Three Boise State football players projected in top 4 rounds of NFL Draft; behind the scenes with Titus Young; nickels breakdown

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman has produced a chart showing the consensus draft values NFL teams have assigned to each player. Four Boise State players made the chart:

— Wide receiver Titus Young is considered a late second-round pick.

— Wide receiver Austin Pettis is rated for the middle of the third round.

— Safety Jeron Johnson is slated for the middle of the fourth round.

— And defensive end Ryan Winterswyk has been placed in the middle of the seventh round.

Those values are great news for Pettis, who most people I talked to earlier this year considered a fourth- or fifth-round pick. And they’re disappointing news for cornerback Brandyn Thompson, who was invited to the NFL Scouting Combine but isn’t listed.


The NFL Network is working on a feature on Young that will air during the week of the draft. Here is some behind-the-scenes footage the network sent me.


This week, I’m finishing up breakdowns of the Boise State football team by position.
Previous posts: Tailbacks, tight ends/fullbacks, quarterbacks, wide receivers, defensive backs and offensive line.

Today: Nickels.

Returning starters (0 of 1): None.

Key losses: Two-year starter Winston Venable earned All-WAC first-team honors last season. The junior college transfer racked up 116 tackles, 17.5 tackles for loss, 5.5 sacks, five pass breakups and two interceptions in his two years with the Broncos. He brought terrific intensity and instincts to the defense.

Projected starter: This position seems destined for the kind of job-sharing arrangement that has become commonplace on the Boise State team. Senior Hunter White (seventh on team with 38 tackles last year) is the best bet to be the designated starter. He has a huge edge in experience and showed up for spring ball ready to make a statement, like cornerback Jamar Taylor last year. Junior college transfer Dextrell Simmons, who doesn’t have a redshirt year available, and sophomore Jonathan Brown, who is out for spring ball, likely will contribute, too.

Other key returners: Brown (16 tackles), who is more safety than linebacker, played in some passing situations last year. Nickels coach Jeff Choate likes what he brings to the table and expects Brown to factor into the race in fall camp.

Also in the mix: Walk-on Billy Derome is one of just three nickels on the field in spring ball, which has helped him gain valuable experience.

Also on the roster: None.

Not practicing: Brown.

Joining in August: None. Corey Bell of Capital High is expected to grayshirt.

1302123106 Three Boise State football players projected in top 4 rounds of NFL Draft; behind the scenes with Titus Young; nickels breakdown Idaho Statesman Copyright 2014 Idaho Statesman . All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Great year for the WAC

Not only is this great for BSU, its great for the WAC as well. Nevada has three players slated including Kaepernick as an early 3rd round pick though there is a lot of buzz that he will go higher. Also Moch, Green, Enderle, Pilares. The WAC could have 9 or more players drafted. Not bad for a door mat conference.

Corey Bell

is expected to grayshirt? I thought the staff was excited about getting him onboard to upgrade our anemic kickoff coverage that we saw last year. Every kickoff was downright scary, we need immediate help.


Yep, Choate wants him on special teams. But they only have three scholarships slotted for nickels, and they're all full. If there's an opening elsewhere on the roster, they could slip in an extra nickel.

draft versus NFL lockout

After reading about the consequences of a lockout vs our potential draftees, it looks like a tough year to be trying to land a contract with any team. Here is a bit of information from Yahoo sports.
"If there’s a lockout, will there still be a draft next spring?
Yes, but it won’t be business as usual for the teams or for the players they select. With no CBA in place, teams won’t be able to sign players, and those post-draft minicamps will be non-existent.
Will a new CBA result in an NBA-style rookie wage scale?
You betcha. Again, the union won’t automatically yield on this issue, instead using it as a means of placating owners in exchange for a better overall deal. But in reality, the majority of players believe that the current system – in which the players picked at the very top of the draft receive more guaranteed money than established veteran stars – is a travesty. (For example, this year’s top overall pick, Sam Bradford(notes), got a deal that will guarantee him at least $50 million, more than Brady, a three-time Super Bowl champion, is likely to receive if he and the Patriots reach a deal on a contract extension this week.) Most current players quarrel with the logic behind such a slotting system and aren’t sympathetic to the plight of the future draftees who’ll stand to make less. The players, in fact, have already put forth a proposal that would implement a rookie wage scale, sending a letter to the league last February detailing a “Proven Performance Plan.” The plan called for rookie deals to be reduced in length to three years – the union later said it would agree to a four-year threshold – and created a revenue pool that would fund incentives for players who outperform their contracts (such as the Titans’ Chris Johnson rushing for more than 2,000 yards in his second season) and benefit retired players."

So, what does that mean for Young, Pettis, Winterswyk, and Johnson? They get picked but can't sign? And if they sign, will they get their "pancreas ripped out and used in a punt,pass,kick" scenario described in ESPN magazine?

Chadd, can you or maybe an informed poster explain this issue?


Players can't sign or have anything to do with their teams until the lockout ends, except for a little publicity surrounding the draft. My understanding is undrafted free agents won't be able to have contact with teams until the lockout ends, which means guys like Jeremy Avery won't know where they're headed until the last minute.

As for pay, that's all subject to the new CBA. But what most people don't realize is that most rookies already have (relatively) low pay. The big names at the top of the draft get huge bonuses but guys like Jeron, even under the old system, would be looking at a small bonus and six-figure annual salaries, with very little guaranteed money.

thanks for the clarification

"a little publicity" sort of takes the shine off the moment for the draftees, and further waiting extends the angst for the free agents. With the new CBA, I hope they get good health benefits; pancreatic punting could be costly.

Since there is likely no NFL, if ever, nice story Chadd.


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!

Wild Turkey - Please be accurate

with your postings and especialy, attributions.

You recently posted, en parte: "pancreas ripped out and used in a punt,pass,kick" (enclosed in quotation marks as though it is a quote).

You attributed this quote to ESPN magazine. This quote does not appear in any ESPN magazine, but, instead appears in Sports Il@strated. As you did not provide a link (standard practice on these boards to verify credibility and veracity of the poster and as a courtesy to the reader(s)); I have provided it.


PS - To make the link work, remove the '@' symbol and replace it with a 'u' symbol.

Good catch, aq.

I got so caught up in the visual that I forgot which publication printed it. What is so interesting about the
SI article is the writer...I forget-Taylor, maybe?...was postulating a future scenario. It certainly seems plausible, though. Thanks for pointing out the correct link. Other readers may enjoy his fiction and find it memorable, just like you did.


I didn't find it anything except embarrasing for you and an exemplar of your shoddiness.

Now that we know you can cut and paste - how about regaling us with your advanced football knowlege, as you have promised to do in the past.



PS - And, you say, en parte: " . . . What is so interesting about the
SI article is the writer...I forget-Taylor, maybe? . . . "

Yeah, the writer of the article is so interesting that you can't even remember his name. Lololol. You Sir, are a loon. All you had to do to find out his name was open up the link I provided you in the post immediately above yours. ROFLMAO - what a dork.

Waiting, waiting

Hope you are patient.
Reading comprehension: it was the article that was referred to as interesting, not the writer. Possibly similar to your posts. You, aq, are not the point, but on occasion, your words are.

Grammar: my shoddiness is in relation to details that I find not as critical as the concept. The NFL lockout, the future treatment of draftees, and the potential for startling changes in pay scale for players are up for discussion. Not your curiousity of other posters' snafus. Your shoddiness is in not knowing/caring about the use of us/we and your/you're.

My intent with reading and posting to this board is to learn about football. I learn by asking from those with more experience than I, as opposed to some who are satisfied with their own thinking by assuming they know.

Dork. Loon. Speaking of making the effort to elevate posts from mediocre to exemplary...dig deeper for more nuanced nouns.

I am enjoying the posts below concerning changes within the NCAA and student-player compensation. Your contributions are enlightening...but then you already knew that, didn't you.

Typically, you write with humor. It would be great to see more of it. Good luck with that.

WT - by all means wade on in

You said, en parte: "I am enjoying the posts below concerning changes within the NCAA and student-player compensation"

Jump on in - start contributing. Get your feet wet. We don't bite.

Should CFB players get paid, and if so how much?

What say you?



I See Too Many Issues With Paying Them.....

1st, How would you pay CFB players and not any collegiate athlete? While I realize Football is where the dough is, how about college baseball players...How do you pay them? Basketball? Same analogy (breeding grounds for pro sports)...
Then there are individual for example (granted at collegiate level it's a "Team"). Pay a golfer who's grooming for a PGA shot?
Then the question of "Amateur" status.. receiveing income for performances forfeits amateur status, correct?
Soccer? Tennis? Swimmers (not the lil one headed ones with tails), Dart Throwers...on and on...

It won't work.

I haven't read ANYTHING on this so I'm just thrown my "gut" opinion out on this one.

PS..I'm confused....What is WT? Weak Tit? Willie Tononka? Wevening Tea? Wild Turkey? William Thoreau?

Wiz - WT = Wild Turkey

WT got all pizzy a week ago, cuz I called him a VaTech Hokie. He didn't understand why. I tole him it wuz cuz VaTechies are the Hokie Birds (aka, turkeys). He has been OTR, ever since. Like a little boy who got gutshot by his friend's .410 shotgun.

The only way, I can see for a 'pay for play' set up for CFB would be for just the football players (or BBall too). They would not be students (they could take cla$ses if they wanted to, but do so on their own and pay their own fees and such) officially and would be 'contractors' that the university hires to perform work products/services. Their pay would be basically merit based. A minimum amount for a game and a larger bonus for a win and Big Bucks for Post Season Bowls.

They would then be free to sell their personal memorabilia (rings, jersies, autographs) in the marketplace with no negative reprecussions.

Boosters could buy and sell players for cold hard cash.

And, there would be no age limits to those that could 'work' for a university football team. As long as they could 'make the team' they would be able to work.

Their income would be taxable, also. As well as standard FICA stuff applying. Food and housing and clothing would be their responsibility.

Pay rates would be dependent upon the financial success of a university and based upon collective barganing with a CFBPA (like an NFLPA).

I am not an advocate of such a concept at this time, nor am I totally opposed to it. I want to hear more about it, though.


As long as Title 9 is around

There will be no paying football players without paying all sports athletes.......

Pay, IMHO, Takes The Level Out of The Playing Field...

Not that it's level now, but more so then say, prior BCS. You have to admit the BCS Money, no matter how unfair, mis-allocated, etc AND the TV money has helped smaller institutions. BSU...TCU..there's a long list of programs that have been climbing upward.

Now..if we agree on that, then I believe if we open revenue doors to athletes, that the schools with big money will run over smaller ones like a freight train. How would you control that when there is revenue distribution? IE...BSU recruits a kid..he commits but hasn't mommy and daddy are up to their eyeball in CC debt....Alabama rolls along and tells the kid the debt will disappear..BSU says can't do it..Kid flips to the TIDE..

Bottom would promote more corruption than already exists..

Wiz - yes - more corruption - absolutely

Of course more corruption.

And of course. Some schools would opt not to field football teams for financial reasons. But some would.

Look at professional baseball and the farm team system.

Maybe Division III would be the bottom feeders and Division II a little better, and so on and so on, up the ladder. With someday a CFB player getting 'called up' to The Show.

Go into that link I gave you earlier today and research the NCAA's proposals for paying players and the 'consortium' concept. It looks eerily similar to a baseball Farm Team System concept.

Of course, the NCAA 'proposals' are not actually 'proposals' as we know them. The NCAA is not actually proposing anything - just looking at them and studying them at this time.

Kinda like we are doing on this board. Kicking the can around.


PS - It would not be corruption of no official rules or prohibitions were being broken. It would be called 'business as usual'.

Ω I'm with Wiz and tfunk on this.

Since you, VNDL, broached the subject (and previously ... this isn't exactly new), I've considered how this might be done. I just cannot see a way, nor a need (settle down, hotshot, you'll get there soon enough). I can understand the carrot aspect that is growing exponentially, however. That is becoming more prevalent by the year.

There must be a line of demarcation between amateur and professional status. Aspiring majors don't get paid, whether pre-med, third oboe, Accounting, English, History, Oceanography, et al. Football, basketball, prancing, dam-breaching, and (yes) truck driving shouldn't be viewed differently ... regardless the darlings that ESPN 1-21 and all of meadiadom might proffer.

If ugly and WT scam Mozart and come up with an epic opus, "Music for the Deaf", and cajole the BSU Symphony to perform, are the players entitled to performance bonuses or royalties when Dick Clark or Casey Kasem sign them to Polygram or Capitol and put them on Hulabaloo? No, no, no. Those players, upon graduation, need to go sign with Henry Mancini, Lawrence Welk, or Jerry Jones ... then they can collect.

Besides, who is going to police third oboe? We'd have more enforcement for collegiate "amateurs" than would be needed at some fence in Arizona.

razor - Would the answer then be . . .

. . . for the NCAA to enforce all the rules and regulations on its 'books'?

Would that then solve anything of import - or - just add to the confusion.

Imagne a perfect world where the NCAA rules were enforced 100%.

Would the schools still be able to make as much money?

Is the NCAA 'part of the problem',


is the NCAA 'the problem'.

Just some random thoughts.


Ω Compliance officers

Each school has somebody (or staff) in charge of compliance, correct? What are those odds? Keeping track of 350-1000 third oboes? Good luck.

I think, sadly, that there is no answer. If cheating in any manner is available, there will be cheaters. You'll remember Conrad Dobler willingly admitting to the old "eye gouge" at the bottom of the pile. Don't think the 'Tuz and Alzado did the same? Lester Hayes stick to you ... at all? And all of that wasn't even cheating ... at least not collegiately.

Oklahoma car wash "attendant", Billy Joe Hobert and his $50K loan, Reggie Bush, Cam and Cecil, Pryor and Co., OJ Mayo ... and that's just a small sampling of the players. What about the coaches, ADs, boosters, Gordon Gees, and Russian skating judges of the world? Is everyone on the take?

Perhaps the only semi-reliable method of enforcement is the burgeoning media coverage - social and commercial - that (often) makes unusual changes salient. No, we won't see them all ... some never, and some way after the fact. Those who cheat and get away with it will never be fully purged. They can then live with themselves for the duration.

Mark Emmert and the NCAA have a problem and they most certainly know it. Forums and blogs everywhere are filled with discussion about ethics. All of it involves money and that means ongoing problems. What better an example than the BCS itself?

We (collectively) are scrooged, I'm afraid. But, better at some outpost (that is fairly clean) on the high desert than some inner-city cesspool. We don't want Pac-12, Big Ten, SEC or anything like that. We want Maverick ... and maybe showing how things can be done as the Billiken would advise.

ps - What's with the varied resentment towards BSU? It's not just a wild blue field; it's not the upstart nature of their burst on the national scene; it's not because they are good at "mining"; it's largely because it is (relatively) clean and violates "the formula" ... mavericks whose attitude is "what box"?

Yeah, razor, but what about capitalism?

I understand what you are saying, and half of me agrees. But the other half wishes there were some way to have corporations and non-profits contributing more, much more, on the scholarship front for students they consider potential contributors to their workforce. ...but then you get into indentured servitude of minors, etc.

It might be fraught with corruption, yes, but there ought to be a way. We have TacoBell Arena, so why not Taco Bell in conjunction with LA Lakers' sponsored scholarships? Keith Stein Marching Band/AnheuserBusch that's out there, I agree. We could see JR Simplot & Grandview Feedlots sponsoring a WasteWater Treatment scholly and facility on the Snake River. The possibilities are endless. I'd hate to have to write the requirements for qualifying for such a scholarship.

I've thrown out a gut-reaction idea, and now I have a question that I'm certain is stupid. Why do we have a cap on football scholarships? (what is the cap, and who pays the student fees? Is it absorbed by the University? if so, why?)

(There you go, aq. Run with it. I'd call you V***, but my keyboard just freezes up at the sequence)

Ω Endowments and colleges

WT - I'm not about to nail anyone about "stupidity" vs. brilliance. I've more questions than answers on any number of topics.

I don't know exactly how endowments or donations to colleges within a university system work. That's why I tend to stay out of those discussions. Some of the regulars who do have this knowledge will provide insight if they wish.

That admitted, I believe the collegiate environment is best served shielded from capitalism. I don't mean that contrarily at all ... I'm a capitalist. I mean undue influence. The kids already have a basal understanding of capitalism, so why hit them on the noggin with it at every turn (see Oregon football)? They'll get it in short order once they've graduated and hit the pavement as their careers unfold.

That's the liberal in me. I favor an enclave, as much as possible in today's media/info-centric plexiglass cube. Maybe that's what's stupid. Maybe it's no longer feasible. I hope that's not the case.

On the football scholarships, I am guessing you are talking about the number (85). IIRC the number was reduced from nearly 100 about 20 years ago (help with this!) to provide balance. Who pays? Don't know, but hopefully it's the gate.

capitalism and student athletes

Student athletes, of whatever stripe, are currently blessed with tuition/fees/books/etc but restricted on the extraneous perks of living, like car payments, clothes. Ok. Yet if corportate sponsors were involved we'd have students adorned like Phil Mickelson with logos on every limb and profile, (the Cialis bathtub image would be a downer)not to mention the indebtedness and performance liability imposed on students & families. Raises ugly issues, with no clean answers.

Yet without the ability to advertise their most excellent choice in student athletes they sponsor, I don't see the blatant benefit for sponsors to even get involved. If we toss it back to the NFL/MLB/National Oboe League to help with expenses, a multi-tiered scheme results, similar to the BCS.

Is the current system totally broken and in need of replacement, or just in need of minor adjustments to fit today's reality? From V*** post, restrictions and acceptable avenues of financial support have certainly changed over the years. Like you, I'd hate to see even more monetary influence imposed/allowed on students. But I also see a ton of money landing in fatcat laps, with little going to the universities and their players. I suppose we already have hired guns, to a degree, so what's the big deal about raising their wages? I don't know, but methinks it stinks.

Wild Turkey - are these really yours?

Fess up!

Drove by a sngle wide the other day along Chinden and saw a few of these in the front yard:

Your 'palace' I presume, hmmm?

You said, en parte: "I suppose we already have hired guns, to a degree, so what's the big deal about raising their wages?"

Yeah, bsically; all FBS teams have 'hired guns' recruited for specific athletic talents and abilities. Take BSU for example: The players 'hired guns' come in for a few years with no real attachment to Boise or the State of Idaho, play as long as is allowed or they are physically able, and then usually (not always but mostly) leave and go back to wherever they came from. Poof. Splash - Flash - Dash. Two years later most are forgotten by Bronco Nation. Why not just give 'em money up front and sign 'em to Performance Clauses at the outset.

I still think making their 'income' taxable would at least return some of their earnings back into the local tax base. Treat 'em just like real working college studets - it is just that playing football is their 'job' for the moment.

If they want to get involved with lashups with local sponsors for cash or inventory - let 'em. I could see a pizza business along Broadway having some BSU player hawking their pizzas when he is not in cla$ses or at practice. Let him stand wearing an A-frame sign, along Broadway waving at cars or whatever the sponsor wants him to do, to create interest in customers buying pizzas.

So many possibilities.


PS - In addition to 'Performance Clauses' - maybe - have them post Performance Bonds, as well. That might be a little money maker for college teams - go after a few of the Richie Rich kids - those with zero athletics skills - but with really rich parents who live vicariously through their kids. Get them to post a couple million performance bond that they will score 5 TDs their Freshman year - and watch them fall on their aazzes and rake in the bond money at the end of the season, for 'failure to perform', when they don't. Just another way of looking how to wring the most blood out of those little turnips.

Wild Turkey

As I understand it, the cap on schollies is to preclude financially dominant schools from coopting the talent pool and hogging up all the talent at the expense of lesser financialy successful schools. A leveling of the playing field, so to speak. The lower divisions, like Division III don't have schollies. It is still pure and a sport at those schools.

In Division I FBS schools - the cap is 85. I really do not know what it is at Division I FCS schools.

P2 played for Carroll which I believe is a Division II (I think) school and he could tell you about that division and their schollie cap and such. I really don't know.

When I played, over 40 years ago, only a handful on the team (maybe 5-7) out of 100 had schollies and they were the out of staters from LA that were the whipets on the team. They lived with coaches off campus or in apartments furnished by Boosters. We really did not know them off of the football field. They were mostly just 'hired guns' and were not necessarily involved in the main stream student body - cuz we never saw them. The rest of us were farm boys from Idaho and Montana and played pretty much cuz it was fun to hit somebody and a good ticket to get laid - not because we were stellar or superior or 'star numbered' athletes. We didn't have a scholllie cap that i can remember - just not alot of Vandal Booster money to 'buy' out of state players, in those days.

As I understand it, the schollies are funded by private donors and contributors (Vandal Boosters, the BAA, and such). The monies go into a schollie fund and pay for tuition, student fees, books, and other incidentals (pens paper etc.). No taxpayer money goes into academic or athletics scholarships for individual students/athletes at Idaho's public college and universities, per SBOE policy - as I understand it. I might be all wet on that, but that is how I understand it, at this time.


Wild Turkey - again please provide proper attribution

Here is the link for the Yahoo Sports story you copied and pasted from:

It is very dated, almost a year old now. Some of the info is still germane though.

The standards for posters on these boards is to provide a credible attribution (link) to any quoted source material. It is not necessarily part of the Statesman's TOS, but it is a mark of pride, professionalism, and just plain good manners for any poster to attribute material he/she is posting from an original source. You will lose crdibility if you don't.

I am sure that with as many pieces of paper degrees you have, you understand the need to provide credible attributive sources.

Thanx in advance.


Yes, long about September perhaps.

The arbitration and legal processes doesn't exactly zip along now, do they, aq. So, again, you are correct. It is still germane because the threat still looms over the players, without a bargaining agreement.

When called a Hokie troll, I feel justified in pointing out that my academic background is primarily BSU. Am I proud of that? Certainly am. Do I like football? Certainly do. Do I get my blogs and publications misaligned? No doubt about it. But I've been a part of greater snafus than SI v ESPN and the Statesman v OBNUG. So, will my posts continue to cause you grief? Only if you let them.

It is terrific that Titus is getting this opportunity to showcase his talents beyond the combine. What's up with Brandyn Thompson? a free agency? Best wishes to him.

So tell us . . .

of the great snafus you have been part of.



PS - I can tell you don't know much about arbitration, legal processes and collective bargaining. If I am wrong, please cite cases you have been engaged in (NLRB thingies would be good, too).

PPS - Your posts do not provide grief. They provide entertainment. I look forward to reading your stuff, as you have singular (pole) position in the Great Race For The Most Mediocre Poster, and I don't wanna see you blow it. I'm pullin' for ya.


you are vicious...... Down boy!


Given the lock out and the NFL network being owned by the NFL, is Young being paid for the special?


He's not an NFL player yet...

Wiz - Technically none of them are 'NFL' players

They are National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) players and members of that union, with collective bargaining powers - they are simply, 'contract employees' of various NFL teams, but no legal connection/obligation to the NFL.

Currently, the NFLPA has been recently decertified, with current NFLPA members (on the date of decertification) receiving up to $60,000 per person/player through the duration of the lockout, from a special NFLPA fund established for just such an event, in case of decertification. Here are the details:

The noobs, waiting to get drafted are SOL, except for the ones who can pick up some 'scratch' from personal appearances on shows and such. I am sure NFL Films has paid Titus a little bit for his appearance, but not much, I am guessing. The mountain of paperwork for the Hold Harmless Agreements and such is prolly of more value than any actual remuneration Titus received.


Yes AQFunk......

You are indeed correct. Please forgive my digression to mediocrity in my post. Quite apparently twill take me some time to bring my A game to the boards after such a long layoff.

IMHO, these players are getting a lil greedy. What do they think they are playing, baseball? ARod should put them in their place re money and contracts. It's just football.

I can see it now...T.O lounging around, lifting weights in his driveway...holding press camp to worry about...letting the lawyers, arbitrators, shrinks, do their job...spending his 60K on bon bons...sippin WILD TURKEY...cuttin TV show episodes...stockin up on Sharpies. He does need to hold out for more pay, short circuit competition by limiting Rookie pay scales, and of course, more and better bene's.

What about Fantasy Football? Last season I played in 3 money leagues...$100, $150, $250. I won the Superbowl in 2 of them, netting $1170. Whats a fair take to send the NFLPA? After all, without them, I win Zippo.....

And Vegas? What cut do the bookmakers kickback to the NFLPA?

Idea: Lets form the NFLPFFBKBA. (National Football League Players Fantasy Football Kickback Association)....charge em 25K each in dues and go to work in their behalf..??

What say you?

PS...How does the CFPA feel bout all this?? (College Football Players Association)

Ω And they will banter, posture, ...

... and take their (owners and players) respective cases to the GREAT GULLIBLE PUBLIC (i.e., the fans), who, as the season approaches, will become more restive than a vandal under siege by wild turkeys.

"Oh, no! We might not have an NFL season." Right, the same old cookie-cutter garbage they've been serving for years. All the teams look the same, play about the same, and, if you swapped unis, you might have trouble figuring out which was which.

"Hey, what's that sneaky Miami doing running the old single wing. Who does Ronnie Brown think he is, Johnny Lujack? I know, we'll run that thing too and give it a nifty new name and market the héll out of it as some brilliant and unstoppable innovation."

Many teams hardly even try to run the ball any longer (or simply cannot). Except for shorter endzones and getting four downs, it looks a whole lot like the CFL. Well, we probably get many more commercials.

I'll stick with CFB, thanks. Variety in teams (from year to year) and style of play is better IMO ... scandals more varied, too.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! We Have A Bingo, 1st Row 3rd Left

Yes Sir Razor, Heaven Forbid! NO NFL season! Wow...It could drive us into deeper recession!

What about Direct TV Packages, they on hold? Retail commercial spots...Are advertising moguls shuddering in their Birkenstocks b/c the millions they have spent producing NFL audience demographics (spots) may not get sold and aired? Will the NFL capitalize in this "unfortunate" set if spin off circu-mstances?

Like VNDL's link pointed out (as a minor mention) ,,, look at the working class people in stadiums/etc that are not/will not get paid...hence and I (GGP) will foot the unemployment parte..

Oh Oh the poor athlete agents...who will pay them?

Who will lead us to slaughter?

The upside VNDL

There will be an awful lot of cheerleaders out of work. I think this group here owes it to the public to put our collective brains together and come up with something for them cheerleaders to do during their NFL down time......

What say ye all......

Ω I'm for a 1987 reprise.

Bring in the "replacement players". Give some guys a chance to make a few bucks, run around in NFL unis for a bit, and get everybody all fired up.

Final score would still be 17-13 and the entertainment value might even improve.

ps - It's hard to fret about the billionaires vs. the millionaires.

pps - The locked-out players just might have to sign and sell some memorabilia to pay those needy agents. They can do that, right? Tressel/Pryor "Secure Your Future" seminar at 6, ESPN2.

razor - can't remember her name - but, I Will Survive

but that Head Cherleader on the movie 'Replacements' playing opposite of Kenau was HOT. Never saw her before that movie and never saw her since:


I second that!

Oops, did I just post that a second time.....

tfunky - that's okay

Post it as many times as you want. The more the better.

Just can't be enuff links to that video.


Ω Indisputable video evidence ...

... of leering and other stuff.

I believe you might be flagged for that.

Wiz - It's all just 'entertainment' bidness

I used to really be BIG into Pro Fotball - years ago. But the last strike took it out of me. Haven't followed it closely for years. There are many like me. Actually, I really don't care one way or another if there is ever a NFL season or another Superbowl. CFB is my bag.

Saw a TV Sports Center thingie on a few days ago about T.O. trying out for some pro soccer team. T.O said soccer was his first love and he just tolerated football as a way to make some fast money. It is nice to learn he is sacrificing his 'passion' in life to be able to give us the 'gift' of himself on Sundays.

Soccer experts say he don't have the chance of a BSU Prancing Percheron at a SI swim suit edition photo shoot, of making any teams (cuz he can't use his hands in soccer and his soccer IQ is too low).

RE: CFPA. Actually, there has been some talk about paying CFB players. We started a little discussion along those lines a coule of weeks ago and it kind of fizzled out. If CFB players ever got paid, I could see the formation of a union, in time. I really don't have any problems with paying CFB players. I believe it could turn out to be akin to farm leagues for NFL teams, in the end. Of course, it wouldn't matter if they were actual students of their colleges or not at that point. They would just be 'Hired Meat'. And there would have to be some sort of stipulations that if they got permanently injured, that us taxpayers wouldn't be on the hook for their medical costs the rest of their lives - that it would have to be borne by their 'employers' the colleges. who knows, maybe if it was approached that way, not many clleges would want to stay in the CFB bidness.

I for one would like to see a good, solid, and indepth discussion by posters on this board, regarding the pros and cons of paying CFB players and the merits of making CFB even more of a materialistic and financially oriented endeavor than it already is. It would be interesting to learn other thoughts regarding whether or not CFB playrs should or should not get paid.

Who knows, in time we might see Pop Warner players going on strike cuz their coaches won't take 'em out after a game for a Happy Meal.

Glad your back.



tfunk provided this link a couple of weeks ago to the board. Great link. Lots of neat stuff beng proposed for CFB by the NCAA.

Some real novel stuff, like 'consortiums' between non conference and non division teams to 'share' players with each other for 'game time' experience:

He can tell you more about it. But, I like playing with the search thingy.



"major infraction" search is interesting as well


I'm sorry but if you guys think going in the third or fourth rounds is going early you are crazy! I guess to people at BSU that's early but it isn't for players at REAL schools in REAL conferences!

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Gee, wasn't it just last year that BSU's Kyle Wilson was taken 29th in the first round? Hold on, let me see where the first Georgia player was taken....1st round, nope......2nd round, mmmm nope, 3rd round, ahhhh, there is one, second from the last pick in the 3rd round

Keep it REAL man...........

Ralph Nader and former head of NCAA think players should be paid

An interesting read:


Ω Ralph "Nadir"

"... Nader, a former presidential candidate, argued that his plan would also help reduce the "win-at-all-costs" mentality in high schools, by reducing the incentive of college scholarships. ..."

Yep, "2000 Light Years from Home in a Corvair" is definitely in the top ten.