Boise State's first slate of Mountain West Conference games announced

By Brian Murphy

Boise State will play its first Mountain West Conference league game at Colorado State on Oct. 15. The showdown with TCU will be Nov. 12 in Boise.

The game was moved to Boise by the conference after TCU announced it was leaving for the Big East Conference in 2012.

"We are very pleased on how the schedule worked out for our first year in the Mountain West Conference,” Boise State athletic director Gene Bleymaier said in a statement.

"The entire 2011 schedule is going to be exciting and challenging. The November schedule is going to be especially exciting for our fans with three home games highlighted by our game against TCU."

From Boise State: A second announcement will be made later this spring which will include kickoff times and a list of games that will be broadcast on television stations affiliated with the Mountain West Conference.

The possibility still exists that some games could be moved to a non-Saturday slot for television and kickoff times are very fluid.

Other notes on the schedule:

• Boise State will play all 12 games on Saturday — as of now.

• Toughest stretch: Back-to-back games vs. TCU and San Diego State

• The Broncos have bye weeks after Georgia (Sept. 3) and Air Force (oct. 22).

Boise State opens spring practice March 7. The annual spring game is April 16.

2011 Boise State football schedule

Date, Opponent, Time

Sat., Sept. 3 vs. Georgia (at Georgia Dome, Atlanta), 6:00 pm

Sat., Sept. 17 at Toledo

Sat., Sept. 24 vs. Tulsa

Sat., Oct. 1 vs. Nevada

Sat., Oct. 8 at Fresno State

Sat., Oct. 15 at Colorado State*

Sat., Oct. 22 vs. Air Force*

Sat., Nov. 5 at UNLV*

Sat., Nov. 12 vs. TCU*

Sat., Nov. 19 at San Diego State*

Sat., Nov. 26 vs. Wyoming*

Sat., Dec. 3 vs. New Mexico*

* — indicates Mountain West Conference game

Beautiful schedule!

No po-dunk vandulls, and we still play Fresno and Reno!


your even stupid over here.


If i couldn't spell "you're" correctly, I don't think I'd be calling someone else stupid. Vandal education?

You have to learn to ignore Cre8

This is the same idiot who claims he/she is a Bronco fan but dreamed in the summer the Broncos lost to the Vandals in OT. Now he/she is upset with Xavier. Figures....

Last Game

I wish the season could end off on someone better than New Mexico. Perhaps Air Force? I would have liked to play TCU Thanksgiving weekend too. At least we're not playing Idaho, San Jose State, and New Mexico State though!

Well said!

I overlooked the New Mexico game!

New Mexico was TCU's last

New Mexico was TCU's last game (and then a bye). Worked out for them.

Yes, but

it likely wouldn't have if Boise State wouldn't have given the game to Nevada. If the Broncos are unbeaten and a team right behind them is also, Boise State could win the last two and still get passed.

Cherokee guy

And who is going to pass BSU this year? It has to be a non AQ that BSU doesnt play.... waiting, UI? hawaii? BYU? cmon man even if one of those duds does go undefeated BSU will start in the top 10. The other AQs will probably not even be ranked. BSU will have wins over georgia, nevada, tulsa TCU, AF.... and on and on, remember in this scenario BSU and said non AQ team will have to both be undefeated. geese man think your arguments out before you post.


That's probably about the only non-aq threat to boise with the exception of the teams that we actually play that could beat us. Maybe N. Illionois could be a wild card, but I doubt it. The MAC doesn't get the respect. UCF did beat Georgia though, so that gives them a little bit of credit coming into next season, but idk how many starters they bring back.

Not bad

Overall, I don't think it's too bad of a schedule. I would have preferred to make the TCU game the last one for all the marbles but oh well. At least the last two games are at home. Having the last two games be against weak opponents though could hurt the BCS standings.

12 Saturdays!

When was the last time that happened? Pre-WAC era?

Just Wait.....

Wait another 24 hours and see what happens with the nfl lockout. I guarantee you if there's a lock out then you are going to see a large number of college games on Sunday afternoons.

Also, ESPN has the right to negotiate with Boise State for it's non conference games. I see potential Sunday or Thursday night games for Nevada, Fresno, Toledo and Tulsa.

I'll be in Atlanta for the Georgia game. How about the rest of you?

You would

have to wait longer than 24 hours. No one would move games until they were SURE there would be no season for the NFL. But if it got to be September and the league canceled the season then I could see the networks getting some games.
Cmon man, I am so disturbed by the lack of knowlegable people posting on here.... go sit in the corner with ugly and wear that pointy hat.

Hold on

Cmon man! I know CBS, ESPN, NBC, FOX, etc aren't going to schedule games right away. Heck, the schedules were just released.

However, I'm stating the the CBA expires in 24 hours and barring some miracle, there will be no new deal in place.

The NFL could still strike a deal later in April or May.

My two cents......if there is no deal in place by July 4th then then the season is canceled OR ......dare I say it......they use replacemebt players.

I played D-1 ball and Arena Football. I worked for 20th Cent. Fox for 2 years. I know a thing or two about these scenarios.

Plus, I don't have a pointy hat.

only complaint

It's going to be a bummer not to watch the Boise State-Nevada game on Thanksgiving weekend. Wyoming has good years but it's not a marquee game by any stretch of the imagination.

Last year people were worried that TCU's season ending against New Mexico would be a serious problem, but it turned out okay. Nonetheless, I'm anticipating plenty of national banter about the Broncos for yet another year!


Your the punk Xavier. You talk a lot of trash for such a weak human being.

Broncos will be...

9 wins and 3 losses....not bad....Vandals will improve....

Define improve.

they dont have to play BSU and dont play a team like nebraska so yeah, maybe they improve on paper but the vandies lose their best player for the second year in a row. they will not be bowl eligble, I find it hard to find an "improvement" here. You define a "losing season" for BSU as 9-3, I see your math mistake, you are a vandie and so therefore do not figure a bowl game in the mix. The second mistake is that there are 3 games that you think the broncos could lose. TCU, Georgia and who knows... and yup, the broncs could lose any of those games but all three? that is just your vandie hate showing through. Broncs will be 13-0, not because I am a fan but because that is how the odds would come down from vegas and that is what history tells us is possible.

P2...Improvements by Ugly...

To Einstein, a missed math is a Ugly, a right answer on one algebra question is a gain....To Einstein, a simple miss in math and a 96% score is a Ugly, a simple answer and a score of 65% is a winner...A loser and a winner is a reference....BSU has to win...a 10-2 is a loser in the BCS mindset...Idaho, has to improve...a 6-6 or 7-5 is a winner in another mindset....One is a loser at 10-2, and one is a winner at 6-6.....You see, Coach Pete is a genius and the Broncos are in this situation....if you score a 92% on your test (11-1 season) or a 83% (10-2 season), you are a loser...

Idaho, on the other hand, is in rehab...if they go 7-5, we are is like a kid that has never scored in soccer, finally kicking one are more happy for him than you are the one that has kicked 25 improvements start with a refernce....the reference is that BSU cannot lose and that Idaho only needs to win....


list the losses and how much you are willing to bet on each.

The 3 losses are:

Tulsa, Air Force, and San Diego State

They will beat Georgia, TCU and the rest....

Hold off on $150 million expense until BSU plays Vandals again so they can fill it.....

Ugly this is the

first hint of a sense of humor you have had on the boards. good for you. The risk reward is great. If you are wrong we all think you are an idiot, which is the status quo. If you are right you are in Nostradamus territory.

ugly go to the corner and wear the pointy hat P2 made for you

BSU will be undefeated and play for a BCS natty this year (2011).

It is real simple.


VNDL...I Understand...

where your heart is with both alma is like the fsmous song...Torn Between Two Lovers....Yes, BSU is great....Yes, BSU needs to excel and must win....BSU either 12-0 or forget it...The Vandals once were...the Vandals have the legends....Idaho a great school of past and possibly slipping....Ugly will stick to BSU 9-3....not anti-BSU....just realistic...hold funds for stadium and wait!

fugly - I am supposed to believe you!

And, from a Vandal that doesn't even know what happpens at 10:00 PM at the University of Idaho Administration Building, or who Mark Schlereth was/is to Idaho's football history?

I will give you one last chance to truly prove you are a Vandal:

1. Who is 'Madge'?

2. What is 'Perch'?

3. What are the types of trees along 'Hello Walk'.

If you get them all correct, I will consider you a Vandal, once and for all.


PS - These are very easy questions for a real Vandal. (a little hint for # 3 is the initials are 'C' and 'E').

Oh VNDL....Not Again?...

My friend...I am one of really was 1982-1986....I really was at TVCC and went on to Moscow in Fall of 82 and became your buddy with an BS in 1986....I majored in Agronomy and later went into biotechnology....Elm Street, Greek row, and the Ad Min building not know much of other that I was there....Iknow of the Hello Walk and have been on it many times during day...I did own a tech rights of UI but have release my lisence this year...The OTT is in Morrill Hall and I have been there many times....Oh well VNDL, I know you just cannot accept it....Ugly is a Vandal with BS and MS degrees....

Let me tell you alittle of my BSU history, before I dropped out of school, that many don't remember....I lived in the dorms of fall 1979 at BSU...On my way back on a late night to my dorm room, I passed by two BSU students carrying beer and sneaking into the stadium....I waved to them and they both waved back....The next morning I heard that they had snuck in and climbed the tower to the sky-lights and sat on the cross-bar drinking beer...on the way down, one of them slipped to his death.....whenever I drive by Bronco stadium I always remember that person....I remember seeing them and waving and them waving back....I always wonder how his friend is doing today and how the family is of the one that perished....


before I hit the you know where the AgScience, Chemistry, and UCC buildings are located...then how about Borah Hall and the GreenHouses by the soccer field (across from Ag Engineering where the biodeisel research is done...anyway, that is the locale of Ugly's world at Idaho.....see ya bro....

Fugly - Chafee Hall perhaps?

I remember that.

Tragic death.

The BSU Prsident held a memorial service for the guy in the old BSU SUB and it was well attended. I was there.

It still pizzes me off everytime I hear these young so-called 'Broncos' making jokes about Vandals falling out of windows and killing themselves in Moscow. They have gotten too desensitized to human emotions from playing too many violent computer video games, I guess.

I will tell you a little story. In Fall 2004 we took our little 18 year old bouncing bundle of joy up to Moscow to get her settled into her sorority house and start school. Her house is immediately next door to my old frat house. After getting her stuff unloaded, we did the Family Walk around campus with me showing her all my old haunts and such. We walked past the front of my old house and I yakked with some of the new Freshmen house members and remenisced about old times. About an hour later 2 of the young guys my daughter and I had just been talking to were riding a mini motorcycle, drunk, going waaaay too fast and smashed into the concrete wall separating my house from her house - and they both died (one instantly and the other a few days later in Spokane). Three weeks later a drunk Freshman girl fell off another house and died and a week later a drunk Freshman boy fell off a house roof and is now paralyzed for life. Real serious stuff. Nothing to joke around about - alcohol related or not. Families lost loved ones - Forever.

I never had to harp on our daughter about not drinking in college and being serious instead, after that.

She saw it first hand.

Her fellow Freshmen were dropping like flies, that Fall.


Seeing stuff firsthand....

brings it home more than when reading in the paper....I don't remember reading of the motorcycle incident, but I do remember reading of the girl and boy accidents...In fact, I think because of one of those they were going to ban alcohol on campus? Or maybe they did?

Well, if you and daughter in 2004...that means she probably has graduated...congrats.....


broncos will be favored in EVERY game. dont go to vegas.

BSU is

very good....but every team will prepare for them now...BSU is not cinderella anymore...BSU has to win; no other options...that stress will allow 3 losses...teams with good qb options can beat BSU....

so glad were not playing u

so glad were not playing u of i ,let them try to hang on to someone elses coattails.GGOO BRONCOSSSSSS

How did BSU end the streak?

They beat the vandies. How did the vandies have the streak end? They mercifully didnt have to play the broncos any more.


SI has Tulsa rated in the top 25. San Diego is in the top 35 as is Air Force. Add TCU and Nevada and, all-in-all, it could be a good season. Georgia may not be rated but they play a tough schedule - tougher than ours - and will give us a hard game.


Everyone keeps talking about TCU, but they need to be talking about San Diego State.

TCU will be a shadow of its former self this year and while SDSU will not have Brady Hoke, he still built a heck of a team there.

Rocky Long is a solid coach and will do well.

Personally, I'm more worried about SDSU than I am TCU, though I understand that TCU is the sexier game.

I see what you mean

I had actually thought that SDSU would be a tougher game until TCU nabbed a top 25 recruiting class. That convinced me that TCU might be tougher. But I think SDSU may give us much more trouble than everyone thinks, and they very well could be tougher than TCU next year.


The thing about recruits is they have almost no affect on you team for a year or two since most will be redshirted or play as back ups.

Let's see (in a season or two) what kind of effect Nevada's great season has on its recruiting.

Ω Side ...

... æffects


looks good. all saturday games. what a novel idea.

on a side (and off) note, I am curious by bduck isn't around. i guess when his school is under investigation for possible NCAA violations, it's no fun.

the possible hilarious thing? all the payments to the possible shady recruiter are official and junk. apparently Oregon isn't big time yet (like the SEC). Gotta learn to hide that stuff.


Here's a great article about "street agents"

Apparently the NCAA has OK'd these dudes. What has put Oregon under the spotlight is the amount of the payment to one guy ($25,000, normal fees never exceed $5,000) and the possibility that the other guy might actually be classified as a booster (this one played for Kelly at UNH).

Nothing much so far to get Oregon more than a hand-slap. Let's see what shakes out over the next couple of weeks.

most likely?

nothing is going to happen. that or the NCAA is going to over-compensate for their failings with the Cam Newton debacle and just totally cream Oregon. not saying it would be right, but they could be trying to "save face" right now.

Some things are shaking out

The $25,000 was paid "after" the recruit signed with Oregon. This is not the norm. Most, if not all, of these "scouting" services are paid during the summer or as a retainer. It is also being reported that this Lyles dude accompanied the recruit on his official visit (I'm thinking that's a no-no).

This could get interesting.

the money paid out,

i can't remember if it was said that the funds were from boosters or from state funds. i think Sports by Brooks had mentioned something about it being genuine state funds.

Kimda looks that way


Ruh Rho.

Is Bronco Bob living hand to mouth these days?

Prolly, not many people are at risk, as I am guessing not many students know where the BSU Library is, anyhoo.


PS - Just when you'd a thought the Larry Craig-Vandal joke stuff was getting stale and 'bout over, this rears its ugly head for the Broncos.