Boise State football coaches impressed by visit to Alabama

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

Half of the Boise State coaching staff visited Alabama for three days last month to swap ideas.

Offensive line coach Chris Strausser, who made the trip along with most of the offensive staff and defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski, was impressed by the Crimson Tide’s approach.

“It was an extremely classy place and yet not a ton of bling,” Strausser said of the program that won the 2009 national title. “We’ve been to some places that are Top 10 programs that it’s a flat screen every time you turn around a corner. That wasn’t their deal — but it’s a classy, classy place.”

Part of the trip was a chance for the Broncos coaches to watch an Alabama offseason workout.

“They work as hard as anybody I’ve ever seen,” Strausser said.

And the visit wasn’t just about the Broncos’ quest for knowledge. The Tide wanted information, too.

“We’ve been to many places where the idea going in was to share ideas and after two days us walking away going, ‘They didn’t ask a question,’ ” Strausser said. “That’s the way we like it. But these guys weren’t the same. They definitely had a mission and were trying to find a few things out.”

What did the Tide coaches want to know?

“You’ll have to ask them,” Strausser said.

Offensive coordinator Brent Pease made the connection with Alabama. He played for the Houston Oilers when Alabama head coach Nick Saban was the defensive backs coach.

“Coach Saban was great to us,” Strausser said. “Of course everybody thinks he’s Godzilla, but he was great to us — he treated us really well.”


Boise State opened spring practice Monday with a helmets-only workout in the Caven-Williams Sports Complex. The receivers — an area of concern for the Broncos this season — looked sharp with few dropped passes and some big plays. Sophomore Kirby Moore was particularly impressive with a couple of tough catches in 7-on-7 action. Freshman quarterback Grant Hedrick threw the ball well and senior tailback Doug Martin looked explosive.


In tomorrow's paper, I'll take a look at the offensive line, which loses both starters on the right side. Charles Leno (right tackle) and Jake Broyles (right guard) opened spring ball with the first team.

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Yes It Is Nice

The jealousy of what Coach Pete and his staff are doing is heart warming to those of us that don't see it the way you do Weisberg. I suspect that you are a Vandal that loathes everything BSU, but you see, BSU uses their money toward building and improving whereas the Vandal administration simply rely on putting a band-aid over a pig. You can cover it up with the band-aid... you can try and disguise the pig any way you choose but in the end it's still a pig.

Here we go!

The start of AllBroncosFootball all the time. Boring!

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BSU and alabama compare notes and the first dozen posts are about weisberg.... Murph is right, Boise is not a football town. How in the world are weisberg and Bduck allowed to continue to embarass themselves and us.

On a football note, if history holds true BSU should beat Alabama in a BCS bowl next year, ask TCU how that works. Could we have just witnessed the NC game coaches next year comparing playbooks?


and Wisky coaches really meet last summer?

No, tcu and BSU met

the spring before the fiesta bowl, BSU won.


I can go with that....

potato2 is right

Chad, is there nothing you can do to get this weisberg either on topic or off the blog? People, will you please stop responding to him? This is getting more pathetic by the day, and the season hasn't even started. This blog is supposed to be about football, with intelligent/witty/insightful/informative comments. The headline was:Bronco football coaches impressed by Alabama. And how do we fans respond? Jeesh. mortifying.

I have a question for anyone who has been deeper into our athletic facility than the blue we have flat screens everywhere? do we look overly blinged? I've heard Hawaii's complex is totally downtrodden. Will they have to upgrade to keep up with the MWC? How does ours compare with other MWC facilities? I'd think with the Caven indoor complex we'd be more prepared than many, but what about the rest? Do football recruits come here and go "Oh Yeah!" or shrug their shoulders?

Good questions

The indoor complex and the Sky center are top notch. The football offices and the training room are pretty second rate (I was last in Hawaii's facility about 6 years ago, pretty sad then). No, there are not flat screens every where. The football meeting rooms are not bad and have some of the newer film watching equipment (could be better though). I've heard the "bling" was more important to Hawkins than coach Pete.

FYI, I have not replied to weistard in over a year. It would be a waste of my time.

i suppose the coaches offices and training rooms

are on the docket. that construction is going to be a pain. course, that part of the field isn't where a lot people go anyway. so i guess we'll see.

OK, here is a football question? Who will answer?

Boise State is 9-16 all time vs BCS schools. They play in a non aq conference. Of course since the conference is outside the BCS and its rules, Boise fans cry unfairness.

Why should Boise or any other non aq be rewarded the same as BCS schools, when they dont do the same things. The conferences and schedule is so weak, yet, Boise and other non aq's claim that since they have won a few games against BCS schools, that they are on level ground. They have not proven themselves season after season against BCS schedules. Pac 10 teams had 10 of the top 22 strength of schedules last season. Boise or any other non aq cant get close to that. Based on this alone, why should Boise or any non aq get the same reward as a BCS school??

Answers...and I have asked this several times and never revieved a reply that didnt go off on the BCS. Until you become part of it as Utah and TCU have, of course its frustrating. But it is what it is and its obvious that conference strength and schedule strength and in Boises case the history of playing so few games vs the BCS is overwhelming evidence to never include the non aq's. Answers...still waiting...

Poor bcluck

Actually I have answered this many times, but given your slowness, I go over it again.

First, you always spout the 9-16 historical record and wave off the current 6-1 record vs. “AQ” programs.
Well, Oregon’s historical record vs. “AQ” programs is 304-358, how does that qualify for “AQ” status.

I have often ask you (and other AQ elitist) how many wins did it take to qualify for “AQ” status. You never answer because we all know “AQ” status has nothing to do with winning football. Actually, if you look at “football” as the only qualifying factor to becoming “AQ”, Boise State is far more qualified today than Oregon was in 1998 when they “dubbed” “AQ”. Consider:

In 1998 (the year “AQ“ was created), Oregon had a combined record of 16-43 (makes 9-16 look good doesn’t it) against “AQ” teams outside the PAC 2. Oregon also had a 203-276-21 conference record at that point.

It’s funny, you are so delusional about this “AQ” status that you have already anointed TCU and Utah much better football teams solely because they are now “AQ”

Finally, as far as the same “award”. Can you say U-Conn? How about TCU?

You can rack yourself all you want, it won’t change the fact that BSU has become a top ranked football program, and the don’t need a label to prove it.

BTW, I work out of my condo, don't have a business license, was just let go by a scouting service in Florida. Don't suppose you could get Chip to push through a $25,000 check for me......oops, gotta go I have your top recruit for next year on the other line........

wish we had a "rec" system.

this would get mine. response...

...9-16 is not historical, its up to date current. It is relavent because Boise is in a non aq, therefore, they need to play 3-4 games a season against BCS teams, not just one. Unfortunately, for non aq's they have to do more, as Utah and TCU have over the past decade. They both have played twice as many games vs BCS schools, many seasons playing 3-4 games against BCS schools, than Boise and have won many more as well. Not to mention BYU and Fresno, who have not yet been invited, but have a history like TCU and Utah when it comes to playing BCS schools.

Oregon has been in the Pac 8, then the Pac 10 and now the Pac 12. They didn't need to qualify, they have belonged decade after decade. Boise was DII forever. Unfortunately for Boise, doing as Utah and TCU have done would go a long way towards getting Boise the BCS membership they so covet, but they dont seem willing to do that, just play the one game a season, then win 12 WAC games and then spout off about unfairness. Its not unfair...just do the work, play the games and lets see where that gets you.

I have not called TCU and Utah better teams than Boise, just more deserving of their recently attained BCS status.

Further, BCS status is so far off for Boise because of non football reasons. Acedemic inferiority, the university does not have the research status or acedemic quality required by the Pac 12 and other BCS conferences, overall inferior athletic facilities, small TV market, poor performing athletic programs, etc., etc., etc.

It about more than football, although I know Boise wants it to be solely about football. Yes Boise has become a top football program but not because they have proven it on the field. The strength of schedule and lack of BCS opponents every season proves that. Its just the hot debate right now; Boise wins the WAC every season, goes undefeated every other season and so they are in the spotlight. Yes, 6-1 over the last few sesons against BCS teams, but comon, a few seasons? Really? Dont you think Boise needs to up the anty a little. Start playing Iowa, Clemson, Bylor, Miss St, on and on and on before they claim they are on the same level as BCS teams??

Maybe they are, but we wont ever know because;
1. They dont play in a BCS conference, so they dont go to war every week, they are not tested every week. Why do you think the Pac 10 is rarely playing for a BCS championship? Because the quality of the teams in conf beat each other up. Its not Wyoming, SDSU and Air Force.

2. They dont play enough BCS teams.1 per season is not enough and will never be enough. Until its 3-4, Boise's argument will always be ultra weak. Just look at TCU and Utah. They played the games over a decade or so, won roughly half and now are BCS members. Fresno played the games and won about half, but facilities and acedemics have hampered them.

Its complicated and I know Boise fans feel slighted and I guess Oregon fans would too if they put up the numbers Boise has, but the numbers are hollow and there is much, much work to do elsewhere, not just on the football field.

Ω When did last season ...

... start all over again?

This is practically a straight copy/paste operation from Week 1, Week 2, every week. SoS, go to war, BCS opponents, not tested, up the ante, on and on and on.

Mark May doing the dictation?

8 players out and one for good? NO DEATHS YET!


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!

It never ends razor...

...and at the end of this season the football guys who know, Mark May, Lou Holtz and the rest will enlighten those who live in speculation world, Herbie and the entire non aq world...

Utah is in for a world of hurt and those in the know will have their contentions proven for the whole world to see.

Utah will fall on its face. They will not win their division, they will not play in the Pac 12 Championship game in Eugene...they will be lucky to be .500.

Bye Bye non aq's claims of being legit. Goin to war in the conference of champions isnt quite the same as the little sisters of the wac or mwc...its BCS football and until you prove it consistently you dont get to play!!

Thems the rules...I dont make em...just play by em!!


are you serious in your

Iowa, Clemson, Baylor, Miss St claims? because even in the "Big 6" there is still division. If BSU fills the their non-conference with those guys (or heck, even WSU, UW, Mich St and Ole Miss already on the schedule) people will deride them for not scheduling the "cream of the crop" of the BCS.

outside of USC, Oregon can't even claim that distinction. The only conference that really gets that bump or benefit of the doubt is the SEC (ughhh).

Ω Oh, he's serious

Chord...are you just plain ignorant???

Just another excuse loser. At least tfunk and his pals offer up discussion and insight. You offer plain excuses. If Boise played more than one game a season against BCS teams they either win the majority and at least look a little more legit for at least scheduling and probobly winning a lot of those games.

As it is, Boise and fans like you would rather excuse it away and play one game a year vs BCS teams and then cry your way into the hearts of the dumbazz media who think winning one game a year puts Boise on level ground with BCS schools.

You lose either way as we have seen. Schedule em, play em, win least 3 a season vs BCS schools. Anything less...gets you what you have recieved so far...a few table scraps and bowling in vegas with 1 loss!!!

your panties.

they are in a wad.

BDuck... please look at our last three season....

Not a single none AQ school plays three or more AQ schools a season. BSU, TCU AND Utah played the same number of BCS schools last year and the two years before. TWO... TCU played Oregon State and Wisconsen (SP but I don't care.) BSU played Oregon State also and you may have seen a game on ESPN to kick off last years season against ACC champs Virginia Tec. Name the none BCS teams that play three or more BCS teams a year. Go ahead... I'll wait. Times up and who did you come up with.... No one Duckie because there isn't one. Next question when was the last season BSU only played one BCS team.... go ahead again.... I'll wait. What's that four years ago? Oh duckie your right on that one.

There is no none BCS team that plays three or more BCS schools a year. Most conferences won't afford them that much room. Oh, btw who did we play in the Vegas bowl? Utah was it... how'd that work out for them... OOHHHHHH, Utah got smashed.... oh okay, got it.

BDuck2009 - were you an English major, by chance?

BDuck2009, sez, en parte: " . . . BCS status is so far off for Boise because of non football reasons. Acedemic inferiority, the university does not have the research status or acedemic quality required by the Pac 12 and other BCS conferences . . . "

This is kinda laughable, coming from an Oregon Duck PAC12er. The Ducks are not exactly known in 'academic circles', as being 'rocket scientists' or overly bright. Certainly, not like Stanford grads are.

As I get the story; Ducks sometime do luck out and get their English 101 Final Examination questions, correct:


Ω VNDL to the "pen" ...

... shortly.

Read instructions carefully before beginning?

How, oh how, do you find that stuff? You "acedemician", you.

Some would say

that this is a version of the Oregon "wonderlick" test

yes bduck2009 bsu is 9-16 all time vs bcs- however since 2005

bsu is 6-4 vs the bcs conferences

why does that matter, you ask? the simple answer would be thats when bsu started putting together all the pieces that made the program what it is today.

looking at bsu vs the bcs prior to 05 is like looking at a young bird before it's able to fly, but if you just wanna look at -all-time- stats, then look at bsu vs oregon all-time win-loss record and see that bsu leads the series 2-0

Get a better cell network


You must be lucky to be in the state I was born in!

BSU's BCS record of 9-16 is of...

the past...What BSU is trying to do is get into the BCS system based on their strengths in 2011 through 2013....Their 2011 schedule is much better than of the past...If they can amass a record of around 34-2 plus three bowl wins in the next three years, it would be very difficult to exclude BSU from BCS play and tv monies....That is the main goal....the past means nothing...

My opinion is friction will start filtering in and become a negative to its goals....BSU has to start off by clobbering Georgia...The game cannot be close or the BCS naysayers will have their excuses...If BSU loses to Georgia, it is not over; but friction will start and make it difficult....By friction, I mean monies...To jusstify a $150 million advance, you better win...Also, the $150 million may be a low ball....For instance, as soon as the construction starts and monies are collected, a de-valued dollar and hyper-inflation due to economy may actually put fininshing costs well over $200 million...You could literally see construction start but not finish due to monies and inflation...Today, it may be too much too soon....

If you want friction....collect alot of money, but don't fulfill your promises....

I will

BDuck. I am no BSU fan. Lets get that straight right off. But your question ignores recent history. You pull out the 9-16 all time record but that is going back 25 years! Of course, if you include those stats it looks like your point is right. But if you look only at more recent performance, you get an entirely different view. Non-AQ programs, particularly TCU, BSU and most recently Nevada have been kicking the cripe out of AQ schools. Moore was Heisman candidate. Remember, BSU totally dismantled Oregon twice and your newest PAC-10 member, Utah. Made them look just awful. Rather parhetic actually. TCU has made mincemeat of their AQ competitors while even Nevada totally demolished CAL in an amazing blow out beating them by nearly 30 points. The same CAL team that came within a whisker of beating Oregon. After that they dominated one of the best defenses in the country beating ACC's Boston College before an ESPN audience estimated at 80 million viewers. Nevada will likely have 4 players drafted this year, some in the very early rounds. The non-AQ QB Colin Kaepernick set a host of all time NCAA records, had the best performance of any QB in the Senior Bowl practice week and was the best QB at the Combine with the second fastest 40 yard time, strongest arm and a dazzling reaction time of 64 hundreths of a second from target recognition to release with 90% accuracy. To put that in perspective, Peyton Manning couldnt touch those numbers when he was senior. Most draft experts have Nevada's QB going in the early second round. Some even in the late first round. So, if some AQ schools can consistently beat up AQ schools, have Heisman nominees, re-write the record books, and get 4 players drafted, isn't time to stop looking back 25 years? When Oregon and CAL are capable of beating BSU, TCU and Nevada, then you can talk. Until then, we'll keep beating up "better" schools.

Ω SkiDoc

Solid post with solid points. Well stated. make good valid points

However the point I have continued to make isnt that non aq schools are capable of beating BCS schools. I know they are. We have all seen it. Oregon lost twice to Boise. No, the point I continually make is that its the way Boise refuses to schedule. TCU and Utah, not to mention Fresno and BYU have a history of scheduling 3 and sometimes 4 games against BCS schools, while Boise usually schedules one.

Boise does far less on the field than a BCS school or for that matter, TCU and Utah. Just because you beat a team here and there...nothing is proven.

Why doesnt Boise schedule 3 games a season against BCS schools? Dont give me the same old "nobody will play us" because all the other non aq's have proven that wrong. Baylor, Iowa, Miss St, Northwestern, Clemson, Virginia...the list goes on and on of BCS schools that if you play and beat, you look good...legit.

But to continually play one a year and then say that because you are 13-0 in the wac or mwc with one win against a bcs team, you deserve the same rewards that bcs schools get for playing their brutal conf schedules plus their non conf games, well thats just unreasonable. Prove it on the field, schedule some games, 3-4 a season, lay it on the line more than once a season and then we will see.

Even if Boise ever gets a BCS conf invite, do you really believe Boise will compete right away?? That will be the only true test. If Boise plays in a BCS conf and wins it the first year all the bloggers and Boise fans will be justified. Lets see what happens this season.

Anyone who thinks Utah will be undefeated Nov 1st is high. They will be lucky to go .500, therefore proving my point, that going to war every week, playoff atmosphere, do or aint easy. Its the BCS not little sisters of the wac or mwc or whatever.

Correction #1 bcluck

"TCU and Utah, not to mention Fresno and BYU have a history of scheduling 3 and sometimes 4 games against BCS schools, while Boise usually schedules one."

TCU has never scheduled 4 BCS games and only once in the last 5 years have they scheduled 3.

BYU Has NEVER scheduled more than 2 BCS teams in any years

Fresno has been a non player on the national scene, and schedules a bunch of money games.

Consider yourself corrected

more to come


Really tpunk...just once do a little research before you spout off with your typical mule babble.

Fresno has been a player on the national scene much longer than Boise and when the mule's 15 minutes are up (now) Fresno will still be there playing anyone, anytime anywhere.

Since the start of the BCS era (1998) these non aq teams have SCHEDULED BCS schools in these numbers;

Fresno 35 games
*9 seasons of 3 games
*4 seasons of 2 games
BYU 34 games
*6 seasons of 2 games
*5 seasons of 3 games
*1 season of 4 games
*1 season of 5 games
Utah 26 games
*4 seasons of 2 games
*5 seasons of 3 games
TCU 23 games
*6 seasons of 2 games
*2 seasons of 3 games

This does not include games against Cinncinatti, Louisville and S Fla who are BCS teams now but were not prior to 2005. Nor does this include Bowl games as they are not scheduled.

Boise St 17
*4 seasons of 2 games
*9 seasons of 1 game

Clearly a history of avoiding BCS schools, choosing to play 1, then the typical weakazzzzzzzzzzzzzz wac/mwc teams and top it off with the likes of Tulsa or Toledo or some other no factor minor school.

These are factoids that are not in dispute and cannot be disputed. Please punky, look it up first before spouting off with the babble known as boisebabble!!! Its so tired.

Bcluck, back to the books for you


Fresno State has had ONE top 25 finish in the BCS era. They have also only had ONE 10 plus win season since 1991. They are a NON player on the national scene.


I posted: "TCU has never scheduled 4 BCS games and only once in the last 5 years have they scheduled 3."

Which is a FACT! Here is the break down:

2 years, 3 games (2007,1998)
7 years, 2 games
4 years, 1 game


I posted: "BYU Has NEVER scheduled more than 2 BCS teams in any years"

It would appear that I did not go back far enough, they have actually scheduled 4 games in two different years. But your breakdown is not factual. Here is the actual breakdown:

9 seasons, 2 games
2 seasons, 3 games (2004, 1998)
2 seasons, 4 games (2001, 2003)


I didn't mention Utah, But I will correct you any way

Here is Utah's actual breakdown:

6 Seasons, 3 games
4 Seasons, 2 games
2 seasons, 1 game
1 seasons, no games

And last

4 of the 9 years BSU only scheduled 1 BCS game, they had 9 conference games and only 3 non-conference games to work with.

PS Why is it the you blame BSU for not scheduling BCS teams when Oregon's own AD turned down a home and home deal from The Boise State AD?

Now go back, check your books (spend less time on the pictures). And please answer my PS. response to your PS...

...You can't just play Oregon. Who cares if Oregon turned down a home and home with Boise?? Play someone else. Plenty of other BCS teams out there as we have seen from these other teams past schedules. Oregon has scheduling commitments years in advance in addition to the 9 BCS conference games they already play.

The factoid remains that Boise plays far fewer games vs BCS schools than these other teams, always have and from what we have all seen of future Boise schedules, they always will.

Just another excuse. Nobody will play us??? Comon!! Playing Tulsa and Toledo hasn't worked in the past very well has it??

P.S. Why doesn't Boise go out on a limb, play Baylor, Miss St, Indiana, Kentucky, Northwestern, Virginia, Tex A&M, the list goes on?? Why??? These other teams do, why not Boise. Heck if these other teams win, it's great for them. If Boise schedule's three and wins three don't you think they would be looked at as much more legit?? I know I would view Boise as much more deserving at the end of the season than if they play one every season.

How bout an answer to my PS??

Poor bcluck

Just can't bring yourself to answer my question........

It's OK, most everyone knows why Oregon refuses to play Boise State again......

BDuck...You must remember that...

BSU prominence into the BCS system is only recent...It is tough to schedule BCS teams from non-Aqs when around 9-10 games each season are divisional....the other 2-3 games could be BCS, which BSU has done on one or two games per season...You go to remember that most BCS teams do not want to play BSU mainly at the time simply because BSU is a non BCS team...Times have now changed...actually, this BSU schedule for 2011 is a relatively tough one.....won't be easy at all to go 12-0...Even if Oregon or other PAC-12ers had same schedule, it would be doubtful they would go 12-0....To gain BCS respect, BSU must clobber the first two BSU 52 Georgia 17.....the other games can be BSU is getting there, just not fast enough for BSU critics.....and I am saying this from a jelous Vandal stand-point...

BSUs Schedule

Strength of schedule is an issue. There is a fine art to building a schedule that has enough challenge to be meaningful and one that is too punishing. In recent years, Fresno has had a SOS rating in the top 5 with their "anybody, anytime, anywhere" philopsophy. They got a lot of respect for that but their players got really beat up and by the end of the season injuries take their toll.

Nevada had a ridiculous schedule a couple of years ago with Texas Tech, Missouri,(when both were in the top ten) Notre Dame and BSU (top 10) on their schedule. Last season was a little better wth CAL, Colorado State, BSU and BYU.

BSU does have a hard time getting big time teams to come to Idaho to play them. The size of the venue and the TV market makes it hard for an Ohio State or a USC to come to Boise. So, they have to travel to play top calibre teams. I think BSU is tryng to play up. Travelling to Georgia will not be easy. The SEC is tough, very tough.

Generally, Nevaa has to travel to play big teams. CAL was willing to travel to Reno because it was a short bus ride and they thought it would be an easy tune up. Boy did they get a surprise!

BSU does need to schedule better teams and they are trying to do just that. Even so, one cannot ignore the fact that they have beaten Oregon twice, TCU, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech and Utah all in the last 4 years. The only game they lost in the last three years was to Nevada in November!

The AQ - Non-AQ thing needs to go away. We really should have a playoff system and put this whole thing to rest. Not only are the non-AQ schools ignored, their players are too! And that is a real shame because as Moore, Clady, Wilson, Kaepernick, Moch, Taua and Green have proven, there is real talent hidden in the non AQ conferences. Why did it take 4 years for folks to notice how good Kaepernick is?