Will Boise State and Idaho play football again? Maybe Yogi knows

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

Boise State athletic director Gene Bleymaier spoke to the City Club of Boise on Monday about the future of Broncos athletics, and also answered some audience questions. Here are the highlights:

— On joining the Pac-10: “I’m often asked, why are we going into the Mountain West Conference? ‘You guys aren’t setting your sights high enough. What’s wrong with you.’ It’s simple. The reason we’re not going into the Pac-10 is because we’ve applied for membership into the NFL. … The truth is schools must be invited into a conference. You don’t get to just join a conference like you can go and join Costco.”

— On the BCS: “It’s truly amazing. The sport where the NCAA can generate the biggest revenue and they end up giving it away for free. If the university presidents ever really truly understood what is happening, they would be in disbelief. The NCAA leadership over the past 30 years has been lulled to sleep while this transformation took place.” … Brian Murphy will have much more on this in Wednesday’s edition of the Idaho Statesman. Bleymaier took some pretty good shots at conference commissioners.

— Boise State expects to open Dona Larsen Park in the fall of 2012 and the new football complex in 2013. Then, he said, “we’ll turn our focus to adding additional seating.”

— The list of facility needs is long with a new addition — Bleymaier said the softball team already has outgrown its home at Mountain Cove. Others on the list include a 3,000-seat gym for wrestling, gymnastics, volleyball and women’s basketball; a swimming and diving pool; spectator seating for indoor tennis; expanded academic facilities; lights for the soccer field; and upgrades to the hall of fame.

— “Our best days are ahead of us.”

— To a question about scheduling Idaho in football: “I have a prepared answer for that because I did anticipate that. This is from Yogi Berra, ‘I wish I had an answer to that because I’m tired of answering that question.’ ”

— On the Mountain West TV deal, Bleymaier pointed out that the Broncos’ 12 games will be available to more total households than they would under a WAC deal with six games on ESPN and six on KTVB. “We’re not losing television exposure,” he said. “It is going to be different. It is going to take our fans a while to figure out where to get these games. But now this year we’re looking at having all 12 of our games broadcast to a whole lot of people around the country and we’re going to get paid for it for a change. What ESPN gave us was exposure. They did not give us money to speak of. The WAC contract, the majority of years we were in the WAC, was a total of $1 million a year. A year ago that went to $4 million. In the Mountain West, their television contract nets $12 million per year.”

— On keeping football coach Chris Petersen: “Obviously we had a scare in January when Stanford came after him. I think the key to keeping Coach Pete around is to continue the progress that we have made in our program and at the university. It’s not that we have to go from A to Z tomorrow — our coaches understand that that’s not feasible. What I talk to our coaches about is us going from A to B, and then from B to C. You know what? They buy that and they appreciate that. … We need to continue to get better — every day, every way that we possibly can.”

— Boise State has a trademark on its blue turf and will not allow any other Division I schools to install it. The school has granted permission to a lower-division college and high school.

— Boise State has no plans for additional sports. The school is in compliance with Title IX and Bleymaier has a strategy to stay there without adding another women’s sport. A new sport, he said, would be “a large expense on an otherwise stressed budget.”

— “We’re going to be as good as this community wants us to be. The sky’s the limit if the community wants that to be the limit. We can’t do it alone. We can’t do it with just a couple of you. It’s going to take everybody in the city of Boise and the Treasure Valley and Bronco Nation and beyond to chart the future for Boise State athletics. I think we’ve got great potential. Look at our past and it’s fantastic. The future is ours and we just have to make it what we want it to be.”


Afterward, I asked Bleymaier about this year’s football game at Toledo. He said ESPN wants to move the game to Friday but Toledo hasn’t signed off on it yet.


Boise State generated a little more than $500 from its text-messaging fund raiser this weekend. Fans can donate $10 to the Bronco Stadium expansion project by texting BUILD to 27722.

About playing Idaho again in football

In light of the nasty atmosphere that has developed over the years when the Broncos and Vandals play each other in football, I feel a break in the series is warranted. In time, I would like to see the series resume, but not right away. Possibly in 10 - 15 years the mutual hatred can abate enough for the series to resume.


"It’s going to take everybody in the city of Boise and the Treasure Valley and Bronco Nation and beyond to chart the future for Boise State athletics."

Well then, as a resident of the city of Boise I vote to send BSU back to junior college status. Or to just make the football team a semi-pro team and put the university out of its misery.

Thanks for asking.

Petersen and Stanford

I believe that was the first admission that Stanford made a real run at Coach Pete.

I hope BSU is going to be as good as Gene

claims....Doesn't need to answer about Idaho, yet wants a donation from everyone in TV, Boise, and Idaho....They are sooo gooodd, he thinks NFL when asked of PAC10....So good, must quote Yogi Berra about Idaho....

$500 raise for stadium....not bad...

9-3 is all I can say....It is in the cards...

9-3 blah blah blah

I cant wait until you pay me my money.

Really ugly, you could choose to be positive about this story. It isnt about UI it is about BSU and the future. Cudos to bleymeyer for some good answers and some great strategies on running one of the elite programs in the country.

Hey stanford! hahahahahhah!

Ω TV rights

Is there a way I can buy the rights to the ugly payoff event? I plan on offering this to ESPN overdubbed with various Craig James and Mark May derisions of BSU: "ugly" schedule, "ugly" field, "ugly" uniforms, "ugly" Percherons, "ugly" gray November skies. I figure ESPN could use this before next season's BSU BCS bowl game. Ought to be good for a couple of laughs ... especially when played in reverse. ugly smiles ... ugly frowns ... ugly smiles ... ugly broke ... VNDL buys ... ugly smiles.

Lessee ... the wallet enhancements will be going to P2, VNDL, and tfunk, correct? Might need a second camcorder for PiP to get crowd reactions/howling.

Razor....You forgot...Ugly

Wins!!!!! on your list.....

Remember: Dewey defeats Truman!!!!!

Goliath challenges David......Ugly better than taro cards....

Cement goes from $90 to $190 cuft--Ugly was Right!!!!

QE2 ends...inflation continues above 6%....QE3 is started to prevent hyperinflation...

Bronco Fans fork out $350 after victory over Georgia for Stadium expansion....

Ω ugly ... IPO

Shares offered to the public for the first time on May 23 (miraculously, the world remains), $1.20 face value (in respect to the 12-0 holdouts), discounted to $.93 (for the early, ugly 9-3 adopters).

P2, VNDL, and tfunk up their stake from the QE2-era bet of $150 each, by buying shares in 1964 legit, silver-laden dimes ... to the tune of $139.50 (discounted, of course). Each now holds $300 par (or spar) value in ugly, Inc.

On Sept. 3, the market tanks when BSU dumps UGA, 47-23. ugly, Inc. leads the "charge", falling to $.093 and is de-listed by every exchange from here to Otis Sistrunk. The following Monday, the SEC and Ralph Nader launch investigations into "precious-mentals" fraud by ugly, Inc.

ugly, Inc. is eventually absolved of any wrongdoing with an inconclusive "WTF?" finding.

Sept. 6 ugly is spotted speeding near Hoot's Cafe and cited for driving while despaired. ugly gives the officer a couple of dimes, a Bronco stock certificate, and is released.

By Dec. 5, ugly emerges from the grain elevator at Fenn (pop. 4) and risks the drive (along with his trusty sidekick, Mange) in his lime-green Corvair back to Boise. BSU had recovered from its horrific 1-0 start to finish undefeated and set sights on the Sugar Bowl. ugly must pay up and the stock has rebounded in Russell-esque fashion ... hitting its all-time high of $20.11 when the UofI announced the decision to abandon abandon.

ugly is now flush ... despite not having prior knowledge from the Grain Elevator Gazette. No worries. The PE ratio is so strong ugly will have no trouble selling his treasury shares.

On Dec. 6 at the Broadway Ram in front of a national audience (ESPN 86), ugly makes good on his bets, makes "nice" with P2, VNDL, tfunk, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, downs a couple ... and then proclaims BSU will go 5-7 in 2012.

To be discontinued ...

Been out of service

for 4 days and this is the first post I read........

well done......

Ω Good

Maybe now you and VNDL can get back to the normal breakneck, cutthroat, to-the-death jousting we love to see.

Some (most) of the other stuff is "my daddy can beat up your daddy" crapola.

ps - ugly ... resurface for a bit of air, huh?

Well. I need to catch up

Going 4 days without connectivity is actually refreshing. But it feels like 4 months.

Next year the Mayans beat the Aztecs and a sacrifice will fly...


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!

Ugly - Boise's University as a Regional Desination University

Gene didn't say Idaho. He said Boise, Treasure Valley, Bronco Nation (those who attend games in Bronco Stadium - my interpretation), and beyond. 'Beyond' could be Park Center by the pond at Red Robbin or by the truck stop on the freeway and Broadway exit. I didn't pick up on him wanting to market outside of Ada and Canyon counties. The important thing to remember is how Gene's growth concept for athletics fits in with Bronco Bob's Future Vision for BSU someday being a Regional Destination University, known primarily for academic outreach to nontraditional students of merit. The Bronco athletics fans might want one thing for the growth of BSU, but Bronco Bob's future vision is for academics saturation and orientation throughout the Treasure Valley, which might pose potential conflict with those wanting an athletics orientation to Boise's University, when the full scope and breadth of Bronco Bob's plan and vision becomes apparent to them.

You and tfunky, and I have talked this through last month and I am getting more and more convinced that tfunky is right on the money. It took me a while to see it, but now I do.

Yes, congrats on raising $500.00 @ $10.00 per pop at the Spring Game. That means, out of 14,500 attendees, Gene got 50 of them to spring for ten bucks for future stadium expansion or .0034% of those who attended the game committed to it. Good job for the marketing and promotion folks - they exceeded expectations, once again.

In all fairness, I think the NFL comment was a joke and attempt at humor. I took it as such. The Yogi comment was funny, too.

I found it interesting that Gene is beginning to clarify his personal and professional position regarding the BCS and own an 'identity' as either pro or con BCS - he has been real quiet about it so far. Sort of sounds, reading between the lines, that he is opposed to it, and would prefer a playoff system.


PS - Did you run Robbie Creek?

Yeah VNDL....maybe you and

tfunk are correct....in a way, I hope so....however, I believe things may not go as rosy as you two believe....finances can come to a fork in the road....the one end leads to BCS and much more tv monies....the other may lead to more popularity and more monies as underdog clobbering a big boy....what will generate more fans?...BSU in BCS and going mostly 7-5? or, BSU as best nonAQ and beating the big boy?...

BSU has a loyal following outside of Idaho only because as an underdog, they beat the big boys....Oklahoma victory set the stage....

Idaho - BSU

As a Vandal fan I hope they don't play anymore. I don't want to have to travel to "Transplant City" again to watch it. I'd rather watch a WSU - Idaho game instead.

Look at all the vandal crybabies....

Why dont you guys just leave the football and the education up to the new flagship U in this state? Its over for you guys. All the new buildings at BOISE STATE for both academia and athletics while you guys spend millions renovating a junkyard. The time for honoring yourself is over. Whatever pompous indoctrination they give you up there has become laughable. You guys deserve to get your money back. The sadness in each of your posts begs sympathy.

Hey ugly, 9-3 is bad? Akey would give his mustache and fat prego gut to go 9-3.

BSU is a flagship joke

You must obviously be one of those transplants I was talking about and I struck a nerve. Keep hanging with all your other Blue and Orange transplants and tell everyone where you came from how neat your new city is (and you probably didn't graduate from BSU anyway). . Oh and get a life - you've probably never been North of McCall. It's pretty easy to get you Donks excited on these posts - most Vandals could care less about where your school is going.

JL...Ugly did not say 9-3 was

bad....I'm just saying you are not going to go 13-0...my prediction is 9-3 and the stadium will be built on an IOU....so quit acting like the NFL in college uniforms...Idaho in football is down, but they can rebuild in the Big Sky....and maybe someday beat the mighty Broncos in the Pac-13....

The Broncos are good.....but this schedule is a decent one....if they go 13-0, they deserve the NC....You Broncos (fans) are great....you dudes act like you own CFB and you will roll over everyone in 2011 and beyond.....We will see...

PS...I have respect for the BSU football team....As an honorable Vandal, I have chosen to root for them in 9 games this year....Also, as an honorable Vandal, I will have to go for the other teams on 3 games....I have chosen...Air Force, San Diego State, and Tulsa....


woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.
Cmon Ugly just join the bronco bandwagon, plenty of room pal. You truely are an idiot though. A shame on your precious UI.

No P2...What it was is I

realized it has been over two weeks since I purchased Bronco Stock and still have not received my cert#s.....then I read article, and perceived alittle arrogance and jab at Idaho....I bought silver from the silver-man in Boise on State street and got silver in mail in 5 days just a few days ago.....I guess Bronco Stock is more precious than silver? They must handle it with extreme care......

So How Many

of your predictions have come true in the past say 20 years there Ugly? I bet you predicted that the Vandals would make a bowl game last year, and I bet you predicted that the Vandals would beat the Broncos didn't ya? The only thing that's "in the cards" is that the Broncos will probably win their new conference while the Vandals will struggle like usual to even have a winning season and all the time you are predicting what.... A BCS bowl game for the Vandals? History doesn't lie and history tells us that the UofI has maybe one fairly good year every ten to twenty years. The Broncos have one bad year in about the same amount of time. Jealousy looks so good on all the Vandal fans that just couldn't help themselves from posting on this story.


How many shares of Bronco Stock do you own and what are their Certification Number(s)?

Does ugly contribute more to the BSU Athletics Department and Bronco Stadium Expansion Project than you do/have?

Be honest with us and give us your Certification Number(s). Shouldn't be hard to do - they are on the top right corner of your certificate(s).


Can Always Count

On Vandals to puff out their chests when somebody brings up the limited successful past accomplishments that the Vandals have enjoyed over the years. And a better question is how much money have you donated for the upgrades to the Vandal Chicken Coop you guys call a "World Class Dome?" Have you even seen the new plans? A total of 32 new seats among some other superfluous garbage that is supposed to make the UofI attractive to other conferences for what was it...15 Million? Don't try and throw the academic thing in my or any others face when you haven't got the common sense enough to know that while you puff your chest out about your school, the rest of the world thinks your school is a joke.


Never puffed out my chest about past Vandal accomplishements.

Just asked you a simple question, to determine your level of commitment to supporting Bronco football and expansion of Bronco Stadium.

You failed to answer it so I will ask you again, as you appear to not be committed to supporting Bronco Athletics, to the same level as I am.

How many shares of Bronco Stock do you own and what are the Certificate Number(s)?

Apparently you have not read many of my posts.

I don't care if BSU improves academically or not. Or even has students, for that matter.

I want the Broncos to win the BCS Natty. BUS is a Football University and Boise's University and I want it to stay that way and not get all junked up and sidetracked with academics.

I want the Vandals to go back to the Big Sky. Idaho is a premier academic university and Idaho's University, and I want it to stay that way and not get all junked up and sidetracked with athletics.

I am not supportive of the University of Idaho building a 32,000 seat outdoor stadium for $150Mil. Haven't given a penny. I only give $500 per year to the Vandal Coaching Excellence Fund for the football program (about the same as I give to the Broncos - try to keep it Even Steven).

Again, I have answered your questions. Now, how about you ansering mine:

How many shares of Bronco Stock do you own and what are the Certificate Number(s)?


I Will Let

You know that I am currently a student at Boise State University. I have put in excess of $50,000 toward my education, numerous donations toward BSU athletics and in addition to my full time student fees, I am a BAA member (since 1986) which costs me plenty each year for season tickets should you some how think that I am less of a supporter than you. In the day I had scholarship offers to play football for Washington State, Idaho, and several junior colleges. I didn't want any of them because art just didn't seem to be in very high demand, I don't get drunk and fall out of frat house windows, and the football teams were and still are garbage. I carry a 3.65 GPA in Health Sciences which is very difficult and I attend school with past UofI grads that tell me the studies at BSU are harder than in Moscow. I have licenses as a Journeyman Electrician, Idaho State Patrol Officer and I am a U.S. Military Vet. Any other questions?

Steve - At Ease

You did just fine.



Steve....with that history...how come you

are still in school?....I'm sure some of that $50,000 was from your GI Bill??? Don't listen to past UI grads...they probably ribbing you on how hard BSU is.....Ugly was never in military...my family was though....thanks for your service...

With your work history, you worked Union and Military....Didn't either help with your full time student fees???....How much of the $50,000 did you pay?...

Ugly was dumb (became brilliant later)....I had to pay all my college thru work and student loans....had lousy GPA....with BS and MS degrees, I only amassed a debt of $14,000.....I paid it off....you may be in school too much....good luck....

Fugly - if Steve is ever

moonlighting as a cop and has a problem with his Taser having enuff 'juice', he can always trick it out and 'amp' it up a notch or two.

Maybe, enough to roast a charging buffalo at 100 yards, with enough duct tape and baling wire.


VNDL...I'm not questioning

Steve's history...it just seems alittle elobarote with Union and Military and him having to pay all his own college fees....

I don't want to question him because he sounds like a good friend that I graduated with in 1979.....he was an Idaho State Police Officer in Twin Falls....sounds of similar histories....but..

probably not....so will agree...prob can taser a buffalo 100 yards away....

Ω The Elocutionist


A QM Production


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!

Or he could use the taser power to charge the cellphone...

and order buffalo wings.


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!

I Was Not

in the Union and even union electricians are feeling the pinch of a screwed up economy. I did graduate in "79" and I was in Twin Falls for a short period of time working on a drug task force. Went back to school to get into a more secure line of work and something that fits me better than arresting drunks and chasing tail-lights. I get good enough grades that I get scholarships but I still have to pay for school myself because I was to stupid to take advantage of the GI Bill and tuition today is a lot more expensive than it was in the day.

SteveO...Cut the Bull...

how many shares?.....

PS...Most Vandies do not support frivilous spending...

Steve_ID.....FYI Ugly went to Idaho for

an excellent education....and I got one....BS and MS in Ag.....football was good too....the Kamiah Kid was fun to watch, especially against BSU....Idaho beat Oregon State that year too (if I remember correctly)....and we had a basketball team that beat 5 Pac Ten Teams....

You guys are the never was and always wanted to be.....kinda like the scarecrow wanting a brain in oz-land....you BSUers live and die by football, and not education.....

I grew up in the treasure valley and remember BSU of old....McMillian, Aliotti, Minter, etc.....I watched some of those games as a young kid....good football....I always felt connected with BSU as football, but never as a college of higher learning.....I felt more connected that way with TVCC or Idaho....

Idaho has a rich history....you need to read more....no jelousy here....

Go look in the mirror...

so you can see how awesome you are...

I agree...

there is a deep and rich history that spans more than 100 years and its kinda sad that people don't share our appreciation. I'm glad you appreciate and acknoweledge this tradition.

the tradition is history

in a good way, because it is real. but also in a bad way, because it is over. the vandals will never equal boise state in football. basketball is next. and in many other sports(tennis, wrestling, softball)the vandals are far behind. academically, boise state is superior in business and the rest will follow. not overnight, but 20 years out boise state will be the flagship university without question. the university of idaho is fading faster than a frat boy with a beer bong on a balcony.

Ω Line of the month nominee

"... fading faster than a frat boy with a beer bong on a balcony."

Kinda just flows.

b81...what is fading faster that a frat boy is

your dollar....dummy....buy silver!!!!

B81 - You make more U-Turns about being a Vandal Supporter

One week yu are a Vandal supporter and proud alumni and the next week you are trashing them.

That's why your credibility is so sucky - you got no consistency. For example, jnot long ago, in a little discussion with me, you said:



Submitted by aqfunk on Tue, 03/22/2011 - 2:21pm.

For a Vandal, that bowl game was the most exciting bowl game in Vandal history (which is what Coach Akey was referring to). However, for a turncoat Vandal, it would be an opportunity for derision. You are, undoubetdtly feeling a Warm Fuzzy knowing you are securely wrapped in your blanket of self-superiority, without any of those dreaded Vandals to associate with face to face, and bring you down a notch.

Prolly, becoming a Cali Fruit Loop Boy has clouded your sense of Idahoan Pride, is all I can conclude?


PS - As an Idahoan Vandal, I am proud of any post season bowl game the Vandals play in, just as I am proud of any post season bowln the Broncos play in. But then again - I am an Idahoan Vandal and a proud graduate of both BSU and Idaho.

PPS - As a Vandal Traitor, you should enjoy this song. It is performed by a Red Shirt recruit on the Vandal Chamber Music Non-Marching Team, in your honor:


thanks vndl

Submitted by broncos81 on Tue, 03/22/2011 - 4:04pm.

he appears to be about the right size for a vandal. akey should say what he means rather than depend on his hired gun to handle the literary work. don't get all self-rightous dog, i'm still a supporter of the little school on the hill in the middle of nowhere.

Read more: http://voices.idahostatesman.com/2011/03/21/bmurphy/idaho_releases_2011_football_schedule#ixzz1JweeWbXh

Just another Cali hypocrite, who says one thing one day and changes it the next day.

Fruits and Nuts is who lives in Cali.


PS - After reading your seminal post and comparing it to your other post, I believe I can be as self-righteous with you as I choose at this juncture; as your credibility defense has evaporated into thin air. Poof !!!

Ω Is it possible ...

... to laugh oneself to sleep?

so sucky
Cali Fruit Loop Boy
Vandal Traitor
little school on the hill in the middle of nowhere
Cali hypocrite
Fruits and Nuts is who lives in Cali
credibility defense has evaporated

This "reserved" for friends. Trolls be forewarned ... moat is deep.

razor - compartmentalization of thought is required to cope

Regarding all things Bronco Football, B81 and I are in lock step and solid. No problems on the Bronco side.

It is where he demonstrates abject disregard for any shred of pride or descency regarding the University of Idaho, that he and I part agreement. He is now technically not an Idahoan anymore, as I understand he has spent more years of his life living in California than he did in Idaho.

Basically, he has biologically migrated to California and should be treated acordingly and given the same amount and level of respect as one who is from San Francisco; considering his extremely poor understanding of loyalty of basic things in life has metasticized throughout his entire belief system, to extend to his home town, birth place university and undergraduate alma mater, as well.

Truley, sad. Tragic, when one turns their back on all the things that shaped and molded him into the nondescript, average, of no real significance, common, traitor that he is today.

And - after reading his post from a month ago, I was going to get ahold of Joe Vandal and nominate 81 as Grand Marshall for the Idaho Homecoming for 2011. Boy, would I have looked like a fool, nominating a Benedict Arnoldesque personage for a high Vandal Honor.

I feel so used. I now know what it feels like to have been touched by a prostitute posing as a college professor.

I gotta go take a shower and wash his bad influence and Karma, off of me, before something really bad happens. Ewee.


PS - It must be remembered that B81 and I are prolly the only two on this board sharing a common Vandal/Bronco heritage - so it is okay for the both of us to discuss it and for him to acquiese and come to my agreement, in time. I still have not lost hope in his ability to do so.

Ω 7 syllables = 1 flag

Except you snuck it in, barely under the 1am deadline. You and your moat.

"compartmentalization" ... not far short of "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious". Julie and Dick are probably wondering how to turn that into a palindrome.

What the héll is "acquiese"? You, too, from Alifornia?


ps - We need a recipe for Eggs Benedict Arnoldesque.

The brain in already parts in a hard box.


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!

vndl, surely you jest

no wavering here. you on the other hand must have been employed by the inquirer previously, trying to create a story where none exists. i have always been upfront with my vandal roots and equally upfront in pointing out the shortcomings of the administration of the little school on the hill in the middle of nowhere. you know it, you show it. print the truth.

Well SIF1960...it all began when I

delivered the Idaho Statesman as a young 10 year old and did so until turning 14 years old...My route was about 120 houses and they had to be done by 6:00 AM....when I got home, I always read the sports page before heading to school....Obvoiusly BSU football was well covered by the statesman....so as a young lad, many of the Broncos were my heros and I wanted to be one....

Unfortunately, when becoming a freshman in high school I was a bulky 98 pounder and literally got my bu$$ kicked in f-ball....so went for xcountry and track where all the skinny guys went....my senior year in HS I beefed up to 128 pounds....

I followed BSU football from 1971 thru about 1981....went to several of the games at Bronco Stadium....then became a Vandal in 1982 and things changed alittle....so I still root for Broncos, but am definitely a Vandal...

JL...are your

knickers in a twist today?

JLandon - could you please name all these . . .

Vandal crybabies you are referring to?

a list would be nice.

Just curious.


PS - Shouldn't be too hared for you to do, should it, as it appears you seem to think there are 'all' of them.

PPS - Does ugly own more shares of Bronco Stock than you do? Do I own more shares than yo do? How many do you own? What are your Certificate number(s)? do other Vandals own shares? Do Vandals, combined, own more shares than you do?

TV spin

". . . games will be available to more total households. . ." Is that the same as being seen by more people?