Idaho politics: Rex Rammell strikes again ... (WITH VIDEO)

Somebody up there must have a soft spot for columnists and editorial writers trying to get through the summer doldrums.

How else can you explain Rex Rammell?

The former Senate and gubernatorial candidate — and reliable gift that keeps on giving to Idaho political pundits — delivered once again on Thursday. Rammell scheduled a news conference to discuss his latest criminal charge: a felony count of jury tampering.

His news conference was cut short. In a scene worthy of an episode of "Cops," Bonneville County deputies cuffed Rammell and squired him away in a squad car, over his objections. In what passes for his new anti-government battle cry, Rammell told deputies that the handcuffs were "torquing" his sore shoulder.

Here's the video, from KPVI in Pocatello/Idaho Falls:

What gives, Rex? Did you want to commit news or not?

Out on bond later Thursday, Rammell fired out a news release complaining about the way deputies treated him.

Rest assured, the saga is sure to continue. In Rammell's words, "(I) am scheduled for a preliminary examination" on July 6.

Presumably, he meant "preliminary hearing." I can only imagine what a "preliminary examination" would find.

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Maybe a "preliminary examination" would find...

one of those alien probes you hear about.

Tea baggers

are always looking to get examined.

By Rex.

Makes so much sense.
I am sure Rex is excellent with those tea bagger examinations in jail.