Classic-rock bands Yes and Styx will play Eagle this summer

Classic-rock fans have a summer double-bill to look forward to: Yes and Styx will roll into Eagle River Pavilion on Thursday, July 28.

To the best of my knowledge, British prog-rockers Yes have never played Boise. Update: Jeff Tauge of Boise duo Tauge & Faulkner e-mailed me to say he attended a Yes concert at the BSU Pavilion in 1984. The group did cancel an appearance in 2009 at the Knitting Factory after bassist Chris Squire became ill. Meanwhile, Styx has played the market a fair number of times, usually with one its mullet-friendly pals such as Journey or REO Speedwagon. Both groups have sold millions of albums. Yes’ big hits were “Roundabout” and “Owner of a Lonely Heart.” Styx has piled up smash songs such as "Lady," "Come Sail Away," “Renegade” and “Mr. Roboto.”

Before anyone asks: Neither band has its original lead singer. That’s been the case for years in Yes and Styx. Fans haven’t appeared to mind all that much. The last visit from Styx — in 2008 at the Idaho Center with Def Leppard and REO Speedwagon — attracted 9,300 concertgoers.

Ticket prices and an on-sale date aren’t available yet.

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Sherman, set the Way Back Machine...

Now that takes me back..

The cartoon you reference is even older than those bands Cali!
Oops, i guess I just dated my self as well....

Passing The Nerd Test

YES played the Pavilion on the Spring 1984 leg of the 90125 tour. I am a geek. I am old. I will be at this show.



You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!


It sounds like fun to me! I saw Yes about 30 years ago in Pullman, WA and I've seen Styx a bunch.

Yes coming to Boise

didn't they play at the Pavilion years ago?


Being an avid STYX Fanatic for 35 yrs, I am extremely excited to have the world's greatest, most fun band to finally return to BOISE! I guess all those Facebook messages I post were finally however, I am certainly hoping that Yes whom I liked sort of in the good old days is NOT headlining for them or better yet even here on the same night! And a Thursday to boot. STYX could play at least 5 hrs alone and they always end up opening for other bands here! That bites! Regardless, I'll be the one rushing the stage! I can't wait! STYX ROX and the BOISE CHYX that love STYX will be there signs and all :)