Mountain West unveils new logo, branding campaign

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman
The Mountain West Conference on Monday unveiled its new logo — part of an intense branding campaign that marks the league’s transition away from Utah, BYU and TCU and to Boise State, Fresno State, Nevada and Hawaii (football only).

The new logo looks like a cube, with a block “M” and block “W.”
Conference officials are calling the logo “The Rock” — and they say it’s a sign of unity and strength for the reshaped conference.

The old logo featured a mountain scene.

“We’re about as much west as we are mountain,” commissioner Craig Thompson said. “We’re going to emphasize both names.”

The new logo will appear on football fields, courts and other playing surfaces; jerseys; and merchandise.

An alternate version includes the words “Mountain West” and will be used extensively while the new logo is being rolled out.

The conference motto is, “This is our time.”

The Mountain West also plans to upgrade its website and advertising and outreach strategies.

The message, Thompson said: “Don’t forget about us. We’re just scratching the surface. … It’s going to be a conference to be reckoned with. You’re going to have to continue to follow us — you’re going to want to follow us — because we’re going to achieve great things.”

The logo has been criticized heavily on Twitter. What do you think?


Boise State president Bob Kustra spoke at the press conference to emphasize the Broncos’ eagerness to join the league July 1. The Mountain West presidents are meeting in San Diego.

Kustra called himself “a broken record.”

“For seven out of the eight years that I’ve served as president, all I’ve talked about is the opportunity to join the Mountain West — and here it is,” he said.


I talked to incoming recruits Jay Ajayi, a running back, and Jeff Worthy, a defensive lineman, last week for a story on the Broncos’ new summer program for freshmen.

Here are a couple tidbits that didn’t make the story:

— Ajayi expects to play this year. “The coaches have already told me if I come in and do what I need to do there’s no reason I shouldn’t be contributing to the team this year, so I’m excited,” he said.

— Worthy, who is one of the top-rated prospects, knows he has long odds to get on the field because the Broncos are loaded on the defensive line. “Not much (room for freshmen),” he said. “Not much. I’ve still got to go up there and show them what I can do — there’s always a chance that I can make even third string. Even if I make that, that’s still an accomplishment for me. … Basically I’m going up there to show the coaches that I can play at the college level.”

Looks like TCU's beginner

Looks like TCU's beginner drafting class designed this "thing"...

Channeling 7 of 9

This is a rip-off of the Borg Cube from 'Star Trek: Voyager.'


I dont hate but I dont love the logo either. It seems almost like a retro 80's look. Lets hope they didnt sh-e-l-l out big cash for that design. With todays technology, and the millions of young whizs' out there it seems like this "cube design'' is already outdated. Im all about the "West" and "unity" but this isnt a logo that I see that in.

Im excited for all the incoming Freshmen. Ajayi will get playing time and barring injury will have a few carries in Atlanta in 90 days. Worthy probably wont see the field that day; the depth too large to overcome at that position.

the logo is great

and I like it a lot. It has a bold appearance and the 3-D effect is pretty cool. Probably the only thing that I would change is the purple color.

LOL it looks like VH1s

I love the 80s show logo. Oh well, I love the broncos and I love the 80s so....

Not a fan - looks like the

Not a fan - looks like the Centennial High Technology Class put to together. It is serviceable, that it about all I can say. I think this was the same one recently rejected by local favorite M&W Markets...

i like the 3d concept...but..

the design is lacking energy. its boring. me thinks they coulda expanded on the 3d by making the top of the logo with some mountains like colorado license plates, but adding the 3rd dimension of hills and valleys.

and yes...they probably paid a bunch for the design.

Ω Bland and monolithic

Purple and gray? How about using some gradient fills, drop shadow, or maybe an extrusion. Thing looks about as 2D as the Ducks after a BSU beating.

Good thing it's trademarked ... wouldn't want that stolen.


Can you post the entire logo? The one with the words and the granite backdrop? That makes it look a little sleeker....

For 250 G's Im not sure you get all your money's worth. Some design company made off like a bandit.

this one?

Ω That's more like it

Waaaay more like it.

Ω That "granite" ...

... looks more like cracked stucco. The white outline around "the cube" helps a little ... not enough to save it, though.

JV job.


I've seen what you're talking about but best I can tell that's not one of the logos, just the logo placed on a granite background. The MWC provided a lot of files, so I might have missed it, but I don't see it.

I see they went with the derogative M-WAC logo



This is Boring!!!!!. There is no appeal to it that grabs you right away. It grabs you in "you got to be kidding me" way. They could of come up with something better than this, or added some flare to this one.

Try Again!.

It does make you wonder how

It does make you wonder how many designs they looked at before they chose "the block", however, it is not a toothpaste commercial for cryin' out loud. In a year, nobody notices. I guess this is what happens during this time of year when us/we people have nothing else to b-tch about.

So this is the new logo?

Their old logo is so much better than this one. Would you buy stuff with the new logo or would you rather have the old one?

I'll take the old one please!

If I was buying a copier or lawn mower, I might look for the MW cube but for a jersey, t-shirt, or mouse pad, I will stick with the old one. What a waste of time, energy, and money!


The 3-D effect is good, but the logo is a little mundane overall--to say the least. Should use a smaller cube enclosed in a snow-capped mountain scene with the motto "Over the Top."


No 3d effect - although its modern, you shouldn't mix weird nerdy 80s things with football. Keep it simple stupid, as they say

I suppose its not bad, but I

I suppose its not bad, but I am sure they overpaid for it.

Found this on Worthy

He moves really well for 270......

Incoming freshmen

I'm hoping that the coaching staff goes all out this year with playing the freshmen that they feel are ready. This may be our last, best chance at the NC game, and we're going to need mucho depth with every opponent focused especially on taking us down. Ajayi, Worthy, and Blake Renaud have the size needed to step right in and contribute. Also, maybe one of the incoming cornerbacks, can't have too many DB's. After all, "This is our time."

It's the WAC 2.0... what did you expect?

Bush league conference. Bush league logo.

Dr Who

Perhaps this will just show how big of a nerd I am.

It IS already the BBC logo for the Doctor Who pages.


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.


nintendo got ripped off

On the bright side...

It's no uglier than the old logo.

I would have kept the old one

At least it didn't look like a lame 80's logo. Its nauseating to look at

laMe and Weak


Doctor Who Ripoff.

Ouch. That's all I can say. Oh, and this logo looks remarkably similar to what the BBC show "Doctor Who" unveiled in 2009.

Don't worry. They probably won't sue for copyright infringement because the MWC version is so hideous.

here's an idea

how about two mountains coming together with their silhouettes making an M. below it you see there reflection in a lake making the W....just saying sounds better than this...Thoughts?

You're hired!


Half turned on it's head, the other sitting on it's hiney.

The Siamese League


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.

Mountain West Logo

The Logo on the side of the Cleveland Browns helmets is more exciting than that

Didn't that used to be a plain brown helmet saying BROWNS?


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.