6 yr series with Notre Dame. BYU's espn deal is structured in a similar fashion to Notre Dame's contract with NBC, who has been nationally broadcasting every ND home game since 1991. Sorry potato2, but BYU Football is going to be a-ok for quite some time. I bet if Bleymaier could get ESPN to provide him with the same deal they've got with BYU, I bet he'd take it in a heart beat. fyi- Utah has been on ESPN just eight times since the formation of TheMtn due to so many MWC TV contract issues while BSU has been on ESPN that many times this past season alone. furthermore, BSU has played on an ESPN channel somewhere in the hood of 50x in the past decade. That's called EXPOSURE my friend!
It's pretty sad that when you think of BSU and ESPN, you see it as a 'root for the underdog' charity case, or however you crafted that statement. Anyways, I'm not going to sit here and provide you with a list of signees that cited ESPN as THE REASON they signed with BSU because not a single one of them signed because of ESPN and I'm not even sure where you came up with such a far-fetched concept. i can only assume that you came to that, via my statement that many of bsu recruits have mentioned that they watched the Broncos play on ESPN, as has an entire nation (albeit a Tuesday or Thurdsay night) but again, that's one of the many benefits that that kind of EXPOSURE brings.

BTW- in 5 years, BYU will have 3 more years left on it's ESPN contract

Are you going to answer the questions?

or not?


This just shows how ignorant you are.
BSU would not take ESPNs BYU deal because it requires not being in a conference. BYU may have 4 BCS teams a year but it still will have 6 cal poly slos and Idahos on its schedule. At least it wont be in the kibbie!


what's ignorant is you thinking that BYU's ESPN contract REQUIRES them to be an Independent.


Holy cow!!!

You think that if BYU joined the Bug east that they would have an ESPN contract. I know you are ignorant in football but this is funny because now you are ignorant in life. Idiot ugly.

Why don't you just go and straighten that crap out...


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

you suffer from AAD don't you?

Was there suppose to be a question mark at the end of that last statement? If not, then no. I don't 'think that if BYU joined the Bug east that they would have an ESPN contract', but nice way of avoiding a rebuttal to me calling you out for saying ESPNs BYU deal requires them not being in a conference.

If you wouldn't have written that BYU (because they went Independent) would be begging for money in five years, I wouldn't have had to enlighten you in regard to their 8 year ESPN contract, or their 6 year deal with Notre Dame & NBC, but instead of admitting that you were wrong, you backed yourself into a deeper corner by claiming BYU's contract with ESPN required that they be Independent, and on top of all that you have the audacity to call me ignorant? Wow man, you're all over the you have AAD? if not, it must be little man syndrome or something.

He is BiPolar

He has posted many times on various Statesman threaxs that he is BiPolar and has taken Lithium and other meds in the past, to try and control his behavior.

We long time posters understand his disability and accept him as he is. While I don't usually agree with his postigs; I am passionate about providing him the opportunity to have a forum where he can participate with normal people; as that is impiortant to his condition and overall mental health.

He is not a bad egg - just takes a little compassion and understanding to bear with him.

Having him around these forums, also is a good reminder to appreciate the things I have and to remember there are such unfortunates as him running about.

Cut him some slack. He is harmless and can be easily forgotten and dismissed if you just ignore his stuff.


tater2 bout has a stupid spasm over everything, doesn't he?

I would see a heart specialist. It's just a dumb blog.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

FO do you have anything to add

at all. over two years and I have never seen you add any sort of substance to the conversation. Who do you think starts for the ofensive line and how will the protect kellen?

You don't need 711 relay-Windows has Microsoft Sam to help you.

And it's nearly FOUR years.

And you want me to swallow this nonsense being one-way?

Are you spawn? Then get somebody else's life.

You and whomever sit there doublespeaking through a card game all day...if you think it's a joke...

You self-inflate somedays and don't IM that.

I used to love sports, still do but all that SOS crap and demagoguery and let's make it better so the poor can't afford it?

It's OUR LOCAL UNIVERSITY, GODD---IT. Not the Dallas Cowboys.


Don't be effete.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

Ladies and Gentelmen Boys and Girls

Children of Allllll ages. I give you the one the only....... FO!!!!!

thank gawd

You'd be bananas to feast in my mangroves.

This is fun.... lets pick this post apart shall we.

Title: " You dont need 711 relay-Windows has Microsoft Sam to help you." Not even a coherent statement.
"And it's nearly four years" I assume you mean how many years YOU have been on I was refering to how many years I have seen you post.

"And you want me to swallow this nonsense being one-way" Coming out of the closet is noble but what is the one-way you are?

"Are you spawn? Then get somebody else's life" Im not sure what this spawn means but I like my life thank you and yes, I was concieved.

"You and whomever sit there doublespeaking through a card game all day... If you think it's a joke..." What does this mean?

"You self inflate somedays and dont IM that" What does this mean?

"I used to love sports, still do but all that SOS crap and demagoguery and let's make it better so the poor can't afford it?" Amazing how you can use such big words in a sentance that makes absolutely no sense. But I am glad you used to like sports and am sorry you are so poor and drain off of the society that chooses to be productive. Dont you just feel like maybe our world would be better if......nevermind.

"It's OUR LOCAL UNIVERSITY, GODD---IT. Not the Dallas Cowboys." Congrats! I actually understand this part. But I dont understand the point. Do you want BSU to not be so "big time?"

"I WANT MY LOCAL COLLEGE TEAM BACK." I dont know where you think it went but how can BSU make this more possible for you?

"Don't be effete." What in the world does vim vigor and reproduction have to to with anything. put the thesarus down and learn how to communicate so that people can understand what you are saying.

And finally the finalle, the signature that you so often think is so pithy and witty.

"Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!" Actually one of the only ones that I have gotten. A play on words with liberal agenda. Ok. kind of witty, but why must it accompany every post even ones that are not accusing you of being too literal?

Bottom line. You definately have some mental issues beyond what I usually accuse people of. I dont know if I should pitty you, help you, hate you, or ignore you. But perhaps you would care to educate me so I can understand where you are coming from more.

Sorry if this hurt. it had to be done.

ok, let's pick it apart

like you said. Sorry if this hurt. it had to be done

you're probably wondering where I came from and why I'm on your case like a fly on murp. I'm not FO, UGLY or anyone else that you may think I am. In a earlier post you made the comment that I was stalking you, but I'm not stalking you....I'm mocking you, and the only way I know anything about you or your alleged private catholic educational background or your online antics is from some guys you know from this blog who were making fun of you at a bbq I was at recently. I asked about the dufus they were referring to and they asked me to get on the blog and see for myself, so I did and now I know! I was only going to make a few posts at your expense, but now I know what they know and I see how much fun it is to mess with you, kinda reminds me of those mess'n with sasquatch commercials. anyway they couldn't have been more spot on about you, but unlike you and our mutual acquaintances, I have better things to do, so I'm spilling he beans and moving on. I'm probably blowing your mind at this point, but all I'll say about that, is this- the people on here, the ones who you think are your blog pals well....they not. They're using you for their own entertainment and boy of boy are you entertaining. Have you ever thought about doing a football show on public access TVTV? If not, you should think about. peace love and taters. Oh yeah...Go Ducks!


you are following me around because some guys at a BBQ were talking about me? Wow!
Not something I would admit. but carry on! make it your lifes mission to follow me around. Try to once in a while maybe add something to the board.

So, you are on the statesman with a name to make fun of me and yuo heard abuot me at a BBQ. I guess you are a stalker after all.
BTW I dont think anyone online is my "pal" I have real people that I know, not online personalities. I think I am about to start falling in love with you though. We should meet up IRL! You name the place. I want to be your friend.

Dont go!

I want to let you in on a secret. online.... EVERYONE IS USING EVERYONE FOR ENTERTAINMENT!!!!
No one should take this seriously and if they do then they have some problems.
You are a person lost in a generation that has not learned how to interact with people. I hope you will be ok.

Ω P2 on the barbie

By the innuendo cited herein and board accomplishments in due time, you are hereby and heretofore titled "Sir P2".

With this esteemed rank, you will carry heightened expectations for excellence in posting, compassion for your fellow board contributors, and restraint both for perceived and bona fide pestilence.

Carry on.

ps - dry rub or sauce ... your choice.

I accept. And am honored.

I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country.... wait no that is a differnt oath. Anyway, thanks. we are now besties