Boise State football coach Chris Petersen to get bonus, raise; Bobby Dodd award tickets on sale

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

Boise State football coach Chris Petersen will receive a $50,000 bonus and a $35,000 per year raise if the State Board of Education approves his contract adjustments Thursday.

The bonus would increase Petersen’s performance bonus for the 2010 season to $125,000 — the amount he would have received if the Broncos reached a Bowl Championship Series game.

The raise will apply to each of the five years remaining on his contract. Petersen made $1.49 million, including a longevity incentive, in 2010. The raise increases his total compensation to $1.525 million in 2011, $1.625 million in 2012, $1.725 million in 2013, $1.825 million in 2014 and $1.875 million in 2015.

Beginning in 2011, those compensation amounts include $100,000 dependent upon Petersen remaining employed on Feb. 1 of the following year. Those payments were part of the contract Petersen signed last year.

The $35,000 raise restores Petersen’s salary to the originally negotiated amount. Petersen asked to shift $35,000 to the assistant pool last year to attract linebackers coach Bob Gregory from California, where he was the defensive coordinator, athletic director Gene Bleymaier said.

Petersen didn’t ask for these contract adjustments, Bleymaier said. He was rewarded for a 12-1 season that brought unprecedented attention to Boise State, including two Sports Illustrated covers and an “ESPN College GameDay” broadcast.

“We want him to know that we don’t take that for granted and we want to reward him when we can for his accomplishments,” Bleymaier said. “We know that we don’t pay the most, we don’t have the largest recruiting budget, we don’t have the largest facility. So we try to do as much as we can.”


Bleymaier and Kent Keasler of the Bobby Dodd foundation met with the media Tuesday to promote next month’s celebration in Boise.

“An Evening with Coach Petersen” is the official Dodd Trophy presentation for Petersen, the 2010 recipient of the Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year award. The event also will celebrate the success of the football program as a whole.

The event is Saturday, March 19, at the Boise Centre on The Grove. The social hour begins at 6 p.m. and the dinner at 7 p.m. Tickets cost $50 and are available at The room holds about 850 people. Members of the football team’s 2011 senior class are expected to attend.

“This is the highest honor that a head coach can receive in college football,” Bleymaier said.

Said Keasler: “We’ve never selected a more deserving coach than coach Chris Petersen.”

Previous winners include Vince Dooley, Bo Schembechler, Tom Osborne, LaVell Edwards, Bobby Bowden, Joe Paterno (twice), Eddie Robinson, Barry Alvarez, Frank Beamer, Jim Tressel, Bob Stoops, Mack Brown and Gary Patterson (2009).

The award is based on success on the field, scholarship, leadership and integrity.

Petersen is 61-5 in five seasons at Boise State.


CBS College Sports Network will be rebranded as CBS Sports Network beginning in April. The press release is full of jargon but it appears the network will retain its focus on college sports but provide some non-college content.

CBS Sports Network and Comcast (Versus) hold the TV rights for the Mountain West Conference.

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Well, now we know beyond all

Well, now we know beyond all doubt what Idaho's "educational" priorities are. No disrespect to the coach...but this is a sad day.


Do you know where the Coach's salary comes from? Maybe you should educate yourself before you spout off. It might suprise you. Anyway, even if it was taxpayer money, the amount of money pete generates far outweighs his salary, and there aren't many state paid workers that can make that claim.



You do realize that coach Petersen's contract is NOT paid for by the State of Idaho right. It never ceases to amaze me how short-sided some people can be. If you can't realize that the success of the football program has done more for the improvement of the entire educational experience at Boise State than any other single entity, you need to open your eyes. That program pays the bills, builds new buildings on campus, recruits better professors and students. The University would not have been able to make the educational gains it has in the last ten years without it. You may not like it, but that is the truth.


That's funny!

Are you kidding?

Athletics are a major drain on most academic programs across the nation. And the statement that students and faculty are attracted to a university because of athletics is an absolute fantasy.


Very interesting could you please provide some proof how BSU Football has hurt BSU academics. I would love to read more about this from a legitimate article.


Nice slogan but, athletics includes all athletics, football is a moneymaker in most schools and especially at BSU and because of title nine, having athletics pays for more kids schooling than parents do. Want to know who doesnt make millions a year? how about the womans underwater basketweaving coach, that is where the drain of money is. Some scholarship for suzie Q who can hit a volleyball. IT PAYES FOR THE EDUCATION OF THE ATHLETES!!!
As for not choosing a school because of athletics, well each person that plays a collegiate sport chose that school in part becasue of the athletic program, ask a kid in Georgia what university he wants to go to. Growing up watching the "name brand" every saturday is marketing that any company would pay billions for.

Here is one article

You do realize...

...that USA Today doesn't count as a real newspaper.

Proletariat - Are you kidding me???/

Really?? Look at the atttendence numbers at Boise State since the first Fiesta Bowl victory? Your statement, while true in many cases, is not accurate when it comes to Boise State.


that should be attendance. . . not atttendance. . .

Athletics does not "drain" BSU academics

It is not an absolute fantasy. Both I and my wife have worked or are working on the BSU campus in higher management positions. Therefore we are aware of what is said during interviews for various positions including academics during the hiring process. It's the grapevine. And more than 75% of applicants mention that the football team had something to do with their decision to apply to BSU. Goes along with the wonderful place we live and the exponential growth of the academic departments. BSU is going to be a major collegiate power in academics and athletics in the very near future.
In our opinion Coach Pete is not being paid nearly enough. We can only hope he stays in spite of what people like you think. GO BRONCOS

No Serious Academician...

would apply at a university because of the football team. They may mention it during the interview, but academics have a focus that tends to exclude athletics.

2011 Legislative Report

This is the report provided to the legislature regarding state employees...
You might want to check out a copy - Exhibit E - page titled "Salaries greater than or equal to gov's salary"...
Coach Pete is at the tippy top!!

Coach Pete Salary

He is on that report because he is a state employee. However, the majority of the actual pay is not from the state. It is in fact from the athletic department ticket sales, tv revenue, etc.

What Coach Pete and the Boise State football team have brought to the economic impact of the city of Boise and the University is worth every penny even if it was paid by the state.


So what does that proof? That you are ticked off he makes more than you (and me). Per the article; Bleymaier said. “We know that we don’t pay the most, we don’t have the largest recruiting budget, we don’t have the largest facility. So we try to do as much as we can.”

If a person produces more than he costs it is a wise investment.

not trying to prove a thing...

...and I'm not ticked off in the least that his bonus would cover my annual salary! Everything I've ever heard points to Coach Pete being a very fine man, as well as a very good coach deserving of his raise. I was merely pointing out that a great deal of his salary IS paid by the State, and given all the slicing and dicing of agency budgets these days, perhaps this announcement is just a case of bad sour grapes intended.

Give Coach Pete more money

We are lucky to have him in Idaho.

Every Idahoan should be willing to make a sacrifice and tighten his/her belt a little more to give Coach Pete more money to stay in Idaho, for the Greater Glory of Boise and Idaho.

Esto Perpetua.


PS - If you can't play D-1 football - you have no need to go to college at BSU. Otherwise you are just not bringing in enuff money to BSU to support your education.

Yeah and???

So coach Pete makes more than the Gov... Big deal. I'm more comfortable with what Pete is doing to earn his salary than what Otter does to earn his.

no doubt

No doubt this country is in serious decline. It does not matter, as one guy said below, that Pete generates more money than he gets paid. What matters is that the stupid people of this country are willing to pour billions of dollers into a game and cry SOCIALISM at any comment made about helping our fellow man....or child that is getting terrible science and math scores. This country is in decline and it is because we are the stupidest Americans in the West...the good ole USofA: home of a whole lot of idiots.

Coach Pete Beats the System

For all you folks who think Coach Pete is undeserving of the $50,000 bonus and $35,000 pay raise; Do you remember that Coach Pete last year donated $150,000 of his own money to the future College of Business and Economics. So, he already gave almost double of what he has earned as a bonus and raise.

Now how much of the bureaucracy would the university have to go through if somehow they simply wanted to earmark $150,000 for the College of Business and Economics? You can bet the state legislature would be in committee indefinitely arguing over the amount being set aside, the fairness that the University of Idaho wasn't being given an equal amount. And of course, the new CWI must be given something. In short it would be a big, big mess in the end costing more money than would actually be given to education.

Coach Pete beat the system. He saw the university has a need to improve its educational value and he gave away the money. It is likely he will make even more donations in the future.

I suspect that many who criticize the money Coach Pete gets to work 12-18 hours every day of the year to recruit, coach, and raise up student-athletes probably have not committed to donate so much as $10 to the current and future needs of the university. That is unless you were told there was a buffet, open bar, and souvenir t-shirt in it for you.

WesinID - Very Seriously

I didn't know about the t-shirts.



Do you people ever shut up?!?


Vandals are never quiet and can never sit down.....

The real cost of BSU football dominance

How can we measure the real cost of football at BSU? First, an $85,000.00 raise to the coach, not to say what his assistants will receive. And a total salary of @ 1.45 million. But it doesn't end there, the coach demands that he have new stadiums and training centers and practice fields and stadium enlargements completed at the cost of somewhere near 85 millions. And he just had a new training room completed two years ago. And I just won't believe that all the money spent on these projects and the coach, come from private funds. The tax payers do pay over 40% of his salary as well as many of the expenses. And the State Board keeps approving spending the money. At least BSU football keeps many people fat and drunk for a few months of the year, that keeps them happy.

euphuy your credibility is at stake

euphy sez, en parte: " . . . The tax payers do pay over 40% of his salary as well as many of the expenses. . . "

Okay, you have stated this as a fact and not a question.

Please provide a credible and verifiable cite to support your 'factual claim,


have your future credibility and veracity, on this board, be forever shadowed by constant scrutiny and doubt.

Thanx in advance,


I may be wrong

But I believe the state pays less than $200K of Pete's salary.

Also, they did not get a new training room 2 years ago

Your post reminds me that some people are always upsets of others successes.....

tfunky - you are not wrong

I understood the figure to be about $150,000.

I know it is 2009 data, but it was $141,752 in state funds then:


PS - I can't seem to find the State Controller's web page for current 2010 data. Anybody else got a clue how to get it?

Peterson Compensation

The State, the City and the school should be giving him much more. Equivalent to the advertisement cost for publicity he brought to Idaho, Boise and Boise State University.

Coach Pete

Congratulations on the raise Coach Peterson, you deserve every penny. I also like the fact that you did you ask for this raise it was awarded to you for the fantastic work you have done for Boise State University (yes this does include the academics).

I doubt you read these posts but if you do, don’t let people like BurleyBob get to you. There are going to be people that hate athletics no matter how much they help the entire university, city and state.

money well spent

as for burleybob, he should work on becoming brainybob.

Pete does more for education

than most teachers.... If you want to be upset, be upset that a football coach makes a difference in more young peoples lives than the pot smoking tenured professor teaching socialism and white guilt.

P2 is wise

100% agree.


Right on Potato.

Potato says in more words than I, that "Pete makes a big difference in people's lives". After much pondering, I have come to the conclusion that you are indeed correct Potato.

I know that I love to watch Bronco football. And I can deduce that if it weren't for Coach Pete, I probably wouldn't watch Bronco football, because Bronco football wouldn't be as entertaining. And from that, I can deduce that I spend, on average, 3 hours a week during football season on the couch watching Bronco football, and drinking several fine beers to quench my thirst and rehydrate. From that, I calculate that I intake several hundred calories, while burning a bare minimum.

I can also deduce, that if I weren't watching Bronco football, I would be out enjoying the fall season. Perhaps out hunting, or perhaps out mountain biking. I calculate, from that, I would be burning several hundred calories if it weren't for Bronco football.

From the two scenarios above, I can add up 12 weeks of Bronco football, and come up with a mass positive calorie flux into my body, simply because of Bronco football.

Knowing that I am an Idahoan by birthright, and there must be several more out there like me, I can deduce that many others have the same unfortunate event occur each fall.

From this assumption, I am left to also assume that several hundreds of pounds of weight are gained, in total, by other fellow idahoans, because of Bronco football. And from this assumption, I am left to figure that those extra pounds lead to an increased cardiovascular and diabetes risk in Idahoans.

And finally from this assumption, I am left to assume that Bronco football leads to millions of dollars of excess health care costs to the people of this great state of Idaho.

It is on these grounds that I have come to agree with your above statement, in less words, that "Coach Pete makes a huge difference in people's lives".

Wow galena

you have done better, that was a lot of effort for minimal comedy. however, I'll play along. Perhaps, if you are concerned about your football calorie intake, I can make a few sugestions. First and foremost, get a "beat coach pete" t shirt this year, It helps a university in Idaho and it will burn many calories in training for it. Look at it this way, it is the only way a Vandal will ever be able to make that claim.
2) Go to the games, park a couple of miles away and walk, burn off some of those calories.
3) Like all metrosexual male cheerlearders like you, you could do pushups eachtime the Broncos score.
4) Listen on your hunting trips, and as an added economic bonus your BSU shirt can double as hunter orange.
5) during fall camp, make your own football training program "in solidarity" (you should understand this commie term) with the team. It will also keep you in prime fall hunting shape. Vandals usually dont get this as the preseason is not filled with excitement and mimicing the team but rather, a foreboding and depression.
6) and this is the most important: take some resposibility for your own healthcare, get a job with benifits and try to keep it, this is tough as THE UI does not do a good job of teaching buisiness skills or personal responsibility but I'm sure you can positively contribute to your own well being. Remember the taxing University on our healcare system is the UI, what with all the alchohol and drugs, many a UI alums wife goes to the emergency room a few times a year.

All excellent tips.

Got a lil' kick out of #4 and #5.

You, me, we.....we're all in this fight together against this unrelenting addiction. I sometimes feel like i'm powerless. However I like your perspective of making positive things happen, and slowly relinquishing control. I will try to implement and do the same in my life.

PS- #6 May have been a low blow. However in the spirit of offseason banter and my newfound positive outlook, I will let it fly.



Wow you must be in very bad shape, 3 whole hours a week kicked back on the couch having a beer or two. You may want to check with your doctor and see if he can help you with this. And be sure to check into AA, if the MADD people ever find out how much beer you consume each week watching BSU you will be on their hit list. I can only hope that Coach Pete does not read this, he may end up leaving football altogether when he realizes how this has ruined your life.

It was a funny story though.

Ω Raises all around ...

... for P2, 81, Korp, bhoytr, boisenative007, bsurulesid. Chris Petersen is worth a whole lot more than he makes and (nearly) everyone knows it. We are lucky he is staying.

Is it possible that BurleyBob is related to SarleyHackwater?

Woo Hoo

Thanks razor, I'm running out to the mailbox to see if the check is in the mail. Cheers to you to!

Ω "the" weisberg is ...

... supposed to hand-deliver your check. First though, he's going to need to fix that right rear wheel on the tricycle he "borrowed" from BDuck.

ps - Cheers to all. When the héll is the next game? Since Galena is so busy "deducing" (or is that reducing?) the beer inventory, I might have to make an early run.


Now that is funny, I refuse to comment on weisbergs idiotic comments so I'm glad you did this for me.

korp the moron

i wouldo not commente on your silly comments oh gosh nerd the spelling

We finally get a thread

where everybody is having fun, getting along, and not taking things personal while discussing some significantly differing opinions, and you gotta get chitty and ruin the mood and call a fellow poster a 'moron'.

Shame on you.


PS - You could have said 'maroon' you moron.

Ω No ...

... cömmenté. Other than (in Esperanto):

weisberg estas loose sur la vojo che 2 miles per horo. polico post li.

Coach Pete = awesome!

I don't even live in Idaho and yet pay hundreds of dollars to watch and support the BSU Broncos!! I wouldn't even be paying attention to BSU if it wasn't for football. In fact, I wouldn't even read the Idaho Statesman if it wasn't for BSU football.

So there!!!! Go PETE!!!!!

Coach Pete gets alot of money - so what

The taxpayers don't pay Coach Pete.

It is the Boosters and Consumers of Football entertainment, that pay Coach Pete.

If the boosters and consumers want to give Coach Pete more money - so what. It is none of my concern. BSU Football is just an entertainment business. Caveat Emptor.

Also, I really dig the part about Coach Pete getting the credit for improving academics at BSU.

It is a good slap at the faculty , that they don't much to improve academics - just the football coach.

And I REALLY like the part about Coach Pete getting the credit for improving not only academics at BSU, but all the building construction going on and other improvements at BSU. Now, that is a REAL slap at Bronco Bob. I REALLY like that part.

No doubt about it. Coach Pete is BSU and BSU is Coach Pete. Bronco Bob is just a figurehead that really doesn't do diddly to improve academics at BSU (well, at least not as much as Coach Pete has done by winning football games).

The more games the Bronco Footbal team wins, the better BSU becomes, academically. While most universities have to improve their academics the hard way (higher level professors and actual academic offerings) - BSU does it the New Way - by winning footbal games.


PS - Actually, I would be interested in seeing a breakout of how much Coach Pete makes and how much is derived from taxpayers' monies and how much comes from boosters and consumers.

PPS - Maybe it would be a good move to add a Ten Percent 'Coach Pete Tax' for the sale of food and beverage items sold at Bronco Stadium on Game Days, to help with Coach Pete's Retirement Fund?


I think what people are saying is the success of BSU football has brought recognition not only the BSU football program but to the university itself, The City of Boise and the State of Idaho.

This in turn has increased our academic enrollment, increased contributions to almost every part of the university, helped finance new buildings and scholarships. I would also think this has helped us get some great teachers. Many people in the U.S (and the world) never heard of BSU until the football program took off.

Coach Pete has been a large part of BSU footballs success, so therefore he has helped the entire BSU campus. This is not a slap in anyone’s face, but some people need to find the negative in everything.

In fact

In fact I wasn't even a football fan until the BSU Broncos turned me into one and started destroying their opponents. So what's the cure??

Boise State ....


Maybe WalMart, Costco, Fred Meyers, et. al. should . . .

. . . pony up and give to the 'Coach Pete Needs More Money' fund.

After seeing all the Bronco Gear fly off their shelves this last Fall, I think they make a very nice net profit from the sale of that gear, generated by increased intrest in the BSU Broncos, due to the fact that Coach Pete is winning games.

It seems only right to me, for Bronco Bob to start contacting these retailers and encouraging them to give 'a little bit' back to Coach Pete.

After all, Bronco Bob has the BSU copyright/patents/royalties person working directly for him in his immediate office (per BSU organization chart) so Bronco Bob could get that info real fast and start making phone calls.