San Diego State coach: 'They ought to get rid of that blue turf. I think it's unfair'

By Brian Murphy

It didn't take long for San Diego State coach Rocky Long to spark a rivalry with new Mountain West Conference mate Boise State.

During the league's spring practice teleconference, Long praised the addition of Boise State to the Mountain West this fall — "They add a great deal to our league," he said — but he took a shot at Bronco Stadium's famed blue turf.

"I think they ought to get rid of that blue turf. I think it's unfair," said Long, the former New Mexico coach who is in his first season as the Aztecs' head coach.

When asked to expand, Long said, "it takes the visiting team a quarter or two to get used to that different field."

Long said players "track the ball differently" on the blue turf, particularly since Boise State traditionally wears all-blue uniforms on the blue turf.

Long was the head coach at New Mexico in 1999 when Boise State defeated the Lobos 20-9 at Bronco Stadium.

Boise State installed the blue turf in 1986. The Broncos are 69-2 at home since 2000, the highest home winning percentage in the country. Boise State went 40-0 at home in conference games during its 10-year WAC tenure.

"The only thing I can say is we’re on it every day and we see it all the time that we don’t think of it as any different than when we go to a green field. Maybe it's because we see it every day," Boise State coach Chris Petersen said.

"Certain places have a mystique that make it harder to play, whether it’s the stadium size or the ambiance inside," Petersen said. If it’s an advantage, great."

Boise State plays at San Diego State on Nov. 19.

• Petersen said defensive tackle Billy Winn, who was injured on the final play of the spring scrimmage, is "fine."

• Former Boise State wide receiver Titus Young is a spokesman for addidas — and its "adizero 5 STAR, lightest cleat in football."

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coach long will have a different excuse

after getting beat at home. with a career coaching record of 65-69, it would appear he has greater worries than the color of our field.


Is this the same Rocky Long who lost at BSU when Brian Urlacher was on his team at New Mexico? How about some wine and cheese with those sour grapes.

If blue jerseys on blue

If blue jerseys on blue field cause that much of a hinderance then wouldn't Boise's QBs have problems seeing their own receivers??? Give a rest already.

Not to mention how difficult it must be for ........

teams wearing green uniforms playing on green fields.

Or that next year the Mayans will slay the Aztecs.


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!

Ω Loco Lobo?

Is he serious? Sounds like just another preemptive excuse for what is likely to happen in the fall of 2012.

Maybe the MWC will allow the use of a blue ball ... just for that game. Might take Rocky more than "a quarter or two" to track it. Sheesh!

WAIT!!!!!!There is a New


There is a New Mexico?


i may use this going forward.


Yes, they put the new one right down there next to the old one by golly.

In the old one, they don't know how to play football -- it's actually "soccer". And in the new one, they don't know how to play football either -- it's called "Lobo football".

This concludes your training for the day. Class dismissed!

It's Arizona's secret love state.


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!


San Diego State coach: "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Using this logic, playing on green field is unfair then for...

Michigan State, Oregon, etc.

Seatlle Sounders


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!

Tarzan,Tonto & Frankenstein from SNL

"it takes the visiting team a quarter or two to get used to that different field."

Frankenstein is confuzed by all the colors. Frankenstein can't see ball move. Frankenstein not know if blue player part of field. Ahrrrrrrrrrr.



Dont underestimate the Aztecs !!!

SDSU will be a very dangerous opponent this year. We have to go TO San Diego the week after playing TCU on The Blue which is going to be a major high ... ask ANY FB coach ... getting your team to a peak 2 weeks in a row is a major test ...

The Aztecs will be gunning for us ...

I respect any program and I

I respect any program and I agree with what you're saying....but this complaint is way played out.

No gunning next year. All sacrificial blades/

We had joy, we had fun

we had seasons in the sun


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!

As I Recall

As I recall Pat Hill had the same complaint. As I recall the Broncos wore all orange uniforms when they played Fresno State last year. As I recall the Broncos won 51-0. Enough said.

Maybe they should dye it light

blue....this would give less reflection and make the BSU uniforms stand out alittle more....

They don't NEED to SEE...

They will FEEL them.


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!

to be fair....

he said they track the ball differently, not that the players blend in to the field. Maybe it's because the brown ball looks different against a blue SKY than it does against the color of the sky elsewhere.
Oh, wait a minute...
Sounds like he's exactly where we want him - distracted. If I was him I'd be more worried about the x's and o's than what color the field is.

Not Looking Down

Ever stood on the blue field, Coach Long? It only takes a minute to figure out that when you're looking at the ball or the other players, the background of your field-of-vision is not the blue turf... it's what you see when you look horizontally: the fans, the trees, the scoreboard.

Give this tired and unwarranted argument a break.

I think the coach wasn't serious...

I believe he was just shucking and jiving.

He needs a nickel to spin Teresa Brewer!


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!

kudos to the coach i cannot agree with you more

the coach will not have to worry about the smurf turf this year he his team will beat the local boise team on the green this year

Tell Coach Rocky

The Blue Turf keeps the Mane Line Dancers from grazing on it.

Ha ha, perfect!

Ha ha, perfect!

Ugly & Bad TV

Advantage or not, the Smurf Turf is terrible for TV viewing. It's difficult to track the ball, see BSU players, etc. I still regard the Blue as a national joke in college football...

which team maximus

do you support?

B81 he is a UW Husky fan

and he is from:

Gig Harbor, WA

It appears as he posts only negative stuff about other teams and doesn't spend much time posting positives about the Huskies.

He's just a troll with a puter.


PS - I can fire up the Copernic Professional and get you his shoe size and more specific information, if you want. Been awhile since we last filleted a troll, but I think I can still remember how to do it. It is like riding a bicycle, and will come back to me, in time. I just remember enjoying the sounds of all the screaming.

Ω From the Seattle Times, 1-18-2009

"For those of you who use this forum as an opportunity for cheap shots, stay off your computer."

It's way too early to start the TrollTripeTracker-2011, doncha think?

ps - to your ps ... yeah, you are really showing the rust, errrr.

pps -Another that he dropped right here:
"Who Cares?
Submitted by gkmaximus on Sat, 04/25/2009 - 4:29pm.

Small-minded Boise-centric post about two players who once played in Boise. Are you kidding me???"

Read more:

Guy's a regular asset, no?


was the last time there was something positive to post about the Huskies?

the dawgs have not

had a program worthy of their equipment since don james left. maximus is now de minimus.


I don't know why, but when I opine of you, my personal thought is of 'Maximen':


Oh No

MaxiPad, you regards the Broncos blue field as a national joke. Oh no, what will we do. We are crushed that you think that way. What can we do to make you happy? Please tell us.

Maybe you should send your sorry axx team to Boise, so we can show them the proper respect. A good b*tt kicking by the Broncos, will quickly straighten you and them out.

And that is what will


Of course -after- we ruin their opener for their new and improved stadium.......

Gouda or Gruyere?

Hey Coach Long, would you like some cheese to go with your whine?


The little square crackers that sorta melt in your mouth and sorta get stuck on the teeth and gums. Someday he'll graduate to CHEETOS!


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!

gkmaximus - going to put it to a test, right here and now

You said, en parte, on another forum: "If you are going to practice defamation of character on this blog, you better be prepared for legal action. For those of you who use this forum as an opportunity for cheap shots, stay off your computer."

Okay, let's see whatcha gonna do.

I think you are a panzy and a sissy. It is my opinion that your level of testosterone is lower than that of a morphodite pig. Your breath smells horrible and your feet stink.

Whatcha gonna do.

I am waiting.




This ain't no big deal

Welcopme to the:


Ω Shoulda known ...

... Kelly McGillis, yet again.

Thanks, I think.

The tables get turned and gkmaximus becomes the Defendant


Ω Bit of a paunch

But, hey, at least the judge could dance a little.

Ω Well, VNDL ...

... it's just past 11pm and it seems that max has turned mini. You know he must have checked the blog in the past 10 hours. Making an ostentatious statement, such as he did, most certainly would lead to a check-back. That's what trolls do, after all ... it's fundamental MO.

This puts "mini" a step below nearly all of the other burrs. We know who they are. Nearly all have the nads to stick around for a parry or three. Not this Gig Harbor geoduck, though.

Seriously, you didn't give him much more than a hotfoot ... and it was more than enough. When the TTT-2011 rolls out, he begins on top.

ps - As a dyed-in-the-wool U of W fan (circa 1960), I disavow any connection with this type of slag. The Dawgs have had lengthy cycles of success-failure-success-failure and are just now starting to crawl out of the hole. Poking at any other team/school (for whatever reason) is not something true Husky fans do ... unless, of course, it's WSU.

Mr. Long

Poor Mr. Long. When he and his team are forced to play on that cruel blue turf, I think Boise State should accommodate him and wear bright orange. No camouflage there.

Why the Long face?

Mr. Long is obviously scared to play here.. as he should be. The Aztecs are already making excuses and the Broncos haven't even embarrassed them yet.

I think Akey had it right in the H-Bowl...

Doesn't blue + yellow = green?

How much do those yellow skeet shootin' gla$$es cost?

Maybe we can start a fund to buy enough of those so every Aztec player has a 'green field experience' next time they're in town.

Jeez...imagine being a player for that coach. Pretty lame to hear your leader already making excuses.

It shocks me that a guy who is paid

to coach a college football team knows so little about how football looks when you are playing it on a field. If you cant play on a blue field then the domes should be out too, come to think of it Ga has some shrubbery by their field that is distracting....I have noticed that oregon has two tone green, colorado has altutude, and some coastal teams have the advantage of fresh sea air to distract. UNLV needs to relocate to a cooler place, it is so unfair to play there. New mexico has the brown hillsides to mesh with a brown ball being punted... The reason UW is so bad at special teams is when they travel they have to see something called the "sun" in the sky and it hurts when you look at it. It is so silly!