Former congressional candidate Larry Grant to lead Idaho Democrats

Larry Grant, a former Micron Technology executive and congressional candidate, will chair the Idaho Democratic Party.

"Our job as the minority party is to hold the majority party accountable," said Grant in his acceptance speech last week. "The Republican agenda is not hard to figure out. They want tax cuts for the wealthy, wage cuts for everyone else, and God help you if you can’t pay your medical bills.”

Grant succeeds Hailey attorney Keith Roark.

Grant ran in Idaho's 1st Congressional District in 2006, losing to Republican Bill Sali. He briefly ran in the 1st District in 2008, but withdrew from the race. Ultimately, Democrat Walt Minnick defeated Sali in 2008, and was the last Democrat to win a statewide or federal race in Idaho.

Here's the Democrats' news release:

On Saturday, February 26, 2011, the Central Committee of the Idaho Democratic Party elected Larry Grant as state chair. Grant, a resident of Payette County and longtime Democratic activist, will serve a two-year term. Re-elected were Jeanne Buell of Worley as Vice Chair and Susan Eastlake of Boise as Treasurer. Carolyn Boyce and Pete Gertonson were elected National Committeewoman and Committeeman.

In his acceptance address Grant said, “I am looking forward to leading the Democratic Party in Idaho. Our job as the minority party is to hold the majority party accountable. The Republican agenda is not hard to figure out. They want tax cuts for the wealthy, wage cuts for everyone else, and God help you if you can’t pay your medical bills.”

A former vice president and general counsel of Micron Technology Inc., Grant ran for Congress in Idaho's 1st Congressional District in 2006 in a tight race with Bill Sali. Larry and his wife Pam now live in Fruitland where they both grew up and went to school.

When asked about the current budget problems facing Idaho, Grant said, “Republicans have been in charge for a long time. They no longer have credibility when it comes to fiscal matters. Last year they made all part-time Idaho state workers pay more for their health insurance, except themselves. Legislators' extra premiums will cost the state over $300,000 a year. It looks like the Republican majority wants everyone to pay the cost of these poor decisions except themselves."

Grant further stated, “Look at what they are trying to do to our kids. I don’t know how anyone can actually stand up and say increased class sizes are good for our kids. We should be investing in our children’s future not robbing them of it. After all, the Legislature gave Superintendent Luna and Governor Otter an automatic pay raise for the next three years. None of our teachers have that kind of guarantee.”


Where are you guys? Alpha, Proletariat, Buckaroo, Zeke..?
This is your party, where do you guys stand on this ?
Are you getting the feeling that this is the kind of apathy that keeps you folks from winning elections in this state?
The only other explanation is that you would rather keep on complaining than offer up a viable candidate...
OR you are to busy complaining on the education issue...
I like reading you folks, and I am not on the attack but I am curious about this?


Very nice.

Wednesday evening is

Tap Dancing Clown Chorus Line practice. Perhaps they will be along later. I doubt that Grant is sufficiently Gramcian or Anarcho-Socialist enough to suit them anyway.

It's Wednesday

I'm sure they're at Wednesday night prayer meeting.

Grant? Really?

Were they looking for someone as inept as Semanko? My condolences.

WOW! A loser and a quitter.

Lost to Sali? Really? Then quits the next run?

Nice leadership there, Dems.

Idaho just turned burgundy.

Yeah, and Sali

was a great success story for you guys, eh?

"Our job is to hold the majority party accountable." Really?

Interesting leadership philosophy. I would have thought your job would be to become the majority party! Its just hard to think like a Dem.

Keep your standards low

and you will meet them most of the time. :D

Actually he is correct.

The Idaho GOP has become the Party of the people, by the party, for the party. It then becomes the other party's job to buffer that philosophy so that Idaho is Government of the People, by the People, for the People. Try thinking like an independent sometime.

Now your Obama worship makes some sense.

I was a little confused (going back to 2008), as to why you all would submit so completely to Obama on bended knee with prayer like homages, while us Liberal and Independent voters simply voted Obama in as our secular president.

Now I get that because of the huge and overwhelming citizen voter majorities supporting an Obama administration by the 10,000,000 and 365 Electoral vote mandate he was freely given by the voters of America, you all comprehend the scope of his representation of the American voter.

But given the homages the rw political worship in idaho, I guess, it proves once again, the rw freak faction is just never happy with those who vote for secular reasons, versus religious ones. We progressives still vote for secular reasons, not religious homages. Hence, the reason we do not worship political figures, we only decide who can best represent sound reasoning and ideas.

Try voting like a thinking person sometime.
It will add years to your knees.
And save in health care costs!

Wait! What?

I thought Dem Libs were against "Big Business" Corporate dudes.

Grant is hardly the leader they need so I am quite puzzled.


Mehr Aufgabe! Hast! Schreiben Sie MEHR!

Yes Grant, you build that

Yes Grant, you build that party into a a Idaho political giant. You couldn't even with the growth of metro Boise to help you.


"The Republican agenda is not hard to figure out. They want tax cuts for the wealthy, wage cuts for everyone else, and God help you if you can’t pay your medical bills.”

1) So please name an IDAHO tax cut that applies only to the wealthy?

2) Name a state law that cuts wages for everyone.

3) Let's disclose the amount of unpaid medical bills at hospitals and the amounts paid by county indigent services, medicaid, etc. Can democrats understand private insurance, staying healthy, and personal accountability?


1) Since all 4 Republicans who represent Idaho voted to extend Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy, what difference does it make if it's an Idaho law? We all pay except for a few select legislators.
2) Right-to-work (for minimum wage).
3) Can republicans understand that people who don't have money to line the pockets of overpaid insurance company and pharmaceutical CEO's still get sick or have accidents and have to go to the hospital? But it would probably be more personally responsible to stay home and die.

This appointment ought to do

This appointment ought to do a great job of further polarizing the relationship between Democrats and the rest of the electorate since Grant appears to be just to the left of Ezra Pound

Good to know...

you rw freak faction is THAT intimidated by Grant.
Hence, his selection for this position.

Thank You Larry Grant.

You are a brave soul to accept this position in leading Idaho Democrats.
We appreciated your speech at the pro-union rally and will support your efforts throughout the next year!!!

GO Idaho Democrats!!!