Safety from Florida backs out of Boise State commitment to sign with TCU

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

The Boise State football team’s recruiting class took another hit this week as safety Jamie Byrd of Dade City, Fla., backed out of his commitment to the Broncos.

Byrd will sign with TCU on Wednesday instead — joining the Broncos’ biggest rival for the 2011 Mountain West Conference title.

Pasco High coach Tom McHugh confirmed Byrd’s decision in a text message to the Idaho Statesman on Tuesday. Byrd texted a St. Petersburg Times reporter with the same confirmation.

Byrd is at least the third recruit from the 2011 class to back out of a commitment to Boise State. Kicker Matt Goudis (Michigan, then Miami) and linebacker KT Tu’umalo (Colorado) are the others.

Plus, linebacker Emil Smith of California died last summer in a car accident shortly after committing.

Boise State will unveil its recruiting class at 2 p.m. Wednesday. The school’s Signing Day show for fans Wednesday evening has sold out, the school announced Tuesday.


Bishop Kelly linebacker Cody McCarthy will play at Eastern Washington rather than walk on at Boise State. Read Jesse Zentz's post here.


Here’s the updated recruit list:


High school seniors (17)

— QB Jimmy Laughrea, 6-2, 185, Rocklin (Calif.) HS
— DE Sam Ukwuachu, 6-5, 203, Pearland (Texas) HS
— WR Dallas Burroughs, 5-8, 165, Rocky Mountain HS (Meridian)
— DT Jeff Worthy, 6-4, 280, Whittier Christian HS (La Mirada, Calif.)
— DL Robert Ash, 6-3, 255, Cosumnes Oaks HS (Elk Grove, Calif.)
— S Taylor Loffler, 6-3, 195, Kelowna (B.C.) Secondary
— OL Rees Odhiambo, 6-3, 298, Mansfield (Texas) Legacy HS
— RB Jay Ajayi, 6-0, 200, Liberty HS (Frisco, Texas)
— LB Blake Renaud, 6-2, 230, De La Salle HS (Concord, Calif.)
— OG Marcus Henry, 6-3, 275, Bellevue (Wash.) HS
— CB Eric Agbaroji, 6-1, 180, Midlothian (Texas) HS
— S Corey Bell, 5-11, 200, Capital HS
— DB Darian Thompson, 6-2, 172, Paraclete HS (Lancaster, Calif.)
— TE Hayden Plinke, 6-4, 230, Glencoe HS (Hillsboro, Ore.)
— K Jake Van Ginkel, 5-11, 185, Upland (Calif.) High
— LB Dillon Lukehart, 6-1, 200, Eagle HS
— OL Adam Sheffield, 6-5, 300, Branham HS (San Jose, Calif.)

Junior college transfers (1)

— S/LB Dextrell Simmons*, 6-0, 210, Blinn College (Spring, Texas)

Grayshirts from 2010 (3)

— WR Troy Ware*, 6-2, 164, Vista (Calif.) HS
— DE Tyler Horn*, 6-4, 225, Mountain View HS (Meridian)
— TE Holden Huff*, 6-6, 195, Rocklin (Calif.) HS

* already enrolled

Who cares

as long as we get a kicker...... Lets see, lose to BSU your freshman year, lose the big east the following years.... have fun watching BSU play BCS games from your couch.

RichFrog hit'n u HARD!!!

Got Byrd to dis da Bronc, and FortWorth Junior from Trinity Valley, Spencer Stanley, to do da same, all thanks to RichFrog "dribble". Just play'n da "whut if" game,... the one where Brotzman makes that gimme-kick,... BSU wins the RoseBowl, BSU wins the hearts of America, and BSU wins top recruits, not to mention the Big12 invite that wuz in-da-makin'. (You don't want me to mention the BCS checks,.... 2 of em in a ROW and countin'). ALL THIS FROG GLORY had yo name on it ALL!!!! RichFrog is lovin' this unreal STAGE you have gifted me. RICHFROG CAN NOT WAIT TO MAKE DA BOISE TRIP,.... gonna kick ya while you are DOWN! You wouldn't want it any other WAY! Nor i. be afraid, be very afraid . (got one other smurf-commit lookin' to hop to da purple,... keep posted. RichFrog on a ROLL!!!!)

Of course he did...

...why play for a non AQ conference school when you can;

1. Play in a BCS conference
2. Go to an accredited research university
3. Compete for a NC and BCS bowl every season. Win your conference and you play in a BCS Bowl!!

4. Play in front of sold out 60, 70000 fans weekly.
5. Play on GREEN turf or grass

6. Have a real playbook, not just variations of the statue of liberty, reverses, flea flickers, hook and ladders etc.

7. Play on national TV regularly in vfron of a sold out home crowd!!

No decision there. Welcome Boise to the world of losing recruits to TCU, Utah and all the other BCS schhools because of what they have to offer...and what Boise does not!!

He was afraid of the cold

He was just affraid of the cold weather. Can't say I blame him, I spent a few years in South Florida, that hotbed of good college thugs er um recruits!

BTW, BDuck, the plays you mention in #6 have done pretty well against your beloved Ducks.

Sorry you guys didn't win the NC game, I hate to admit it but I was pulling for your team....

See, it's not hard to say something nice about other teams once in a while!!! Try it, you might actually walk around this earth with a smile rather than getting your kicks taking pot shots at other programs!!!


Missing the point as per usual with Boise fan!!

dbarber are you a moron?? Those players only success was in college winning in a sub par conference. Their lifetime football highlight was beating Oregon. Boise cant get players to the league because 1 and 2 star recruits dont have the talent.


Perhaps you missed it, but there are 2 BSU players starting in the Super Bowl this week, 1 from Idaho State, 1 from Shippensburg, 0 from Oregon. In the mock drafts I have seen 3 BSU players are projected in the first 4 rounds (Young, Pettis, J. Johnson) and only 1 (Matthews) from Oregon.


Bduck can't comprehend actual logic, which is why he constantly rants the same things over and over again. Just ignore him and he might go away

How many Ducks are in the NFL v. BSU Donkeys

the answer would be 23-10...and Oregon will continue to put more players in the NFL.

How many play more than one position and...

how many, like BDuck are only punters?


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year

Hilarious Part 2

Boise State players predicted to be drafted and their grade from ESPN

Titus Young.............72
Austin Pettis...........48
Brandyn Thompson........36

Oregon players predicted to be drafted and their grade from ESPN

Javes Lewis.........39
Casey Matthews......39
Brandon Bair........30

Look out behind you bcluck!

Hilarious Part 3

If Titus Young is selected ahead of any Duck this year (and it certainly looks like that will happen)

Boise State will have had someone drafted before any Duck was taken....4 of the last 5 years

Yup....4 of the last 5 years one of Boise State's lowly 2 star recruits has been drafted before ANY one of Oregon's mighty 5 star recruits.......

Don't look back now bcluck.......

You would know

BDuck, you, of all people, would know what a moron looks like because you see one every day in the mirror. Boise's 1 and 2 star recruits have 2 players in the Super Bowl, 1 starting on the O-line for Green Bay, and 1 starting on Special Teams. What about the mighty ducks? That's right, Dennis Dixon is the waterboy for Pittsburg.

As for your so-called points above, let's take a look:

#2 - Go to an accredited research university - somehow I doubt mister Byrd is going to be an engineering major or going for a medical degree. In fact, very few college football players choose majors that have anything to do with research, unless you mean researching the effects of booze on co-eds. So, your point is meaningless in the context of college football players.

#6 - Have a real playbook - I don't recall a Statue of Liberty or Hook and Ladder when BSU beat Oregon, TCU, or Virginia Tech, all signature wins. If you want to believe that Boise is nothing more than a trick-play team, go right ahead. Don't let the facts get in the way of your delusion.

In another comment you state "Who cares if Oregon loses to Boise?? Not Oregon fan." If that were true, you wouldn't even be on this forum. If you don't care, why do you bother to comment? Do you troll on the Auburn boards too now that they beat you? Get over it! Grow a pair and move on! stink

Who cares what football players get their degrees in moron!!! Its about the university having accredidation status and being a research university SO BOISE CAN QUALIFY FOR A BCS CONFERENCE INVITE. With this juco status, Boise will never get that invite.

Have you listened to any announcer on the 4 letter, any color commentator doing Boise games, any host on college football live?? I am sure not, you Boise sure have no problem showing your ignorance. All those TV guys can do is talk about what kind of trick plays Peterson is going to dial up and what kind of tricks Boise has up their sleeve.

Its the perception. Much like the perception of Boise state as a whining bunch of play nobodies, the perception, the reputation Boise State has for tricking their competition, running hook and ladders, is all football people inn the know tal;k about.

Go back and watch the Fiesta Bowl. Without the tricks, and oh yeah, the fact that Oklahoma didnt even want to be there and was totally uninterested, Boise never wins the game.

BDuck2009 - Please tell the truth and stop telling lies

I am the person who flagged your post. I did so because you violated the following provision of the Statesman TOS:

"Online conduct encourages a free and open exchange of ideas in a climate of mutual respect. Any action by a user that infringes on another user's right to use and enjoy is prohibited. reserves the right, but does not assume any obligation, to monitor your online conduct to enforce these Terms of Use. Specifically, you may not:

1.Provide any information that is false, misleading or inaccurate."

Boise State University is not a two year junior college and does not have juco status. BSU is a Regional University with Bachelor and Graduate Programs. You have intentionally stated something which is false, misleading or innacurate.

You have violated the Statesman TOS, IMHO.

I will continue to monitor your postings and will flag any that I believe are violative of the Statesman TOS.


PS - I will do it again, if you insist on providing any information that is false, misleading or inaccurate. If you post truthful and factual information, you will not be flagged.

What's really hilarious.....

Last year the WAC had 3 players taken in the first round and the mighty PAC2 had all of 2........

Can you count?

Sold out 60-70k stadiums weekly? Please name the number of Big East teams that have stadiums that hold that many fans. There were only two Big East games that drew even 60,000 fans last year - and none that drew 61,000. The only way they get to 70k fans weekly is to count them like Idaho does - one leg at a time.

TCU Attendance

TCU only averaged 42,466 for 2010.

Guess that ain't it.....


you have the worst case of penis envy I've ever seen.......

LOL Ducky

Those 2 losses still sting?

Don't worry, we'll gladly take our team back to your stadium and kick your rears again, you just tell Uncle Phil to write us a nice fat check and we'll come collect our 'W'.

Oh..... wait..... do you hear that? It's the silent response from a Duck fan who has no reply to the simple word, "Scoreboard x2". LMAO

Smokin Doobie...

...Just cant let those wins against Oregon go can you?? because they are half Boise's wins of substance all time!!

Who cares if Oregon loses to Boise?? Not Oregon fan. We go to BCS bowls, win, lose or dont play Boise State.

The real envy is Boise envying any BCS schools, most importantly TCU and Utah as they steal your recruits and leave Boise in 2nd tier status...forever...

Funny little girl

You are a very funny little girl. It was brave of you to bring up bcs games, as I'm sure you realize just how sad the ducks are in those. Just keep flapping your mouth, maybe someday the pain well go away.
You may also want to try checking your facts once in awhile. I took a quick look at a few BSU recruits, look what I FOUND.
Renaud turned down many schools including ore st
Ukwuachu turned down arz
worthy took bsu over offers from, arz st, ore st, ucla,and was st.
laughrea turned wa st for bsu
loffer turned down ore sta for bsu.

That was just a very quick easy search, guess you were wrong, but still a funny little girl.

who...hoo is more like it!!!

The only reason Boise gets a recruit turning down a Pac 12 school is because he is a 2 or 3 star and pac 10 schools are stocking their rosters with 3 and 4 star and 5 stars.

Give up up losers. Peterson, Koetter, Hawkins, Zabranskiiiiii, ian Johansennnnnn, just a long line of nobodies who did nothing and are doing nothing.

Coaching and playing in a non BCS conference is the same as a tree falling in the forest. No one sees it, no one cares...makes no impact!!

Please shut up

Seriously - you're as bad as that weisbrug guy, which is saying something.

bcluck, in case you missed it

Last year the WAC had 3 players taken in the first round and the mighty PAC2 had all of 2........

Funny little girl

As I said you are one very funny little girl, stupid beyond belief, yet a funny idiot.


Those recruits just didn't want to get very far away from mom and dad. Some kids just can't venture very far away from family. It's ok Ducky.... get over it! The Broncos put together a team of guys that play together to beat the likes o TCU, Utah and Oregon. Just because a couple of recruits leave for the other schools doesn't change things in the least, because the Broncos still kick the crap out of your Duckies with what's left.

Maybe he will play quicker at TCU

TCU lost a bunch of their d backs and backups this year. With the jr college 4 star safety Simmons committing, Byrd probably figured the jr college kid had a better chance to play quicker. Also BSU has some kids who already have been playing backup.
Sounds smart to me knowing TCU's needs.

Aww, gee!

Why did you have to go and bring some sound reasoning and logic into the discussion? We were enjoying the emotional responses from the Bronco fans and haters. TCU does have a lot to offer him with the number 1 D for the last 3 years and a new football facility (helps to have lots of oil-rich alumni). It is just disappointing to see it happen so close to the signing date.

If the kid does play as a freshman, I would be lying if I didn't admit that I would root for Kellen to throw a few TD's over Byrd's head just to remind him of the choice he made. :)

4 star?

Scouts and rivals have him at a 2 and 3 star recruit, and espn i believe has him at 3 star. I haven't seen one scouting service rate him as a 4 star. If you know one that has, please provide the link for it


is a 4 star on Scout. I think that's what he's talking about.

Personally I tend to put a lot more stock in Rivals, though - among other things they don't consistently inflate UW recruits like Scout (the Scout NW talent evaluator is a UW fan and it shows).


Must have been some other website I was thinking of that had him at 2 stars

Hey idaduck

Any news on the Thomas kid from USC?

He's announcing tomorrow

I sort of think he's trying to create some attention for himself and will end up playing ball in LA, but you never know.

If Oregon can just hang onto all of their current commits and add one or both of the DTs they are after I would be more than satisfied.

I like your class

Only thing that seems odd is the 4 wide out recruits. There were 4 freshman wide outs on the roster this year.

There were only 3

true freshman WRs on scholie last year, unless I'm missing somebody - Huff, Lowe and Dungy.

Oregon is replacing some major players in Maehl and Davis, and some of the guys on the roster now have injury histories and/or aren't likely to be world beaters (Hoffman, Cole, Cantu).

The kids they've recruited this year all appear to be very high level guys - all are four stars on at least one of the three services. Vaughn is JC, so you figure he's likely to add instant depth. Of the other three Blackmon is probably the most likely to contribute right away. This group is exciting to me because Oregon hasn't had a really good receiving group since 2007. De'Anthony Thomas would obviously be the crown jewel of the group and class overall.

Overall the class is the best Oregon has ever had on paper, provided they all sign tomorrow. I'm really excited about the prospects of a lot of these guys.

Got this from the NCAA page

Freshmen that saw action at receiver (games)

Blake Cantu.................3
Nick Cole...................3
Chad Delaney................3
Josh Huff..................13

Sophomores that saw action at receiver (games)
Justin Hoffman.............11
Will Murphy.................4

Freshmen listed but played in no games
Ben Butterfield
Keanon Lowe

Cantu and Cole were redshirt

Cantu and Cole were redshirt freshman.

Huff was a true frosh who was an impact guy (a steal from TCU).

Hoffman was a walk on who I think earned a scholie, and Murphy, Butterfield and Delaney are walk ons.

Lowe is on scholarship.

Dungy (Tony's kid) is also on scholarship and redshirted his freshman year (2010).


At least BSU always has their academics to fall back upon.

oh wait...


The one point you missed is distance. Florida to Idaho is a much longer flight than from Florida to Texas. And TCU joining the Big East will allow for Byrd to play closer to home. The only thing to be gained from this is that BSU is at least receiving attention from the best football state in Florida. I was surprised we even got a verbal from the athlete.

Simmons is----

I was referring to Simmons being a 4 star by Scout and 2 star by rivals and he is also a jr college kid who has couple more years playing time.. Not Byrd.

I was referring to Simmons

I was referring to Simmons being a 4 star by Scout and 2 star by rivals and he is also a jr college kid who has couple more years playing time.. Not Byrd.
I was referring to Simmons being a 4 star by Scout and "3" star by rivals and he is also a jr college kid who has couple more years playing time.. Not Byrd.
---Geez, I'll get it yet---maybe


Coaching and playing in a non BCS conference is the same as a tree falling in the forest. No one sees it, no one cares...makes no impact!!

Guess pro bowler Mikels of Philly, 1st rounder Clady of Denver, 1st rounder Wilson of Jets, 2d rounder Colledge of packers and their still playing doesnt count? Plus some other BSU players playing who were drafted little later.

This article makes one wonder what all the hype is for?

This a good read, about the negative correlation between recruiting clas$es and actual on field prformance rankings:

I can see it, by observing how BSU coaches seem to make more out of the players BSU recruits, than other higher ranked recruiting clas$es at other schools.

It would be interesting to see a study done, like the one in the article, using the WAC's teams and recruiting clas$es as the study subject.

And, here is another good little read (re: BSU recruiting) and how Coach Pete goes after 'good kids':


Interesting method

But I think it judges more how an individual player works out compared to how it translates to team success.

Good read though

How to handle a frog


Ω It's 10, for sure.

Any nominees? I can think of a couple.

Very good and I'm still smiling.

Who gives a crap?


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year

What's up.

Is there someone out there threatening to "Break ya thumbs, if ya plaze fo doze guyz". I mean come on. Besides when you start 50+ in the draft and end up in the top ten in the nation, well I guess, anyone who doesn't want to play for Boise State is the real loser aren't they.