Boise State lands first 2012 football commitment

By Brian Murphy

Update: Here are the highlights of my conversation with Marcus Rios, Boise State's first 2012 football commitment.

Rios (6-0, 170) is from Cosumnes Oaks HS in Elk Grove, Calif.

• He said he has been a Boise State fan since the 7th grade. It was then that he met Brandyn Thompson, who just completed his eligibility at Boise State in 2010. He worked out with Brandyn at Eric Thompson's True Grit Sports.

"I grew up on (Boise State)," Rios said.

• He attended summer camp at Boise State. "I loved everything about it," Rios said.

• Rios said incoming Boise State defensive end Robert Ash is one of his best friends.

• "I'm sure Boise State is the right place for me and where I fit in best," Rios said.

• He said Arizona State is the only other school to offer him at this point.

• He expects to play cornerback and possibly safety at Boise State.

• He said coach Chris Petersen was very impressive and that Boise State "was my first choice." "It's a really great place and where I really wanted to go," Rios said.

• Rios said Boise State called him around noon Tuesday and offered a scholarship. He accepted on the same phone call.

• Rios also runs track for Cosumnes Oaks. He runs the 100 meters, the 200 meters and is on the 4x100-meter relay team.

Original post:

Cornerback Marcus Rios (Cosumnes Oaks HS, Elk Grove, Calif.) is the first member of Boise State's 2012 recruiting class. Rios (6-0, 170) gave his commitment to Boise State coach Chris Petersen on Tuesday, according to Cosumnes Oaks coach Ryan Gomes.

"He knows in his heart that Boise State is the perfect place for him," Gomes said.

Rios had an official offer from Arizona State, and Gomes expects most of the Pac-12 to offer Rios a scholarship.

Boise State signed Robert Ash out of the same high school in 2011. Gomes said Rios and Ash are great friends. Rios also has a long relationship with former Boise State cornerback Brandyn Thompson, Gomes said.

Cosumnes Oaks does its summer camp at Boise State and the two staffs have a close connection, Gomes said.

"We have a real comfortable connection with Boise State," Gomes said.

Rios played cornerback and safety as a junior. Gomes said in his first varsity game, just days after his 15th birthday, Rios returned a kickoff for a touchdown.

"He's a pretty special player, a national-type recruit," Gomes said. "The UCLAs and USCs and Cals and some of those other places are going to still come knocking."

Commitments are non-binding until players sign in Feb. 2012.

Check out his highlight reel from YouTube, which includes footage of Rios on the blue turf:

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I like this commit

Getting a kid this early is very nice because it means we're his #1, and if we're offering him this early then he's our #1 as well. Nice when that all works out.

Hopefully his commit sticks.

would stink if he got poached at the last minute.

Sometimes those Babies can't handle college type hits . . .

. . . and it is a waste to even bring them to watch college games when they are being recruited.


The original

crack baby.........

Too Too early

This player is worries, will not be offered- by a big time conference- once he is and good enough will change his mind he is playing in a very weak conference- nation you know that

You're an idiot

He's not worried. He has an offer from Arizona State already, but he said that Boise State is his 'dream school' and that he would commit immediately if offered. What's very weak is your mental status Weis.

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It is true - kinda. And, so is his sister/wife. I think they got a duo going on.

They are from Georgia, I think. Don't know for sure, though. Could be they are UGA alumnus, too.

I did a little 'internet Google research' and here is what I came up with:



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... "Chinatown". Sister/wife ... mother/sister?

Referencing Nicholson, supposed we could get "the weis" an audition for the remake of "One Flew Over ..."? Perfect fit for the ward, don't you think?

Maybe the prefrontal has already been done.

ps - football

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Perhaps getting off the blogs and taking remedial English and grammar courses would be of benefit to you. Ever take a keyboarding course, or are you just a "hunt 'n pecker"?

We'll let the players and coaches "is worries" about who plays where and what constitutes strong and weak. Nobody gives a crap about what you think or "type" ... it's always useless and weak.

You Could Be Right but

when the staff and the player have such a long standing, strong relationship I have to think the chances are a lot less that he will de-commit. You never know but the kid grew up hearing about Boise and all the PAC-12 teams so it isn't as though someone is going to drop something new on him. Apparently he has been here and has heard everything Thompson and Ash have said. If the kid is as good as he appears to be so far he could be the cornerback of the future. At 6'0 170 he could grow another inch and put on 20 pounds by the time gets on the blue. Zach Waller is from Elk Grove too.

Good looking kid

Don't worry. The Mayans will recruit him...

and trade him to the Aztecs for a sacrifice TBD.

And Stevie Nicks will sing Landslide at the end of the world party.


Mehr Aufgabe! Hast! Schreiben Sie MEHR!

I gotta say it - a 2012 committment from a HS Junior is stoopid

Okay, Rios has to still be a Junior in high school. He hasn't even played his Senior year yet.

I am a Bronco Fan and love to see BSU do well with recruuiting clas$es.

But, let's get real.

To me, this makes BSU look kinda cheepy-cheepy and does not demonstrate confidence in their recruiting abilities.

I predict the Kid will never make it to actually play on The Blue. Lots of things could happen in a year left to graduate from high school. Unless of course, the plan is to have him leave high school right after his last game in high school and join the Broncos for the 2012 Spring Semester.

I dunno, I guess I am old fashioned and like to see an evaluation of the kids' Senior season and then make decisions about offering a schollie or not.

If the kid is a bust his Senior year, then it will be from the Haters: "Yeah, that is typical Bronco Recruiting - the kid is a dudd and they offered him a scholarship, yada yada yada."

Looks like the Bronco coaches must really have a ton of confidence in this kid, as they are putting a ton of credibility on the line.

Hope it all works out and Rios is one of the best Bronco stars of all time.


I gotta say it

Don't know much about recruiting do ya?


For sure, not as much as you do.

That is the point you were trying to make, I assume?

Okay - you are the board's CFB recruiting expert.

Please enlighten us all, as to what I said that you disagree with.

Educate us as to how 'good' recruiting is conducted and don't spare any details.

Also, could you also, share with us your experience as a college football player that was recruited, as a coach doing the recruiting, and as a Bronco Fan watching the recruits play the game on The Blue.

I stand aside, the floor is all yours.


He could join the Army, mind you, at that age as a cadet?


Mehr Aufgabe! Hast! Schreiben Sie MEHR!


come on man. The dude does his camps here, his best friend is here, he has an offer from a PAC2 school already, and he looks really good. Nothing wrong with telling a kid that you want him even before his senior year.

Alabama already has 9 commits for 2012.........

tfunky like I said . . .

. . . maybe I am old fashioned. I readily admit it.

Yeah, I know Alabama has early commits and so do many other Big Time schools.

It is a fact of life.

Maybe, I just need to adjust my perspective to understanding that now, since BSU is a Big Time school, BSU is gonna do the stuff Big Time schools do.

Might as well start going after the really good ones if they have an outstanding Pop Warner year, too, I guess.


PS - I still think it looks cheepy-cheepy and portrays the image that BSU can't close a deal with a kid if PAC schools are comptetitors during the Kid's Senior year - so might as well go after 'em while their Babies and beat the PAC schools out of a sale. Actually, I believe more in the power of BSU's image for recruiting than the recruiters do, I guess.

PPS - These high school kids are no dummies. They are learning to play the game, too. Look at the kid who held off of LOI Day so he could have his own Signing Day last week and get even more publicity and name exposure for himself. Won't be long and we will have high school Juniors announcing they are 'thinking' about going to such and such schools and summer camps, just to see what trips, gear, and other bennies they can get from the schools in a competetive process, during the summer before their Senior year; from those schools that are on their 'Interested In List'.

PPPS - There should be an NCAA rule prohibiting recruiting high school juniors by any school. It simply puts too much pressure on the kids, their coaches, and their families. So a kid strings along a school, becomes a Senior and has a great year, and finds out he can get laid by his girlfriend (or other girls) at a different school that also wants him to play football. Where do you think he is gonna go? Yep - decommit and go to the other school. These schools know it and will do some real scurulous and underhanded stuff to get kids to change their minds. This just opens up Pandora's Box even further. What an age we live in. No wonder we got parents wanting $180,000 for their kid to play for a certain school and players selling their game gear and rings and awards on the internet. The respect is slipping. And so is the integrity of the entire recruiting process at risk of compromise. All, in my humble opinion, only.

More Progress

BSU Football is still in its infancy. Nice to see kids "growing up on BSU." The success and increased exposure over the past few years now has people thinking of BSU in similar ways as traditional powerhouse programs. This is how schools and teams build their programs at the top levels. When was the last time you heard of an out-of-state player with top FBS talent dreaming of playing for the Broncos? That is what you hear from local kids or kids that dream of playing for teams like Nebraska, Alabama, Florida, Texas, etc. This is just another sign that the program and school is moving in the right direction when they can sign the recruits they want at an earlier date rather than having to wait for others to drop out of the race or get into a brutal recruiting battle. Great sign for continued building of the program!