Boise State defensive coordinator says, 'We've got to play a lot better'; injury update; breaking down the defensive line

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski expects much more out of his players in next week’s Spring Game than they showed in the first scrimmage two weeks ago. The offense dominated that scrimmage, with Kellen Moore leading the first-team offense on a couple of long drives.

Moore burned the defense for a touchdown drive in Wednesday’s practice, too. He hit Chris Potter for a 30-yard touchdown. The drive was started on a fourth-and-13 completion from Moore to wide receiver Kirby Moore, a pass coach Chris Petersen said might have been Moore's best of the spring.

The Spring Game is Saturday, April 16.

“We’ve got to play a lot better — and give the offense credit, Kellen’s a really good quarterback,” Kwiatkowski said. “But I don’t care. We need to step up, make plays and it starts with our attitude, our passion, our intensity. We’ve got to get lined up and all that, but still it comes down to guys winning one-on-one matchups and we’ve got to do a better job of that.”

That starts with the renowned defensive line, Kwiatkowski said.

“We can do better as far as consistency,” he said. “When you’re a senior and you’ve been through I don’t know how many spring balls — I’ve been there. They’ve got to push through it, they’ve got to grind, they’ve got to lead the young guys by example. I’m not saying it’s terrible or horrible, but we can be better.”

The offensive line has made a big push during the offseason to try to compete with the outstanding defensive line, even in the weight room and conditioning drills. That has paid off, Kwiatkowski said.

“I’m going to give the O-line some props because they’re doing a good job of competing and staying after it," he said. "They’re battling. They’re bringing it. So we’ve got to step up our game.”

Petersen gives the defense a bit of a break because several key players are out this spring — most notably linebackers Byron Hout and Aaron Tevis and safety Cedric Febis — but doesn't like some of the big plays the group has allowed.

"We've got to learn on defense that that's OK — they can make plays," he said. "We can bend, but we can't break, we can't fold our tent. And sometimes when you're playing against a guy like Kellen, that's easier said than done."


Petersen met with the media this afternoon. Here are the highlights:

— Senior offensive lineman Garett Pendergast will retire for medical reasons and serve as a student coach this season. Pendergast never fully recovered from the broken ankle he sustained in December 2009.

— Senior safety Travis Stanaway, who spent the first three weeks as the starting strong safety, is out until sometime this summer with a wrist injury. He was injured in the first scrimmage. Stanaway, freshman Jeremy Ioane and senior Cedric Febis are competing to replace Jeron Johnson. Febis is out for the entire spring and Ioane missed several practices with a hand injury.

— Marcel Yates' designation of pass game coordinator (see news below) is in recognition of the role he already performs, working with Kwiatkowski on the game plan.

— Keith Bhonapha's designation as recruiting coordinator gives the staff a point person for all of the calls they get about interested players who live outside the Broncos' recruiting territory. It's the first time the Broncos have had a position coach with the recruiting coordinator title since Viliami Tuivai was the linebackers coach and recruiting coordinator, from 2006 to 2008.

— The Spring Game will be offense vs. defense with a points system. The Broncos don't have enough healthy players to draft teams.

— Petersen expects to run the Beat Coach Pete 5k race in about 30 minutes. He ran Wednesday for the first time in two weeks. He donates $5 to the Boise State scholarship fund for every racer who beats him. He hates to lose, but not as much in this case. "I'm conflicted a little bit," he said. "Part of it is a lot of people should and need to beat me and that's not necessarily how we like to do it around here. ... I really enjoy it. I love seeing the younger kids that show up that want a piece of me."


This week, I’m finishing up breakdowns of the Boise State football team by position.
Previous posts: Tailbacks, tight ends/fullbacks, quarterbacks, wide receivers, defensive backs, offensive line and nickels.

Today: Defensive line.

Returning starters (3 of 4): Seniors Shea McClellin (end), Billy Winn (tackle) and Chase Baker (tackle) return. McClellin was an All-WAC first-teamer last year and a Defensive Player of the Year candidate with 13.5 tackles for loss, 9.5 sacks and an interception. He’s a rising NFL prospect because of his ability to play outside linebacker in three-man fronts. Winn was an All-WAC second-teamer but opposing coaches often cited him as the catalyst of the defensive line. Winn had 9.5 tackles for loss and four sacks. And Baker often is overlooked but Boise State coach Chris Petersen points out that he’s every bit as good as the better-known linemen. He had 6.5 tackles for loss and 4.5 sacks.

Key losses: Three-time All-WAC first-team defensive end Ryan Winterswyk is headed to the NFL. Winterswyk’s stats were down last year as he dealt with a knee injury and double teams, but his consistency and leadership will be missed.

Projected starters: McClellin, Winn and Baker will be joined by senior Tyrone Crawford, the junior college transfer who amassed 13.5 tackles for loss and seven sacks last year as Winterswyk’s backup. Crawford and McClellin could have monster seasons because opposing offenses can’t afford to focus their blocking in any one direction.

Other key returners: The Broncos have tremendous depth on the defensive line with sophomore tackle Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe (6.5 tackles for loss, 2.5 sacks), senior tackle J.P. Nisby (4.5, 3.0), senior end Jarrell Root (4.5, 3.0), sophomore end Kharyee Marshall (2.0, 1.0) and junior tackle Mike Atkinson (2.5, 1.0 in four games) returning. The Broncos rotate a full second-team defensive line into games. That line likely will feature Atkinson, Tjong-A-Tjoe and Root. The fourth end spot is wide open. Right now, partly because of injuries, it would be grayshirt freshman Tyler Horn.

Also in the mix: Tackle Greg Grimes, end Nick Alexander, end/tackle Justin Jungblut and end/tackle Darren Koontz.

Also on the roster: End Austin Baker, tackle David Cushing.

Not practicing: Nisby has been out all spring and several linemen have been in and out with injuries.

Joining in August: End Sam Ukwuachu and tackles Robert Ash and Jeff Worthy might have been the biggest strength in the Broncos’ recruiting class.


Boise State defensive backs coach Marcel Yates will serve as the defensive pass game coordinator this season, a new title that underlines his importance to the Broncos' staff. Yates is entering his ninth season on the Boise State coaching staff. He has turned down several overtures from Pac-10 schools over the years.

Running backs coach Keith Bhonapha will be the recruiting coordinator. He's entering his third year as the running backs coach. He also was the director of football operations for three years.

Both titles are in addition to their current positions.

Boise State coach Chris Petersen has a press conference at 3 p.m. today. I'll post more details about these expanded roles after talking to him.

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reminds me of...

Pam Beesly: So you would be the Regional Manager and the Assistant Regional Manager, Andy is your number two, I would be the secret Assistant Regional Manager.
Dwight Schrute: Mmm, let's call it secret Assistant to the Regional Manager.

State of Idaho vs. Keith Abu

State of Idaho vs. Keith Abu Bhonapha
No hearings scheduled
Case: CR-MD-2010-0015892 Magistrate Judge: Theresa Gardunia Amount due: $36.00 Closed pending clerk action
Charges: Violation Date Charge Citation Disposition
09/03/2010 I18-8004 {M} Driving Under the Influence
Arresting Officer: HURLEY, JOSHUA G, ISP ISP0000685 Finding: Guilty - Withheld
Disposition date: 02/24/2011
Fines/fees: $968.50
Jail: 5 days
Credited time (Yes): 1 day

Register of actions: Date
09/16/2010 New Case Filed - Misdemeanor
09/16/2010 Prosecutor assigned Ada County Prosecutor
09/17/2010 Bond Posted - Cash (Receipt 113114 Dated 9/17/2010 for 500.00)
09/17/2010 Condition of Bond: Jail Reference Booking: 100463536 Jail Reference Stay: 1
09/17/2010 Charge Filed - Cause Found
09/20/2010 Appear & Plead Not Guilty/Bartlett
09/20/2010 Defendant's Request for Discovery
09/20/2010 Invocation of Rights
09/21/2010 A Plea is entered for charge: - NG (I18-8004 {M} Driving Under the Influence)
10/01/2010 Judge Change: Adminsitrative
10/01/2010 Hearing Scheduled (AC Pretrial Conference 10/26/2010 09:45 AM)
10/01/2010 Hearing Scheduled (Jury Trial 11/24/2010 08:15 AM)
10/01/2010 Notice of Hearing
10/21/2010 State/City Response to Discovery
10/21/2010 State/City Request for Discovery
10/26/2010 Hearing result for AC Pretrial Conference held on 10/26/2010 09:45 AM: Hearing Held
10/26/2010 Notice of Hearing
11/24/2010 Hearing result for Jury Trial held on 11/24/2010 08:15 AM: Hearing Held - Reset PTC/JT
11/24/2010 Hearing Scheduled (AC Pretrial Conference 01/03/2011 01:30 PM)
11/24/2010 Hearing Scheduled (Jury Trial 01/28/2011 08:15 AM)
11/24/2010 State/City Response to Discovery/First Addendum
01/03/2011 Hearing result for Jury Trial held on 01/28/2011 08:15 AM: Hearing Vacated
01/03/2011 Hearing result for AC Pretrial Conference held on 01/03/2011 01:30 PM: Hearing Held
01/03/2011 Hearing Scheduled (Special Sentencing 02/24/2011 01:30 PM)
01/03/2011 Notice of Hearing
02/24/2011 Hearing result for Special Sentencing held on 02/24/2011 01:30 PM: Court Accepts Guilty Plea
02/24/2011 A Plea is entered for charge: - GT (I18-8004 {M} Driving Under the Influence)
02/24/2011 Withheld Judgment Entered (I18-8004 {M} Driving Under the Influence)
02/24/2011 Sentenced to Jail or Detention (I18-8004 {M} Driving Under the Influence) Confinement terms: Jail: 5 days. Credited time: 1 day.
02/24/2011 Probation Ordered (I18-8004 {M} Driving Under the Influence) Probation term: 2 years 0 months 0 days. (Misdemeanor Unsupervised)
02/24/2011 STATUS CHANGED: closed pending clerk action
02/24/2011 Sentenced To Pay Fine 968.50 charge: I18-8004 {M} Driving Under the Influence
02/24/2011 Other Sentencing Option Ordered: Alcohol Evaluation Hours assigned: 0 Terms: obtain and comply
02/24/2011 Other Sentencing Option Ordered: Victims Panel Hours assigned: 0
02/24/2011 Probation Ordered (I18-8004 {M} Driving Under the Influence) Probation term: 1 year 0 months 0 days. (Misdemeanor Unsupervised)
02/25/2011 Application For Restricted License
02/25/2011 Temporary Restricted License Issued
03/07/2011 Notification Of Subsequent Penalties (DUI)
03/16/2011 Bond Converted (Receipt number 31934 dated 3/16/2011 amount 500.00) CK 14199
03/30/2011 32 Hrs Community Service Completed

Well, he got off easy. One year unsupervised probation, a possible withheld judgement after probation is completed, about a Grand in fines, and attorney fees of around $500.00 per hour for his Defense Counsel (Bartlett is one of the BEST - and a solid VANDAL lawyer - worth every penny).

Maybe he has learned to not Drink and Drive on recruiting trips?


PS - If this guy would have been in the military or working for most private sector employers, he would have been kicked out and sent down the road.

Most of the time

I like your comments....but you are off base on this one....situations like Bhonapha's come up daily in every sector or life with a lot of times the same results....politicians, CEOs, people of all walks of life...not just BSU football coaches get breaks in court....whether it is because of a certain relationship, judge leniency, money talking or the fact the person involved has been a solid citizen in the past and deserved a second chance with leniency.


The difference is between a 'role model' for young people to emmulate on a college campus and oficially connected and a representative of a Regional Destination University and an employee of a private sector corporation.

If Broncos are gonna critizice Vandals for falling out of windows and becoming kilt or permanently disabled, by being drunk - then be big enough to accept the fact that one of your current coaches got a DUI and move on.

If you are gonna throw stones - expect a few in return.


PS - So much for Bronco Bob's slamming Iaho for being 'Inebriated'. He just needs to look at his own BSU faculty/staff employee to see what that picture looks like.

It has been said before,

But Kustra might take some advise from the Ohio St President when he said “What I should do is go over to the surgical suites and get my foot extricated from my mouth." The higher the pedestal that you build for yourself, the bigger target you become. I believe in second chances, and from what I know about Bhonapha he is probably worthy of one.

Boise State Asst. Coach gets DUI

By comparison, Idaho's Asst. Coach pulls a gun on a student.

You Vandal fans think you've got any room to criticize in this comparison?
You can sit down and shut up now, you've finished embarassing yourselves and your school sufficiently.

Uh Oh......................



that says it all....hopefully VNDL was paying attention.

Doobie - request for information

Please provide factual information and a credible and verifiable cite, that an Idaho Assistant Coach pulled a gun on a student.

Thanx in advance.


Post in idahopolitics and stop dribbling at the throne


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!


You know I got your back on this one. You are 100% correct on the DUI. This man has the privalage of coaching on one of the best teams in the country, he should have been gone. It shocks me how lightly people take DUI's. This man LEADS young men into "battle" Football should be about more than just a game but about a teaching tool for faith and life. I said all along the man should have been gone and if I was running the show he would have been. What a valuable lesson that would have been. Who knows maybe canadian bacon could have learned something too.

As for Yates, I personally know him and he is a stand up guy. He is a major reason we will take money from ugly.

Ok P2....Fire Em? All the Same?

Is this a zero tolerance opinion of yours?

Should Erickson have been fired when head at Miami for his DUI?

What if Paterno got one a couple years ago?

Other stuff...should Switzer have been fired for packin a loaded 38 in his carry on baggage?

Player punishment for dui? Kicked off team? Suspended? Remember Sergio Kendall at Texas? Mac gave him a 2-3 game suspension as I recall...


I am so sick of this mentality that these "poor" guys should get "second" chances. They have jobs that involve hard work, mentoring, leading and most importantly DICIPLINE. If they cannot practice what they preach they should be out. I was nutso in my youth but I never had a DUI. Never been arrested, and if I was I sure wouldn't have a job waiting for me when I got out.

I'm A Rules Kinda Guy...

My hi school and college teams had team rules. You break em your dust. I believe in layin it out up front..and sticking to it. There is no gray area. What I don't like is case by case positions. Screw that. Enter the value/politics etc.

The internet is LOADED with college players with DUI's...sad...

Coaches are University faculty/staff - supposedly

They supposedly represent the university and are role models for young adults on campus. At least, I think it is supposed to work that way.

Coaches are also, citizens, subject to the criminal laws in their state (in this case, Idaho).

He voluntarily chose to break the law and got slammed - fair and square. End of story.

If he was working for FEDEX or St. Luke's Health Care System, he would be fired upon conviction (regardless of the withheld judgement). Period.

He is lucky the Broncos win games, or he would be 'expendable flotsam' at BSU and looking for a job.


PS - I bet this makes for some interesting 'chit chat' around the BSU faculty/staff Lounge over coffee cake and COSTCO muffins.

For fair and equal reporting

If one worked for Apple, IBM, HP, or 90% of private industry, a first offense DUI (non felony) charge is will not affect that persons job status.

And BTW, this coach was not on a recruiting trip......

tfunky - BSU as a Regional Destination University

If those companies had a contract with the Department of Defense it would.

Many people don't know it, but Defense Contractors and those assembling pieces parts for Defense Department thingies, need security clearances, too.

No security clearance - no workie on Defense Department stuff.

That coach was representing BSU - 24/7 as a role model. He might not have been recruiting football players, but he was recruiting and representing Bronco Bob's image of BSU as a Regional Destination University, to the public and future BSU students.


Well sort of...................

There are millions of people that work on widgets for companies that provide goods to the defense dept. (as well as others) that have no need for, nor do they have, security clearance. As I said, 90% of the private sector does not have DUI/termination rules.

First, let me make it clear, I do not condone the coaches actions. But he messed up, paid the price (both from his boss and the law). To sentence the man to a lifetime of no work (which is what you have advocated, if he shouldn't work at BSU over this, he shouldn't work at any other school, correct?), is completely out-there.

Look, you started this by posting the dudes entire court record (I wouldn't have done it, but didn't have a problem that you did). The problem I had were your following quotes from the same post:

"Well, he got off easy".

What he got was the typical sentence of a first offense DUI, nothing more, nothing less. I got this information from a very good Vandal lawyer friend of mine.
"Maybe he has learned to not Drink and Drive on recruiting trips?"

The implication being that he was on a recruiting trip, he wasn't.
"If this guy would have been in the military or working for most private sector employers, he would have been kicked out and sent down the road."

This is simply not true, the military (any branch) is certainly harsh in their dealings with DUI's (rightfully so), but first offense DUI's cases rarely turn into an automatic discharge. And as I stated earlier, in only about 10% of the private sector would a first time DUI result in termination (10% is far from "most")

tfunky - a step by step analysis

First: Any company that provides widgets, pieces, parts, sets, kits, components, and major end items to any Department of Defense entity per a contract (even a puter or monitor screen), has to ensure that those people working on that materiel have security clearances. There are agents/investigators of DOD that do nothing, all day long, than investigate cases and write reports favorable/unfavorable (some even live in Boise). I can tell you have never been a DOD contractor nor an employee of one, who is working directly on DOD contracted materiel. I have written large contracts with Lockheed, Boeing, Thiokol, and yes, even HP. Those provisions are standard boilerplate.

Second: I never sentenced him to a lifetime of no work. If he can't handle the responsibilities of being a role model to young adults on the BSU college campus - perhaps - he should not be on any other college campuses with young people and therefore, the thing is to move onto another line of work, where questionable personal judgement and lapses of criminality are not an issue with an employer (i.e., pouring concrete, framng houses, or feeding dairy cows).

Third: I did not post the 'dude's entire criminal record. You assume that I did. I did not post his entire criminal record - just the DUI part. There is more, but I chose not to post it - so don't be so judgemental. Besides, so what if I did. It is off of a public website maintained by Idaho's Courts, for the very purpose of researching people's criminal records, as a service to all Idahoans. The link is not a secret. Anybody can get it by doing a Google search. Knock yourself out. I have violated no Statesman TOS by having done so. If people don't want other people to find out what crimes they have committed - they should think twice about comitting them in the first place.

Fourth: Whether or not he was on a recruiting trip at the time of the DUI is not relevant. He operated a deadly weapon when he was legally drunk - putting members of the public at risk of death or serious bodily injury. I would hope that he would have learned not to Drink and Drive on recruiting trips - or any other time(s), as well.

Fifth: Why waste time trying to explain how the military handles DUIs to you. You have no experience in this area (not a put down - just a fact) - so would be wasting your time and mine. Besides 'BroncoNavy' covered it very well in a separate post, this thread. You might want to read it.

Sixth: Our entire society needs to begin realizing that drinking and driving is NOT OKAY to do - EVER. And, it is against the law.

Stop being an apologist for those that drink and drive and put other innocent citizens' lives at risk.


Step by step the,

1.) I will state again as fact, only about 10% of the private sector has DUI/termination rules, PERIOD.

2.) I get it, you believe any coach anywhere should be fired for DUI.....

3.)"You did post the dudes entire criminal (court, BIG difference) record" if you are going to quote me get it right. Like I said, I wouldn't have done it, but had no problem you did.

4.) It isn't relevant other than YOU did in fact imply in your post that he was.

5.) Um, just go do a search on Military DUI's, or military regulations, or any such search and you will get more than enough information to draw an intelligent conclusion. THE MILITARY DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY DISCHARGE SERVICEMEN and WOMEN for DUI.....THAT IS A FACT.

6.) DUI's are bad and they are against the law, and people should pay a steep price for breaking that law.

I am not an "apologist" and you know it. I just do not believe that the guy should be kicked out of the coaching profession. GET IT?

tfunk - Get what?

1) You are wrong. PERIOD.

2) Good you got it. I was crystal clear, I guess. Any coach involved with shaping the moral fiber or beng a role model for the lives of young people should be fired for DUI.

3) Again, I did not post his entire criminal record - just the applicable parts of a DUI case. Apparently, you have not figured out how to get the public link, yet, or you would know. If you want it, just let me know and I will post it on ths board. It is public information/knowledge and is not proprietary in nature.

4) I didn't imply anything - I just came right out and said it - straight up.

5) Military regulations re: DUIs and other crimes of moral terpitude, take quite a bit of education and experience to fully understand, as they are written upon the foundation of the Universal Code of Military Justice. There are many methods to administratively separate bad soldiers. It is not possible to become an instant expert following a 5 minute Google search. Go join the military and serve your Country and then come back in about 22 years and tell me all about it, after you have had Senior Level Command Experience and administered the UCMJ, firsthand. I know from my experience that I always turned to my staff JAG Officer for advice and many times he/she consulted with fellow JAG types. It is not as cut and dried as it is in civilian life. But then again, you prolly know all about it cuz you watched 'Rat Patrol' when you were a kid.

6) A coach of young people, losing his job, seems like a fair steep price to me.

I know you don't think he should be kicked out of the coaching profession - he should be allowed to keep his job and continue contact with young impressionable minds, and all. So how is that not being an apologist for his criminal activity and besmirching his 'profession'? Apparently, you have no negative sanctions in mind, it sounds like. No consequences for criminal activity - just excuses and half-azzed 'reasons' why consequences should not apply to him because he is a 'coach' and therefore, by logical extension, something 'special'.



Mark Criner, the D-coordinator at Idaho seems to be doing very well as a roll model and recruiting good solid kids these days, Ackey has often heaped heavy praise on the young man.....

If it were up to you he would be selling insurance somewhere in Montana.....

tfunky - In all fairness, here is Criner's, too

State of Idaho vs. Mark Davis Criner
No hearings scheduled
Case: CR-MD-2009-0008158 Magistrate Judge: Theresa Gardunia Amount due: $0.00 Closed pending clerk action
Charges: Violation Date Charge Citation Disposition
05/04/2009 I18-8004 {M} Driving Under The Influence
Arresting Officer: Byington, Jeremy David, AD 426075 Finding: Dismissed By Court
Disposition date: 06/18/2009
Fines/fees: $867.50
Jail: 5 days
Credited time (Yes): 1 day

Register of actions: Date
05/06/2009 New Case Filed - Misdemeanor
05/06/2009 Prosecutor assigned Ada County Prosecutor
05/11/2009 Bond Posted - Surety (Amount 500.00 )
05/11/2009 Condition of Bond: Jail Reference Booking: 100405749 Jail Reference Stay: 1
05/13/2009 Appear & Plead Not Guilty/Shoufler
05/13/2009 Notice of Service
05/13/2009 A Plea is entered for charge: - NG (I18-8004 {M} Driving Under The Influence)
05/14/2009 Judge Change: Adminsitrative
05/14/2009 Hearing Scheduled (Pretrial Conference 07/16/2009 09:15 AM)
05/14/2009 Hearing Scheduled (Jury Trial 08/18/2009 08:30 AM)
05/14/2009 Notice Of Hearing
05/14/2009 Prosecutor assigned Weston B Meyring
06/08/2009 State/City Request for Discovery
06/08/2009 State/City Response to Discovery
06/15/2009 Hearing Scheduled (FIle Memo / Review 06/18/2009 08:30 AM)
06/18/2009 Hearing result for Jury Trial held on 08/18/2009 08:30 AM: Hearing Vacated
06/18/2009 Hearing result for Pretrial Conference held on 07/16/2009 09:15 AM: Hearing Vacated
06/18/2009 Hearing result for FIle Memo / Review held on 06/18/2009 08:30 AM: Conference Held
06/18/2009 Withheld Judgment Entered (I18-8004 {M} Driving Under The Influence)
06/18/2009 Sentenced to Jail or Detention (I18-8004 {M} Driving Under The Influence) Confinement terms: Jail: 5 days. Credited time: 1 day. Work release.
06/18/2009 Probation Ordered (I18-8004 {M} Driving Under The Influence) Probation term: 1 year 0 months 0 days. (Misdemeanor Unsupervised)
06/18/2009 STATUS CHANGED: closed pending clerk action
06/18/2009 Sentenced To Pay Fine 840.50 charge: I18-8004 {M} Driving Under The Influence
06/18/2009 Other Sentencing Option Ordered: Victims Panel - Completed
06/18/2009 Other Sentencing Option Ordered: Alcohol/DUI Education Cla$ses - Completed
06/18/2009 Stipulation Re: Entrance of Guilty Plea and Order of Acceptance
06/18/2009 Dismissed by the Court (I18-8004 {M} Driving Under The Influence)
06/23/2009 Notification Of Subsequent Penalties (DUI)
06/23/2009 Surety Bond Exonerated (Amount 500.00)
08/05/2009 Affidavit of Bret W. Shoufler
06/18/2010 Motion To Dismiss
06/30/2010 Non Opposition to Def Motion to Dismiss WHJ
07/02/2010 Amended JudgmentSentence modified on 7/2/2010. (I18-8004 {M} Driving Under The Influence)
07/02/2010 Withheld Judgment completed and charge dismissedWithholding of finding dismissed on 7/2/2010. (I18-8004 {M} Driving Under The Influence)
07/02/2010 Order To Dismiss


In answer to your question. Yes, Montana or Idaho or Oregon - anywhere. But not coaching college, or even high school football again.

So you see - the Presidents of both schools - Idaho and BSU - should be ashamed of their professional ethics and hollow 'situational' standards by allowing this kind of crap to go unpunished.

If it had been up to me, Criner would be but a memory in the Kibbie.


Got the answer for you VNDL

Become a fan of BYU and let the rest of heathens deal with each other


Lolol, good one.


What are YOU recovering from?


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!

Only 2 Questions Bout This VNDL.....

What color is that HotShot Vandal Lawyers $5 silk tie?... and...does he do infomercials??

Wiz - He's a Sharp Dressed Man

Jerry Garcia ties.

Italian suits.

Target monogrammed shirts (Fine point Sharpie extra)

Armani shoes.

Haines underwear.

COSTCO 6 pairs for $9.99 socks.

No infomercials.


PS - On the serious side - he is one of the 3 Vandal Lawyers that got the Ruby Ridge guy acquitted of the Federal First Degree Murder charges at the nationally covered Jury Trial a bunch of years back. Big Huge Career Strides in Criminal Defense field, on a national scale, after that case. Lots of lecturing honorariums at law schoools around the country to discuss that case. He's $500.00 per billlable hour, plus expenses (50% estimated costs in cash - upfront - no exceptions - before an InTake Interview). Works out of a nondescript house in Boise's North End. The coach must have been scared chitless to get this dude and willing to mortgage his first born if need be, to get a Withheld Judgement. I bet minimum was at least $20K before it was all said and done.

Ω This must be the guy.

razor - good one - lolol

Yep - that's him. Excellent stuff you just did. Don't think I can top it.

You, . . . . . . . . . . . on that one":


Vandal Punishment - Very harsh

Remember this one:

Idaho junior safety Shiloh Keo is expected to play at Nevada on Saturday despite being arrested Tuesday night on a misdemeanor battery charge.

Shut up Vndl.

It was PTSD.


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!

I hope

Someday you do something dumb and some jack-a posts it for everyone to see. What a doink.

Are you sure VNDL

Was in San Diego not to long ago and there was an article in the local paper about military personal in the area getting DUI's and they were definitely not being kicked out of the military.

Not sayin, just sayin

vndl needs a job

what is the relevance? are you suggesting he received preferential treatment?


If they get convicted of a DUI - they are gone.

There are so many standing in line to get in the military these days, that the military is now getting real picky and selective.

If I was still in, I would not want to push it and test it to find the limits.

The military has cut waaaaay back on glamorizing hard fisted drinking.

No more Officers and NCO clubs on bases - now they are Family centers. And the amount of the old Class Six (booze) being sold on bases is just a fraction of what it once was.

Those that had prior military experience and think the current military tolerates drinking and DUIs are living in the past. It is Zero Tolerance, now.


You're an idiot

Brother in law got a DUI last year, while home on leave.
He is currently serving on a ship stationed just off the coast of Libya.

Quit making crap up if you don't know. Just looks pathetic.

Double Uh Oh.....


Doobie - Did you serve?

I did. 22 years.

2/75th Ranger BN
82nd ABN
1/10 Special Forces Group
11th ACR
4th ID
2nd ID
3rd ACR
116th ACR (IDARNG)

Been to more foreign countries than you can throw a stick at. Been shot at and missed and shot at and hit. That is the life of a 'lifer'. No biggie. Not making anything up, cuz 'I know'.

Maybe your brother in law is below the rank of E-6 or he kept his mouth shut and the Navy does not know he got a DUI.

When I was in (and it is still that way), a DUI meant the loss of a Secret Clearance. A commissioned officer needs, as a minimum a Secret clearance, to retain the commission. Once the Secret is gone - so is the commission. E-6s through E-9 need Secrets to hold down their positions. Any soldier that got a DUI was regarded as a 'security risk' and a person whose morals could be easily compromised; therefore his/her career was cut short - almost immediately.

Of course, you knew all that cuz you served 22 years.


PS - I go to Mt Home AFB once a month for a Commissary food run and to get meds at the base hospital. Was there about 2 weeks ago. By the new main gate there is the body of a severely wrecked car and a large sign for all to see as they drive by. It says simply: "Want To Become A Civilian? - Get A DUI".

Ω You were right ...

... Country Joe and the Fish had it down.

"And it's 1, 2, 3 ..."

Strangest day on the blogs I've ever seen.

ps - Never served, so I can't comment. But, the older I become, the more I appreciate. Thanks.

Did your B-I-L report his DUI

to his command – as required by the Navy? Probably not, however, Sailors that are arrested for an alcohol-related offense under civil authority, which are punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (e.g., DUI/DWI), are required to promptly notify their CO - so that the command take appropriate action (like removal from positions of authority, etc). This may seem draconian to some but trust me you don't want to entertain the possibility of someone with questionable judgment having their finger on the button or leading troops.
On the issue of discharge for DUI – is generally the policy of the Navy and other services alike to discipline and process for administrative separation personnel whose alcohol-related misconduct is classified as a “serious offense” and a DUI meets that criteria. Obviously, not all cases are the same and some have less severe disciplinary outcomes.

Sorry VNDL

But you are wrong, here are a couple of links to enlighten you.

I have also found several article where military personnel were still serving after a 2nd DUI.

I also found that with simply filling out the proper paperwork, you can join the military with a prior DUI conviction.

It would seem your "zero tolerance" has zero merit........

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