Labrador to Idaho lawmakers: Congressional freshmen looking to save 'our great nation's future'

By Brian Murphy

U.S. Rep. Raul Labrador praised his former colleagues in the Idaho Legislature for not avoiding difficult decisions and issues during speeches to the Senate and House on Wednesday.

"You don't have the luxury of dodging the tough issues. You cannot punt on the hard choices and hope someone else cleans up the mess later on. You do it every day. You have to do it," Labrador said, contrasting state lawmakers with the federal government. "You've been making hard decisions for more than two years. You have cut spending and not raised taxes and I thank you for that."

Labrador, an Eagle Republican, won his Idaho District 1 seat during November's elections and is part of a large freshmen Republican class. He said he is applying lessons learned during his four years in the Idaho Legislature to his new job in Washington, D.C.

"I want us to make the tough decisions in D.C. that you make here on a daily basis," he said.

He focused his comments on the national debt, saying that he ran for Congress because of the way the federal government "can borrow and borrow and run up the debt."

"Our massive debt is not a Republican or a Democrat problem. ... Our budget cannot be simply a political document. It must be a governing document," Labrador said.

He said, in cutting budgets, "there can be no sacred cows." And that includes defense and national security spending, Labrador said.

"You cannot tell me that there is no fraud, waste and abuse in that area," he said.

He said Americans won't have to wait much longer for its leaders to tackle the issue of debt.

"I am positive we will overcome today's challenges. The time is at hand when new leaders in Congress will discard the ways of the past and put our nation on the right path," he said. "The burden of our crushing debt on our children and grandchildren will not disappear overnight. But at least they will be able to look back at our efforts in Congress and see that it was now that determined men and women started the process of saving our great nation's future."

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Yeah, right

The NYT quotes the CBO as saying that oil company capital investments like oil field leases and drilling equipment are taxed at an effective rate of 9 percent, lower than the overall rate of 25 percent for businesses in general and lower than virtually any other industry. Oil companies get tax breaks of about $4 billion a year! Gonna cut those Raul?

Too late....

to save the USA....just be prepared for it....Too many people rely on Govt services and not enough monies going in to pay for them....In 2011, we will have alot more spending than monies coming in from the economy and the debt will grow and grow and grow....then the collapse....

I told her it was too late...

But then she looked at me, with those eyes. You know, 'stand up and be a man', kind of stare. I slowly gunned the throttle and turned the wheel. The craft slipped into the darkness, returning on a reverse course towards home.

Mr Labrador where are the

Jobs! You guys said you would create jobs - you are obviously not doing your job.

When he says there are no sacred cows he is flat out lying. My guess is he wont propose a single cut to defense.


The government can't create jobs. The government can foster an environment that promotes job creation, but creating jobs is up to the private sector. Right now, the federal government is doing virtually nothing to create an environment that would foster job creation. The deficit is screaming along, tax policy is in turmoil and the Federal Reserve looks like it's about ready to wave a dead chicken over the economy to see if that will help.

Both the Republicans and the Democrats in Congress and the White House have a serious case of Not Invented Here. Each one of them can cheerfully tell his or her base that they've not caved into the other side's demands. In the meantime, this handbasket we're all stuck in has a toasty destination ahead.

Cuts must come in Social Security, Medicare and defense, along with everywhere else. And, like it or not, taxes will either have to go up or will have to dramatically change from the duct tape and baling wire system we have today.

And you realize that taxes are at their lowest burden in 40

years, right? You can blame part of the deficit on that.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

Tax cuts

don't cause deficits, spending does.

Really? Cutting income doesn't cause a deficit?

They go together. Spending more than you take in causes a deficit (for an example, see the Reagan budget years 1981-1989). Cutting taxes (income) without a corresponding cut in spending causes deficits (for an example see the Bush budget years 2002 - 2009).

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

Thank you

for making my point


The freak left expects us to give Obama a lifetime and you can't give Labrador more than 2 months? I thought that the light-weight and Biden had all of the answers and already saved the world.


Am I the only one that can see Labradoodle running for president in 6 years? He seems to be making a splash in DC.

I hope so.

I hope so.

Hey Raul, you Seig and we'll sag.


Mehr Aufgabe! Hast! Schreiben Sie MEHR!

Great Raul

Talk is cheap, get to work and stop posing for the media.

Thank goodness the freshmen are here to save us

Really? Are we supposed to kiss your ring now or later?


Double BARF... Just continual posturing for the radical right.... How about leveling the playing field rather than favoring the moneyed and powerful.

Bush's tax cuts for the very rich

They should have never been extended. They've done nothing to create jobs and have balooned the national debt.

Of course not. A freshman

Of course not. A freshman economics student can tell you that the only thing that creates jobs is demand for goods and services. A tax cut doesn't create demand, it only redistributes and concentrates wealth.


The private sector responds to demand. Demand is created by people with disposable income to spend. Those most apt to spend disposable income are the middle class. So work on providing jobs to the wage earners who in turn put it directly back into the economy.

Difficult issues?

Like wasting time talking about banning assisted suicide? Keeping the money pit governor's mansion? Poking their religious noses into the liquor distribution business? Wow.

Dale Keys

I'm sick to my stomach

Raul wants to be the one to tell us how social security is an entitlement and needs to be cut, him and the new speaker are just plain nuts and have no perception of where the social security system got it's money, it was extorted by the IRS from all of us and put into trust that some crafty lawyer congressman managed to get the keys to and steal for their own aims. most congressmen should be in jail.

So they are going to bail to Canada and seek asylum?


Mehr Aufgabe! Hast! Schreiben Sie MEHR!


It should be apparent by now that most republicans are contraries who do the exact opposite of what they say. One example is jobs, the republicans promised more jobs to win the mid-term elections, but in reality they are out to cut as many public employees as possible in federal, state, and local governments. This "hatchet job" program will swell the ranks of the unemployed thus making the Obama administration's economic record look worse than it actually is and it is the republican's hope for a better position in which to seize the white house in 2012. One of the most successful jobs program of the last 100 years is NASA which spun off millions of jobs and created the entire IT economy in the United States and the rest of the world. Find me a current republican who understands how the government can indeed create jobs, and entire new industries, and I will eat my straw hat.

Republicans Speak with Forked Tongue

Republicans are throwing everyone under the corporate bus. Charles Koch, a billionaire and 10th worst polluter in the country, has spent millions getting his agenda elected by supporting Republicans in federal and state elections. What we see is the right paying Koch back by passing laws that give all the money and power to the wealthiest in this country. They will throw massive numbers of workers on the unemployment lines while taking away extended benefits. They will reverse 40 years of legislation favored by the people of this country to keep our air, water, and soil clean. They will lower the standard of living for all but the rich. The only thing the Republicans are concerned with is getting re-elected in 2012 and turning back the clock to the days just before the industrial revolution. Cutting taxes and fighting two unfunded wars shows what they think of deficits. 2012....bye bye Republicans.

Thank you Koch Materials for cleaning up our fuel terminal.

The Edge City tank farm was abandoned in the '60's and it left a he!! of a mess. Polluted ground water and local wells were tapping 87 octane. Under the watchful eye of the state, Koch spent a fortune to clean up and modernize the terminal. Today the facility is clean and operating and supporting 40 jobs.

I still wasn't aware L. Frank Baum created a great country.

After all, Dorothy was glad to go home.


Mehr Aufgabe! Hast! Schreiben Sie MEHR!

labrador against everything logical

Labrador wants to cripple Planned Parenthood - we need to band together and do whatever is needed to prevent this. Recall Labrador? He wants to kill the wolf. He does not support Luna. What is he for?