Mountain West implements membership buyout, sets football schedule at 8 games

By Chadd Cripe

The Mountain West Conference board of directors concluded its meeting Tuesday and announced several important decisions:

— The league has implemented a buyout penalty for the first time and moved the date for notification of a university's departure up to June 30 of the previous year. Schools wishing to leave will forfeit their conference revenue share in their final year, as Boise State did in the WAC in 2010-11. Schools that want to leave and notify the conference of their intent after the June 30 deadline will forfeit the final year of revenue and pay an additional penalty of $5 million or the amount of per-school revenue generated by the conference, whichever is greater. This year's revenue is expected to be in the $3 million to $4 million range per school.

— The board has agreed to an eight-game conference football schedule for 2014 and beyond. It previously agreed to that format for 2012 and 2013. The league will have 10 football members, so teams will miss one opponent every year. The format to decide which opponent schools will miss hasn't been determined. The Mountain West will have a seven-game, round-robin schedule in 2011 because it only has eight teams.

— The conference will implement a state-of-the-art system for basketball instant replays similar to the football system. That will allow the replay technician and game official to control the video rather than relying on the TV producer. Among reviewable plays are clock issues and whether a player's foot is on the line on a 3-point attempt.

— Commissioner Craig Thompson's contract was extended through June 30, 2015. He is the only commissioner in league history. The league began play in 1999.

It may not matter

but I don't think I like it. Ease to move out and up was always a benefit of the MW. Now that BSU is the flagship program, it will be a little more difficult to take the same road as Utah and TCU.


I would like to hear what the other conference members think about BSU already the flagship for the conference.


Wyoming is going to be ticked when they find BSU is the flagship program. BSU is the flagship program. You can not like them, you can not like it, but a top 10 program with a BCS chance each year is a flagship in any conference. The hilarious question is after next year who will the flagship program in the WAC be? SU?

Your might be correct

once TCU has departed the conference and if your focus is limited to football. Outside of football...I highly doubt BSU would be accepted by others as the "flagship".


this article directed towards football?

These conferences are built on football

it is what makes the money. Outside of football? Yup, BSU will probably not have the strongest womens tennis team. Geesh man, is your disdain so blinding that you cannot see the obvious. Bottom line is you have to pick a position. Either BSU is the flagship program in a mediocre conference and will dominate or the MWC is such a leap forward that BSU is only middle of the pack. Either posistion has liabilities for your hidden agenda and my support. What is it hippie 60s boy, either BSU is the best by far in the conference or BSU's leap was so great that it is just one of many strong programs in the conference? BSU was the dominating force in the WAC and now it is poised to lead another conference to great hights.
The only reason these confereces exist is football. Thats a fact jack. Ask Duke.


Hes still upset still that his idea of combining the WAC and MWC didnt happen. He only wanted it so his Vandals wouldnt be rendered meaningless. Hes had so many of his posts picked apart through the years Ive lost count. I loved the ones where he tried to say the Vandals were better in hoops or football than the Broncos by doing the who beats who game...always leaving out head to head. Were admitted homers. Hes a clown.


I have noticed that when people disagree with you or have a different perspective I can count on you to resorting to calling people names and belittling them by giving them negative labels, etc.

At any rate, people call others names and belittle them for various reasons, sometimes they want to be cool by hurting other's feelings, maybe they are jealous of others or something they have or maybe they're just not in a good mood. (you never seem to be in a good mood)

Its obvious my posts seem to rub you wrong. From my perspective that's to bad for you. However, since it's obvious my posts upset you it becomes a great sport to get a reaction out of you. But, at the end of the day and despite all the negative things you say to me and about me I always attempt to see things from your point of view. You have good things to say and I often learn a lot and sometimes my attitude or beliefs change.

As of today's post, I feel uncomfortable about referencing BSU as the MWC flagship. If these posts were to be circulated on other medial outlets I don't think the "BSU is the MWC flagship" will be perceived very well. Confidence and believing in what your doing is awesome but it's important to express humility too.

I recall the reaction when Gordon Gee referred to BSU and others as "sisters of the poor". It didn't go over very well and people haven't forgotten.

I wasn't born in 1960!

Well crap/


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the MW logo sucks....looks like a third grader....

Suspect he is under a new name.


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.

Why do you think that?

FO? I dont see any new posters here.


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Just because it's a WORLD wide web doesn't mean anybody past Jordan Valley cares! Get drunk and give us that crappy singing voice we missed.

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Just because it's a WORLD wide web doesn't mean anybody past Jordan Valley cares! Get drunk and give us that crappy singing voice we missed.

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Just because it's a WORLD wide web doesn't mean anybody past Jordan Valley cares! Get drunk and give us that crappy singing voice we missed.


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Just because it's a WORLD wide web doesn't mean anybody past Jordan Valley cares! Get drunk and give us that crappy singing voice we missed.


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You'd be bananas to feast in my mangroves.

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Just because it's a WORLD wide web doesn't mean anybody past Jordan Valley cares! Get drunk and give us that crappy singing voice we missed.

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FO as Bduck and basically owned him for a week. FO called murphy to complain and warned all of us that he called. It was hillarious in a total meltdown way. Then as VNDL is taking a break obviously for his mental well being FO tries to imply that VNDL is gone because FO got him kicked off.

Not too many changes

Basically, the same teams still play each other, no matter what the name of the league is. It took the entire top half of the WAC to maintain MW credibility.
While first surprised that the league didn't take the opportunity to have a true champion each year by everyone playing each other, it makes sense for these teams because they each get one more payday game, whether a road payday or a home cupcake. Not much confidence in building revenue and interest by playing each other.


Did Nevada and Fresno State actually sign on to the $5million exit penalty this time? Or are they going to skip the MWC at some point and claim they never actually signed anything?

8 is great

Having a 7 or 8 game league schedule allows plenty of slots open for beating up big-name teams. I just hope there are some BCS teams left that aren't too afraid to play BSU. Six or eight years ago that would have been a punchline, but now I'm actually serious.

You mean

like Nebraska?

Not Nebraska

They turned down a chance to play BSU......

Agreed with 8 is great

Seven or eight MW games leaves BSU in an ideal situation to make additional forays into BCS conferences. I would like to see more games in the PAC 12, other than Washington and Oregon--maybe with the Arizona or California schools. Because, no matter what the Quack bloggers say here, Oregon has no intention of playing Boise State again in any format.

MWC an auto Q???

I think I read somewhere that the MWC might become an auto qualifier for the BCS. If so why would BSU want to leave. Even if they don't become an AQ we'd still be a powerhouse and get there anyway. Another thing. What kind of an idiot thinks BSU won't be "flagship" in other sports. The BB team looked pretty darned good this year. Gymnastics, wrestling, tenniw, etc. are doing okay. I think you put the challenge before BSU and they'll meet AND beat it. What most concerns me about the MWC is their ignorant TV coverage. Not everyone can go to games. We currently have a contract I was stupid enough to sign into with CableOne. That will end just before football season and I'll be going with DirectTV. I hope CableOne is prepared to lose a potload of customers.


Too bad the MWC added a buyout. I was hoping New Mexico and maybe Wyoming would do themselves, the MWC, and the WAC a favor by moving to the WAC. This would make the MWC look better with the weaker teams gone, keep the WAC viable, give New Mexico and New Mexico State a good rivalry in conference, and give Wyoming a chance at a championship (sorry Idaho)!