Idaho politics: Well, isn't this special?

From the University of Minnesota comes this snippet of curious — although not particularly useful — political trivia.

By year’s end, Idaho may be the only state in the union to never hold a special election to fill a U.S. House vacancy,

Idaho has shared this distinction with Nevada. But later this year, Nevada will hold a special election to succeed Republican Rep. Dean Heller, who was appointed this week to succeed John Ensign in the U.S. Senate.

Part of this is a matter of happenstance. Idaho has never had a House member resign mid-term, and only one Idaho House member has died while in office. Rep. Thomas Coffin, a first-term Democrat in Idaho's Second Congressional District, died on June 8, 1934, but the seat was left vacant until after the November election.

Special elections are not all that uncommon, especially in more populated states with larger House delegations. The elections are frequently scrutinized as a bellwether of shifting political moods, says Eric Ostermeier, writing at the university’s Smart Politics blog.

Here's the link to the a follower. full Smart Politics post.

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