Redskins select Boise State CB Brandyn Thompson in seventh round; Idaho's Keo, Enderle, Hardy drafted

By Chadd Cripe
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Former Boise State cornerback Brandyn Thompson was taken by the Washington Redskins in the seventh round of the NFL Draft on Saturday.

Thompson was the 213th overall pick and the 10th pick of the seventh and final round.

He is the third Bronco taken this year. He also is the fourth Boise State defensive back drafted in the past five years.

Here are some highlights from my conversation with Thompson:

— He began the day watching the draft at home in Elk Grove, Calif., but went outside in the fifth round. "I went outside and chilled with friends," he said. "While I was out there (Redskins coach Mike) Shanahan gave me a call. ... I did so well with it for so long. Usually I'm kind of real mellow and laid back about it. As it got closer, the anxiety and nervousness kicked in. It was pretty tough."

— He didn't see his name appear on TV. "But I heard the rest of my family going crazy inside. My family definitely had a good time with it. My parents lost their minds."

— On his only game at FedExField, the season opener against Virginia Tech in September: "So far, so good, right? Hopefully that success will carry over."

— On his feelings: "I'm appreciative. My whole life, I'm always fighting my size, all the things the critics say about me. Now it's another opportunity to prove them wrong. I'm going to try to take full advantage. ... I use that as fuel."

— On how long he's had this dream: "Since I was a little kid, 8 years old. ... I got a little emotional. I kind of broke down there. I kind of let it go."

Here's what Shanahan said, according to ESPN Radio 980 in Washington, D.C.: "I feel very fortunate he was there. A very sharp kid."


Safety Jeron Johnson, the Broncos' leading tackler the past three years, and defensive end Ryan Winterswyk, a three-time All-WAC first-teamer, weren't drafted. Now they have to wait for a resolution to the labor situation before they can sign as undrafted free agents. Twenty-three undrafted free agents played in the Pro Bowl this year.

"I'm lost for words right now!!" Johnson tweeted. "Appreciate the support from everyone this wknd tho."


Former Idaho safety Shiloh Keo was drafted by the Houston Texans on Saturday.

The Texans took Keo with the 144th pick, No. 13 in the fifth round. The Texans have been loading up with defenders in this draft. He's the fifth defensive player and third defensive back the team has taken.

Later in the fifth round, the Chicago Bears took former Idaho quarterback Nathan Enderle with the 160th overall pick and the 29th pick of the round. The Bears have four other quarterbacks on the roster — starter Jay Cutler and veteran backup Todd Collins (39 years old) and young backups Caleb Hanie (Colorado State) and Matt Gutierrez (Idaho State).

Idaho tight end Daniel Hardy went to Tampa Bay in the seventh round. Hardy was the 238th pick overall and the 35th pick of the final round.


The St. Louis Rams added Hawaii wide receiver Greg Salas in the fourth round of the NFL Draft on Saturday to go with Boise State's Austin Pettis in the third round.

The Rams clearly are trying to give second-year quarterback Sam Bradford more support. No Rams receiver had more than three touchdown catches last year. The ESPN analysts questioned the move, saying Pettis and Salas are too similar.

ESPN NFL reporter Chris Mortensen said the Rams were looking for smart receivers to fit into new coordinator Josh McDaniels' offense.

"You’ve got to have smarts to play for Josh McDaniels," Mortensen said. "They certainly are building around Sam Bradford."

Salas, Pettis and Boise State's Titus Young (second round) were the All-WAC wide receivers in 2009 and 2010.


Here are my draft story from today's paper and my draft blog from yesterday.

Here is a story on Titus Young from the Detroit Free Press.

Here is a story on Austin Pettis from the Rams website.


Here are the updated Boise State, WAC and Boise State opponents lists:

Boise State:

No. 44 (second round): WR Titus Young (Lions)
No. 78 (third): WR Austin Pettis (Rams)
No. 213 (seventh): CB Brandyn Thompson (Redskins)


No. 144 (fifth round): S Shiloh Keo (Texans)
No. 160 (fifth): QB Nathan Enderle (Bears)
No. 238 (seventh): TE Daniel Hardy (Buccaneers)


No. 36 (second round): QB Colin Kaepernick, Nevada (49ers)
No. 44 (second): WR Titus Young, Boise State (Lions)
No. 66 (third): DE Dontay Moch, Nevada (Bengals)
No. 78 (third): WR Austin Pettis, Boise State (Rams)
No. 90 (third): DB Curtis Marsh, Utah State (Eagles)
No. 96 (third): RB Alex Green, Hawaii (Packers)
No. 112 (fourth): WR Greg Salas, Hawaii (Rams)
No. 131 (fourth): CB Davon House, New Mexico State (Packers)
No. 132 (fifth): WR Kealoha Pilares, Hawaii (Panthers)
No. 144 (fifth round): S Shiloh Keo, Idaho (Texans)
No. 160 (fifth): QB Nathan Enderle, Idaho (Bears)
No. 162 (fifth): DE/OLB Chris Carter, Fresno State (Steelers)
No. 204 (seventh): TE Virgil Green, Nevada (Broncos)
No. 210 (seventh): OL Andrew Jackson, Fresno State (Falcons)
No. 213 (seventh): CB Brandyn Thompson, Boise State (Redskins)
No. 238 (seventh): TE Daniel Hardy, Idaho (Buccaneers)

Other Boise State opponents:

No. 8 (first round): QB Jake Locker, Washington (Titans)
No. 35 (second): QB Andy Dalton, TCU (Bengals)
No. 38 (second): RB Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech (Cardinals)
No. 53 (second): DT Stephen Paea, Oregon State (Bears)
No. 108 (fourth): S Quinton Carter, Oklahoma (Broncos)
No. 116 (fourth): LB Casey Matthews, Oregon (Eagles)
No. 121 (fourth): DB Chris Prosinski, Wyoming (Jaguars)
No. 127 (fourth): CB Rashad Carmichael, Virginia Tech (Texans)
No. 138 (fifth): OL Marcus Cannon, TCU (Patriots)
No. 139 (fifth): CB Brandon Burton, Utah (Vikings)
No. 140 (fifth): OLB Gabe Miller, Oregon State (Chiefs)
No. 145 (fifth): RB Jacquizz Rodgers, Oregon State (Falcons)
No. 153 (fifth): WR Jeremy Kerley, TCU (Jets)
No. 174 (sixth): FB/TE Charles Clay, Tulsa (Dolphins)
No. 176 (sixth): WR Dwayne Harris, East Carolina (Cowboys)
No. 179 (sixth): OL Caleb Schlauderaff, Utah (Packers)
No. 180 (sixth): QB Tyrod Taylor, Virginia Tech (Ravens)
No. 190 (sixth): S Colin Jones, TCU (49ers)
No. 219 (seventh): DB Malcolm Williams, TCU (Patriots)

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The Bears

are going to be happy with Paea. Even though he's inexperienced he's athletic and has an excellent work ethic, which will provide Chicago with more depth and I think in time he could be a starter.

The Rams are doing great!!!

With Pettis, Salas, and Bradford....the Rams could be going to the Super Bowl!!!!!


to Nathan Enderly! And, I wish you the very best luck.

Glad to hear it, but Keo going before Jeron Johnson is bizarre

Both good players but----

What a Royal Chocolate Mess this is gonna be

We got a Lockout going on. We got a draft for Future Rookies (who may or may not have a salary cap impacting on them for the 2011 Season - regardless of what they 'thought' they got guaranteed - part of the original pleading/complaint in the lawsuit) going on. We got Free Agents (restricted and unrestricted) sitting on the sidelines just chomping at the bit to cut in line ahead of the Draftees for contract negotiations with teams. We got a potential pool of veterans wanting to be traded or not traded standing idley by. I bet Korey Hall and other vets of his standing (4-5 years experience and 'on the edge' of their careers) are like dogs chitting razor blades, right about now - due to 'uncertainty of the future'.

Once this entire lawsuit/strike nonsense, comes to an end and players/Draftees/Free Agents can talk to teams and engage in negotiations, this is gonna be one heck of a big mess. I think the sports reporters are gonna be taking psychotropic meds, by the first of September.

I can see a lot of Draftees getting moved around in the shuffle and going to different teams than they were drafted to.

Bottom line: We might think that a Draftee is gonna be a Lion or a Packer or whatever, come the first game of the season. But I can see where there is opportunity for lots of surprises and movement of 'talent' before the opening kickoff of the 2011 season - if that even happens.

I feel sorry for this year's crop of Draftees. I am thinking there will be a small percentage of them who will sign with CFL teams in the next month or so, just to have a paycheck - as those players don't have the savings in the bank that established veteran players do - they just got out of college and gotta have some income to live on and feed their families.

Just some rambling thoughts about this whole Lockout and lawsuit mess.


Korey Hall

"NFL Note - Green Bay Packers Hall, Korey"
FB Korey Hall was not tendered a contract by the Packers and will be a free agent whenever a new labor deal is reached.


Yes, that's how I understand it from talking to his Mom in Glenns Ferry the other day, when I bumped into her at the grocery store.

As I said, he is sitting on the 4-5 year career edge/bubble. As you prolly already know, the average NFL player gets about 4-5 years in the NFL, so Korey knows he is possibly at the end of his NFL career (the Super Bowl win did not really mean anything to bolster his contract possibilities one way or another - he knew that going into the game). Korey knows he has just been an 'average' NFL player, with a blessed career, however it turns out. But what a deal - a small town Glenns Ferry kid playing FBS ball and then playing NFL ball and winning a Super Bowl Ring - wowow!!! How many Idahoans can claim that??? It is his history of injuries that is a limiting factor for longevity in the league, more than anything.

Kory has his head on straight and is very realistic about it all and has a good perspective that he will play as long as he can and then get on with his life. He has a degree in Construction Management from BSU and really is loooking forward to owning his own construction company someday, somewhere based in Southern Idaho. If push comes to shove he can always go back to farming and ranching with his family - as they are a real close knit group. He has something to fall back on and is not totaly dependent on football for a living. Not all players are that fortunate, as you know.

Also, I didn't get the impression from his Mom that Korey has a total burning overwhelming desire, at all costs, to play much more. He has his Super Bowl Ring - made some good money - saved/invested most of it wisely - still has his basic overall good health. I don't think he would be crushed if he couldn't find a team - if he could, fine, more playing time and investment money coming in - if not, cool, time to move on in life. I don't see him as one of these ex-NFL players that gets depressed and suicidal because they can't play anymore.

He is a regular person and really humble. If you met him and didn't know he was a NFL player, he wouldnt tell you. He would talk about farming, ranching, hunting, fishing, the weather, and building houses, and buldings and such. His parents are the same way - extremely down to earth people.


PS - His Mom has a hair shop in town and the front dispay windows are LOADED with green and yellow Green Bay stuff and blorange Bronco stuff. Next door is an insurance company owned by a Vandal couple, with lots of Vandal and Green Bay stuff on display. It is interesting how it works outside of Boise when it comes to Broncos and Vandals. Nothing at all like it is in Ada County. They all seem to get along together real good without all the 'Nasty and Inhebriated' slams going toward the Vandals and the Idaho hatred that exists by Bronco Nation Wannabees. But then again, Mrs. Hall is a True Idahoan Bronco and the Finks are True Idahoan Vandals; Both proud of their schools and the kids they watched grow up, and respectful to their neighbors.

VNDL....Ugly was not going to reply, but could not

resist....that was a heart warming story....I was listening to Elvis on 'You-Tube' and then read your post...Elvis was American...Your story on Hall was also American...I was listening to Elvis sing 'In the Ghetto'....Elvis is King!! No better voice in the World!!!!

On Glenns Ferry....While back my wife and I was heading back to Eastern Idaho from the Basque Festival in Boise on a hot July night...our car was breaking down and we coasted into Glenns Ferry....I pushed car to mechanic attendant by High School on a late Friday...He was closed, but he was there...He helped us, but said could not get parts until Monday....

So we stayed at the Redford Motel....

Then we headed to Carmelas....

At Carmelas, there was a wedding and a family reunioun....we fitted right in...we ate and partied with them all...great weekend...

Monday, we were back on road....great town....wish the Hall's well.... not reply...this was a freebee and does not count as a post....I just remembered my Glenns Ferry moment and had to reply...

Please, just go away


Why don't you just quit posting GO AWAY...

like every other sad Dominick and Terry?

This is getting so old we could save a forest for all the funeral plan offers in the mailbox?


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!

Ω Figger it out, VNDL ... ain't that hard!

Night court for you!

ps - No thanks for the "Be careful where the dog chits ya" reference, either. That's real class, Harry.


Here's a littly ditty that I wish President Nellis and Rob Spear would listen to, over and over and over again, during their deliberations and planning meetings to determine Idaho's future role in the FBS world and attempts to join the MWC:


Undrafted Free Agents

It is a shame several very deserving Broncos did not get drafted. Here is a post I found on BroncoCounry which sums up very nicely, the predicament facing those guys:


BarnabyMoose Bronco Veteran
802 posts this site
Posted: Today 7:08 PM

Re: Free Agency??

This is the worst year to be undrafted from what I've read. The longer the lockout continues, the less likely it is that teams will sign undrafted free agents when the season actually starts. They will be more likely to sign players that are veteran free agents, because they have a better idea of what they're getting than with rookies.

Let's say the lockout ends in August so the season starts on time. Teams will be scrambling to fill all their sudden holes, it will be quite a frenzy. They will be more likely to sign a player with a year or two of experience, just because they have a better feel for them than they do a rookie who has never been to a NFL camp.

Then the following year, teams will go back to normal, and most of the rookie free agents will come from next year's class, not this year's for the reason that this year's didn't play any football at all for a year.

That's just the general feeling I've gotten from what I've read.

I am guessing they are in contact with the CFL teams, hedging their bets, as those teams' season starts in June. I know I would be. The CFL might be the big winner of this NFL lawsuit and lockout business, as they are being handed a talent rich pool they normally would never have a chance to swim in. An undrafted 2011 Draft player could play in the CFL, get playing time on his resume (no dead time from not playing ball), and then hopefully, make a move next year to get on a NFL team. But it is a short window of opportunity. Does a player make a leap to the CFL and sign a contract, only to find out in a month that the lockout is over, but he is stuck in the CFL for a year - or does he make a leap to the CFL and sign a contract and get playing time and money when the NFL season doesn't happen at all for 2011. Tough choice - kinda like betting all you got on one hand of Black Jack.


WAC Results

The WAC did pretty well with 16 players drafted. 3 each from Hawaii, BSU, Idaho and Nevada; 2 from Fresno State and 1 each from New Mexico State and Utah State. Not bad for a conference that gets so little respect. With Kaepernick going first early in the second round and Young not far behind and Pettis, Moch, Green (HI) and Marsh (US) going in the third round; the WAC had 6 players in the "early rounds". Not bad at all...

WAC v. MWC in the Draft

It is interesting to note that the WAC had more players drafted than the MWC. 16 for the WAC compared to only 10 for the MWC.

Ω Someone got "offed" today.

OT, I know.

Couldn't have happened to a finer bedouin.

#1 in the CIA draft. Nice! Enjoy your trip into dust.

ps - Go Broncos, Go USA!

It doesnt matter what side of teh spectrum

you are on. Today is a day to be proud of America!

Very true


VNDL, you'll love this

I'm at the gym today and I had just finished my workout and walked into the locker room. These 2 dads are talking about their kids, both were 12. So dad #1 says "I heard something new yesterday", dad #2 says "what's that". And dad #1 one replies "well my kid was on the phone and I overheard him say "that's FUGLY"". Dad #2 chuckles and says "what's that mean?". so dad #1 says "I didn't know, so I waited for him to get off the phone and ask him", "turns out it means "effing ugly". They both chuckle and dad #1 says "I told my boy that it probably wouldn't be a good idea to use that term around his mom"

True story, I couldn't make this up!

Lack of Institutional Control...

...and we all know where there is smoke there is fire.
How long till coach Pete is gone?? Pete Carrol...charged and gone...Tressel charged and soon to be gone.

I wonder if the penalty will be no post season? BCS finally does the WORLD a favor and disallows the Blue Pee Mules any access to any bowl...even their home away from!!

See what happens when you let criminals play (referring to the 2 speedster crims soon to released from NFL rosters and returning kicks in Canada)

Cant say anything except...see what happens...flap your mule gums long enough and loud enough...dont upset my man Mr Han*ock!!

Not that I need to be racked...but rack me mules and have fun playing a meaningless season.

You continue to show your stupidity

Considering the only major violation was by the Tennis team, I would say Coach Pete's future is still secure. Besides, the average "payoff" to these 79 kids was just under $72. Big fat deal! The grand total over a 6 yr perios for all those "evil" student-athletes was a whopping $6000. Again, Big fat deal!

2012 Draft projections...

...ESPN projects Doug Matin will get drafted...Moore will not.

Martin goes with the last pick to...who cares!! He will soon take the road well travelled by Ian, Jared and the speedster crims...Canada for a few punt return/fumbles and back to Boise to get his degree.

Moore...looks like that Jiffy Lube Management position might just be his for the taking!!!

Hee Haw and rack me over and over again...rejoice in the truth and knowledge of BCool...ah...thats BDuck to you Mules!!!!

Are you still upset....

your precious Oregon Ducks only had 1 player selected in this year's NFL draft? What happened to the other 9 players that were eligible?

I really wish I could believe that the Ducks were a far superior team to the Broncos. The Broncos only had 3 players selected (all above Oregon's 4th round selection).