Saturday rallies set statewide on Medicaid cuts

A noon rally at the Capitol is one of 17 rallies set statewide to discuss cuts in Medicaid that could reach $165 million in state and federal funds.

The rallies are organized by Medicaid Matters in Idaho. All rallies are at noon.

In Nampa, the event is at Nampa Civic Center; in Emmett, at the band shell at the city park downtown; in Mountain Home, at Carl Miller Park.

The group's news advisory follows:

Treasure Valley Families and Businesses to Rally for Medicaid
• When: Saturday, February 19 at NOON
• Where: Idaho Statehouse, Boise

A growing network of families and businesses are working all over Idaho to tell legislators why Medicaid matters. The legislature is considering cutting over $165 million from the Medicaid budget. The impact on individuals with disabilities, their families, businesses and communities will be devastating.

Please join local families and businesses at the rally to learn why Medicaid matters in the Treasure Valley. This will be one of seventeen similar rallies held around the State of Idaho on Saturday.


Katherine Hansen or
Richelle Tierney
(208) 376.4999

Be there...

or be out of luck when they cut benefits to the disabled.

All people

affected by the radical tea bagger agenda should show up. Look what they did in Wisconsin. And Egypt. Idaho is ready for democracy.


So far, all that's happened in Wisconsin is a huge protest. All the Democrat and two of the Republican Senator took off, instead of coming to work. With the number of schools shut down because the teachers went to the protest there were a huge number of parents who either had to take a day off from THEIR work, or pay for daycare for at least the past two days. That's pretty selfish of the teachers- they could have arranged for some to go protest, but leave enough teachers to make sure the classrooms were staffed.

A protest...

is designed to get someone's attention. I think it worked!

By the way it's gonna snow so don't wear shorts and have...

to use Medicaid or wreck.

Don't make only 50 TEA folks look like they are gaining steam from the last rally.


Mehr Aufgabe! Hast! Schreiben Sie MEHR!