Let the healing begin: PACs that snubbed Raul Labrador make nice

Idaho's freshman GOP Rep. Raul Labrador had trouble raising money from political action committees when he was challenging incumbent 1st District Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick.

Now that Labrador has the job, he's winning their support.

Labrador raised almost $69,000 between Nov. 23 and Dec. 31, following his Nov. 2 win. Of that, $58,000 came from PACs, according to his year-end report to the Federal Election Commission.

Among the PACs that supported Minnick in the 2010 campaign that made post-election contributions to Labrador are: Action Committee for Rural Electrification ($2,000); Alliant Techsystems ($1,000); American Bankers Association ($5,000); AT&T ($2,000); Avista ($1,000); BNSF Rail ($2,500); Comcast ($1,000); Idaho Power ($5,000); J.R. Simplot Co. ($4,000); Micron ($1,000); National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors ($2,500); Potlatch ($2,500); Property Casualty Insurance Association ($1,000); Qwest ($2,000); The Home Depot ($1,000); and The Travelers Cos. ($2,500).

"We're very pleased that so many are supporting Congressman Labrador's re-election campaign this early in the cycle — even before he asks voters to re-elect him," said China Veldhouse Gum, Labrador's political director, in a news release.

Minnick raised 44 percent of his money from PACs, Labrador 18 percent.

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It does very little ..................

........... good to bribe the loser of an election .

Bet they appreciate the free stuff though.


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year

And the cycle continues.....

Challenger always complains about DC money and the influence of "special interest" until they get elected. Then they quickly run to the special interests and remind them who is in charge and it would really be in their best interest to make a contribution.

Why after?

Oh, yes, so they can buy his vote! If Labrador was truly interested in representing Idaho's citizens he would return those contributions. Why does he need them now after the election. Raul, you're being bought and paid for. Shameful!

Now Raul is officially bought and paid for...

does he feel real cheap, or just used?

And how come he doesn't mind either way?

After so long you just do what you're told, I guess


It's Chinese New Year now. Unfortunately it's been recalled.

Auction or Democracy?

It's not a democracy, it's an auction!