Boise State's Ryan Winterswyk waits for the NFL to decide: defensive end or tight end?; Titus Young headed to Browns?

By Chadd Cripe
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Ryan Winterswyk and Korey Hall have two things in common now.

Winterswyk, who in December became the first three-time All-WAC selection at Boise State since Hall, won’t know if he’ll play offense or defense in the NFL until he’s drafted Saturday.

Hall played middle linebacker at Boise State but was drafted as a fullback by the Green Bay Packers in 2007.

Winterswyk was a defensive end at Boise State but some teams want him as a tight end and others have talked to him about playing primarily on defense with spot duty at tight end.

“It’s the NFL,” Winterswyk said. “Whatever I’ve got to do to make the team.”

Winterswyk said he has talked to about 28 NFL teams. Only a few envision him strictly as a tight end.

The Miami Dolphins put him through a tight end workout before pro day in Boise. He has continued to work on his route-running since then. In fact, his brother Aaron played tight end at Arizona State behind Todd Heap.

Winterswyk has been staying with his brother in Dana Point, Calif., recently. He surfs when he’s not preparing for the NFL.

“(Aaron) knows all kinds of (tight end) tricks,” Winterswyk said. “We have a good time playing football in the park.”

He plans to go surfing Saturday morning and then tune into the draft at his brother’s house. He’s confident his phone will ring.

“From everything I’ve heard, I should get drafted,” Winterswyk said. “Teams seem really, really positive when I talk to them. … I’d love to go around the fifth round but I might go a little later than that. Last I heard, my draft status has risen a little bit.”

The NFL entered his mind after his sophomore year, his first All-WAC season. He might have been a higher-rated prospect if not for a knee injury that slowed him the first half of his senior season.

“It’s always been a dream to play a professional sport,” the former walk-on said. “I always thought I’d play professional baseball. Once I got to Boise and my career started taking off a little bit, after my sophomore year, I started looking at D-ends in the NFL and realized they were kind of similar (in size). It wasn’t something I was really counting on or anything, but I’d love to go play (in the NFL). It definitely would be a really cool experience.”

Winterswyk would be the first Boise State walk-on taken in the NFL Draft since running back Brock Forsey in 2003.


ESPN experts Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay both predict former Boise State wide receiver Titus Young will land with the Cleveland Browns tonight.

There's one key difference in their predictions, though — and it could mean a lot of money to Young.

Kiper projects the Browns will take Young with the 37th overall pick — the fifth pick of round two, which begins at 4 p.m.

McShay projects the Browns will wait until the 59th overall pick — the 27th pick of round two.

You can find their mock drafts here.

Charley Casserly of the NFL Network has Young going to Washington at No. 41.

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An interesting read - for those of you with an 'Open Mind'



i believe his comments underscore our belief that they should return to DI-AA. some of his comments “However, we are due to win one of these games in the near future and it will be a shot in the arm for our program.” regarding playing big name schools are simply unrealistic. those games will always be on the road. idaho going in and pulling a major upset just does not appear to be in the cards. i believe you and i are in agreement that montana enjoys a much better football program because they have chosen to remain where they can be competitive and certainly the same is now true for ewu. i believe in five years time the vandals could compete for the DI-AA title if they made the decision to return. at that point, spear would be delighted with the revenue situation.


Yes, we are in complete agreement.

I too thought it unrealistic that Idaho can ever win a road game (or even a home game, for that matter) against a Big Name school.

Idaho has to accept the fact that it would be best for Idaho's academics (primary mission of Idaho) to return to FCS status and stop chasing the dream of being like BSU in FBS football. BSU has won the race; so be it.

I have read somewhere that part of Montana's decision to remain FCS was based on observing what is happening to Idaho these past ten years, and Montana not wanting to get caught up in the same fiscal resource sucking scenario.

More and more Vandals are wanting Idaho to stop the financial idiocy of chasing the fallacious FBS dream. The problem is, the carpetbagger Idaho Administration, calls the shots, and they have nothing but great disdain for Vandal Alumni - as they demonstrate with regularity.

I am becoming more and more discouraged about the Long Term Future of the University of Idaho, due to a lack of wisdom and prudent actions on the part of Duane Nellis and his Beep Beep Boys and their quest for the Holy FBS Grail.

Staying in the FBS is sucking the Life Force out of Idaho. And for what?


This is a good read

and I disagree that Idaho should return to FCS. Following Idaho's move to FBS it became obvious the athletic department and school lacked leadership and the Sun Belt Conference membership didn't do much to help recruiting. However, over the past several years the interest in football has been growing and I believe attendance is growing as well.

You attended Idaho during another era than many of us. There are a lot of alumni who never had the opportunity to watch Idaho play a FBS team unless the game was in Pullman. In the meantime, Idaho had to travel to places such as C Michigan, West Virginia, Auburn, Colorado St to complete. Most Vandal fans never had the chance to see them compete against these teams.

Meanwhile, since the Vandals moved to FBS they've scheduled FBS opponents to play in the Dome. I can tell you from first hand experience that its much more entertaining to watch the Vandals playing quality opponents versus sitting through a 45-0 route of schools such as Mankato St. Those games were hardly entertaining.

I can also attest to attending FCS post season games and the attendance was never more than 7,500 on games during the Thanksgiving holiday.

While it may be a grind...I certainly believe Idaho is going down the right path. And, I've heard you say this before, the top BCS teams need the non AQ schools to qualify for bowl eligibility. Therefore, a more equitable system of revenue sharing should be discussed. They need mid-major programs to compete against.

As a Vandal fan I've never aspired for them to participate in the college football arms race in the manner the Boise State has pursued. I've never seen it as realistic. But, I do believe Idaho's program can grow and be more competitive than it is now. I've had season tickets for 12 or 13 years and I enjoy returning to Moscow for games. For me it's a 9-hour driver and when I go to the games I want to see quality opponents. I have particularly enjoyed watching the WAC games. Also, since Idaho has been an FBS school they have played here on the West Coast with increasing frequency and I don't mind driving to Seattle, Eugene, Corvallis and San Jose to watch them play.

Finally, I too have a friend who's an insider at Montana that has filled me in on their concerns about joining the WAC. First and foremost is they don't have confidence they can recruit quality student athletes to Missoula. At the FCS level they are able to attract athletes with so-so backgrounds and questionable abilities in the classroom. They also feel and obligation to recruit local Montana students who can compete at the FCS level but aren't athletic enough to compete at the FBS level. Also, they want to maintain their partnership with Montana St and they also feel an obligation to support the Big Sky Conference. And, last but not least...while they said "no" they still left the door open to the possibility to develop plans to work on the other issues.

Anyway, I've wasted enough time on my thoughts which at the end of the day are meaningless because life is going to go on and what is going to happen will happen.

Bye the way...I was sure stoked about the Golden Eagles. It sure would've been great to see them get more coverage in the Statesman.


I guess the real reason Montana feels so 'close' to Montana State and has a desire to play them every year is because their State Legislature and Board of Education mandate it. Also, in addition to funding concerns, one of the reasons Montana didn't make the jump to FBS was because Montana State wasn't in a position to do so yet, and therefore, Montana could not, due to a Montana State requirement that Montana and Montana State had to be in the same conference.

I guess we both have our own opinions as to where Idaho's priority should be. I believe it should be on academics and you are supporting football. Each to his/her own opinions, I guess.

The CSI Golden Eagles were very exciting to watch this year - tremendous tricky passing and play development and then lights out Long Distance shooting. No doubt in my mind they could have beaten any team in Idaho, at any time. They play a totally different style of BBall than the 4 year schools do. It is a run and gun, fast break every play, in your face defense, non controlled chaos type game. Idaho and BSU players would be sucking oxygen outta NORCO bottles on the sidelines, about half way through the First Half. Gotta be in tremendous aerobic shape for JUCO BBall.

Yes, Idaho's best team and they got basically no coverage in the Statesman. I understand, one for sure, and possibly two of the Golden Eagles will be playing for BSU next year. Haven't heard anything about Idaho, though. Too bad about the 2 players getting busted for smoking pot a week after they won the National Championship, though. It was the first decent day of Spring and they were sitting in lawnchairs on the grass between the sidewalk and their apartment, about 20 feet from the road. A Twin Falls city cop was driving by with his windows down cuz it was a nice day. The cop passed them and smelled the pot smoke. He went over to them and asked if they were smoking pot. They said yep they were. Busted !! Apparently, they brought a big bag of pot back with them from their Championship Tournament in Kansas (which they proudly showed the cop), as it was sitting on the grass by their feet. Maybe candidates for America's Most Stupid Criminals. Both are Sophomores so their JUCO eligibility is over. Neither one of them is going to a 4 year school.


Since when are programs due

to win anything. This clown thinks that football is as random as a coin flip. Keep him away from vegas! I'll tell you it is better served to take all the money he wants get with this "win" and bet it all on one hand of 21.
I honestly cannot believe that even a UI grad cannot see what a bad philosophy this is when given such responisbility as a University has with regards to money.

Its time, vandie fan.... time to wake up to reality, time to stop throwing money after pride, time to win the big sky!

An excellent read

I agree with everything that Rob Spear said.

And further, besides the money that the BCS conferences are able to earn for themselves, look at just how much is left on the table for the BCS bowl committees to suck up. The fact that the Fiesta Bowl committee had so much money to squander ought to tell the NCAA something about just how messed up the current system is.

I'm not even going to talk about UConn appearing in a BCS game. That's just low hanging fruit.

So fill me in. How much

So fill me in. How much difference is the money between the 5th and the 27th 2nd round pick?


Since they don't have a CBA in place yet, I'm not sure anyone knows. Last year, it was a difference of $1.5 million in guaranteed money and $1.7 million total.

Lilly - some numbers for you

Hre are some amounts for all players selected in the 2010 draft (some are undisclosed, however). Just extrapolate from there:

It won't be perfect, but will give you a ballpark answer to your question.


Holy Carp! Thanks Chadd

Holy Carp!

Thanks Chadd and VNDL. Very interesting.

If the Browns want him...they'd be foolish to wait

Chances are someone else will nab him...and I hope that happens...ugh...Cleveland?!!

Lord, please...

don't punish Titus by sending him to the Browns! That's where careers go to die. Just kidding (sort of). I guess being drafted by Cleveland would be better than not being drafted at all (just slightly). Colt McCoy can use all the help he can get though. I hope he goes to the Ravens or Packers.

it's true

when was the last time cleveland: won a playoff game, had a decent qb or had a pro bowl wr?

Mid-late 1980s?

The last I remember was around 1986-87 when Bernie Kosar was the QB. Didnt really pay attention to the Browns the last 20 or so years.

The only Browns ive ever

The only Browns ive ever seen go to the Super Bowl were the ones I sent there and then flushed.