ESPN to televise Boise State-Toledo game on Friday, Sept. 16

By Brian Murphy

Boise State will have three football games on ESPN's family of networks in 2011 after moving its game with Toledo to Friday, Sept. 16. The game had originally been scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 17 in Toledo. It will kick off at 6 p.m. MT and be broadcast on ESPN or ESPN2.

Iowa State plays Connecticut that day.

The date change has long been rumored as Boise State has a bye week before the game at Toledo. The Rockets, however, play at Ohio State on Sept. 10. The Broncos could be the highest-ranked team to ever play at Toledo. Currently, Pittsburgh — ranked No. 9 in 2003 — holds that distinction.

"We're excited to be hosting Boise State at the Glass Bowl in front of a national TV audience," Toledo head coach Tim Beckman said in a release by the school. "It's going to be a great experience of our players and fans, and it's great that football fans all around the country will get a chance to see the University of Toledo and our Toledo community on national TV."

Boise State becomes a member of the Mountain West Conference on July 1. The Broncos' season opener against Georgia in the Chik-Fil-A Kickoff Game will be on ESPN as will their Friday, Oct. 7 game at Fresno State.

The Broncos have 10 Saturday games and two Friday games — a departure from recent schedules when they played games on various days. In 2010, Boise State played on a Monday, a Tuesday and three Fridays during the regular season. In 2009, Boise State played on a Wednesday, a Thursday and four Fridays in the regular season.

Boise State's 12 games will be televised on four channels: ESPN/ESPN2 (three games), CBS Sports Network (formerly CBS College Sports, three games), Versus (three games) and The Mtn. (three games).

Channel information

CBS Sports Network (38 million subscribers) is available on Dish Network (152) and DirecTV (613) but not Cable One.

Versus (74.1 million) is available on Cable One (326), Dish (151) and DirecTV (603).

The Mtn. (12 million) is available on Cable One (329) and DirecTV (616) but not Dish.

2011 Boise State University Football Schedule

Sat., Sept. 3 vs. Georgia (Atlanta) 6 p.m. (ESPN)

Fri., Sept. 16 at Toledo 6 p.m. (ESPN or ESPN2)

Sat., Sept. 24 vs. Tulsa, 6 p.m. (CBS Sports Network)

Sat., Oct. 1 vs. Nevada TBA (Versus)

Fri., Oct. 7 at Fresno State 7 p.m. (ESPN)

Sat., Oct. 15 at Colorado State 4 p.m. (The Mtn.)

Sat., Oct. 22 vs. Air Force 1:30 p.m. (Versus)

Sat., Nov. 5 at UNLV 8:30 p.m. (CBS Sports Network)

Sat., Nov. 12 vs. TCU 1:30 p.m. (Versus)

Sat., Nov. 19 at San Diego State 6 p.m. (CBS Sports Network)

Sat., Nov. 26 vs. Wyoming Noon (The Mtn.)

Sat., Dec. 3 vs. New Mexico 4 p.m. (The Mtn.)

* — All times Mountain.

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The tv schedule for Boise State is looking

better all the time....I have cableone and won't be able to get all games, so glad to see ESPN and the main networks stepping up....My son wants to watch a BSU game in Boise, so we probably will travel and watch the BSU v Air Force since it is on the Versus network, which we do not get....

I never thought I'd say this...

Thank you DirecTV!

Loving Saturdays

No more Mon, Tue, Wed and maybe even Thur games. All on Sat., as God intended, and on Fri, but I'm sure we are good with some confessional time since that is H.S. football.
No UI game, killer awesome.
All the Saturday tailgates are going to be AWESOME.
Oh and DirTv rocks

Dish Network

Those of us that have Dish need to call and continue to call them until they pick up the MTN.

Please Call!


Great idea. I'm sure I'll end up upgrading my package to include Versus for fall football. I don't want to miss those 3 games.

The way they were so herky-jerky with KIVI? Have fun.


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.

Thanks for posting the DISH number...I'm dialing now!!

I get a bit cranky about the television schedule for BSU this year, but there is hope and if every BSU fan who lives to watch these games will call, maybe we can force their hand. I will subscribe to whoever has the greater number of games on their programming schedule!


If you have a friend who already has DirecTV, you and they both get something like $100 if you use their account number as a reference.

Just in case y'all decide to switch.

Direct TV

I'll be glad to give my account number so that we both get account credit of $100. Direct TV will have ALL of the games. (Even the 3D ones will be in 3D) Dish doesn't offer 3D.


Toledo's nickname is The Rockets. Kent State is The Golden Flashes.

maybe an assumption on your part

Did you assume that, when stating that "the Golden Flashes play at Ohio State" they were talking about Toledo, or could they have been referring to the Kent State-tOSU game as an alternative college game for the Buckeye fans viewing pleasure. LOL
maybe you assumed correctly. I see they have changed it!

Changed it ...

... it was my fault. Done in a hurry. I corrected it. Thanks.

-- murph


No assumption. I looked up both schedules before I posted my reply. It is good to research before you post. Thanks for correcting it, Brian.

Who cares?

Do you really think anyone cares about watching Toledo and Boise State??? And to top it off it's on Friday with all the other high school games!

I'm OTA only so go have fun watch the high schoolers

What's wrong with HS football? If it weren't for that the university would be famous for the basketball team...


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.

You Do

Not only did you care enough to take the time to read about it, you cared enough to spend time trying to convince others that you do not care. Sounds like you care a lot, or just have a pretty sad life.

Cable One

I'm locked into a contract with these idiots until just before the season starts. Then my son who works for DTV is getting us in for next to nothing. I WILL NEVER SUBSCRIBE TO CABLE ONE EVER AGAIN!!! Best game of the year is going to be BSU vs. TCU. Georgia isn't going to be a challenge according to all my Ga. friends. Happy trails

Locked into a CONTRACT? WHAT???

Phone service?

I worked part time for our cable company back in the nineties and it was easy to get out. Stop paying or tell then to turn it off.

See what you get when telephones and internet get mixed in?


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.

Is weekday games really bad??????

Meyers former Utah coach was saying on espn weeks ago how Utah ended up with a thursday nite game on espn while he was there. They were having trouble with getting recruits and following the game recruits started calling them back.

But some old timers may go back to old ways

I've followed BSU football since 1958. If ya lived local ya could follow team thru paper or on the radio or go to games. Wasnt on tv much. If ya lived out of state you followed them, but had to call someone or have them send a local paper. At same time you lost enough interest, ya didnt travel to away games/playoffs.
Alot of old timers I chat with say they wont buy extra tv, they'll just do like the old days and read in the paper. Parking to much of a hassle at BSU.
I wonder if long term this tv deal will hurt BSU travel fans to bowls and other places???

Ω Tressel gone

Not the topic of this thread, but there likely will be one dedicated to this (not totally unexpected) bombshéll soon enough.

"'After meeting with university officials, we agreed that it is in the best interest of Ohio State that I resign as head football coach,' Tressel said in a statement released by the university. 'The appreciation that (wife) Ellen and I have for the Buckeye Nation is immeasurable.'

Luke Fickell will be the coach for the 2011 season. He already had been selected to be the interim head coach while Tressel served a five-game suspension."

Should have been forthright when he first learned of the "improprieties". He might have survived. Where now? The booth?

ps - Statesman, can you fix the clock?

Local rumors

Seyz, more chit willing be falling in the next day or two......

Ω tfunk, what's amazing to me ...

... is how Tressel was evidently so reckless with his email. Phone records I can understand. But, that's just dates, times, and numbers and is bad enough.

Email, however, is going to leave a dámning trail that's virtually impossible to erase or explain away ... and contains all the language used in the exchanges. Makes me wonder how much Gee and Smith knew, (the obligatory) when they knew it, and who else might have been involved (athletic department or otherwise).

The computer forensics guys must be having a field day poring through data stored on university (and non-university) servers. Wonder if the OSU IT guys got any hasty instructions about backup data?

Wouldn't be surprised to see a couple (maybe all) of the implicated players get the boot. Vacate a bowl win and maybe other victories, as well?

The Michigan faithful are probably rolling now. This will be interesting.

Server's in the Central Zone?

Half the political people here and on the main site think it's Midnight, 1951 anyway. Doubt it would help.


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.

USC...not considered, Michigan...never a candidate... never even came The Ohio State. Think Coach Pete's name will be mentioned, think Coach Pete will inquire...

Answer...NO!!!! He knows he doesn't have what it takes to coach at the BCS level and so does everyone else. If he did get a job at a big time school we would just add his name to the list, Koetter...Hawkins...Peterson!!!

No, he's holding out for his self admitted "dream job", coaching the mighty Oregon Ducks. Trouble is that job won't be available for another generation or so and by that time Boise and the rest of the non AQ's will be battling it out for the non aq championship while the big boys play each other every season and determine the REAL NC!!

Keep coachin em up Coach Pete!!! LOL!!!!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! welcome to the little sisters of the poor. For the next five or six years your program will dream of BSU type records and bowl games.

PS Oregon starts 0-1 take that to the bank.

Mr potato head...

...BSU type records haven't gotten BSU anywhere because of the one little factoid all you mules want to dont play anybody!!!

I will take Oregon type records anyday because they include Pac 12 titles and BCS bowl games.

For Boise 12-1 will always be rewarded with "bowlng in vegas"!!!!

LOL and Rack me as per usual...Loser wannabees!!!!

Don't play anybody ehh?

So, you self-admit that your Oregon Duckies(Who were spanked twice by the Broncos) are nobody. I just love it when you put your rack err foot, in your mouth.Even your own Duck fans think you are a joke.

Helps if you get out of the Argus more often though.


Just because it's a WORLD wide web doesn't mean anybody past Jordan Valley cares! Get drunk and give us that crappy singing voice we missed.

Hats are not anybody's van halen.


Ω Why I don't post in the "main" Statesman sections

How does one even read this, let alone formulate a reply ... other than "you idiot"?


you guys are dumb... All he did was get informed that his players got special privlidge for getting tattoos. He lied to the "devil" NCAA about it. He see's these kids everyday for up to 4 years, its almost like his own kids. If your kid came home late one day would you kick them out of the house or call the police? You punish them yourself. Him telling the NCAA that they had messed up (there kids, it happens) pretty much screws there whole life up. Loose scholarships, kicked off team, and unable to have a legitament chance to go pro. Yeah, he messed up but i understand why he wouldn't throw them under the bus. So chillax, what if couch pete resigned for this little stuff going on at bsu(granted its mostly non football related). That would suck and you would feel bad for the team, him, and his family. Besides, being in sports in college means you have no money and no time for a job. Sometimes you loose it. I would hate to be broke for 4 years! Yes, they have a place to sleep and eat but if your human your eventually want to go out with friends and do stuff. Not just sit in your room all day and night besides practice and school. NCAA is a group of greety retards who only do stuff so people think there is a reason for them to be there."

Read more:

Nice paragraph?! Maybe this dweeb has some sort of education, but it isn't showing here. What is the subject of this diatribe? You guys are dumb? Tressel and NCAA? Coming home late and getting kicked under a bus? Being broke for four years? Going out with friends and doing stuff? Greety retards?

Even BDuck variously writes in complete sentences and understands subject, verb, object agreement. He sometimes manages to spell "Petersen" correctly.

wrestlerjf ... have some cauliflower.

It's Monday. God gave you a mouse. Use it as he intended.


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.

Ω Turn it up

"On the same day coach Jim Tressel resigned in the wake of an NCAA investigation, The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that the NCAA and Ohio State are looking into whether star quarterback Terrelle Pryor received cars and other extra benefits.

Pryor, who will be a senior this fall, has already been interviewed at least once by investigators, the paper reported.

The newspaper cited unnamed sources who said this is the most significant inquiry of Pryor. The NCAA and Ohio State are also probing more than 50 car purchases by Buckeyes players, their families and friends."

Gee, Gordon, only fifty?

Sincerely, Brunswick

Not a one of them was an Auburn or a Cord. Not even a Packard.


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.

Or any Broncos......


Top 10 reasons the Dawgs can't beat the Broncos

I like to spend my time in a quality manner, watching the Broncos and studying the 2011 Broncos. Here is something I ran accross this afternoon that might get your minds back onto Bronco football and off of dealing with maroons and clowns:

I hope you enjoy.


This is a pretty cool watch

Ω Just plain exciting

tfunk, thanks for posting that. What a sequence! The VA Tech clip was terrific ... great game for an opener. Can it be topped?

The whole thing makes you appreciate just how far the BSU program has progressed.

What time is kickoff?

there is always the supplemental daft

You'd be bananas to feast in my mangroves.