Grayshirt WR Troy Ware impresses Boise State football coaches; Petersen reaches out to North Carolina coach

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State freshman wide receiver Troy Ware has impressed coaches during the first two days of spring ball, coach Chris Petersen said Thursday during his weekly press conference.

Ware (6-foot-1, 181 pounds) is a grayshirt newcomer. He signed in February 2010 and joined the team in January after sitting out the fall semester. He’s from Oceanside, Calif.

“Troy Ware has caught my eye and a lot of other guys’ eye,” Petersen said. “It’s two days, and we don’t have pads on, but he’s competing hard and making some plays.”

Ware’s strong first impression began in winter conditioning.

“He fit right in in terms of the work ethic part of things,” Petersen said. “That’s hard. When (strength coach Tim Socha) says, ‘This guy will work,’ I know that’s a good thing.”

The Broncos will put on shoulder pads Friday. They go to full pads next week.


Petersen rarely allows a college football staff to visit the Broncos during spring ball. He made an exception for Oklahoma because the Sooners have been good to the Broncos — coaches talked by phone two years ago and Petersen visited Oklahoma last spring.

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops and several assistants, including the defensive and co-offensive coordinators, attended practice Wednesday.

“We usually don’t let guys in,” Petersen said. “If we did, we just wouldn’t get anything done. We do get a lot of requests. … He let us in, so we needed to repay the favor.”


Petersen talked to North Carolina coach Butch Davis a couple weeks ago. He wanted to know what Davis learned from the Tar Heels’ eligibility issues last season. The problems were largely related to interaction with agents.

“We’re always very vigilant about trying to stay on top of those types of things,” Petersen said. “… I know when (schools) go through something like that they learn so much and now they’re trying to be proactive. There’s stuff out there that maybe we haven’t encountered that they went through and we have to keep our eye out for. … There’s just a couple little things that he did say that piqued our interest — nothing earth shattering, but a meeting here and calls to a couple different people. And then just some more things to educate our guys on.”


Petersen on the first two days of practice: “We’ve been pleased with how hard those guys are going. I always think if we can keep this up for 13 more practices with this type of focus and intensity that we’ll be right where we want to be.”


Petersen on WR Tyler Shoemaker, the only senior in his group: “This is a really big spring for him because he really hasn’t been in this (leadership) role before. He’s going to do a nice job but he’s got some growing to do because he’s just never done it. He’s got to get out of his comfort zone and set the tone and have no bad days and practice harder than anybody in his group.”


Bruce Feldman of posted a story today on the schools that do the best job producing NFL talent out of lower-rated recruiting classes. Boise State is No. 2 on his list, behind TCU.

Feldman points out that Kellen Moore was the 162nd-ranked quarterback in the 2007 signing class and Doug Martin was the 248th-ranked running back the same year. Both seniors are considered NFL prospects.

Feldman also mentions former two-star recruits Ryan Clady, Daryn Colledge, Legedu Naanee, Orlando Scandrick, Gerald Alexander, Derek Schouman, Korey Hall and Kyle Wilson as examples of the Broncos’ player development.

Feldman’s story requires Insider privileges. You can find it here.

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You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!

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