The fastest Boise State football player of 2011 is ... cornerback Jamar Taylor

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

Boise State cornerback Jamar Taylor, tailback Doug Martin, safety George Iloka and wide receivers Geraldo Hiwat, Aaron Burks, Tyler Shoemaker and Chris Potter were among the standouts at the Broncos’ "pro day" workout last week. The players went through six of the seven tests that NFL scouts use at the NFL Scouting Combine and at the annual pro day where they evaluate draft-eligible players.

Taylor, a junior returning starter, is a rising star in the program and that was evident in the workout — he ran the fastest 40-yard dash on the team and a faster 20-yard shuttle than anyone at the combine.

Fans also will enjoy seeing the speed displayed by the wide receivers — Hiwat, Burks and Shoemaker all ran the 40 in 4.40 or better and Potter was among the team’s quickest players in agility drills. That group must replace NFL draft picks Titus Young and Austin Pettis.

Here are the top performers in each test and how they compare to the top performers at this year’s combine:

40-yard dash
1. CB Jamar Taylor, 4.33 seconds
2. WR Geraldo Hiwat, 4.37
3. WR Aaron Burks, 4.38
4. WR Tyler Shoemaker, 4.40
5. RB Doug Martin, 4.41
Combine note: Taylor’s time would have ranked second.

3-cone drill
1. WR Aaron Burks, 6.46 seconds
2. RB Doug Martin, 6.51
2. WR Chris Potter, 6.51
4. WR Geraldo Hiwat, 6.54
5. S George Iloka, 6.57
5. CB Jamar Taylor, 6.57
Combine note: Burks’ time would have tied for third. The best time by a running back was 6.66 and the best time by a safety was 6.85.

Pro agility (20-yard shuttle)
1. CB Jamar Taylor, 3.87 seconds
2. WR Chris Potter, 3.89
3. QB Joe Southwick, 3.92
4. CB Josh Borgman, 3.93
4. S George Iloka, 3.93
Combine note: The fastest time this year was 3.88 by former Boise State WR Austin Pettis.

Broad jump
1. WR Geraldo Hiwat, 10 feet, 9.75 inches
2. WR Aaron Burks, 10-4.75
3. S George Iloka, 10-0.75
4. CB Jamar Taylor, 10-0.50
5. RB Doug Martin, 9-11
Combine note: Hiwat’s jump would have ranked fifth.

Bench press (reps at 225 pounds)
1. DT Michael Atkinson, 32
2. RB Doug Martin, 28
2. OL Chuck Hayes, 28
2. DE Tyrone Crawford, 28
5. OL Cory Yriarte, 27
Combine note: Atkinson would have tied for 10th.

Vertical jump
1. WR Aaron Burks, 38.5 inches
2. WR Tyler Shoemaker, 38
3. RB Doug Martin, 37
3. S Hazen Moss, 37
3. S Quaylon Ewing-Burton, 37
Combine note: Burks would have tied for 13th.

Here is a video our photographers produced last week from the workout.


ESPN has scheduled Iowa State-Connecticut for Friday, Sept. 16. That would seem to rule out the Boise State-Toledo game being moved from Saturday, Sept. 17 — but the sports information director at Toledo told me this week he still wouldn’t rule out a date change. Boise State athletic director Gene Bleymaier has said that ESPN wants to move the game to Friday but that there’s a hang-up on Toledo’s end.


The 2012 mock drafts circulating on the Internet have Boise State offensive tackle Nate Potter as a first-round NFL draft pick and defensive tackle Billy Winn as a possible first-rounder. Martin will be an interesting guy to watch — as you can see above, he’ll impress at the combine, and Fresno State’s Ryan Matthews played his way into the first round with a big year in 2009.

Nice job

Doug Martin is a beast throwing up 28 BP reps. And Shoemaker's got some wheels! It's going to be a great season.

Holy Hiwat!!

We have a 6'4"...200+ lbs...WR that can run a 4.37 - 40-yard dash!! Hiwat is only a sophomore! Don't be surprised to see this young man developed into a (future) early first round NFL draft pick. If he gains the fb IQ to go with his natural physical skills...nothing can stop him.

Martin is as strong as he is fast! He is Mark Ingram good...only a little faster and stronger than Ingram.

I had no idea that Tyler Shoemaker was that fast!! Tyler is faster than Doug Martin...who knew??


I had no idea that Shoemaker was a 4.4 guy.

BSU has some great looking kids

Burks, Hiwat, Iloka are tall well build kids who look impressive out on the field. I hope to see good things from them and the rest of kids. Glad I'm not the coaches trying to figure who starts among all the wr's and o line. Course Shoe and Martin will be good also. Now Moore----------

Kellen Moore

is going to have some serious speed, size, and height to throw to this year... excited to see this year get started!!

Doug F Martin

I predict Mr. Martin will be in the pro football hall of fame if he can avoid serious injuries. He is truly something special.

Here's a scenario...

...BCS disbands and forms their own elite power cabal. Oh yeah, thats right, the BCS already is an elite power cabal!!!

...Anyhoo...Orin Hatch wants to know why there is nom playoff!! Why does it matter?? Ask the University Presidents...they are the ones who continue to vote it out. he's as dumazz stupid as Boise state fans!!!!

12-1 and bowling in Vegas!!! Hee Haw!!!!!

The fastest Boise State player in 2011 is...

...who cares anyway?? You blue pee mule fans act like it matters.

Here is a news does not matter who your fastest is, who is catching balls now that the speedster crims are on their way to CFL greatness, or how many yards Martin & Moore account for. Why, you silly little mule flappers ask???

Because Boise State does not matter. If they did the senators and congressmen and PR firms would have already made a difference.

Bottom line...not in a BCS conference...not taken serious in the world of major college football. Yeah a win over a big boy every now and then, but no consistency scheduling quality & no consistency winning against quality (9-16 vs the BCS).

All that remains is a million wins against Nevada, San Jose State. La Tech and Idaho and all those wins dont equal what one BCS team faces in one season of playing in a BCS conference.

As we have seen with Utah and TCU...schedule quality and then actually win consisently against that quality and you are rewarded with membership at the big boy table.

TCU 20-9 vs BCS teams since 1998, Utah 21-12, Boise 9-16.
That says it all and all the heads of state in the world will not be able to make the case for poor little ole Boise St.

Yeah, we all feel bad for you...NOT!!! Play some games, show a willingness to play big boys 2-3 a season consistently and win at least 60% of those games and do it over a period of 10 seasons or so and you will be taken serious.

Until then, Boise is just the little wanna be juco status school who wont do the work, but want to be treated as a big boy. Crying that the BCS is unfair. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Rack me if you please!! You know you are in awe of the truth and knowledge of BDuck!!! You all worship me and my blog almost as much as you worship at the alter of the BCS. You want in the club sooooo bad, but will always be denied membership until you do the work over a period of time.

Until then your destiny is twofold;
1. Bowl in Vegas
2. Rack me constantly.......TTFN

Come on Duckie, way to early for captian grumpy pants.

This is the one reply I'm giving to you this time... I invite you to go back to my past post and see what I said. Even though I enjoy you posting the same thing ever single time it's very old. How about this question, what BCS team has BSU lost to in the last six years? The answer to that question is Washington. That is the only "MAJOR" team the Broncos have lost to. BTW, that was Kellen Moore's first game as the BSU starter. College football Duckie is a what have you done for me lately sport. How do you explain us beating OregonX2 (Pac 10 champions that year.), Oregon StateX4, Virginia Tech (Champions of Big 12 that year), Oklahoma, TCU (Mountain West Champions), and distroying Utah last year?
You keep saying that we have to play a "MAJOR" school 3 or 4 times a year to be taken seriously. Who from, "The little sisters of the poor" in the last 5 season has done that? The answer to that question is NO ONE. Duckie I know you come on here to get all us Bronco fans excited. I want to leave you with this thought. I was at Disney World in Mid-Febuary standing in line for Rock and Rollercoaster. There was a guy standing behind me wearing an Auburn polo and visor. I had on my BSU t-shirt and hat. The guy said, "You guys had a great year. Wish we would have played you." I'm not sure who the guy was but we talked Football for awhile. Duckie, he had something that you lack. He has respect for a team that has done what others can't do. BSU's current record is amazing if you would stop to think about it. One last thought, why should BSU go to a BCS confirence now. The top at large team goes to a BCS bowl. I don't see very many other mid-majors that can play at our level.

BTW... Ironic that we have been champions at all levels of College Fooball isn't it.


Thorp was the QB vs WA, Moore came in the next year.

tfunky - Actually . . .

Tharp was the QB.

Jim played for Carlisle, many years ago.


Your right!!!! Sorry about that.

It was Thorp at qb for BSU. Locker was QB for Washington.

DognPonyshow - Nope

Jim Thorpe played for Carlisle many years ago:

Taylor Tharp was QB for BSU and Locker was QB for Washington:

Why is this so hard to grasp? Both, you and tfunky get the Happy Hogzilla Award for today:

Must be a 'vowel' thing.


Not quite

It's my Oregon education..... lol

I will respectfully ask for a pass

since I was in my hot tub on my Ipad when I posted..........

Pass granted

Carry on.


PS - I think this is the firt time I ever got two at once - and - I wasn't even using any bait - they just jumped in the boat. I have had Double Baggers before, but that was entirely different. That was from Buffarilla hunting and not Hogzilla hunting. Usually, both these Dudes are a lot sharper and are pretty quick on the draw. Maybe they just got out from hibernation or are not getting laid enuff?

How do I explain it...

...well lets see doggystylenmuleshow.

6-11 All Time vs scheduled BCS teams. Thats how I explain it.

And by the way dumbazz, or should I say superdumbazz!! Do your research. I post things over and over again because you mules just dont seem to want to face factoids. In the BCS era, that is since 1998;

BYU has had 7 seasons with 3 bcs teams scheduled, 1 with 4 and 1 with 5.
Utah has had 5 seasons with 3
TCU has had 2 seasons with 3 and 9 with 2
Fresno St has had 9 seasons with 3

Boise St has had 4 seasons with 2, ZERO WITH 3, 9 WITH ONE and has had only 1 season in the last 6, including the upcoming 2001 season with more than 1.

There you have it. Boise does not do the work, schedule the games, play the games or win the games. Like the BCS says, play a good schedule, win your games and you have a chance. Utah and TCU have done that and look what happened...they are now big boys. If Fresno St and BYU had won 60%+ of their BCS games they too would be in BCS conferences, BUT...

When you play 17 games over 13 seasons and until 2004 had never even beaten a BCS I always say...RACK ME BABY!!!

Now with the "lack of institutional control" tag firmly attached to the mules, they will never be let in the club!!!!!

Thank goodness for the NCAA and their investigating standards!! Cheaters must be exposed!!


nonaqfunk...can you spell lack of institutional control?

I knew you could. If this helps, Boise is 6-11 all time in scheduled BCS games. Knowing that Boise has never done enough work scheduling, playing or winning should make the annual trip to Vegas a little easier to swallow!!!!

Hee up the beta grandpa, load the corn cob pipes and pass the moonshine!! Boise is stayin home fer goooooood!!!!!!!

Rack Me, as if I need to command it!!!!!


Over and over-no creativity! Why lose it all?


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.

BDuck - Nope can't spell it

But, I can spell 'BDuck2009 Equals Foreignoregonian'.

Interesting how the 'two' of you have ganged up, at almost the same time frames, to counter warnings to other posters, to not respond to your troll postings.

I must have hit a Really Big Nerve with that one - as FO is going around flagging them.

Not to worry, they do not violate the Statesman's TOS, in any way. So, I will continue to do it for every post I see you make, that I consider to be 'trollish' and violative of the Statesman's TOS.

Have a good day.


PS - If you notice, I have put warning(s) on 'ugly' posts too.


0-2 against non AQ schools that play on blue turf. No BCS Championships. Couldnt even win the 'wiggety wack" in 2009 or 2008..... Got smacked by an SEC school.

there are no points for second place, If you aint first you are last.

2010 record identical to BSU.... LOL
I still do not understand how an underachieving on hit wonder that lost the NC game can talk smack to a team that beat it like a rug.
Oregon: where winning is not the goal, where losers go to school in the hippy liberal state of oregon and dont know how to battle because peace love and pot is all they understand.......
Oregon: where "What not to Wear" and fashion outfits trump playing football.
Oregon: Proof that no matter how flawed the BCS system is, money cant buy a championship.
Oregon: wont even win the Weak 12 next year.
maybe an invite to the h bowl to play fresno is in your future.

Quack Quack. Bang Bang.

Mr potato head...factoids do not lie!!!

If you aint first youre last?? Ah Pac 10 champs 2 years running.

And yes identical records, however Oregon lost its only game on the last play of the game in the national championship. Boise choked in Reno...12-1 gets you an invite to Las Vegas!!!!

BDuck - give it up

It is obvious to me, that you and FO are one and the same person.

I am guessing you might be 'ugly' too.

I put 'ugly' through the Vandal paces and he never really convinced me 100% that he was really a Vandal (he did not know about the Admin Building carillion bells and a coupld other very basic Vandal things). I always had a little nagging doubt about 'ugly'.

Real strange that 'ugly' started out at TVCC in Ontario, like you and FO have experience with.

Yeppers - I am guessing that:

foreignoregonian, BDuck2009, and ugly; are the same poster.


VNDL...You are as brilliant as P2...Ugly will clarify!!!...

Ugly is a Vandal....It does not matter if you believe it or not...this is not Ripleys...

The more I listen to the Bronco fans, the more I hope you dudes go 6-6...but I will settle with my winning bet of 9-3 or worse....and I like the Broncos...but bronco fan and anti-Vandal stuff sure makes a mind change fast...kinda like a Sooner and Cowboy thing...

I have backed way off my postings, as promised, and continued reading many anti-Vandal comments that almost clarifies why I was rooting alittle for Nevada....Boise State and some fans are almost elevating themselves to the level of arrogance....they always wanted Idaho, but not no more because they are soooo goooood......BSU now way tooo goood for Idaho....Ho hum...days will change...

There is no doubt I know FO....I just have not pin-pointed his name yet....we definitely have crossed paths numerous times at TVCC and Ontario....TVCC is a great CC and I highly recommend it....but it was with my stints at Ontario from 1984-1986 and not when I was at TVCC from 1979-1982....I was at Moscow 1982-1986...Worked in Treasure Valley of Summers....

On the bets...if I lose, I pay....period...

You blues have a good day....everyone is afraid of Boise....





Must suck to have to live your whole

sad life knowing BSU will have an undefeated record VS the most overrated weak 12 conference team. You might be pac 2 champs for (LOL) 2 years, but the fact is you could not even win the WAC... HAHAHAHAHA!

P2 - here is an old thread

It kinda leaves no doubt that FO and BDuck work in tandem.

I believe we have finally found out who BDuck2009 and foreignoregonian, are.

They are the same person, I believe.


Yo Ducky, your guy couldn't even run from a punch...

Mr. Nostalgia here just readin' the golden moldy oldies off you don't get since Casey Kasem retired (he couldn't announce GODSMACK with a straight face anymore).


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.

Most schools...

...who get caught cheating are at least good in those sports and cheat to achieve or compete.

Boise gets caught in 22 violations and their teams are all terrible.

I mean really...its DII level athletic department and AD should be ashamed. And the football team...bowling in vegas after cheating...hardly seems worth it now does it.

Hee never ends for Boise...whine leads to senators, then congressmen, then PR firms, then inquisitions, then a cheating scandal and now more senators asking why??

Poor lil ole boise st!!

Don't look now...

...but the BCS is in trouble.

Possible scenarios;

1. BCS disbands and forms a BCS football division and has its own playoff

2. BCS disbands and goes back to old bowl system where conferences & teams are aligned with bowls.

Neither of these would include Boise or any other non AQ. Are the lawyers for the non aq's and the university presidents all just dumbazzes?? They must know that by trying to force the BCS to disband, there still will be no playoff.

That the table scraps non aq's get now will all go away. Instead of the occasional BCS at large bid, it will be Mac & cheese bowl, armed forces bowl and of course vegas baby!!!

PAC 12 signs the biggest TV deal in college history and Boise and their non aq little sisters just keep showing their ingnorance.

At this rate Boise will be forced to go back to DII, as there will be no $$.

Advise to keep the mule flappers shut and take the table scraps like good little sisters!!!

Rack me yet again!!!!!!

$215 million a year

and only Washington and Washington State have the jewels to play little ole' BSU

Rack that....................

Lets see...

...Boise State or LSU???

Not even close. Beat Boise State and you get no respect from anyone. Just another win over a little sister who doesnt figure into the big picture.

Beat LSU and then 9 Pac12 foes and win the PAC12 championship in Eugene and its yet another glorious season!!!

22 violations...what does it all mean??

Put in simpleton (Boise grads and Idaho residents) terms,

"If you wanna play with the big dogs you gotta follow the rules."

Boise Tennis...catch the fever!!!! Hee Haw. Was it all worth it?? Follow the rules little sister!!!

Everyone is laughing even harder now at Boise State and their wanna be status!!

Tennis anyone? Hee Haw!!!!

What a joke. Seems the cheating goes all the way back to 2008. Hmmmm...what happened that season??

Well, no matter. Look where Oregon is and look where Boise St is;

Oregon 22-3 over 2 seasons, 2 Consec pac 10 championships, 2 BCS Bowls, 1 NC game and a fave to win Pac12 again as well as return to BCS/NC game and a firm foothold as the dominant football program on the west coast, and one of the top 5 programs inn the Nation!!!

Boise St, still a little sister, still crying about the same old thing, the BCS is unfair, losing to Nevada, bowling in vegas as a one loss team, getting left behind as other more deserving non aq's prove it on the field and recieve BCS conference memberships, getting caught cheating with massive violations and soon to be completely out of the national picture.

Yep, those wins over Oregon, while cheating were worth it. Oregon shruggs them off and becomes one of the best in the nation. Boise turds and pees all over itself with its constant whining and crying and then gets caught cheating.

Just another day in potato land!!! Hee Haw!!!!

15 minutes are up mules!!!

Nice way to go out. Bowling in vegas and getting caught with massive violations in the juco athletic dept.

Well, hope you enjoyed it!! From here on out its mac and cheese forever!!!

Joke program, joke fans. Oh yeah, nice sellout of 33,000 seat stadium for your nationally televised game last season against La Tech!! Great fan base!!!

Rack me...Hee Haw!!!!


I gather you'll be a putz and not call she who laid your egg, much less the drake that laid her?

Yeah, get on your cellphone and order some crappy bouquet, be a real duck.


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!

An interesting little factoid...

...that shows how relavent non aq little sisters really are.

Utah, as a member of the MWC last season scored a cool 1.2 million from the MWC's lucrative TV deal. They stand to make 11.5 mill in 2012, 16.5 mill in 2013 as part of the 50%, 75% phase in deal before reaping their full share of 21 mill in 2014.

Looks like Boise State will have to find new, trickier ways to cheat. Can't buy much blue turf and moonshine with 1.2 mill.

Guess the DVD player down at the crapkicker saloon will have to wait. Gonna have to put up with the beta reruns of Hee Haw until...well...forever. Boise St has realized its highest point in the college football world. Their little moment in the sun as the "funny little team with the wacky blue turf and the trick plays" is over.

Not a lot of money, recognition or anything else in the MWC. Just a lot of little sister wanna bees who cry about unfairness.

Soon Coach pete will be gone, off to failure in a BCS conference like his buddies Koetter and Hawkins. Who will right the ship in potato land??

Such a conundrum.

BSU vs Oregon record

BSU 2, Oregon 0.

BDuck2009- That was an impressive display of spleen venting. It does not change the head to head record.

Darth all other mules you live in the past...

...move on, schedule some games against the BCS, win those games. Play 2-3 a season like other non aq's and win 60%.

Until that happens or pigs fly, Boise doesn't matter so go ahead and continue to live in the past. Oregon moves on and wins BCS conference championships, plays in BCS bowls, the NC game and becomes the most feared and respected in the land.

Boise...ahh not so much!!!

Like Mr Hanc*&k of the BCS says, "there is a formula, play a good schedule, win your games and you have a chance."

Boise doesnt want to follow that formula but wants the rewards...sorry mules, doesnt work that way!!

Hee Haw and rack me yet again. As for darth m**terbator, ignorance is bliss for you I know...just stay of my blog moron!!

Hee Haw and out...TTFN


You mouth a lot of words, call people names, and are generally offensive.
It still doesn't change the head to head of BSU 2, Oregon 0. are right, nothing has changed...

...Oregon is still at the top dominating the Pac12 & the nation, Boise is still whining about BCS unfairness and living in the past glorifying the 2 greatest wins in program history (over Oregon).

And nothing will change because...Oregon is the dominant program on the west coast and Boise continues to schedule 1 BCS team per season which equals no BCS bowls, strength of schedule like usual in the 80's.

And of course Bduck still the champion of truth for all mules to hear. Hee Haw.
Rack me again donks!!!!!

88% of BSU Women's Tennis Team were foreigners in 2008

I understand the purpose of Title IX is to provide opportunities for US Citizen women to participate and compete in athletics, in proportion to the female to male population, at the university they attend. At least that is how the purpose statement for Title IX is written:

The law states that;

"No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance..."
—20 United States Code Section 1681,"


Notice the use of the words 'in the United States'.

I would interpret that to mean athletics schollies given to females, should be given to females who are US Citizens/Legal Residents, living in America and wanting to go to college in America and become student/athletes.

What's up with BSU recruiting so many females from foreign countries and giving them athletics schollies. Is this something all American universities and colleges do? Is it common practice to have more foreigners on women's NCAA teams than US Citizens/Legal Residents?

Is this practice in keeping with the original intended spirit and intent of Title IX, to begin with?

Because, Title IX is federally funded and universities and colleges receive a portion of that funding - Does BSU receive any funding whatsoever of Title IX monies (even one dollar)?

Here are some examples of foreigners on BSU women's sports teams:

Women's 2010-2011 Golf; (45% of team are Foreigners - 4 of 9)

Dahlqvist, Emma So. Jonkoping, Sweden (Per Brahegymnasiet HS)

Gooding, Michel!e Jr. Wilder, Idaho (Greenleaf Friends Academy)

Harper, Lori So. Manhatten Beach, Calif. (Mira Costa HS)

Henningsson, Jennifer So. Stockholm, Sweden (Walthers Gymnasium )

Leurquin, Jenna Fr. Brussels, Belguim

Santisteban, Maria Jr. Tampico, Mexico (Itesm Campus Tampico HS)

Somers, Katie Jr. Issaquah, Wash. (Mount Si HS)

Stanley, Kodie Fr. Tulare, Calif.

Young, Hayley So. Honolulu, Hawaii (Mid-Pacific Institute)

Women's 2010-2011 Tennis; (57% of team are Foreigners - 4 of 7)

Basil, Morgan 5-7 Fr. St. Petersburg, Fla. (Shorecrest Prep School)

Edwards, Elyse 5-5 So. Adelaide, South Australia (Sacred Heart)

Jasper, Stephanie 5-8 Sr. Bozeman, Mont. (Montana State University) (Edison Academic Center)

Klamczynska, Sonia 5-6 Jr. Warsaw, Poland (Warsaw School of Social Psychology)

Megale, Lauren 5-4 Sr. Boise, Idaho (Arizona State University) (Laurel Springs HS)

Pietzuch, Marlena 5-6 So. Hechingen, Germany (Wirtschaffsgymnasium Hechingen)

Vo, Sandy 5-3 Fr. Melbourne, Australia (Williamstown HS)

Is this seriously, the intent of Title IX - to recruit foreign female athletes and provide them free educations so they can have the same opportunities as their US Citizen/Legal Residents male counterparts at America's colleges and universities?

Remember - Title IX refers to Title IX of the Civil Rights Act and not Title IX of the Foreign Aid Act.

Maybe BSU is not the only universiy doing this. I don't know that much about women's tennis or golf teams and how they are structured at America's various colleges and universities. All I know is it doesn't seem to be in keeping with the purpose of Title IX of the Civil Rights Act, by my way of thinking.


PS - At least BSU has trimmed back a little bit on the foreigners from the 2008 tennis team roster, where 88% - 7 of 8 women's tennis team members were foreigners:

Baum, Laura 5-7 Sr. Stuttgart, Germany (Heinrich-Heine Gymnasium)

Frej, Rocio 5-8 Fr. Zaragoza, Spain (Sta Maria Del Pilar)

Jochimsen, Bianca 5-6 Jr. Rodgau, Germany (Claus-von-Stauffenberg School)

Mackova, Jana 5-10 Sr. Nova Dubnica, Slovakia (Gymnasium Su J. Bosca)

Megale, Lauren 5-4 So. Boise, Idaho (Arizona State University) (Laurel Springs HS)

Silfany, Vivien 5-6 Fr. Dakarta, Indonesia (Jubilee International School)

Thongdach, Pichittra 5-4 Jr. Petchaburi, Thailand (Univ. of Thailand)

Wlodarczyk, Klaudia 5-8 Sr. Skorcz, Poland

PPS - If other Amrican colleges and universities do it too (have a majority of their women's teams composed of foreighers) then so be it. It just means I am behind the power curve and learning something new. I am learning that Title IX and BSU boosters donated athletics schollie money, extends around the globe and is not intended necessarily for just Amrican students, anymore.

PPPS - Maybe it's a good thing for BSU to load up on foreigh women tennis players and golphers - and ensure chances of winning. Maybe it just means American women tennis players and golphers just are not that good for competing at the NCAA Division I level and should just be caddies and ball carriers, for the men's teams?

To be fair,Idaho has half foreign women tennis players

Here is the roster of the Idaho women's tennis team for 2010-2011. It looks like 50% of the team are foreigners - 6 of 12:

Brown, Holly Fr. Camarillo, Calif. (Rio Mesa HS)

Irimescu, Silvia Sr. Bucharest, Romania (Mircea Eliade)

Kirch, Natalie Sr. Kennewick, Wash. (Kennewick High School)

Knox, Molly Jr. Richland, Wash. (Portland State)

Lozano, Alejandra Fr. Guadalajara, Mexico

Lozano, Victoria Fr. Guadalajara, Mexico

Ly, Yvette Sr. Fairview, Ore. (Centennial High School (Gresham, Oregon))

Maciocha, Barbara Sr. Szczecin, Poland (Gdansk University)

Panter, Dana Sr. Rigby, Idaho (Rigby High School)

Simpson, Lauren So. Canberra, Australia

Siwa, Jana Sr. Trinec, Czech Republic (Business Academy Trinec)

Textor, Justine Sr. Sequim, Wash. (Sequim High School)


I swear to God . . .

. . . when I first saw the pic of the 2007 Idaho women's tennis team, I thought I was looking at the Scout Team for the Football Vandies:


PS - Note to self: Send an e-mail to Joe Vandal, requesting that he get some face masks for the Vandal lady tennis team players to wear, whenever they are outta their dorm rooms, as it is kinda creepy to see what they really look like.

ISU is doing it too

At least they are 'easy on the eyes' and like being around fuzzy balls:


Not sure there is a story here VNDL

Tennis in the U.S is at an all-time low. In-fact I don't believe there is an American in the top-10.....not sure that's ever happened before......

A counter point would be the softball team.........