Idaho Rep. Labrador: 'Declare victory' and get out of Afghanistan

Even before foreign policy heavyweights like Sen. Richard Lugar suggested accelerating U.S. withdrawal on Tuesday, Idaho's freshman 1st District GOP Rep. Raul Labrador said the death of Osama bin Laden should hasten America's exit.

"I do think this is a great time to declare victory in Afghanistan and to look for a way to get out of there," Labrador told the Idaho Statesman on Monday.

"We are supposed to start withdrawing this fall, but hopefully we can do it even sooner than that. I think we had accomplished our mission even before (bin Laden's death). We had done certain things to slow down the growth of al-Qaeda, to stop what they were doing.

"The only thing left hanging out there was: when are we going to capture or kill this man? And with this event, I think it's a good time for the American people to just start re-thinking our policy in the Middle East."

Labrador said he's been discussing withdrawal with GOP colleagues. "I'm actually probably in the minority in my conference, but the number's are growing of people who feel that way."

A measure of that came Tuesday when Lugar, R-Ind., said this during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee meeting: "With al-Qaeda largely displaced from the country, but franchised in other locations, Afghanistan does not carry a strategic value that justified 100,000 American troops and a $100 billion per year cost, especially given current fiscal constraints."

"great time to declare victory in Afghanistan "

Really? Sounds like another "Mission accomplished" kinda statement. Raul, your weeks of foreign relations do not impress.


You mean victory in Pakistan... we still have a problem in Afghanistan to work with but thanks for playing!


Get the boots out and let the Air Force take over for the future identified Taliban/AQ command and control.

Funny you should say that...

2 years ago I read a statement from an AF 3 star making the assertion that they (american air power) could win the war on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq by itself. Without nukes!

You AF guys will never learn will you?

1st time I have agreed with Raul

With all the budget constraints, now would be a great time to quit spending our treasure on crooks in Afghanistan and bring our boys and girls home.

I agree

First time for me as well.

1st time I have agreed with Raul

With all the budget constraints, now would be a great time to quit spending our treasure on crooks in Afghanistan and bring our boys and girls home.

1st time I have agreed with Raul

With all the budget constraints, now would be a great time to quit spending our treasure on crooks in Afghanistan and bring our boys and girls home.

what is wrong with this stinking proram now

I posted once and got 3 posts time to fix it maybe?


Just declare defeat and stop posting .

I hate to say it

But I agree. We are wasting $32 million a day in Afghanistan for nothing. We have people here that are living on the streets because they can't find jobs but the military industrial complex is making bank off the Middle East while our military chases after sandal-footed tribesmen who pose no threat.


It was the sandal-footed tribesmen that defeated the Soviets and took down the trade towers.
Making bank?
Its keeping the defensive perimeter around your home manned, armed, fed, fueled, and maintained.

How soon they forget. I suppose the government brought down the towers too.


I'm tired of paying for 100,000 people to be there. The reason is gone; we killed the M-F. Leave a small force of CIA and commandos and get back to fixing stuff here in America.

I agree, but....

The military-industrial complex will unleash their lobbyists to make sure congress makes no hasty withdrawal decisions. Also, since John Ashcroft was just hired by the security outfit formerly known as Blackwater, they're not about to let billions in Middle East contractor dollars wither away.


I must agree with the Congressman.(first time) The scuttlebutt in the ranks is that we will be withdrawing larger numbers this summer than previously announced.

Oh, that wacky Raul...

Raul Labrador a left wing peace-nick. Who'da thunk it? He's on the right track: get out of Afghanistan!


time to fix our own roads.let's do it yesterday

One Timelord and no Sarah Jane Smith...


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!

Most Real Fiscal Conservatives

want out of there. The only republicans that want to keep a presence there are the ones (like McCain) that got us into this fiscal mess to begin with. I'm not defending tax and spend dems.


tax and spend?

Tax and spend Dems or borrow and spend Repubs? The only two modern presidents to oversee a reduction in the national debt were Carter and Clinton. The republicann party has controlled both houses of congress 70% of the time since 1995 and the national debt has continually increased. Turn off your radio. Try not to exist on catch phrases and 30 second sound bites.


Close, but no cigar. Here are the facts:
104th 1995–1997 48 52 204 230
105th 1997–1999 45 55 207 226
106th 1999–2001 45 55 211 223
107th 2001–2003 50 50 212 221
108th 2003–2005 48 51 205 226
109th 2005-2007 44 55 202 231
110th 2007-2009 49 49 233 202
111th 2009-2011 56 42 257 177


I stand corrected--to a point. 63%? And you will notice that the republicans have controlled the House, in which all revenue bills must constitutionally originate, 75% of the time. My point is calling the dems the source of taxes and deficits is ludicrous, but repubs are not about to be swayed by statistics or facts when you can get the "truth" from fox news.

more facts

1998 to 2006, 8 years primarly Republican control of congress, gross national debt went from 5.4T to 8.4T. Approx 3T in 8 years.

2007 to 2011, 4 years primarly under Democrat control of congress, gross national debt went from 8.9T to 15.5T. Approx 6.6T in 4 years.

Congress hath TWO chambers, The other isn't Marilyn, SS.


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!


Raul is right. We're not "defending America" by being over there anymore than we were by being in Vietnam. Can anyone point to one thing that we got out of losing 50,000 soldiers in Southeast Asia? We got nothing from being over there, and the day we left it was like we were never there. Same with Afghanistan ... we can stay over there for 20 years and the same sorry result will happen. They'll always be crazy Muslims living in a backward Medieval society.

We got lots of wounded and dope addicts

I was in Vietnam and tended wounded eventho I was a civilian at the time, I was privy to conversations at the embassy, the talk was of a huge oil strike in the Gulf of Tonkin by the French, Texaco wanted to drill, Johnson went to war for oil and nothing more.


Oh, OK, well, how about I declare myself to be a 25 year old supermodel? What's that you say? It doesn't work like that? But, but, but Rep. Labrador said that we could just declare things to be true and they would be.

Declare Victory?

No; that would be a lie. We have won nothing in Afghanistan. Get out? You bet.

I rarely agree with Lugar

I rarely agree with Lugar but he said it better than Labrador. We do not need to get out of Afghanistan because OBL is dead. We need to get out of the country because it is bankrupting us and we have succeeded in weakening the infrastructure of Al Qaeda to the point that SpecOps, Intelligence and Drone strikes can now do the job the military performed for the last decade.

We need to be smarter

Withdrawing completly at this point means that we will most likely be back there in 20 years. Instead of trying to root out Al queda and the Taliban, we need just enough troops their to keep them from taking over. I personally feel that our offensive maneauvers should be done with more operations like the one that killed Bin Laden.

I would like to see a series of articles about houses of dead Al Queda men found and no one knows what happened. You can't kill terroism with tanks.

Thats just my opinion but I don't have any experiencing fighting wars...

Near Death

I would cherish a muslim man to have a near death experience, to return with the report regarding the non-existance of the virgins.

What if...

they're right?

Declaring victory is da opiate of da maszses...

So sure, let's finally bring our brave troops home. Raul is finally right.
But let's not forget, we were happy dealing with the Taliban 6 months before 9/11. As long as Unocal Oil could build it's pipeline to the Caspian Sea, we didn't really care how the Taliban treated women. We only started "caring" how they abuse women when we needed to justify the war.
We now let the Afghans grow opium again, trying to appease them.
Sure, Karzai is corrupt, but he is an ex-Unocal Oil executive, so he is our favorite kind of corrupt. Mission accomplished...

End the insanity!

Bring our military home NOW!!!

Shave your head, dye it white and sell a diet/exercise plan.

You will never top Susan Powter though.


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!

Rookie Congressman who does

Rookie Congressman who does not "get it". Cut and run now will not stop the flow of terrorism from within Afghanistan. His statement is short sighted, undeveloped and is just a sound bite, no intellectual effort was made in presenting his opinion. His lack of foreign service and knowledge of international relations is evident in his immature statement. Maybe he will grow into the job. Yes, I am a registered Republican and I have recent combat experience and I voted for our current President.

On the other hand...

Would The Smothers Brothers be remembered as well if Tommy hadn't been such a crank over Vietnam?


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!


We didn't get out of Europe during WWII until the war was OVER.

We never left Europe or Japan...

Even after victory...

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

Thanks, tater tots?


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!

Please tell me how this "War on Terror" will be over

WWII and this war have absolutely nothing in common except death. Even Vietnam was more clear cut. The enemy, in this case, is a cause not a nation. You can't kill a cause.

There are only 3 reasons Pakistan is still getting aid: 1) Pakistan is a launch area for military attacks on the boarder of Afghanistan, 2)they have nukes, and 3) the instability of Pakistan's government without US intervention (US propping up another corrupt government).

If we were worried about freedom the Saudi's would be the first to go. However, they let us have military bases in their country so even though their government is one of the most oppressive in the middle east, they aren't a problem. I wonder how surprised you would be when you see how much the US inadvertently funds terrorism either directly or indirectly through foreign aid and arms sales.

Personally, I think the war we are fighting now is over. We successfully turned the government over in Iraq with the normal unintended consequences, killed off the head of Al Qaeda and severely diminished their ability to attack, and, through action apart from our making, setting off a wave of popular uprising throughout the Muslim world. Now is the time for the United States to step back and let the people of these countries determine their future without unnecessary outside influence.