Boise State QB Kellen Moore adjusts to new coach; Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops, assistants visit BSU

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State senior quarterback Kellen Moore said Wednesday that it was difficult for him to lose coach and friend Bryan Harsin to Texas but he expects the change to help him.

Harsin, the Broncos’ offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach the past five years, left in January to become the co-offensive coordinator at Texas.

Former wide receivers coach Brent Pease replaced Harsin as Moore’s mentor.

Boise State opened spring practice Monday and Moore talked to the media Wednesday for the first time since the Broncos’ MAACO Bowl Las Vegas triumph in December.

“Obviously a very tough situation just because it’s the guy you’ve been working with for four years,” Moore said of Harsin’s departure. “We weren’t necessarily just in the coach-player relationship. It probably went a little further than that.”

In January, Harsin said leaving Moore was “tremendously hard.”

“Kellen is a special person and a special player and those guys don’t come around a lot with all those things combined,” Harsin said. “That was very difficult, and not just him — all the players there.”

Pease is a former college and NFL quarterback. He has spent most of his career coaching that position but was the wide receivers coach under Harsin.

“It’s probably the best transition I could possibly have,” Moore said. “He’s very comfortable. He understands the system. It’s just probably different ways of approaching it, but at the end of the day we’re still doing the same stuff, we’re still trying to get the same goals accomplished and I think it’s been good.

“… For me it’s probably good just because I’ve been with Hars for four years. We’re on the same page. We understood each other. We’ve kind of been doing the same thing for a little while. It always kind of sparks you when you’ve got something different.”

Moore led the nation in pass efficiency last season with 35 touchdown passes and six interceptions. He’s 38-2 in his college career and a returning Heisman Trophy finalist.


The New York Times recently did a Q&A with Texas coach Mack Brown, in which Brown talked extensively about his respect for the Broncos offense and decision to hire Harsin. Read it here.


Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops and several members of his coaching staff attended the Broncos' practice Wednesday. The Sooners coaches are visiting for two days. Boise State coaches often visit other schools but rarely have a contingent of coaches from another school visit them.

Boise State coach Chris Petersen visited Oklahoma last spring. The schools will forever be linked by their 2007 Fiesta Bowl classic, won by the Broncos.


Fewer than 100 tickets remain for “An Evening with Coach Pete,” the Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year dinner. The event is March 19 at the Boise Centre on The Grove. Tickets are $50 at The event can accommodate about 800 people.

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Changes are difficult...

especially when a senior...but money and opportunities talk, so the Har saw both and left....I have a feeling that Coach Pete may look after this season when Moore is gone if BSU does not go 13-0...who knows?...Coaching changes reminds me of my Junior year of High School track...the new coach had us doing more 440s....



You have a "feeling"?

Really? Please Oprah...........tell us all MORE about your "FEELINGS".........rather than your THOUGHTS.

The truly ignorant among us are incapable of distinguishing between the two.


it's dr phil

Coach Pete

won't be leaving for a while. Stanford had the best chance of any school to pull him away, and if he doesn't go to Stanford, he won't go anywhere. Pete makes a good living here in Boise, and while it isn't a multi-million dollar salary, a million in Boise goes a long way. Pete is also interested in building on what he has made here, so it isn't all about the money. And there is definitely the quality of life that he has here. I don't see Pete leaving for a while.

perhaps he's pretty darn proud of the program he's built here

perhaps pride is more important than pay or at least lets hope that's the case and lets also hope akey stays put as well- he's been a much needed breath of fresh air for the vandal fooball program.

I see the change as good for Kellen

While Harsin and Kellen had a wonderful relationship, and Harsin was a great mentor to Kellen; Pease has played QB in the NFL (Kellen's next step up after college ball). Besides, Kellen still has Harsin as a personal friend and always will.

The NFL QB exerience of Pease will be gleaned by Kellen, like a sponge.

I bet Kellen is looking at the change, as a positive thing and an opportunity to expand his knowledge of how the game is played from a NFL QB's perspective.. This will also, provide him more insight as to how to prepare to be competetive and successful, in his future NFL combine/draft pursuits.

A good change, overall.


Agreed VNDL


Too Bad

nobody is going to be able to watch the Bronoco's games with the horrible Mtn West TV contract (I bet dish and direct sales will rise 100% or better in the Treasure Valley)... How many games have been announced so far on ESPN? Do recruits even watch the CBS College Sports Channel?

Well, it seemed

to work for TCU, or Utah........

Care to reply?


tv contract worked so well for tcu, utah and byu that they ran from mwc!

It had nothing to do with the TV contract really...

It was MORE MONEY from AQ conferences! BYU was just a little sister throwing a tantrum, because the other sister looked better for the dance, and got the date!

utah's going from $1mil per yr in tv money to over $10mil per yr

the bcs revenue shares they'll receive from being in the pac is just icing on utah's cake.

as far as how tcu will make out in the big east...

oops- supposed to have gone under syncster's comment

not sure how that happened, but tv contracts had a lot to do with utah- tcu- and byu bolting from the mwc

syncster- keep in mind bsu didn't move to mwc for it's tv deal

bsu moved into the mwc because of utah tcu and byu and the hope that the mwc would land a bcs auto berth.

I don't see

ESPN giving up on BSU. They seem to love the Broncos and I don't see them just walking away from that relationship. How that translates to TV time next year, I don't know, but I would be ESPN is doing its fair share of negotiating.

Ultimate sports package

So, we fans invest in the super sports package for 4 months, and then chop it back again at the season's end. But if ESPN knows marketing, and I think they do, they'll be back on the Blue with some sort of back-scratching deal with The Mtn, etal. The recruits? they may be s.o.l.

MWC tv

to work for TCU, or Utah........
Care to reply?
TCU in the heart of Tex recruiting, SDSU in the heart of Cal recruiting, Air Force is Air Force and Utah some bcs appearences. All the rest of teams on a downhill race to nowhere when it came to recruiting.
SDSU was a nobody, Colo St was somebody, BYU was somebody when MWC started this tv deal.
Last year I bought BSU games to watch on my computer as I travel for work some, the MWC wouldnt let BSU media air the Wy game.
Only non conference games dont fall under MWC rules far as I know.


Opening game in Georgia dome will be on ABC. Two other possible, and likely ESPN games @Toledo Sept 17 and @Fresno Oct 8. The rest will likely be on the three little networks (MTN, CBSCS, or Versus) or not broadcast at all. There will be some games that won't be broadcast at all I'm afraid. Welcome to the big time.

I am not a TV package guru - how can I watch the 2011 Broncos

I am a Cableone subscriber in Magic Valley. I have both TV and internet thru Cableone.

Last season, I could not watch the Broncos for a few selected games that were not carried on Cableone and had to drive to some friend's house to watch the games.

I was told, today, by Cableone, that they are not trying to get a package with the Mtn (MWC) channel for the 2011 Bronco season, and they doubted they would have it at all in the future.

Other than terminating my service with Cableone and getting the Dish or DirectTV services, how can I watch the 2011 Broncos?

It looks like I am screwed.

If I go with Direct TV or Dish - which one will have the package that I can watch the 2011 Broncos?

And, what package should I get?

Any ideas, anybody?


TV package

As said earlier, Boise State is likely to have three games on the ESPN family of networks — Georgia, Toledo, Fresno State.

I believe every Boise State game will be on TV in 2011. We will know for sure later this month or early next month. I'd wait for that before you switch providers.

Here is the list of channels that Mountain West games are on and who carries them:

CBS College Sports (38 million subscribers) is available on Dish Network (152) and DirecTV (613) but not Cable One.

Versus (74.1 million) is available on Cable One (326), Dish (151) and DirecTV (603).

The Mtn. (8 million) is available on Cable One (329) and DirecTV (616) but not Dish.

— murph

boycott the mtn/comcast by supporting a local sportsbar

thats what I intend to do

I don't drink or even have cable, does that work?


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!


MTN IS on Cableone channel 329. Versus is on 326. CBS College Sports is not on Cableone and probably will not be added, unless BSU or the MWC is lobbying for it. Sounds like the Cableone person you talked to didn't know what they were talking about. I've been mulling over the switch myself and from what I've learned Dish won't do you much good either, only Direct TV and you have to get the additional $10 sports package that includes CBS College Sports. I know they recently announced a name change for that channel, but I can't recall what it is. I'm going to hold out until mid/late summer to see what happens.


Cableone are idiots really

Kellen is a coach

Not worried at all about Kellen, doubt there isn't much he doesn't know about his position already.

the differences in observations/adjustments made from the booth

when kellen picks up the phone this year he won't be talking x and o's with harsin and in most cases harsin probably knew what kellen was thinking before he picked up the phone and vice versa- thats what the main difference is going to be this season- lets just hope kellen and pease can get to that level

Thanx everybody for answering my questions about the TV stuff

I guess I'll just hang tight until this summer to figure it out.

I guess I got spoiled being able to watch most of the Bronco games in the comfort of my home with my friends and neighbors, during the WAC years.

Now it looks like I might have to watch this blog do a 'live' game thread, to be able to follow the Bronco games, during the MWC years.

I wonder what percentage of Bronco Nation are in my situation? Maybe only those living in Magic Valley?


BDuck soon discovers . . .

. . . Weisberg forgot the Viagra:



Why are you all over every JV BSU blog on here? Do you ever sleep? Go outside? Play hoops at the Y? See the sunshine? The stars? Spend time with a lady?


Minds want to know!

True Blue!!!

spaceman - My shedule for today

Left home real early this morning and drove over 100 miles to Boise for a meeting at the Capitol Building. Had lunch at the Ram on Broadway, with some Bronco and Vandal friends. Went to the BAA office and bought my annual $100.00 share of Bronco Stock for my B-Day Present to myself. Drove home and got to my house about 3:15PM. Checked my e-mail and made a post or two. Took a shower and got a fresh suit on. Drove about 45 miles to Twin Falls for a Water Meeting at the Courthouse and then had dinner and yakked about CFB with a couple of associates at the Canyon Crest. Then drove home and checked my e-mail and posted a couple of things. Will see my wife as soon as she gets home from doing her thing at the Hailey hospital (she is the one with the real long days - not me - I am retired).

I lead a full life. How about you?

Is this a typical day for you?:


PS - Of course my life is enriched with many friends and opportunities for social intraction and diversion. How about you? Is dinner always by yourself with your 18 year old blind cat to keep you company?