Fiesta Bowl could lose its spot in BCS; Fiesta CEO fired amid scandal

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

The Fiesta Bowl has fired president and CEO John Junker after an internal investigation found "an apparent scheme" to reimburse employees for political contributions. Here's a New York Times story detailing what's in the report. Here's the actual report.

The Bowl Championship Series has responded by threatening to boot the Fiesta from its group. Dallas would be the likely replacement, either with the Cotton Bowl or a game backed by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

A change in the BCS likely wouldn't affect Boise State other than its fans would need to travel farther to reach a BCS game.

Here's the statement from the BCS, which says the Fiesta must "demonstrate why it should remain a BCS bowl game":

Statement by Graham Spanier, Chair of the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee and Bill Hancock, Executive Director of the BCS:

We are deeply disappointed and troubled to learn of these findings related to the Fiesta Bowl.

Unprofessional, unethical or improper behavior is unacceptable. There is no place for such activities in higher education or in collegiate sports. It is expected that all parties contracted with the BCS will live up to the highest standards. We do not wish to be associated with entities that believe otherwise.

The fact that Fiesta Bowl officials have turned a spotlight on their bowl's activities is a sign that many individuals within the organization feel the same way. It is appropriate that the Fiesta Bowl conducted this investigation. The Fiesta Bowl volunteers and many others in the Phoenix area have worked hard through the years to build a tradition and provide lifetime memories for thousands of student-athletes.

Nevertheless, the BCS takes this matter seriously and will consider whether the Fiesta Bowl should remain a BCS bowl game or other appropriate sanctions. To make that determination, we are taking these actions:

1. We have appointed a task force to evaluate the bowl's findings and its recommendations.

2. We have asked the bowl to demonstrate why it should remain a BCS bowl game. The task force will evaluate the bowl's response, along with the full slate of reforms instituted by the bowl.

3. If the bowl remains a part of the BCS, its handling of this matter will be closely monitored going forward.

It is imperative that Fiesta Bowl officials take all necessary steps to fully address and correct the problems they have reported. The task force will begin its deliberations immediately.

The members of the task force are Chairman Graham Spanier, President, Penn State University; John Peters, President, Northern Illinois University; John Marinatto, Commissioner, Big East Conference; Wright Waters, Commissioner, Sun Belt Conference; Jeremy Foley, Athletics Director, University of Florida; Bob Bowlsby, Athletics Director, Stanford University; and, Richard Giannini Athletics Director, University of Southern Mississippi.

I wasn't aware...

...BSU ever had a "spot" in the BCS!

Of course BSU has a "spot"

in the BCS, ranked in the top 16 or 12. Since BSU will be ranked top ten to start, higher than any other nonaq It is BSU's spot to lose, just like last year.

twice they have...and have been...

in the discussion many times besides. In fact, every major team in CFB that is a member of the FBS is impacted. Including the Vanduds from up north.

The other thing is that members of the BCS committee calling out un-ethical behaviour is laughable. The entire system is un-ethical.

A scandal involving the BCS ??

I am SHOCKED beyond belief. Problem is, they just haven't investigated the other BCS bowl groups. But Jim Tressel is probably smiling right now....Sunny...

Good Call

The "Vest" will inevitably get off scott free, eerrrrrrrr, may sit out for a few games that don't matter. What a joke

All bowl games????

I suspected activity like this in college football for quite some time....They need to investigate all bowl games and all of those affilitate with the BCS. This comes as no surprise to me. I can tell you of many sporting events where things are done under the table...Everyone is legal until they get caught....Kinda like adultry. You get away with it for awhile, but in the end, things close in on you. I am not saying everyone is doing shady things, but it would be interesing to see what is really going on....Lets put everything on the table....

Jerry Jones?

... and by all means let's let Jerry Jones in on the action. Nobody represents amateur athletics more than JJ ???

Unprofessional, unethical or

Unprofessional, unethical or improper behavior is unacceptable. There is no place for such activities in higher education or in collegiate sports.

I guess that sets aside the whole concept of the BCS system as being a monopolistic bunch of racketeers. Other than that, The BCS is a paragon of virtue, right?

I guess that the last thing the BCS needs is the harsh spotlight of attention turned on any purveyors of greed and corruption.

well said.


The BCS is your girlfriend, indeed!


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!

Unprofessional, unethical or improper behavior is unacceptable

Uhhh Huhhh we don't have any of that going on already in the BCS no sirree.... Like Bill HancAck (editor would not let me use an O on the name) has never taken a kickback... yeah right. ( See the book Death to the BCS) So if the Fiesta bowl goes does the Tostitos Sponsorship go also?

Couldn't Help But Notice Junker's Nose

on KTVB tonight. It would be difficult for him to 'keep it clean'. Should have been suspect early-on.


BSU played in the Fiesta one too many times..

You can thank the Donks for the possible demise of the Fiesta as a BCS bowl. Everything they touch eventually turns to donkey crap. The Fiesta probably does deserve downgrading from BCS bowl status. Hell, the last Fiesta Bowl didn't even feature a BCS conference team. It's hard to consider the game a BCS bowl when there are not two BCS conference teams involved, let alone one. What was formerly a prestigious BSC bowl against worthy nationally-relevant opponents has been recently reduced to a mid-major consolation pillow fight. Flush the Fiesta and pick a new legitimate BSC replacement bowl to take its place. My apologies to the people of Arizona, who did nothing to deserve this BSU-based curse.

Gee Whiz Mr.Guy

I am sorry to see that your new sunbelt conferance or is that the big sky conferance?, is not listed as a football playing group. I really had hopes that the VanDuls would find a home where they could win something besides last place. Oh-well better luck next time the north coast junior college conferance realignment happens, maybe someone in Montana State's group will adopt you as a place holder team for when they need a win guarantee. They do still play junior college level football up in Moscow don't they?.

I didn't read where the...

Vandals had anything to do with the bad Karma created by Bronco Bob last summer. Bad things like this will probably continue occurring with regularity now that the negative energy towards northern Idaho and eastern Washington was released by Bronco Bob.

Are we really down to

"bad karma" and "negative energy"?


thats right some guy

and next year we plan on putting the same curse on the national championship. After the broncos are there will be a playoff and you can thank us!

White Punk On Dope!


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!

Ω Ring, ring, ring (part 6) ...

... the continuing saga of the LollaPalooser:

Travel Agent: "Good afternoon, Oforever Travel. How may we help you?"
Some_Guy: "I need a ticket to the Palouse."
TA: "Well, it's good to hear from you again. Last time was when you bought a one-way back from Boise."
SG: "Had to. You know, singed nose hairs and all. Same thing this time."
TA: "But Idaho didn't play in Boise this year. What happened?"
SG: "I went down there to buy some BSU stock. Was gonna pay in silver. I got torched again. It was ugly."

TA: "Well, why not walk this time? You are, after all, very capable. Just keep your knuckles off the ground."
SG: "Singed all over."
TA: "Mean that Boise State and its supporters weren't hospitable?"
SG: "What does St. Luke's have to do with this? We don't ever want to see Boise State again."
TA: "What then? Why not book it yourself?"
SG: "My monitor exploded, right in my paunch. It was a conspiracy by BSU fans. They haven't improved from last year."

TA: "Did you try some sauce on that?"
SG: "Huh? It wasn't a barbeque, no. But sauce, yes."
TA: "We can set you up with a ticket. Economy, business, or first class?"
SG: "Class?"
TA: "Uhh, okay. From your profile, which you have named 'eternal hope', it says economy."
SG: "I want an exit row seat, just in case. I might have to eject."

TA: "Very good idea, Mr. Some_Guy. Safety is a big issue these days. Did you know that the odds against there being a bómb on a plane are a million to one, and against two bómbs a million times a million to one?"
SG: "Gee, no, didn't know that. Sounds scary."
TA: "Well, try this next time you fly, cut the odds and take a bómb."
SG: "Wow. Great idea. I should have thought of that!"
TA: click

God that is hilarious, Razor! Thank you, still at full strength!


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!


I thought it read like the Awshucksville community melodrama! Make sure you include a laugh track in the final cut...don't want to have those awkward silences!

awe coolhand

did we make fun of your boyfreind?

Cue Laugh Track

Razor I think you found your leading actor! Potato2 now needs to practice his curtain call!

Ω P2 at least chl seems ...

... to understand "English".

Here is an in-depth discussion that might serve to clarify your point.

ps - Roger and The Hankies is not a band.


Why do guys like CHL, SG, weisberg and the like come in here with all their hate and then get pummeled day in and day out? Is it fun for them to lose debates and arguments, to get made fun of, and to be made fools of for their lack of knowlege about anything football?

Ω Perhaps they mistake ...

... fútbol for football. But, hey, continually losing 1-0 may not seem so bad to them.

At least we didn't insinuate anything "France". That would give them too much credit ... in the retreat and surrender department, that is.

'Scuse me while I hit the (Water)loo.

Oh the hate!

Poor picked on're lucky Archie Bunker isn't on these boards. The sensitivity is overwhelming!

The Broncos

must have laid down a huge pile of donkey crap up in Moscow!


Great coverage on Frontline recently about the money machine that is the NCAA.

How the exec of a supposed 'nonprofit' entity promoting college sports is making a MILLION+ in salary.

That's why it's UdaPimp in Idaho. And the sports fans peons are continuing to pump that machine.

I HOPE the Bowl Group, has

I HOPE the Bowl Group, has investigated or is investigating all 4 of the BOWLS...

They did and found fruit punch!


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!

...or maybe all 30 something of them!

Fat chance though.

Don't get too giddy about the Cotton Bowl

replacing the Fiesta Bowl. There are stories that both the Chick-fil-A Bowl in Atlanta and the Capital One Bowl in Orlando, Florida are already moving to pick up the Fiesta's BCS game. If that happens it would leave the western United States with only the Pac12 dominated Rose Bowl.

Such a move would strengthen the grip of the eastern-biased BCS and further diminish the chances of BCS busters from the MWC, WAC, or a #2 Pac12 team from getting into the dance. Why? Because of the lack of local interest in those markets in an outside school and the knowledge that long distances would prevent travel by a west coast fan base. Financial considerations, not fairness, come first in the BCS system.

There certainly are stories

But both those bowls have inherent issues. The capital One bowl has notoriously weak attendance, whereas the Fiesta averages above 70K. The Chick-fil-A bowl is, for all intent and purposes, an SEC bowl, and has no history of any non-SEC game. The Fiesta, despite Junker using it as his own piggy bank, makes tons of money.

My take, the Fiesta stays and the Cotton will be added to the rotation in 2014.

Also, A non-AQ "automatic" qualifier has nothing to do with "local interest", as long as a non-AQ team is a top 12 team (16 in one scenario) it qualifies for a BCS bowl.

You are correct for an "at large" qualifier though........

tfunky - not changing the subject, but did you see this?



The show has been panned from coast to coast as being a hatchet job. Not denying some of this crap goes on, but this show should be charged with a felony, it's that bad.

Great article about the corruption of the bowls;_ylt=AoJTFGigy1.iPXWUziTc5MEcvrYF?slug=dw-wetzel_bcs_fiesta_bowl_ceo_money_scheme033011

If you haven't read Wetzel's book (which he co-wrote with two other Yahoo! Sports writers), I suggest it. It basically blows holes in every theory all the pro-BCS people come up with.

The name of the book is 'Death To The BCS'

Most of us regulars have read it and have mixed opinions about it, though.

It is a good read, I will say that.


PS -Much has been made about 'ticket sales' to the BCS Bowls and what team will travel the best and such. It is all a bunch of hoopla, as the bowls make the invited schools buy up all the tickets, first, as a condition of attending the game. So 100% sell outs of the bowls are always garanteed.

Interesting bowl projection

tfunky - interesting

Sugar Bowl: LSU vs. Boise State

What it means to me is we go 12-0 to get to the Sugar; but, get snubbed for the Natty.

Agree or Disagree.

What say you?


Well if

Oklahoma and Alabama go undefeated, I don't see BSU getting in the Natty.

Not sure you can call that a snub....................


So a one loss LSU (that loss having to be to SEC rival Alabama) v. an undefeated Bronco team, would not be a snub, IF Oklahoma and Alabama are both undefeated.

I could live with that as not a snub.

That's my take

of course Oklahoma is a wild card. Their schedule really isn't that difficult and if they happen to barely sneak by Tulsa and BSU were to destroy Tulsa, the human polls could get rather interesting.

tfunky - I really studied your link and guess what . . .

Players in Boise is one of the Hottest Fifty College Bars and Hangouts in America??????

Players is where the old league bowlers get their greasy fries and hot dogs when they need to refuel between games and take a time out and sit down to rub Ben Gay on their knees and shoulders.

The old guys and broads that are league bowlers at the Westy's Bowling alley are BSU college students, I guess - ? - ; according to the authors/resarchers, that 'hang out' at one of the Fifty Most Hot College Bars and Hangouts in the Nation:

Yup - no kiddin'.

You just can't make this kinda stuff up.

I been there last year for a retirement party of one of my old friends Dads - next to Westy's Lanes by the Fair Grounds. I think the average age is about 67 for men and about 63 for the ladies. I see some blorange once in a while, but mostly everybody wears their bowling team shirts and orders off the Seniors Menue and drinks coffee or lite beer as any stronger stuff will counteract with their meds. More NASCAR stuff and posters for new bowling balls and finger inserts, on the walls, than anything. This place does not reek of BSU Bronco Football, in my opinion.

How did Busters or The Crescent or the Broadway Ram or even the St. Lukes Cafeteria, not make the cut, is waaaaaaaay beyond me. I think the Flying 'J' or Zamzow's on Federal Way are prolly more Bronco hangouts than 'Players'.

Where do they come up with this stuff?


PS - Was greatly surprised to learn that BSU students even 'hung out'. I thought when class was over they had to either, go back to work or go home and rustle up some Skillet-o-Magic for the Hubby and kids.

PPS - If this is all, in fact true, the other 49 must sure be boring as he!l and one would be better off just getting a half rack and some chips and heading to a local mortuary parking lot, to 'hang out'.

I dont see 12-0

and a sugar as a snub as long as a 1 loss is not in the NC.
Someone like ugly needs to educate these fools. 9-3.
Notice Idaho was no where in the bowl projections Fresno, and Nevada were but not Idaho.....


See this is kinda my point.

I could see BSU beating UGA, but UGA finishing mid SEC range and BSU not getting much SOS for a UGA win (shades of VaTech all over again) with BSU going 12-0 only to get a Sugar and the Natty going with a 1 1oss Bama or Oklahoma. The old saw argument of the MWC is just a glorified weak WAC being used by the Talking Heads.

As long as BSU is a Non-AQer, even a 12-0 will pretty much result in a SOS crap war with the human polsters and be an 'instant' reason to freeze BSU out.

It seems to me BSU has gotta go 12-0 with lots of RUTSing and really dominating. Marginal wins are gonna really kill BSU this year, in the eyes of the humans with a vote. Gotta do what Oregon did last yar and really KILL teams early on to get the humans' attention.

I might be wrong, but that is how I see it.


You and your RUTS

Do what Oregon did last year?

Oregon's average score last year......47-19 (+28)

The Bronco's average score last year........45-13 (+32)

Unless you're thinking we need to get another safety each game while giving up an extra TD..........


tfunky - What did Oregond do? You gotta be kidding me

First game of 2010 season against New Mexico, Oregon wins 72-0. That news dominated the Talking Heads for weeks and identified Oregon a 'Powerhouse'. That was all you heard about Oregon, on Sports Center, all season long.

We all know that Oregon was overrated, but that one 72-0 win, set the stage in the minds of human polsters and the media Talking Heads for Oregon to be identified as a 'team in contention' for an undefeated season. You know, the old 'self fulfilling profecy' thingie.

You think Oregon would have gotten the attention they did if they had beaten New Mexico by 30, first game of the season?

You are so caught up in statisctics that you can't see the 'human perception' dimension, sometimes, IMHO.

I am thinking we need big scores early and pour the fire on as the games progress and not back off till the final whistle. I know that is not Coach Pete's style and he won't do it, but you asked what I was thinking.

I want to have the games in the bag by half so we don't have to ever rely on a FG to win a game. It would be just pathetic if we are crossing our fingers and saying little prayers for a kicker to 'save the day' and win a game. Just pathetic.


PS - Yes - by all means - RUTS every game. But then again, I EXPECT the Broncos to have an undefeated season and you don't. We have had this discussion before, if I recall.

VNDL, Really?


Oregon got next to no props beating the 120th ranked FBS team 72-0

Their own paper down played it, and I quote, "most FCS teams would beat New Mexico by 50".

After that win they didn't pass a single team in the polls that had won, not a single first place vote.

They got the same amount of props for New Mexico that BSU did for NMST, next to none.

Next to no props? Whattsa matta you - got OldTimers?

And, the list could be hundreds, but I am not gonna take that much time, making my point.

Possibly, you don't visit Rivals or Scout team forums much throughout the season, but the Oregon 72-0 azz whuppin' of the first game of the 2010 season DOMINATED those forums and CFB fans and the media, for weeks - even into late in the season. Same with Sports Center. Even College Game Day shows yakked about it all the time - especially Corso.

Don't you remember Mark May yakking about it all season long - even when it was mentioned BSU had beaten Oregon TWICE - May always came up with the 72-0 New Mexico butt-whoopin' by Oregon as some innane reason Oregon was 'more deserving' than the Broncos?

tfunky - sometimes you are even more of a hard head than I am.

I know you think Coach Pete walks on water and everything he does is perfect - but I think the Broncos need to RUTS as much as possible. That is not to take anything away from Coach Pete. He's too nice of a guy. He drinks milk and wants people to wash their hands after using the bathroom and get flu shots. I just think BSU needs to get a 'bad azz rep' right off the bat, as a team that can acc@mulate a ton of points faast and put a game away by half and not struggle in the fourth.

"It is better to be feared than loved and it is better to be respected than admired", (Machiavelli - I dunno what page or book it was in - was too long ago that I read it - but it's there, - somewhere - trust me).


PS - Just do a Google for 'Oregon beats New Mexico by 72' and see how many pages you get.