Happy dog story from Meridian Valley comes full circle

My last blog entry was a great short story written by Kathy Brockway from the Meridian Valley Humane Society. Brockway told the tale of Morley, a dog hit by a car on Meridian Road, rescued, cared for and healed, thanks to financial donations in the memory of Sara "Rusty" Totorella. The dog's rehabilitation included the necessary amputation of one of his legs.

Totorella, an animal lover, had spent a lot of time with the dogs at the Meridian shelter before she died.

The story gets even better. Here's an email I received recently from Totorella's daughter, Leasa Stricklin. 

"My mom, an avid animal lover, passed away on Dec. 22. We aked for donations to be sent to the Meridian Valley Humane Society in her honor since she spent so much time there loving the dogs. On Jan. 4, three dogs were hit by a car on Meridian road, two were killed. The third, Morley, survived but had a crushed radial nerve. 

After I read the story about Morley, I just knew he had to be a part of my family because Sara (Rusty) Tortorella was my mom and Morley was hit by the car on Jan. 4, what would have been my mom's birthday. 

I adopted Morely on Jan. 22, the one month anniversay of my mom's passing. Morley is a sweet, loving boy and fits perfectly with my family. Morley spends his days lounging at my office and continues to make a remarkable recovery. I'm anxious for his complete recovery so we can start therapy dog training and someday he might bring comfort to a child that has lost a limb. Everyday he is with me, I feel like I have a part of my mom with me. I know she is proud and smiling down on me.

Thank you,

Leasa Stricklin

Good one!

Thanks for sharing. Good news such as this should prevail in the news.