UPDATED: Channel 9 to become new Fox affiliate in Treasure Valley - but in SD or HD?

Start relearning that remote control.

In September, you’ll be hitting Channel 9 instead of Channel 12 to see prime-time shows such as “Glee,” “House” and “American Dad.”

Fox Broadcasting Company has cut a deal with Journal Broadcast Group, which owns KNIN Channel 9, to make that channel the new Fox affiliate in the Treasure Valley. It will be known as Fox9.

Channel 9 currently is the area’s CW affiliate. That agreement ends in late August. Fox9 will operate out of the same Nampa offices that now house KNIN's news, sales, marketing, engineering and management team, according to Fox.

For years, Fox has mandated that its affiliates run a local evening news program. It's not clear how that will work here. Maybe Journal Broadcast Group will air something from its news team at KIVI Channel 6; it's already doing that on KNIN Channel 9. Or maybe it will have to hire new talent for news on Fox9.

Whatever the case, this is unusual. You just don't see Fox and another of the big broadcast networks — NBC, ABC, CBS — co-owned in the same market.

Channel 9 currently broadcasts CW network programming in HD over-the-air and offers it to local satellite and cable providers. Cable One carries it in HD, but DirecTV and Dish do not. Journal Broadcast Group "will be working with (the satellite providers) to encourage them to carry 9.1 in full HD for their customers," according to Jim Thomas, Journal Broadcast Group's marketing VP.

But there's no guarantee they will. I strongly SUSPECT they will — DirecTV and Dish customers will be irate if they don't get Fox network programming in HD, especially during NFL season — but there has not been any announcement.

"I can't speak for them," Thomas said, "but I think they are going to listen to their customers."

(Conversely, does this mean that KTRV Channel 12 — which has made a big deal out of its local HD newscast — is in jeopardy of being dropped back to SD by these providers, who will be looking to save bandwidth?)

What exactly does this all mean for KTRV? Well, perhaps it could become the new CW affiliate — or it could go independent. What is the fate of the KTRV Channel 12 news team? No idea. I have a call in to KTRV president Ricky Joseph, but it hasn't been returned.

Update: KTRV president Ricky Joseph says that Channel 12 has several options, which the station will explore. He also says the station's local news not only won't go away — they plan to expand it this fall.

In an email, he added: "We are working on all of the above to ensure that we provide the best product to the Treasure Valley viewers."

Although KTRV is no longer under contract with Fox, there are no plans for Channel 12 to drop Fox network programming prior to September, Joseph said.

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I've seen it once before

Back where I grew up in Wisconsin the NBC affiliate bought out the Fox affiliate and they ran one station's news at 5 and 9pm and the other at 5:30 and 10pm. They swapped out a logo in the background between broadcasts and otherwise kept the set the same.

That said, I will be interested in seeing the fate of Channel 12 now that they aren't affiliated with anyone. Especially after the investment in HD Newscasts.

This sorta happened here at

This sorta happened here at one time. I remember Vin Crosby was the weatherman for both cbs 2 and fox 12 at the same time. I don't know what their connection was, but there had to be one to let him do that.

There was a contractual agreement for that.

And when Scott Dorval left KBCI there was a contractual agreement that kept him from just starting as I recall.

Crosby worked for 2 first.


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.

I do remember Dorval having

I do remember Dorval having to wait 6 months or so before be could do any on-air work in this market after he left 2.

Back in the day...

For around here it really isn't all that weird - showing the gray in my beard a little, but once upon a time (for you transplants) 7 used to be NBC & ABC until 6 started up...

The reason is well doc umented...

The channel six allocation was applied for around 1968 but there was a 6-7 year dispute between two parties over the license and the final assignment could not take place until around 1973. KITC aired in 1974, the KIVI callsign wasn't available for about a year after that.

It's a common practice to split a network affiliation in markets where the primary RADIO affiliate-who had the right to affiliate with the TV network if they chose to start a television station-has not managed to do so or take the initiative.

KGEM was the primary ABC radio station in the early fifties. This is why KFXD's bizarre TV journey as the original channel six lasted a few brief weeks. The owners of the KFXD license are said to have sold it to KGEM but for various reasons, including financial this never materialzed. In the late fifties a new channel six aired, independent KCIX but with no connection to that 1953 license, only the usage of some KFXD equipment and a backup tower on KFXD radio's former site that once housed to original KFXD-FM antenna (gone by then). KCIX too had no luck even becoming a secondary ABC affiliate and was gone by 1960.

KBCI 2 and KIDO/KTVB 7 split ABC programming for nearly 24 years. In the days before satellites and syndicatios being any real force this could work fine. You wouldn't see every ABC program but Bewitched and The Brady Bunch, Love, American Style and Room 222, movies, etc would nake it to the air without a single ABC station to show them as one lineup.

KTRV aired in 1981 I believe and Fox Broadcasting Company (FBC was it's original logo, the iconic film "FOX" ID was a ways off on that day in 1985 when "The Late Show with Joan Rivers" was it's only program.

KNIN was launched in 1995 as a Home Shopping Network affiliate under the callsign KHDT. It had a rough start when Oregon Public Broadcasting did not immediately vacate it's translator at channel 9 near Ontario which it had secured by a special authorization which specified all broadcasts had to cease if the allocation in Caldwell was filled. For what seemed like eternity (a week or three?) a jammed signal was all we could watch until OPB moved to channel 15.

KNIN began to take shape when MTS stereo was added and "The History Of Rock And Roll" aired over a few nights. That this programming aired at all signalled a new serious direction for the station. Finally the rights to that famous KNIN/K9 ID were secured and the rollicking tune they played overnight when no nighttime programming was available or a glitch happened first opened K9 Television.

OPB nearly lost the channel 15 spot or even an opportunity at it as channel 14 nearly aired as KWHP. At a late stage the license was merely written off and it never aired.

KTVB also carried PBS shows for a short while until KAID first aired in 1971!

Some of you have no idea of what KTVB is all about simply because you are BABIES, MERE KIDS! KTVB's reputation is well merited because they have been this gung-ho about their community since day ONE.

Whatever eccentricities they bother you with this is how they roll.


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.


Thanks for the history lesson -

Time to get rid of KTVB

Maybe KTRV can challenge KTVB for the NBC affiliation. KTVB could become a CBN affiliate (they already think they are "holier than thou").

The fact is this: KTRV did well as an indie until cable...

penetrated a large portion of Treasure Valley homes into the mid 80s.

One thing you may not know or understand is that the strong syndication market we have today was hardly robust in the early eighties. The advent of the cable "superstations" who were newly flush with power and money when the local television scene wasn't so lucky bought many shows' rights and they disappeared from the airwaves or became a premium item to carry locally. At this time you had reruns or you had first-run syndication (Donahue, Mike Douglas, Dinah Shore being the early forms at the top or that small market package of Bullseye and The Joker's Wild KTVB ran before the noon news way back then, a version of Name That Tune was another).

Eventually there was a glut of great former prime time shows, cable went on to original programming more than reruns etcetera but in 1985 it was tight.

KTRV made a bold decision that didn't look like it would survive at all in the first year or two. Fox was horrible! They had a primetime lineup nobody watched, they rudely booted Joan Rivers, didn't have the sense to known what to do with Arsenio Hall (PARAMOUNT DID, so the next time you pump your fist and bark you know where it came from) and it's replacement the Wilton North Report was so bad, even by today's standards of trash that Late Show reruns replaced IT.

If it hadn't been for Paramount's syndication of a new version of Star Trek a lot of indies and Fox affiliates might have found dark screens. Fox originated putting the network schedule on cable and showing reruns in the empty spaces in cities that did not either have a signal or a quality on air signal in the area. Then they met Tracey Ullman and the Bundys...and added sports later.

Paramount liked the idea so much that the once telephobic studio that actually killed of the network that became the station group that spawned a mew network (DuMont to Metromedia Group stations to Fox) started UPN. When Time Warner started The WB MCA might have felt left in the cold for their plans but after a bazillion mergers CBS and Westinghouse returned Viacom and Paramount came with it, Westinghouse reformed on one side and a lot of record labels and entertainment interests from Polygram. Universal/MCA Def, Jam-Island Formed Universal Music and somehow merged with NBC to form NBC Universal and parts of that non music half were bought by COMCAST.

So in the end UNIVERSAL (MCA) probably got the best deal.


KTRV was a good indie and whether or not they reaffiliate ought to do well as they are a mature broadcaster and learned from pioneering the second wave.

It's not 1953 anymore. You can't choke on your coax or microwave feed like that.


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.

They better spend some big bucks.

FOX requires certain programing to be high def. The channel 9
signal is not only weak, the picture is mushy and just plain terrible.
NFL Sunday games on the current channel 9 equipment would be an epic disaster!

I have my antenna at 21 ft. and an amp...and all of them need it

The worst coverage in Ontario by far tends to be KKJB channel 39 and if you were to view the FCC data you would find it off in adifferent spot than the other Boise signals, affecting it's line-of-sight reception if you have to aim for the others.

39's owners are doing the best they can you know.


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.

By The Way, TV is DIGITAL now, ever work on reception?

It's VIRTUAL. 9.1 and 9.2 are not two distinct signals at all. They are one 6 MHz signal that the receiver pieces together based on information it finds in the stream and it remembers that to make tuning quick.

Much like COOKIES.

Then you have much more stringent requirements to keep that signal going with the least amount of errors.

Either you have it or you don't...what works well for analog may not for digital.

It's not actually ON channel 9 either! When the digital channels were azsigned they were given out after engineering trials and the FINAL channel allocations were determeined by those trials. Sometimes the original aszignined originally, or the historical channel were not technically suitable. High VHF needs more power than Low (2-6) VHF in analog but low has more interference trouble and UHF actually works VERY WELL with digital!

KTVB decided to keep channel 7 (their old UHF service was in the 20s in UHF), they asked the FCC for power and signal adjustments that helped a lot).

KNIN is virtual 9, actual 10
KTRV virtual 12 and actual 13

All the others are actually between 15 (OPB, VIRTUAL 13 to match the KTVR La Grande feed) and 39 (actual 39) and the highest NTSC channel should still be KCBB 51 (endangered in the current round of FCC malfeasant tinkering).

I highly suggest you go look for the database at fcc.gov and find the primary, secondary etc patterns of our local stations and extrapolate that to your location and a Google map.

SURPRISE! Now go fix the reception.

PS NO VHF? Go buy a proper antenna. It's not UHF-only!


Radio Abby


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.

PS KNIN has been digital ONLY for some time,,,

if you meant picture quality, this was another reason Journal bought them, as the previous owner was having a time of it...the station was facing bankruptcy as I recall.

The equipment isn't cheap, even for a stronger player like Journal. Converting the path from the control room to the transmitter (that had to be done FIRST to meet FCC rules for the initial phaseout of full powered NTSC stations) is hard.

New systems, training, engineeering and no rubies dripping from the walls.

The signal from the transmitter has been exclusively digital for about two years now, by law.


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.

News on KNIN?

Oh the irony, as I remember back in the day when Rot Weiler boldly announced that K9 would have "no news".

Makes me wonder if KNIN will hire a news staff or simply simulcast KIVI. Hey, if AM radio stations can be simulcast on FM, I don't see why a "Today's Channel 9 News" can't exist.

Dear Mr. Evidence Of Not Actually Watching...

KIVI has been running a newscast on KNIN FIRST at 9:00 PM then 10:00 LIVE on 6 since the station was purchased. This was part of the stipulations made to Journal to allow KNINs purchase as a colocated signal, something that has stringent requirements from the FCC under "hardship clauses".

Journal bought KNIN nearly a year ago.


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.

GOOD news

I think this is going to be huge boost to the valley. Apparently KTRV is now free to become whatever they want. Personally I much prefer KIVI to KTVB......I like the new fresh faces in the news dept, and I like this new direction ABC is moving KIVI into. I've heard theres a new general manager as well as a new news director and they're both women. CONGRADS!
The good 'ol broadcasting boys better sit up & take notice :)

Wasn't Larry Chase a maverick when he left 2 for 6?

In the beginning?


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.

CH12 News Was SOOOO Weak

The death knell sounded when CH12 News thought putting two failures from KIDO 580 Radio on as "commentators."

Both were fallen from bigger markets (Phoenix and Pittsburg) for a reason: Right wing Glenn Beck clones.

Luckily for the Idaho, 580's weak signal didn't allow their foolish radio chatter to embarrass the entire state.

Who runs CH12? Why degrade an already weak news brand with a weaker brand?


It is Fox, after all - maybe it's genetic?

KTRV is a local, has been since day one.

If you notice the yard full of dishes next to the She11 truck stop and Denny's near the freeway interchange, that is KTRV's studio.

Yes, maybe it is Fox. Fox News is more of a franchise than a broadcast in my mind. You end up with their elements because that is what you have. It doesn't work everywhere and I gather a lot of folks wish they'd just read the news, show the video and know how to say words and have a sense that they actually know where they live at.

It's the same with many morning chat shows on radio when they pretend to be 'locals' and then die hard in the ratings.


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.

Media consolidation

is the real story. Less than a dozen major media corporations control most everything we see and hear or read in the media. Can anyone wonder why the Republicans can get people to vote for them while they pillage the social and economic lives of those same people?

Why don't you look that up?

KBOI is owned by Fisher Communications. SMALL company that started 100 years ago as a grain processor. The actual broadcasting business goes back to maybe the mid thirties when, like many, they bought or started a station to help promote their product.

KTVB is owned by BELO, which is grounded in a hewspaper chain best known for it's Dallas paper.

KIVI is owned by Journal Broadcast Group-Boise, The parent was spearheaded by the original Milwaukee Journal who founded WTMJ AM in the early days of radio.


KNIN was preciously owned by Banks -----... Not very huge or scary.

There are two translators for 3ABN Three Angels Broadcasting Network and another christian signal at 18 I beleve called KCLP-CA (Class A) but nearly everything else in digital or analog other than KBOIs KYUU is operated by Cocola Broadcasting

http://www.cocolatv.com/ operating the majority of the specialty stations and DTV subchannels through the Treasure Valley.

Methinks you doth watch cable and mistake it for media domination much.


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.

By the way, what difference is it supposed to make-HD vs SD?

You get a digital signal no matter.

I've got recordings of the "History Of Rock And Roll" from 1995 as well as WTBS, USA Night Flight, MTV, Conan, Leno.

My grandma had a Zenith round tube color TV.


Oh sure it's funky, it's 48 years old!

I just fail to see why you aren't happy they stuck a PICTURE in fromt of you?

9.1 is an HD signal with Dolby 5.1 surround and 9.2 is SD, can be any audio type available.

The quality of your reception won't normally go wacked unless the signal strength falls by a third or localized/multipath/blockage type interference is a problem.

(That can include your computer or electronic devices you so love)

You would watch it on a cellphone so why would you even care? This is silly and smacks of me-too-itis, technogentrification...nothing important.

You got color.


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.

Real Television Ownership Data

If you'd like to view real, vetted data on local television ownership, I suggest this source, from the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism: http://stateofthemedia.org/2009/local-tv-intro/ownership/#ownership. As you will see, Belo is far from small or "mom & pop."

Neither of which did I apply to Belo.

Meanwhile, I only own real CRT televisions and no Vettes.

Nobody here is CBS (and they owned 103.1? was it then? KARO Arrow 103 for a short while-the current 103.3 KISS FM)

Or you could use the CDDB at fcc.gov, works for me.


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.