Boise study looks at trees' effects on cutting air pollution

A study of the The City of Trees namesake hopes to find tools for reducing air pollution and maybe even help energy conservation.

Two teams of students from the College of Western Idaho and Meridian’s Technical Charter High School will be gather information at 250 sites around Boise to determine how much the trees are cleaning up the city's air. The study will provide a baseline that will be used in federal and state air quality plans and help guide how much more trees might make Boise's air cleaner.

The students will ask landowners for permission to collect sample information about trees. The information they gather will be combined with a GIS analysis of the area.

"The overall purpose is to better understand the contribution of tree canopy in the developed and rapidly developing areas of the Treasure Valley, and how to begin using trees as a tool to more strategically address these issues,” said David Stephenson of the Idaho Department of Lands in a press release.

The tree canopy project is a partnership between the Idaho Department of Lands with the City of Boise’s Community Forestry Unit, Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, Ada County Highway District and other agencies.The Forest Service paid for it with a $300,000 grant and new trees.

City Forester Brian Jorgenson says that trees can be powerful tools in the area’s efforts to improve air quality

"Trees can substantially lower ozone production by blocking sunlight and lowering temperatures on surfaces that emit nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds caused by asphalt, fuel tanks and buildings,” he said.

The tree canopy also intercepts and filters particulate pollution. A final report, expected in the fall, will also evaluate the impact of the urban tree canopy on energy conservation and stormwater abatement, Stephenson said.

They also need to study

How trees negatively affect people's health. There are many allergies and such that trees can contribute to. Not to mention fungi and bugs. Always a tradeoff.

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Kevin Richert is scared of me for some stupid reason and I really don't care.

The Problem with Trees


Also, they burst into flames, casting firebrands everywhere, fall on people (in whole or in part) and their possessions and powerlines, and abruptly stop motorized vehicles, often resulting in fatalities, injuries, and losses of millions of dollars in damages.

Summer shade can cause a problem for gardens and fall leaves are a major maintenance problem for many cities, towns, and golf courses.

More trees is not the answer. Better considered trees is the answer.

Dangerous trees

Obviously, trees need to be reined in by regulation. They're out of control.

Regulating those out-of-control trees

Unfortunately, most of them are already heavily regulated. Just not very well. Most of their regulators are unknown, not accepting responsibility, or hiding out. They just need better care and direction.

We should imprison more trees for the sake of America!


Kevin Richert is scared of me for some stupid reason and I really don't care.

They've been punished enough. Now is a time for healing.

We need to give nurturing a try and see if that doesn't take away their propensity to become disease-ridden, buggy, dangerous and unpleasant to be around, and capable of bursting into flames at the least ignition.

All we gotta do is give trees a chance.

Those screaming trees seem to be doing okay...


Kevin Richert is scared of me for some stupid reason and I really don't care.

Don't u hate those trees

Don't u hate those trees that violate the airspace. Casting those noxious shaddows.

Trees are stupid. We need

Trees are stupid. We need more assfault.

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what a freakin

what a freakin joke....trees.....what kind of manufactured propaganda is that crap......this area has some of the worst air quality and air pollution found in the intermountian west.

But because everyone likes to ignore reality and live in their fake parallel universe of pleasentville they cant admit air quality in the treasure valley is getting worse with every year....not one political leader has the guts to address strong air quality regulations....and trees are not a solution.......

....try getting the forest service to get modern about forest management and eliminate burning near the treasure valley as they contribute huge amounts of fine particle pollution to your breathing every year........try eliminating all open burning within city limits.......try enforcing vehicle emissions for commercial, agricultural and resident vehicles.....trees are not a solution.

..get serious about clean air......or we will continue to see respiratory issues rise dramatically as we already have..... just check the facts....the treasure valley repository issues due to poor air quality have escalated to highest levels ever seen.

There is unrest in the forest, there is trouble with the trees,

for the maples want more sunlight and the oaks ignore their pleas. Neil Peart

Und der Wind she Cried Mary!


Kevin Richert is scared of me for some stupid reason and I really don't care.