Boise State prospects prepare for NFL Draft; ticket update for Georgia football game

By Chadd Cripe
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This week, I’ll be checking in with Boise State’s NFL prospects. Today, I’ve got notes on Titus Young, Austin Pettis and Jeron Johnson.

But first, here’s the latest from and on the Broncos’ prospects — and it’s not particularly good news. If you read the scouting reports on each player at, none of the Broncos are considered future starters. Young is listed as a probable slot receiver with Pettis, Johnson, defensive end Ryan Winterswyk and cornerback Brandyn Thompson as backups.

At, Young is rated the No. 50 prospect. Pettis is No. 110 and Johnson is No. 150. Mel Kiper Jr. has Young going 58th to the Baltimore Ravens and Pettis going 95th to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

At, Young’s grade converts to top 50. Pettis is in the top 135, Winterswyk is in the top 180, Johnson is in the top 190 and Thompson is in the top 270.

The draft is scheduled for 254 selections.


Pettis visited the Steelers, which lends some legitimacy to Kiper’s projection. He also performed private workouts for the Ravens and Bears.

He has heard he’ll be taken anywhere from the second to the fourth round. He plans to have a party with family members Friday night (second and third rounds) and a larger party at a restaurant Saturday (fourth through seventh rounds).

“The only thing I can really hope for is to go to a team where I fit in really good there — that’s really the main focus,” Pettis said. “… It’s been a long process. I’ve been waiting for this moment. It’s a big day for anyone whose name is getting called. It’s kind of a dream come true.”


Young worked out with the Bears at the same time as Pettis, but declined to say if he’s met with any other teams.

He hasn’t decided how to handle his draft party.

Among the questions that the new adidas spokesman will have answered for him this week — what colors he will wear.

“The way I’m going to look on the field is very important to me,” Young said.


Johnson will spend the draft weekend with family and friends in California.

He expects to come off the board in the middle rounds. He didn’t have any private workouts or team visits, but Arizona and Jacksonville sent their defensive backs coaches to Boise State’s pro day.

“I’m not going to have high expectations for day two,” he said, “but I’ll definitely be watching.”

Johnson performed well in testing. He was the fastest and strongest safety at the NFL Scouting Combine.

“I feel like I did everything in my power to increase my draft stock and now it’s just a waiting game,” he said.


Boise State has 7,500 tickets for the season opener against Georgia in Atlanta. Those tickets will go on sale in late May or early June, with season-ticket holders getting first shot. The price hasn’t been set.

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Headline says ticket

info for georgia game. Then...... the info is we dont have any info yet. There will be tickets, we dont know how much or when..... THANKS STATESMAN!


Changed it to "ticket update." Better? ... I've been asked several times about tickets so I wanted to give people an update.


I expect this kind of snarky attitude from Murph. Kinda surprised its only April and Cripe seems edgy. Prater, its time for this guy to receive some much needed and DESERVED vacation time.

Tater 2 is right. For those of us interested in getting our grubby little hands on tixs, no news is, um, well, no news.

Cripe, I will say, great work on the potential draft rounds our Broncos might go. Ive seen Titus go anywhere from late 1st to middle 3rd.

Wheres ski/joc doc telling us how kaepernick has climbed from a 3rd round selection to THE top pick overall in the draft?


Sorry, that was a legitimate question — not a snarky reply. Tone is hard to get out of this kind of stuff. ... One of the benefits for me of the comments is I get a better idea of how people read my stuff. I tried to fix the issue and wanted to know if that correction accomplished that. ... Obviously I wish I had more complete information but that's more detail than Boise State had put out before on the tickets.

I feel ya

Chadd, I didnt think it was snarky..... Im actually happy you replied.

good read on the draft

joke doc will love it.

I dont know B81

that guy sure rubbed me the wrong way. What a dork. And he sure thinks highly of himself. I think he may have a sexual orientation issue. but hey, he gets paid.....probably more than you and me.....

That said, I will be shocked, and I mean SHOCKED if Locker does anything at the NFL level.

Just got back from drinking coffee at P2's house

Last Fall, P2 shot a bull elk and took it to the taxidermist. He got it back from the taxidermist last night and called me up this morning to have me come over and see his new 'mount'.

You can't miss P2's house in the trailer court. He is the only person to have ever put brick siding up around a '73 single wide.


It was good coffee though


P2 yes - good coffee

and excellent company, too, I might add. You were a gentleman and fun to be around.



a "rogue" viewpoint is entertaining if nothing else. he predicted alex smith would be a bust and he was/is. he predicted aaron rodgers would be nothing special and he was very wrong as were the rest of the experts. the current class of qb's will be very interesting in my opinion. gabbert, newton and mallett are alleged to be the real deal. kap, dalton and ponder also have some excited. draft order tells us nothing. in two years, we will know which qb's are worthy. as for locker, all we really know is he will get drafted, get a lot of money and get the opportunity. like everyone else on this blog, next year will be the year we will all be excited about km. my personal opinion is that he will get drafted low and play in the super bowl someday.