Offense dominates Boise State football team's first scrimmage; Position breakdowns: Moore leads small group of quarterbacks

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

The Boise State offense dominated the first scrimmage of spring ball Wednesday at Bronco Stadium — leaving coach Chris Petersen frustrated with the lack of intensity from the defense.

The second-team offense, led by sophomore quarterback Joe Southwick, opened with a touchdown drive. Southwick was intercepted in the middle of the drive but linebacker Matt Wilson fumbled the ball back to the offense. Tailback Raphiel Lambert scored on a 1-yard run.

The first-team offense also scored on its first possession. The group went 70 yards in 15 plays, including an 8-yard catch by Chris Potter on fourth-and-2, a 7-yard catch by Geraldo Hiwat on third-and-2 and a 21-yard touchdown catch by Hiwat on third-and-14. Senior quarterback Kellen Moore was 9-of-11 on the drive.

Southwick's second drive could have resulted in points. Instead, he threw an interception on third-and-9 from the defense's 24-yard line. The timing of the play was botched by a bad snap.

Moore's second drive produced a field goal. Hiwat again made a big play, making a 9-yard grab in tight coverage on a fourth-and-4 slant.

Freshman quarterback Grant Hedrick added a touchdown pass late in the scrimmage with the third-teamers. He rolled right and floated a pass over a defender to tight end Holden Huff in the back of the end zone. Hedrick also tossed a TD pass to freshman wide receiver Troy Ware in a red-zone drill.

The kickers, who have been much improved in spring ball, looked good. In fact, three different kickers hit from 52 yards. Freshman Dan Goodale (Timberline High) made field goals of 37, 37, 42 and 52 yards and has been arguably the most improved player on the team this spring.

Boise State did not allow complete stats to be reported from the scrimmage, which was closed to the public.

Here are some quotes:

Petersen: "I'm really learning to hate scrimmages as a head coach because I'm mad at somebody all the time. ... That was concerning for our offense to drive up and down the field on our defense like that. That is unlike defense we've played around here. Now, granted, we've got some guys out that are going to be key contributors but we definitely expect our guys to play harder than they played today."

Hiwat: "I feel more like everybody is stepping up and that makes the competition a lot harder. That makes me just want to compete harder."

Moore: "We had good protection. I think we did a great job in the pocket moving around, buying some time to make plays downfield."

Note: Petersen's quote refers to several starting defensive linemen taking limited snaps and injuries to linebackers Byron Hout and Aaron Tevis. Tevis has practiced more than expected this spring.


Beginning this week, I’m posting breakdowns of the Boise State football team by position. The Broncos are in their third week of spring ball and take next week off for spring break.

Previous posts: Tailbacks and tight ends/fullbacks

Today: Quarterbacks.

Returning starters (1 of 1): Senior Kellen Moore enters his fourth year as the starting quarterback. He was a Heisman Trophy finalist last year and is the NCAA’s active career leader in pass efficiency at 166.74 — eight points ahead of fellow Heisman finalist Andrew Luck of Stanford. Moore has completed 68.2 percent of his career passes, breaking the school single-season record in 2008 and 2010 (71.3 percent). He had 35 touchdown passes and six interceptions last season, topping the nation with a 182.63 efficiency rating. This spring is an adjustment period for Moore, who has a new offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach in Brent Pease and a much different set of receivers.

Key loss: Mike Coughlin graduated and Mike Tamburo transferred, leaving the Broncos with just three quarterbacks in spring ball.

Projected starter: Moore.

Other key returners: Sophomore Joe Southwick served as the primary backup for most of last season and has looked sharp in spring ball. He was 17-of-24 for 202 yards and a touchdown last year. He’s a good athlete, frustrating the Broncos’ defense at times with his ability to scramble out of trouble.

Also in the mix: Redshirt freshman Grant Hedrick has terrific tools but is in the early stages of learning how to run the offense. He will be an intriguing player to watch in fall camp, when he and Southwick will set the stage for their competition for the starting job in 2012.

Also on the roster: None.

Not practicing: None.

Joining in August: Jimmy Laughrea (Rocklin, Calif.) likely will spend the fall running the scout team.

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projected starter

Moore? Id be careful going out on that limb......
BSU probably has the best player in the nation at this position.

Andrew Luck

Moore is a stud, but I'd personally give the nod to Luck - that dude is extremely athletic and has a rocket arm, but he's also just as smart and unflappable as Kellen. Aside from Luck, however, I'm not aware of a better current college QB for the system he's in than Kellen Moore.

Good take

We actually agree on something

Kellen Moore?

Thank you Chadd, I really had no idea who was going to start at QB for BSU this year.. I thought maybe they'd give it to Hedrick or Southwick.. no way they'd give it to the returning Heisman finalist................

In all seriousness, I appreciate your reports. Thank you!


I considered putting some kind of joke there...Guess I should have....It'll be a little harder when I get to O-line and safety...

I thought it would be....

Alfred E Neuman.....

Ω weisberg's ...

... Uncle Gertrude.


Hasn't the defense dominated most of the scrimmages in the past few years? If so, this could be a bad sign


Yes, but occasionally the offense wins one and the defense bounces back. I'd expect the defense to dominate the next one. And they have gotten the better of the offense in practice. If the offense consistently wins the scrimmages, that would be cause for concern.

Thanks Chadd

Hopefully the defense will step it up. Hiwatt sounds like he's making a name for himself in spring ball

Who was wearing #1? Anyone?

Who was wearing #1? Anyone?

No. 1

Nobody has it right now...Could be going to a newcomer.

shouldn't the fastest

starter get no 1? i've always thought so.

Just throw any ole Wr out there

Gimme a CB, gimme a Safety, gimme a right tackle, gimme a right guard, rest of the team from last year and I'll take Moore with "any recievers" ya want to throw out there and win games. O line gives Moore protection and he'll find/hit em.

cant remember a qb like Moore

I've been BSU/college football fan since 1958 when in high school. Afraid this Moore kid has spoiled us BSU fans when it comes to managing a clock and not throwing interceptions. Sure there were other college qb's with as low interception ratios, but I dont remember them.
Moore throws an interception the last 2 years and your jaw drops ---- did thaaaaat really happen

Ryan was good passer also

Ryan was good passer also. But if I remember 2003 was his best year with 5 interceptions. Also he only started for 3 years.

Here we go.

All Broncos all the time. What a bore.

Have fun climbing the Mtn next year

Broncos have one year with TCU, then the league becomes weak...just like being back in the Wiggety Wac!

Ω Pitons in my cornflakes ...

... if you please.

Which team do you support? WSC? Bring it bottomfeeder.

he doesn't

support Washington state.... he actually put his initials on his user name. I think he supports UW or oregon. I asked him once, what an idiot....

Ω Couldn't be a Dawg or Duck

He thinks Oregon plays on "Matt Court". Not knowing what MacArthur Court is is like not knowing BSU's field is blue.

Maybe it depends on what the meaning of "is" is.

Didn't look like there was any basketball
Submitted by sportsfan_wsc on Wed, 03/23/2011 - 10:01pm.

Played by the Donkeys. They were lost in the trees of Matt Court and lost to a 17-16 Oregon Ducks team. Hope everyone has satellite or you won't be able to see your beloved Girlse State play on that losing channel CBS College Sports! Have fun climbing the Mtn!

Read more:


It is that really smart PAC 10 education he has, you know, the one where they know more about everything than us po dunk idaho folk.

razor - I am not a sportsfan_wsc fan, but . . .

I think he has a valid point on the Matt Court versus MacArthur Court thingy. It appears Oregon now plays basketball in the Mathew Knight Arena, and technically on the Kilkenny Floor. Here is a little info about it:

It is interesting to note that Phil Knight only contributed a little money to the construction of the Arena that bears his son's name, while the majority of funding was securd by State of Oregon backed 30 year bonds (basically Oregon taxpayer's monies building Phil's son's mausoleum). Oregon residents prolly never questioned it, as most Oregonians I have ever known, are not really that bright, to begin with; and are easily led.


well there you go

he isnt as dumb troll, just a troll.

Ω How about that?

I take it all back. Thanks for the correction, VNDL. Shows my level of interest in Oregon basketball ... zilch, especially on a BSU football blog.

Still don't like his tone or terminology. Troll-like, for sure.

Now I can go back to troubleshooting Firefox 4.

razor - I still got more bad news for you

You know how we all used to really like the Oregon Cheerleaders, cuz they were really hot and gorgeous and all?

Well, there have been some changes for the 2011 season coming up. Apparently, budgetary cuts have impacted the Oregon Cheerleader Squad and there was only $167.00 budgeted for the entire 2011 season for the squad of The One. Unfortunately, the squad went from 23 starlets to just The One. Oregon just completed their competition, last week, for the 2011 season and the subsequent selection of The One. It is not going to be the same as in previous years.

Here is The One, that won:


PS - you have to replace the '@' symbol with a 't' in the link to make it work.

Ω Are you sure ...

... that isn't BDuck1917? And, what's he got in that bag? weisberg?

That One is quite the heartthrob, no?

razor - Actually, I think it is OMilkey's Secret Love Goddess

The BSU Prancing Percherons, definitely have somethng to shoot for, this year. That's for sure.

I have no worldly understanding as to how the Prancing Percherons can go on, year after year, constantly expanding - growing - celluliticating - rotunding; but,


and, against all odds,

they do.


Ω That's just not right!

Not right at all.

Haven't heard from OMilk for a while now. Hope he's well on the mend. Sure miss his commentary.

Wiz ... where are you?

razor - you were right

It wasn't Omilkey's Femme Fatale, it was BDuck. I just kinda made that up about Omilkey, and all.

Also, you were correct. Weisberg was in the bag. Apparently, BDuck carries Weisberg around in a bag most of the time when they are both on campus. I don't really know why, but it seems he is never without his 'bag boy'.

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PS - Also, you may have seen Weisberg on a few episodes of the the made for TV reality sitcom about colon cleansing techniques that have proven to not be medically sound or effective, entitled: "150 PSI Is A Bit Too Much"?

Ω Ouch!

To the picture, scenario, and all related (and very disturbing) mental images.

razor - What do you think - RE: BSU Prancing Percherons?

Should we rate them by 'poundage', 'sizeage', or 'water volume displacement':


Ω More like ...

... how many could you fit into the drydock at the Bremerton Naval Shipyard?

Hey guys, cruel criticism doesn't become you. Talk football.

After all, it is supposed to be about in enthusiasm and school spirit. Not everything is about gorgeous bodies. After reading the comments from the Combine and how the players were critiqued, name calling, i.e. Chicken Legs, was totally unnecessary. We are talking about people willing to put themselves out there in front of fans...Fans. Support your team, support your cheerleaders. That's what fans do. I'm tired of people being critical of others' appearances, when these kids, male and female, have more to offer than being objects to ogle. That's my rant for the day.


We have a new woman on the boards. And her name is wild turkey.

Maybe we should invite her to dinner?


Ω About 9 days late ...

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WT sounds a whole lot like sunnyseattle, who made the Troll Tripe Tracker with this endorsement: "... this troll attempted to lecture and chastise only to be rebuffed. Last seen in tears headed for the Blue Mtns. Could be straighttalk's sister, similar histrionics."

VNDL, on the TTF from your video link ... I'm guessing WT goes for the big, squishy ones.

ps - A big NO THANKS to ITD for its failure to post a Hwy 55 closure notice at New Meadows on Sunday. What a thrill it was to hit McCall at 1am only to have to retreat and take Hwy 95. That was 12 hours after the slide and no warning. Nice work!

sunny seattle

No, but I've been in sunny Newport Beach and missed your acceptable window of opportunity to respond. Razor, you have responded to my comments before (positive, I might add), so I'm surprised I'm suddenly a newbie troll. Graduated with three degrees from about you? And speaking of you, have you forgotten what cruelty does to the psyche? College kids are constantly on the edge and anyone with courage to be in front of 35,000 "fans" doesn't deserve cheap shots from the anonymity of this football board.

Yeah, maybe I was out of line in chastising you, and maybe you were out of line with derogatory comments.

I've got a choke tube to lube. One can't be too prepared. I'm outta here, but don't fret. I'll be back.

If You Need Any Help......

Lubing your choke tube.....

I recommend:

1) soliciting the Chipster to help...
2) Recruiting a poolboy to assist
3) Seek out the retired kicker...

Any of the above should work....

Maybe . . .

. . . its time to change your pad?

You seem kinda Oscar Tango Romeo.


PS - Are yiou that WildTurkey fool from the VaTech Hokie board?

VaTech? OTR?

Nope. Turkey season starts in ten days and it is as much fun as a BSU game...both are awesome ways to enjoy the day. And, I happen to drink the stuff, thus, the name. Best liquid refreshment around. The rag? not likely. just aware that BSU players, cheerleaders, drill/flag folks, the band...all of them read these blogs. I remember too well being a college kid. No reason to inflict additional pain. They've all got enough. And it's a football sports board. You, razor, etal. are fun to read and informative. So get over my criticism of your off-topic content, and move on to discussing our chances against Georgia and TCU (I won't miss Dalton), the two toughest games I see coming this year. Know much about Georgia?


I know they have swimming pools........

Ω The pool ...

... or the pond?


I bet you are the life of any party.

Prolly, got a mind like a steel trap. what with 3 (count 'em) degrees from BSU. You da 'bomb'.

Yes - VaTech. Hokie Birds = Wild Tirkey - get it? (it is known as a Double Entendre)

Gonna be a long season having to 'splain this stuff, or any kind of stuff, to you.


PS - you mentioned you gotta 'clean' your choke tube. I shudder to think how it got dirty in the first place; unles that is what you use them turkey's for, once you kilt 'em.

PPS - Yeah, to answer your question, I know a little about Georgia - but the poster that really knows about Georgia is TheBroncoKid. Maybe do a post adressed to him asking questions about UGA Football and he will prolly answer it.

Ω Here's the deal, VNDL.

Cry if you want.

razor - I am so very happy Wild Turkey is back and. . . .

. . . can rescue us from ourselves. We are saved, cuz, he's:


PS - Where would we ever be without Wild Turkey and his shmegmated choke tube?

Ω Hardtail

Panhead or slopehead?

Where would we be? Dealing with the likes of rfrog, rspud, lsched, bcluck, jdoc, bphartage and the like. Ah, the good ol' days!

guilt by association

richfrog, lameschedule, jocdoc, etc., Someone calls you on your personal criticism of twenty year old students and you relegate them to the trollheap? Man-up, admit you had a passing moment affront, and move on.

Seriously, if we lose in Georgia, we are toast for the season. Can't you insightful seasoned posters come up with a cogent line of reasoning that will bring confidence to the blue fanbase?

Ω Don't savvy?

Those were promotions.

clean my choke tube? nah

There is a decided difference between cleaning a choke tube and lubing one. Rather than chalk it up to poor reading comprehension skills, I'll go with your honest ignorance of shotguns and choke tubes, in general. I'd hate to have to 'splain this stuff to you all turkey season, and then through pheasant/quail, and then onto duck season. That is too much 'splainin' to ask of anyone. Actually, I'm fairly relieved you didn't pick up on "lube" because then you probably would have gotten graphic and then kicked off the board. Wouldn't want that. Yall are too much fun. And as for TheBroncoKid, you tried associating that name with a few other posters last year...did you ever find out who it really was? When someone posts with two different log-ins, isn't that sort of like your Double Entendre? Entered Double. or do I have to 'splain that to you, tambien? In our next lesson you will learn the difference between a steel trap and baiting.
Razor didn't answer my question, so I'll ask you. Do you have one/two/three/zero degrees from BSU?
Now, on to Georgia. (why don't you pull up a Bill Medley/Bobby Hatfield video of Georgia on My Mind? They were Tustin Tillers, btw).