What are the 22 allegations the NCAA is making against Boise State? Read them here

By Brian Murphy

In its December 2010, Notice of Allegations to Boise State, the NCAA alleges 22 violations by the athletic department, including one for lack of institutional control.

The NCAA defines two of them as secondary violations. The other 20 are undefined by the NCAA. The NCAA's definition of a major violation is "any violation that is not considered secondary."

Some of the violations, including football, are an accumulation of secondary violations.

The following information comes from the Notice of Allegations against Boise State and the school's response, documents that were obtained by the Idaho Statesman on Tuesday.

Note: The following list is in the same order as the NCAA placed them. There is no explanation for the order of allegations.

Here is the NCAA's Notice of Allegations to Boise State.

1. Men’s track and field
Allegation: Impermissible financial aid, housing, meals, clothing and practices for a non-qualifier.
BSU comment: Agrees with the allegation.

2. Football
Allegation: Assistant coaches and staff members arranged summer housing and transportation for 63 prospective student-athletes in order for them to participate in summer workouts. Forty received impermissible benefits totaling $4,934.
BSU comment: The university does not dispute the violations.

3. Men’s and women’s track and field, men’s and women’s tennis
Allegation: Impermissible housing, transportation and meals from coaches, current student-athletes and representatives of the institution when they first arrived in Boise. The housing and transportation were arranged with the help of assistant coaches.
BSU comment: The violations occurred.

4. Women’s track and field
Allegation: Impermissible transportation, meals, lodging, entertainment and travel expenses from a then-current student-athletes and then-assistant men’s and women’s track and field/cross county coach Thomas Shanahan.
BSU comment: Allegation is substantially correct, though it disputes that she received meals.

5. Women’s track and field
Allegation: Shanahan acted contrary to the principles of ethical conduct. When interviewed by Boise State, Shanahan knowingly gave false and misleading statements.
BSU comment: Substantially correct. BSU notes that Shanahan agreed his actions constituted violations.

6. Women’s tennis
Allegation: Boise State permitted a player to practice, compete in NCAA competition, and receive travel expenses after her eligibility was over.
BSU comment: Substantially correct.

7. Women’s tennis
Violation: Then-head coach Mark Tichenor, then-assistant coach Tiffany Coll, an unnamed volunteer assistant coach and boosters Todd and Dee Miller provided prospective student-athlete with impermissible transportation, cash, lodging, educational expenses and entertainment.
BSU comment: Substantially correct.

8. Women’s tennis
Allegation: Tichenor and Coll conducted impermissible practice sessions with a prospective student-athlete and allowed her to compete in an NCAA event prior to her enrollment.
BSU comment: Substantially correct.

9. Women’s tennis
Allegation: Tichenor acted contrary to NCAA principles of ethical conduct. He provided false and misleading statements and failed to provide full and complete disclosure.
BSU comment: Substantially correct.

10. Women’s tennis
Allegation: Coll acted contrary to NCAA principles of ethical conduct. She provided false and misleading statements.
BSU comment: University agrees that violations occurred.

11. Women’s tennis
Allegation: An unnamed volunteer assistant coach acted contrary to the principles of ethical conduct. She did not conduct herself, in all cases, with high standards of honesty and sportsmanship and provided false and misleading statements. She also influenced a prospective student-athlete to provide investigators with false and misleading information.
BSU comment: Substantially correct.

12. Women’s tennis
Allegation: Tichenor failed to promote an atmosphere for compliance within the program and failed to monitor the activities of Coll and the unnamed volunteer assistant coach.
BSU comment: The weight of the evidence supports that Tichenor failed to promote an atmosphere of compliance.

13. Men’s tennis
Allegation: Coach Greg Patton arranged for a prospective student-athlete to live with a family in Boise for four to five weeks. The athlete paid rent.
BSU comment: Substantially correct, though it argues that the athlete did not receive free or reduced-cost housing.

14. Men’s tennis
Allegation: A prospective student-athlete received impermissible transportation and lodging from a current student-athlete. He also participated in practice sessions with a volunteer assistant coach and a then-current student-athlete, practices that Patton observed.
BSU comment: Substantially correct.

15. Men’s tennis
Allegation: A non-qualifier practiced with the team, received free admission to a fundraising event. An assistant coach purchased tennis string for him and allowed him to use Boise State’s tennis stringer.
BSU comment: Substantially correct.

16. Men’s track and field
Allegation: Then-assistant coach Petros Kyprianaou and then-head coach Mike Maynard arranged housing and transportation for four prospective student-athletes prior to their admission.
BSU comment: Substantially correct.

17. Men’s track and field
Allegation: Kyprianaou and Maynard conducted impermissible practice sessions and arranged for impermissible transportation prior to their enrollment.
BSU comment: Substantially correct.

18. Men’s track and field
Allegation: A prospective student-athlete received impermissible housing, transportation, cash and groceries from a then-current student-athlete.
BSU comment: Substantially correct.

19. Men’s track and field
Allegation: A prospective student-athlete received impermissible transportation, groceries and housing from then-assistant men’s and women’s track and field coach David Welsh and several team members. Additionally, the athlete had impermissible practices with the team.
BSU comment: Substantially correct, though it argues that the student-athlete did not reside cost free.

20: Athletic department
Allegation: “It is alleged that the scope and nature of the violations … in this inquiry demonstrate that the institution lacked institutional control.”
BSU comment: “Although there are several elements of the case that raise concerns for the institution and give rise to the possibility that a lack of institutional control charge may be appropriate … the institution does not believe that there should be a finding for lack of institutional control.”

Secondary violations

21. Women’s tennis
Allegation: Allowed a student-athlete to travel with the team and receive travel expenses when she was not eligible to do so.
BSU comment: Substantially correct.

22. Women’s tennis
Allegation: The mother of a player provided student-athletes with gift bags or small gift items on three occasions.
BSU comment: Substantially correct.

Other stories about the case

• NCAA: Boise State lacks institutional control

• Boise State imposes penalties on athletics as result of NCAA probe.

• Boise State tried to fix summer housing issue, created more NCAA violations

• Boise State plans to show it has control of its athletic department.

• The NCAA alleges major misconduct in the women's tennis program.

• Read Boise State's self-imposed sanctions. It starts midway down page 1.

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who cares?

People only really care about football, and the allegations against football are very minor. Maybe they should get rid of women's tennis to make the NCAA happy. They seem to be the most out of control.

Written like a true moron...

Nice attitude. Maybe the school's leadership has the same attitude? That might explain the mess.

it's true

How can you argue with that? I'm not saying that the whole thing should get a pass, especially some of the more serious stuff from other sports. I'm just saying that the allegations against the football team are pretty minor. Some dudes slept on some other athletes living room floor and ate a bowl of their cereal, and now they're facing major consequences by the NCAA. I first read this story on espn.com, and they show a picture of Chris Peterson for the link....like it's some huge scam by the football time. $4000+ of "benefits" over a period of five years should be addressed....but still pretty minor in my opinion.

Who is this Unamed volunteer women's tennis coach

referenced in violations # 7, 11, and 12?

Is it some Sacred Cow whose identity is being protected?

Why not have a name?

Why doesn't BSU reference a real name for this person, instead of an unamed volunteer women's tennis coach?

Is it the wife of some really Big Dog at BSU?


VNDL ...

... her name is redcated from the records as are all of the student-athletes' names.

-- murph


Yeah, I know - but why? Is she over 18 years old and no longer a juvenile - then her name can be released - as she apparrently plays a pivotol role as a principal in one of the more serious charges. See Charge # 11.

Also, why are any of the student athletes that are over 18 years old, redacted?

If those students competed in athletics events before they were enrolled or after their eligibility expired, they are officially not part of BSU and BSU has no 'duty' to them, they were clearly not unwitting pawns - they are in fact principals.

Who did this redacting - the BSU legal staff? Lolol.

What statutory provision are they hanging their Redaction Hat on?

Shouldn't have been redacted.

You are getting smoke blown up your keister.


PS - Was it Bronco Bob's or Gene's wife?


No penalty for dad to solicit (extort) a couple hundred thousand from a school but it's a big deal if you give a kid a ride from the airport or let him sleep on another kid's floor? Really? This is just another example of how the puppet NCAA and their BCS overlords use rediculous policies to subvert upcoming programs to maintain the status quo.

The difference

is that Boise State handled the issue with maturity and accountability and cooperated with the NCAA, whereas Auburn took a "Who Me?" attitude and took no responsibility for Cam Newton.

hey guys this is actually good.

Ohio st. Nat Champs. Investigated.
USC Multi year Nat Champs while investigated
Auburn, Investigated WHILE NC game was pending National champs.....

I kinda like what all these guys could have in common with BSU......

Who is this Masked Maiden in charge # 11?

And why unamed (name redacted by BSU)?

Charge # 11 is one of the more serious charges, and yet we don't know who she is or what BSU did in respons to learning about Charge # 11.

It appears that BSU doesn't want us to know who it was or what BSU did to her.

Why is that?

Is she Somebody Special at BSU?

Does Somebody have pictures of somebody?

Does BSU tell the NCAA her name is 'Somebody Special' or 'Ursula Unknown'?

Gonna be interesting to watch this unfold to its logical conclusion. Redacting her name just opened up the floor for more questions, than if they just said what it realy is to begin with. She must be Somebody Special for them to assume an increased Risk Posture to protect her name.


PS - The title to this song may explain why her name is not being released. This title could be interpreted as a question or a statement. Either way would make sense:



No sure about this but I believe BSU has some liability issues releasing a students name. I followed the Duke case a few years back and Duke got into some hot water releasing student names. The "18" does not apply here.


You might be right.

However, if a student/athlete is a principal, knowingly, to the commission of an NCAA violation, I believe they lose their 'protected' status. Other schools seem to have no problem releasing the names of student/athletes involved with violations of NCAA rules.

In addition, we have two cases of female tennis players - one competing for BSU while not enrolled as a student and one competing for BSU after her eligibility expired. Neither were BSU students when they competed for BSU - hence the charges. BSU cannot use the dodge of redacting their names, because they were just ordinary citizens with no special 'protected student' status. Possibly the girl who competed for BSU before she was enroled as a student is still competing for BSU and is still on the women's tennis team, and therefore, technically a student. If that is the case (retaining her on the team) is even more egregious that anything. I asked Murphy about whether or not she is still on the team (as there is one from Poland and one from Germany that would fit the time-line profile). Murphy has still not responded yet, but, I am guessing she is still on the team.

You might be right, but I think Duke got into hot water because they released names having to do with criminal charges and not NCAA violations.

As far as redacting the name of the volunteer assistant coach who is involved in Charge # 11 (a real serious charge), are we to assume that she is a student at BSU and students can become 'volunteer' assistant coaches.

I think the charges against the fotball team are a joke and a nonevent. I feel sorry for Coach Pete having to carry the water bucket as Explanation Boy for Gene on all this stuff. Where is Gene to be found? He is the AD. He should have been the one splainin' this stuff to the media and not Coach Pete.

BUT - this stuff surrounding charges # 7, 11, and 12, is real real serious and we BSU Alumni deserve some straight up and honest answers - pronto.


PS - Again, this has nothing to do with the BAA or Bronco Football. This is solely about Kustra, Gene, and the Women's Tennis Team, and why they don't want us to know who the person was in Charge # 11, in my book.

This dribble seems even less when spelled out

and only serves to hightlight the hyprocrisy of the NCAA. Boise State lacks institutional control? or the NCAA lacks any credibility?? It took two years to compile this steaming heap of an obvious witch hunt? Really now..

tfunky - FERPA is what I think you wre refferring to

BSU could redact a student's academic/educational record or not release it based on FERPA:


However, athletics is not academics/education records.

I could see BSU not releasing transcripts and other educational/academic records. But not refusing to release any information about students connected with athletics programs, especially athletics programs for which the competitor was not even a student of BSU? That is a might of a stretch in anybody's book.


my view

First, why isn't blemeyer's head on the chopping block, too? As AD isn't he ultimatelty in charge?

Second, peterson is paid 4 times what paterno is paid as head coach of psu. Peterson's assistent coaches are some of the highest paid in the country. Is it asking too much for them to run a 100% clean program?

They should have realized that trying to bust the BCS was going to put them under a microscope. They should have been walking way away from the line rather than trying to walk on the line.

As an alumni this really upsets me. Why were they not checking EVERYTHING with the compliance officer? And if they were and he/she did not know it was wrong, why not?

I can't believe we worked so hard and spent so much money to get to the top only to have a few potentially blow the whole thing. I think everyone from Blemeyer on down, needs to be told....you break the rules one time...YOU ARE GONE PERIOD....NO EXCUSES.
class '82

mike, you better check your arithmetic

the attached shows petersen(with an "e" not an "o")with a total comp package of $1.5 mil & paterno with $1.1 mil.


And his spelling....

I know this is a blog, but actual English could come in handy.


Especially handy on the BSU women's tennis team, it seems like, in retrospect.


So move to Manchester.


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!


I live here in PA and paterno's actual state pay last time it was listed was $589,000. Petersen's (sorry I spelled it wrong but everyone knew who I was talking about) is listed at $1.5 mil and I thought his new contract put him at about $2 mill. Either way, he earns much more in state salary than paterno. Paterno runs a clean program so I think Petersen should be able to also.

Actually Mike

Coach Pete's "state" pay is less than $150K, so if Joe's Pa's is $589K, wouldn't that mean Joe's Pa's state salary is 5 times that of coach Pete's?


How can a dead guy collect a paycheck.....hmmmm I think the NCAA should start looking around. I've seen weekend at Bernies and I always thought it was silly to think that if you put gla.sses on somebody then you could hide the fact they were dead. But alas, jo pa proved me wrong.

I do think it a bit disrespectful to drag his corpse out 12 times a year.... Have some respect for the dead, people!

furthermore mike

you appear to be out of touch with reality. "potentially blow the whole thing." get a grip, all of the national media agree this is minor stuff. we have self penalized three scholarships, i doubt that will cripple the program or even have a negative impact. you are a disgrace.

St.Petey perpwalk'n on bluegrass... whata sight.

"....but it was just minor stuff. The poor children just needed somethin to eat, and I got all this cash from the Idaho Dairy Commission."

yet again mike is off base

the attached lists assistant coach salaries. oddly penn state is not on the list but it is widely known that joe pa has consistently foregone salary increase so that his assistants may get an increase instead. the attached shows boise state coaches are far from being the highest paid. the boise state assistants are all in the $250K range. i counted approximately 85 assistant coaches with a salary higher than that. produce some facts rather than spouting your trash. you are an embarassment.


Check everything?

Do you mean check everything as in checking to see if it's a violation if a recruit is allowed to drink from a BSU water fountain?

You do realize that BSU got off easy? Just think of how hard the ncaa would have come down on BSU had they discovered that these same 63 recruits were also given free access to toilet paper during their summer workouts!

Working on stuff you squirt in your milk...turns it orange.

Doesn't taste very good but Bronco fans'll buy it anyway cause Coach says to.

So many questions about Tennis Girl - No speekie English

Per Statesman article:

"From June to October 2010, then Boise State women’s tennis coach Mark Tichenor, then assistant coach Tiffany Coll, an unidentified volunteer assistant coach and local boosters Todd and Dee Miller provided an unidentified prospective student-athlete with impermissible transportation, cash, lodging, educational expenses and entertainment. Boise State acknowledges and admits these allegations, specifically:

• On or about June 27: Upon her arrival in Boise, the prospective student-athlete was provided automobile transportation from the airport and free lodging with another student-athlete until approximately July 23.

• June 27: Tichenor provided athlete with $40 cash for groceries.

• June 28: Athlete was provided transportation by Tichenor to a local bank, where Tichenor assisted her with opening a bank account. Athlete was provided with $1,420 to pay for a summer session of an Intensive English Program.

• Approximately June 28 to October: Athlete was provided access to the women’s locker room at the Appleton Tennis Center, two T-shirts and a pair of tennis shoes.

• Approximately June 28 to October: Athlete participated in impermissible practice sessions at the Appleton Tennis Center and Julia Davis Park. During some practices, Tichenor instructed the athlete to utilize back courts so her activities would not be easily observed.

• On or about Aug. 1: Coll provided athlete transportation to the Miller home, where she lived for free until Oct. 25.

• Sometime during the summer: Tichenor provided the athlete with $40 cash to purchase English language flip cards.

• Aug. 26: Tichenor provided the athlete — who was unsuccessful in obtaining the necessary English equivalency score for admission into Boise State — with a $2,040 cashier’s check to pay for a fall session of the Intensive English Program.

• On or about Sept. 4-5: Athlete traveled with women’s tennis student-athletes to McCall for an overnight camping trip.

• On or about Sept. 18: Athlete attended a Bronco Bash fundraiser at a local tennis club and received free admission, a free meal and participated in athletic-related activities.

• Oct. 1-3: Despite not being enrolled in school, the athlete represented Boise State in five matches (two singles and three doubles) at the Jack Taylor Open, an event hosted by Boise State.

• Oct. 10: Coll arranged for the athlete to receive automobile transportation to Portland, and one night of lodging, to take the International English Language Testing System, an English proficiency examination.

• October: Tichenor and Coll, when confronted by Boise State about their involvement with the athlete, denied and failed to provide information regarding impermissible benefits, practice sessions and her participation in the Jack Taylor Open.

• On or about Nov. 1: Tichenor and Coll were fired by Boise State.|

Source: NCAA Notice of Allegations against Boise State, dated Dec. 22, 2010"


It sounds like the women's tennis coach recruites a female tennis player from somewhere in the world that does not speak English - then brought her to Boise.


1. Who paid for the flight from wherever she was to Boise?

2. Had she been accepted by BSU as a student? That is the normal process for international students and is part of their application process to get a Student Visa (need to have acceptance papers from the school they are going to attend). She would have needed to provide proof that she spoke English good enuff to be a student by passing the TOEFL exam with a certain minimum score to have received her acceptance papers from BSU, to begin with. So we are to believe she was accepted by BSU as a student, but didn't speak any English? Did Gene know she was being recruited or had even been brought to Boise from some where in the world? If he was the AD for BSU, how could he have NOT known about this?

3. Did she have any money when she got to Boise - apparently not cuz the coach gave her 40 bucks for groceries before she was driven away by somebody and taken to the residence of another BSU student/athlete, to live there for almost a month (27 June-23 July?

4. How was she able to communicate and converse with this 'other' BSU student/athlete she was living with for almost a month, considering she didn't speak any English? Did both of them share the same foreign language from the same country?

The next day after her arrival the coach drove her to a bank, gave her at least $1.4K for English lessons during the Summer and helped her open a bank account.


1. Where was she to get the intensive English lessons during the Summer - BSU as an officially enrolled student - some other place - Mister Juan's School of English Talking and Beauty?

2. How much money was actually deposited into this 'bank account'. Was it a checking account, a debit card account, who were the signatories on this account?

It looks like the left the bank and headed for the BSU tennis center, where the coach have her 2 t-shirts and a pair of tennis shoes.


1. Who paid for these t-shirts and the tennis shoes?

2. Why didn't the coach give her some shorts and socks? Did she have her own tennis racket and balls, also?

Then they went and she practiced playing tennis and the coach told her to kinda hideout and not be noticed.


1. Did she meet any other members of the BSU women's tennis team?

2. Why was the coach trying to kinda hide her activities from other people?

She spends the next month going to practices it looks like, being driven there by her roomate.

Then on or about 1 August, the assistant women's tennis coach transports her to the Todd and Dee Miller's house to live with them for about 3 months.


1. What happened to the time frame of 23 July - 1 August? Ruh Roh. Remember she lived with the roomate until 23 July. So, it loooks like she lived with somebody for a week of unnacounted time. Did she win get a Trip to Dream Land with somebody or just live under a bridge for a week?

During the summer the coach gives her another $40 bucks to buy english flip cards to help her learn how to speak english.

She was not enrolled as a student during the Summer - AND she was not enrolled as a student in the Fall Semester cuz she flunked the TOEFL test and couldn't get into BSU - yet the coach keeps her on the team for SEP thru OCT. In fact he gives her a $2K cashiers check to buy some more English Talking clas$es.


1. Where did the money come from?

2. Who's name was on the cashiers check.

3. Why a cashier's check.

She goes on and competes as a BSU women's tennis team member in official tennis matches.


1. How could Gene have not known about this? The women's tennis team is not that big. Did Gene even know there was a women's tenis team located on BSU campus?

Somebody spills the beans and BSU finds out about this stuff and the coach and assistant coach are fired:


1. Who fired the coach and assistant coach - Gene or Bronco Bob?

2. What happened to the tennis girl who couldn't make English Talk and wasn't enrolled at BSU? Did they give her a ride to the airport so she could fly home?

3. Is the girl still on the BSU women's tennis team?

4. Why can't BSU release the name of the tennis girl who played tennis for BSU but wasn't on the team, as she wasn't an enrolled BSU student and BSU has no duty or obligation under FERPA to protect her identity?

5. Why is BSU protecting her identity? Is she Somebody Special or has pictures of somebody?

6. How did the tennis girl get money for incidentals while she was a member of the BSU women's tennis tem (the $40.00 bucks the coach gave her when she arrived wouldn't have lasted her 4 months).

7. Is she still in this country, and if so, under what visa authority (student, tourist, entertainer?


Tennis Girl still playing at BSU

From the post above and a Statesman article:

"• Oct. 1-3 (2010): Despite not being enrolled in school, the athlete represented Boise State in five matches (two singles and three doubles) at the Jack Taylor Open, an event hosted by Boise State.



I researched the ladies currently on the roster for the BSU Women's Tenis Team and this one fits the bill as the Tennis Girl that was imported, but could not speak English and was not an enrolled student when she competed for BSU at the Jack Taylor Open. I also cross refeerenced this information with the results for the Jack Taylor Open. Same Tennis Girl.

Apparently, she was never kicked off the team, but instead continued to compete at various BSU women's tennis competitions through out the remainder of the Fall Semester and the next Spring as well:




She is currently competing.

The Lord only knows if she ever passed her English proficiency test to be able to be enrolled at BSU as a real student. She might be still be playing and is not a real BSU student for all we know. If BSU let her play for one semester - and knowing (after firing her coaches for letting her do it) - that she was not an enrolled student. Why would it be hard to believe they just didn't let her continue to do it?

What makers her such a Special Somebody?

Maybe she is one heck of a tennis player or VERY appreciative of how she is being treated by BSU?


PS - Somehow, I think there is waaaaay more to this story than we will prolly ever know.

PPS - I think Gene has some splainin' to do if Murphy has the cajones big enough to ask Gene some questions as to why Tennis Girl was stil allowed to be on the women's tennis team and compete for BSU when she was not even a BSU student, and after Gene had fired two coaches for allowing it . I am guessing Murphy is gonna be quiet as a mouse on this one and not utter a 'peep' and let sleeping dogs continue to breed.

PPPS - No wonder Gene has been publicly AWOL during this whole mess and has Coach Pete taking all the arrows to the chest. If I was Coach Pete, I think I'd be gettin' real pizzed about now.

PPPPS - Disclaimer - All I have written in this post is my personal opinion and is not meant to be used to form anyone's personal opinion(s). My posting is purely for entertainment purposes and of no real value, nor is it considered to be fact or evidentiary based. It was posted purely for fun. The names mentioned in this post are not meant to be representative of any real living people. Basically, don't believe anything you read in this post.

Don't want to raise a stink VNDL

But what exactly did SHE do to get kicked off the team?

tfunky - this is so basic it is confusing

She wasn't on the team. That is the Big Point. She was not a BSU student.

She wasn't an official student. She was not registered for clas$es and could not get enrolled because she had not been admitted due to her low english Proficiency scores.

Basically, she was a civilian private citizen who wore a BSU uniform and played representing BSU in competitions.

She knew she was not a BSU student and not on the team, yet she played as if she were. She was a principal to it all.

I do feel very sorry for her. She was recruited and led to believe she was playing for BSU and did not speak enough English to know the truth.

Yes, she was an unwitting victim in all this. She got used and abused.

But she was still competing for BSU on the team, as an unnrolled student, a week after the two coaches were fired for alowing an unenrolled student to be competing on the team. Gene had to have known about that.

Technically you are correct, she didn't get kicked off the team, as she wasn't on the team to begin with - just allowed to continue competing for BSU because she wasn't on the team to begin with.

That is the best I can explain it anyways.


PS - Disclaimer - this post is purely my own opinion and is not meant to portray any truth or be relied on for anyone to form any personal opinions.

Well VNDL you assume

this young lady who spoke little to no English and had been in the county for just a few months, was not only aware but fully educated on NCAA rules...................

Or maybe she just did what her coach told her to do.......

I'll assume the latter...............

PSS If she were to be kicked off her team, then why not the 68 football players? Just a thought.


The Point has gone over your head at 35,000 feet.

Yes, she was only doing what she waw told to do by the 'coach'. She was an innocent victim. The 'coach recruited her and brought her to America to play tennis for BSU. She got used and abused. But she was given money by the 'coach' and others and was a 'kept woman' of sorts.

No - she was not on the team. She was not a BSU student/athlete. Yet after the 'coach' was fired for allowing her to play on the BSU team when she was not a BSU student - she was still allowed to compete on the BSU team, even though she was not a BSU student. That is the Point. If you can't understand the Point by now, you are dumber than a fence post.

You can't kick somebody off a team if they are not on the team to begin with.

You GOT TO BE an enrolled student at BSU to be able to participate in NCAA sanctioned sports representing BSU. For Christ's sake you know that!!!

You are like 99% of the other people that keep trying to draw the BSU football program into the mix.

This is about the BSU women's tennis team only and has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the petty and very minor charges leveled at the football team by the NCAA. The sad thing is Coach Pete has been propped up by Gene to stand in front of the public as the visible poster child for the women's tennis team's major infractions - which have not anything to do with the BSU football team.


PS - You can't be this stupid - you gotta be pulling my leg a little bit?

Lots of name calling VNDL


OK, you believe the girl, whoever she is, should have been kicked off the team. That is your opinion.

BTW, The person you posted the links about is NOT the girl in question.......


Okay who is the girl then. If you know dispositively one thing, you have to know positively the opposite thing.

Who was it?

You keep putting words in my mouth. That is your style, to twist and misrepresent what others have to say. You do it all the time.

I never said she should be kicked off the team. I have maintained that she was not on the team to begin with (as has been reported in the seminal article, this thread), so kicking her off the team or not is a moot point to the Main Premise. She waa not an enrolled BSU student, ergo, not a legitimate BSU women's tennis team member.

So clear the record for accuracy - who was the person that the 'coach' brought to Boise, but didn't speak English and wasn't a BSU student even though BSU competed and represented her in official tennis matches, as though she was a legitimate BSU women's tennis team member?

If I am wrong, please correct me, so we can get the record straight and accurate, for the next step.

If she was not an official student, BSU is under no duty or obligation to her to protect her identity/privacy, per FERPA. So come on tfunky, give it up. What is her name.


Actually VNDL

I do not have to "know positively the opposite thing"

What I do know is the girl you posted was on the roster and played for BSU in 2009/2010. (which would make it impossible to be the recruit in question, agree?)

Had you taken your research one more step you would have caught it yourself.

I have an idea who it is, but I don't have your fetish of posting peoples names when I only think I know.

I would hope, with what we know, that BSU does NOT release her name. It would serve no purpose, she was only a pawn in this thing anyway......

tfunky - a compromise of sorts

BSU Web pages and player Bios are public domain information - not a big deal if they get linked.

I never said I knew with 100% certainty. That was your assumption.

Did you read my disclaimer at the end of my post - apparently not.

What happened to her after the two coaches were fired?

Did she get kicked out of the Todd and Dee Miller's residence?

Did she fly back to whatever country she was from?

Did BSU pay for her airplane ticket?

Was she just set adrift by BSU and considered 'collateral damage'?

I feel real sorry for her. Couldn't speak English. Was basically conned into coming to Boise. Was dependent on BSU for living expenses and food and transportation and basically 'life support'. And then cut lose when the coaches were fired?


Did BSU do the honorable thing and buy her a cheeseburger and a plane ticket and send her back home.

I would like to know her name and if BSU did the honorable thing and took care of her. After all, it was officially a BSU representative and agent that caused the whole bifugulty to begin with. So therefore a BSU responsibility to end it honorably.

Okay - on second thought - I'll split the difference with yout. How about BSU tells us in a press release or an interview with Murphy, what happened to her after the two coaches were fired, and how BSU mitigated the damage to her and did the honorable ting - without telling us her real name. Does that sound fair?


Well here's a scenario

That plays out well.

What if BSU has staggered sessions? and what if one of those session began shortly (within days) of Oct. 10th? What if our mystery tennis gal passed that Portland exam? and then became a fully fledged BSU student on or about the 13th of October? What if she were still on the tennis team and loving life as a bronco? (and of course hating all things Vandal).

I think that scenario works for me, I'm good with what I know.


The scenario works for me.

Especially the part about hating all things Vandal. Now I know who she is. She is the Polish chica. Definitely not Vandal quality - not even Closing Time Quality - Big Nose - Little Face - stringy hair. You guys keep her.

I hope your scenario is for real and is truthful and you are not just making it up to shut me up; as I have been getting more and more pizzed all day long, just thinking how badly this girl was being treated by the BSU Athletics Department. All that other NCAA violations crap is just garbage - but, I could see where this was a real life BAD DEAL that an innocent victim was getting used and abused by BSU. Sounds like BSU has stopped using and abusing her. It's all good now.

I guess, I don't need to drive to Boise tomorrow and have lunch with a Deputy Attorney General and a retired District Judge, re:

18-8602.Human trafficking defined. "Human trafficking" means:
(2) The recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of force, fraud or coercion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery.

Will save on gas money.

I will take you at your word as a gentleman, that what you have said about the scenario is true and has a happy ending.



I hope my scenario

is true or close to it.

Did you see Murph's little bomb this morning?

tfunky - yeah I did

Just got done reading them over coffee and COSTCO mini cinamon buns (addictive little buggers when heated for 30 seconds in the microwave).

I said the other day there is prolly waaaay more to this stuff than meets the eye (when I was mentioning how Gene has been so out of public view and not taking a visible public presence role as spokesman as the AD and having Coach Pete take the arrows to the chest). Now I am beginning to understand why. The surface is getting scratched.

I got the Coll assistant tennis coach thing down pat (kinda feel sorry for her now, too) - but am having a hard time with the Christopherson track coach stuff. It looks to me like she is just trying to strengthen her civil suit against BSU. If BSU gets hammered in June at the NCAA meeting, her case just increased several hundred of thousands of dollars for settlement purposes. The whole darn thing is slimy with greasy characters.

I sure would love to have that 1,500 page report to go thru with a fine tooth comb. Not to find fault with BSU, but to better understand the players involved and answer the 'why' questions.

My advice to Coach Pete would be to stay the heck out of the public's presence from now on and just tell Gene to 'do it yourself Gene', the next time Gene wants Pete to comment on any facet of the NCAA investigation.

Also, why isn't the current women's tennis team coach commenting about the changes that have been made with the women's tennis program to ensure future compliance. Same with the men's and women's track team coaches. Why haven't those coaches gotten involved with the 'mea culpa' process for their various teams, as Pete has done with football? Until that happens Football will occupy centerstage as the reason for the NCAA investigation, in the eye of the Great Unwashed Mas$es.

At this point I don't see Bronco Bob being any Great Institutional Leader. I see him as Gene's spokesperson and a figurehead and a mouthpiece for the BSU AD. I am finding that kinda strange. I am waiting for Bronco Bob to announce he just gave Gene a Letter of Reprimand or slapped Gene around for giggles and grins - something Presidential and Leader Like. I wonder if this is what Bronco Bob looks like at a meeting with Gene:


Putting all this current stuff in perspective with the experience we had with our 500 Tix To Luke adventure, and Gene's brainstorm operation on that one; I honestly am beginning to have serious doubts about Gene's honesty and ethics.

I just think it is rotten that the Bronco football team got caught up in all this crapola, when their violations pale in comparison to those of others.


Feel much the same

I don't think we'll hear much from the coaches or Gene until after the NCAA meeting. Pete's made one public statement on the issue, I doubt he will address it again. I noticed that compliance now reports directly to Bronco Bob (was reporting to Bly).

I'm having some issue with the tennis coach. For her to be completely without fault, she would have to of had no idea what the head coach was doing. That may be true, but we are talking about a very small group (5-6 players, 2 coaches). I don't know.......

If she can prove she had no knowledge of the rules violation, BSU needs to do right by her.

One other thing that bothers me, the gal that sent the e-mails to the NCAA. She said she had been turning in violations as far back as 2005.....my question is to who? The fired compliance officer?, the head track coach?, Gene?, who did she turn them into?

tfunky - RE: the E-Mail Lady

I went back and reread the article. I cann't discern, who she turned them into, either. But I am guessing it was somebody at BSU and not the NCAA. She turned them in from 2005-2006. Then in 2007 she was demoted to being an insurance coordinator (as punishment, I am assuming for turning them into BSU).

The article does say: " . . . On May 8, 2008, James Garland of the NCAA enforcement staff visited campus to interview Christoffersen. He requested information about student insurance and the school’s contract with the Idaho Sports Medicine Institute. The university investigated Christoffersen’s original claims and concluded that a more extensive investigation was not warranted, the school’s report said.


It looks like the NCAA investigator got to BSU on 8 May 08 and interviewed Christophrson. Christopherson prolly told him that she had forwarded complaints in 2005-2006 to BSU and noting happened. The investigator asked BSU about this so then "The university investigated Christoffersen’s original claims and concluded that a more extensive investigation was not warranted."

It is hard to tell the way Murphy has written this piece - kinda disjointed and fragmentary. I am sure the answer to your question of who at BSU got the complaints from Christopherson is in the 1,500 page report Murphy has. I also, have no idea as to what the correct chain-of-command for submission of complaints was at that time. This information should come out and a definitive answer by BSU provided. Maybe BSU had a written policy for the procedure in place by 2005? I dunno. Another research task for Murphy to do to support his article's veracity.


tfunky - re: who the violations were turned into 2005-2006

I just listened to Amy Christofferson's interview on KTIK yesterday (5 May 11):


She says she gave the violations she noticed, first to a Lisa Parker and then to a Matt Billings. I understood that they did nothing at first and then gave them to Gene, after prodding by Amy, and Gene did nothing other than tell them to handle it 'in house' and 'take care of it'. This is not word for word, but that is the gist of it, as I understood it, to be.

I am sure Lisa Parker and Matt Billings are listed as Potential Witneses on Amy's civil complaint Repsonse to Discovery. They are prolly Prime Candidates for Depositions and Interrogatories, as well.


Edited: Apparently, Lisa Parker won't be a Potential Witness, as she has passed away:


It loooks like she was in charge of compliance coordination, though, during the 2005 time frame for BSU AD office. So it appears appropriate for Christofferson to have given her intitial observations of violations to Lisa. Unfortunately for BSU, Lisa is no longer available for Depositions to prove BSU's points and disprove Amy's claims, as Idaho is a state where 'Dead Men Can't Talk' unlike several Southern and Eastern states.


RE: Matt Billings. Appaently he was the Director For Compliance for BSU AD per this Feb 2007 web page from the BSU AD's site:


and had been since Juy 04.

and had spent 4 years before that as Director for Compliance at Weber State University, per his BSU bio:


Apparenly, he was knowldegeable and experienced with matters of NCAA complance, prior to his getting hired by BSU and Gene in Jul 04. So it is hard for BSU to argue, effectively, that he didn't know his job at BSU.

It appears as though sometime during 2007 or 2008, Matt Billings left BSU and went to USC as a Director for Compliance, where he was very active in compliance issues with the NCAA during the 2010 time frame, of course representing and defending USC. A current review (6 May 11) of the faculty/staff directory for USC makes no reference of him being an employee of USC, in any capacity, anymore. I have no idea where he went to work or where he lives, or if he is even involved in any employment where compliance with NCAA rules and regulations is one of his 'specialties'. I am sure the NCAA knows how to get in touch with him, though.

It really sounds like Amy passed on her observations of violations of NCAA rules to Lisa Parker and MattBillings during 2005-2006. What we don't know is if they passed them on to Gene or not. Unfortunately, Lisa has since passed away and can't answer this question. It is up to Matt Billings to shed some light on this question.

If Matt did pass them onto Gene, and Gene did nothing with them - Sorry Charlie - Gene will have egg on his face.

Is it possible Matt got a 'promotion' to USC to geographically remove him from a BSU sotlight, for some reason(s)/event(s) that ocurred sometime in 2005-2008?

Or maybe he is just that good at his job.


Just listened to the asst. tennis coach

She sounded very believable. If she has some hard prove on just some of her stuff, BSU should man up and do right by her.

KTIK interview with Coll



OK, listened to the e-mail lady

Something doesn't add up with this gal.

tfunky - I listened to her too

here is a link to the interview:


The first half of the interview is really irrelevant to her civil suit.

The second half of the interview is the 'guts' of the case.

I found her knowledgeable, credible, apparently having some hard copy evidence (day planners and such), and consistent.

What is it that you find that 'doesn't add up'?

Just curious.


PS - Is it the fact she is a Vandal and contributes to the Vandies and supports the Vandal football team. All irrelevant to her civil claim, Counselor. Objection, overruled. Her case is being processed in a court of law and not a court of Bronco Opinion.

We differ in our opinion

You are right, anyone can sue anyone, and this case will run it's course.

As far as evidence, a day planner is meaningless. If she has e-mails (and she should) FROM others backing up her claims then that's evidence.

What doesn't add up?

Well first, she filed several complaints throughout her tenure (per records and her own admission), demeaning jobs, her kids, her pay, being forced to lie, among others. Yet she never filed a complaint of being in FEAR of GB, why not? If she were so in fear of meeting in GB's office and she had already filed every complaint under the sun, why did she not file a FEAR claim. The idea that she would send an e-mail to the NCAA and then refuse to talk to anyone about it at the university because she was in fear....doesn't fly with me.

Second, Why the additional e-mails to the NCAA? doing the "right" thing? She refuses to talk to BSU yet continues to send e-mails to the NCAA, for what purpose? She even sent one 6 months after leaving BSU (and 4 months after filing her civil suit), is that just doing the "right" thing?

Third, unlike the tennis, she never once said "I have proof". I would think IF what she says is true she would have tons of proof dating back to 2005.

Forth, If her "word" is so "credible", why is NCAA not involving her? Wouldn't think that the NCAA would want her as a 'star" witness?

And finally, I would like to know the circu*mstances behind her "resignation/termination" from the Caldwell school district (March 14th), and if it has something to do with a potential lawsuit involving a "double concussion", "whiplash", or "bulging disks" from a ball thrown by an elementary school kid.

PS and that my BS meter just redlines with this gal.

PSS: I feel the exact opposite about the tennis gal, BSU and especially Gene has some explaining to do this one.


With all due respect and with no malice aforethought:

Wow - you really don't know much about Tort Law and the Idaho Civil Rules of Procedure (evidence, relevance, admissability, and procedures).

Of course you realize Dave LeRoy is setting Tennis Girl up for a run at a Massive Tort against BSU after the June Hearing, don't you?

You still gonna feel sorry for her when she smacks BSU in the azz for a couple million settlment in a few years?

I have no personal opinion on the E-Mail lady, one way or another. Just what I have read so far. But it does appear she has anough of an 'actionable' case for some law office to have taken it on. But you apparently know more than her Counsel does and how these Tort Cakes are baked?

Lolol - nope, you ain't no lawyer.

With warmest regards.



PS - You make me laugh - just because she is a Vandal - you immediately discount the evidence she might have up her sleeve. What a shortsighted little puppy you are, lololol.