KTIK "The Ticket" takes over 93.1 FM

“Hit music now”?

Try no music now.

Pop radio station 93.1 FM, which faced plummeting radio ratings in recent years, has been swallowed up by KTIK “The Ticket.” The sports station will now broadcast at two frequencies: its old home, 1350 AM, and its new home, 93.1 FM.

KTIK is the ESPN carrier in Boise, meaning it features syndicated talent such as Jim Rome, Mike and Mike, Colin Cowherd and Scott Van Pelt. It also airs local sports-talk show “Idaho Sports Talk with Caves & Prater.”

There's one key exception to the FM and AM simulcasts: Idaho Steelheads and Boise Hawks programming will only be aired at 1350 AM (for the 38 diehards who care), meaning 93.1 FM can feature potentially more-popular national programming for the rest of us.

I didn't listen to KTIK anyhow.


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Of course you don't.

All you ever do is troll the Statesman on-line and post ignorant comments.

Congratulations to Jeff and all the amazing people (including those from the early days) that have built KTIK up from nothing, to a wildly entertaining and future media powerhouse. The programming possibilities could get fun.
And congratulations to us fans! We helped, too.

You Happy Meal you, such a kidder!

I listen to BOB-FM, Journal Boise stations and the Eagle! City Meal gets ONE thing right?


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terrrestrial radio is the pits.

Red Cloud Snowing

Nothing like leaves on graham crackers. I thought we were out of that mess!

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You didn't buy diapers?


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PS Citrusmell is lost in the wilderness now.


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Your server is down...

Better go check on it.

I don't have a server. Is my computer cheating on me?

We got Dark Agent Aptiva posting here.


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Could this mean a Boise affiliate for the Mariners? I hope so.

I would like that!

I hope you are right; I would enjoy listening to the Mariners when on the move.

Not any time soon

The Cubs just re-signed with the Hawks for another 2 or 3 years I believe. They need a team out west in case they need someone to get a rehab start in while on a west coast trip. Their other affiliates are in Florida, Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa and rookie ball in Arizona.

The poster meant RADIO affiliate.


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Deebs, it figures that a guy with your sexual preference doesn't like hockey.

I'm certain he likes 'high sticking"


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Not sure what is funnier...

...the fact that Magic 93 finally cratered or that is was Jeff Caves who "swallowed them up."

Gotta keep that "small market talk show" going.


Not such a "small market talk show" now.

Are YOU Caves? Give ME the 'beatdown'.


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Did Boise somehow get bigger

Did Boise somehow get bigger because they moved to FM? Same market... now they lost all the drive timers in their 72 Buick's who only have the old twist dial AM radios.

:::Whistling::: It's still on the AM, SIMULCASTING. PLS READ


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Thank Goodness! We don't

Thank Goodness! We don't have to have the mind numbing drone of the Vin Scully wannabe Hawks announcer every single night of the summer and don't have to listen to whack and chase hockey either. I'm a huge sports fan who listens to sports talk 100% of the time but I turn it off when I hear that stuff. Does anyone actually listen to minor league sports? What a waste of time! BTW I'd be curious which was referenced more...Caves repeating "the new 93.1 FM The Ticket" or Channel 7 repeating that they are now "digital widescreen" when that first came out. Local sucks! Caves and Prater is only good for BSU banter but I'd just as soon listen to a chimp as long as its BSU. Caves is an egotistical idiot who can't even turn his computer on. He only gets the lead seat because he sells his own ads. Might as well be on local access cable!


Sad to be you.
I suggest you and Foreign go have a complainers party.

The Acid Queens...quick Wonder Woman use your lasso!


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lol who's complaining? I'm

lol who's complaining? I'm celebrating that we don't have to listen to crappy broadcasts anymore and can listen to sports we want to listen too. I'd think you were Caves but I really am convinced he's not smart enough to turn on his computer.


Your jab at the hawks announcer; here's a guy who's working his way up through the ranks just like the players on the team. He's darn good. Baseball announcing is the toughest American sport to announce. It's a fact. He'll go places some day. As far as minor league fans listening to minor league broadcasts, why not? It's fun to be at a game with your earbuds or headset on. If you can't make the game and you are indeed "a fan", it's great is it to be able to tune in and listen to all the action. And, I don't know Jeff personally, but never a day goes by when I'm listening to Idaho Sports talk when I don't end up busting some serious laughs. The show is humorous, entertaining, and you'll hear all the gossip as well as the facts. Ever heard a take from Vandal Kevin and not ended up on the floor? The callers, producers, Prater, Murph, Tom Scott, JP, parody singers...the list of talent has made that show come from utter obscurity to a broadcast that has internet fans across the country.


When you combine the fans benefit of KTIK with KBOI's efforts, the Statesman's dedication, the Bronco's themselves, well, there's nothing small market about it. Boise football & general sports fans are very fortunate.

If you think the Hawks guy

If you think the Hawks guy is "darn good" and that IST compares with any top quality show then you have never been anywhere other than Boise. FYI their is a big world out there and much better radio listening. I love Boise, love living here for a lot of reasons. But come on... I suppose you think Tee Time on the Ticket is good and that the Statesman Sports Page is great too! LOL LOL LOL All jokes! I challenge you this summer to find 5 other minor league baseball broadcasts on the internet and listen. The Hawks guy is a nasally hack not an up and comer. Do you really think he's going to get the call to move up to AA soon? LOL LOL LOL PS: I do like Vandal Kevin... in fact I always thought he should be the host of a show not Caves. Caves wouldn't last in any market he wasn't paying for the show himself. "Hi this is Jeff Caves for (enter product here)..." Do you think he gave advertisers a discount if he could personally pitch their stuff? LOL No one cares Caves!!! Get a room with your EGO!


I've been lots of places - and think both the Hawks and Steelheads have quality radio guys. Sure, the Hawks guy is a little over the top every once in a while, but he's still better than plenty of guys I've heard try to do baseball on the radio.

you claim to like local, and then slam Boise minor league sports? you're a moron. There's more to Boise than freaking bronco sports. Local stations mean local content first.

Also, you've clearly never watched ECHL hockey. I'd like to see you tell one of those guys they play "whack and chase" and see what gets whacked next. They'll put a puck between your eyes from 25 feet. I've seen them do it.

I'm not going to stick up for the quality of IST, but I listen, and occasionally make it through a segment without cringing. I'm not from here, but I like Boise. I think there's plenty to offer sports fans here, and local sports coverage here is above-average for a town of this size. It's never going to be perfect - but it's not a top 50 market - And that's why many of us live here.

lastly, LEARN HOW TO SPELL, JACKWAGON. it's 'there' not 'their.'

LOL thanks for correcting my

LOL thanks for correcting my hasty spelling error... I'm pretty sure I have more education than you, but thanks. Ironically one of my three degrees is an English degree. Got nothing against minor league sports and know full well that these guys are better than "common Joes." However, what Boise has to offer for "pro" sports is barely over the rookie level. Short season A is for two or three high draft picks and the rest are fillers who won't be around in 5 years with a few exceptions. ECHL Hockey is about the same. Mostly older guys who couldn't crack a higher league and drink a lot of beer. How many Steelheads have made the League? One? A goalie? Not exactly a skilled skater. The D league? Don't even get me started. Look, it is what it is. It's just like IST... its the best Boise has to offer. Doesn't mean its AWESOME (did I spell that right?) BSU football is as close as we get to big time around here. Not ashamed to be a big fan, although I don't paint my face and wear a #41 jersey in my 50 yard line seats like you probably do up top. Nothing else in this town to get excited about. Not really one of those guys that thinks the foothills is sweet. Just a big pile of sand being held together by sage brush. But I still love Boise and love living here. Above all, thanks for calling me a Moron and a Jackwagon (I understand the filter wouldn't let you call me worse)... and remember... the next time you're waxing my Mercedes, make sure you put the second coat on. I'm not easily fooled. PS: I really wanted to put "your" instead of "you're" in that last sentence just to tick you off but I'll take the high road :)

Oh, hay-suess. I don't even care. Bring back KBBK.

Bring back KNPA 13K too.


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Mixed reactions

I was a huge fan of 93.1 during its Magic days, especially the "Open House Party", "Hot 9 at 9", and more. However as time passed, 103.3 KISS-FM, WILD 101, and Ipods simply trumped Magic's popularity. The switch to "Hit Music Now" accelerated its push to the cliff: a smaller playlist and more syndicated hosts took the place of local people. My reaction to the switch to sports talk is mixed, being a sports fan myself I am ecstatic, but at the same time I am sad that such a legendary era had to come to a close.

Farewell Magic 93.1

I know... shocking. I love

I know... shocking. I love hearing ESPN radio in stereo and even convinced my daughter that we would only listen to 93.1 on the way to school, thinking she was going to get to listen to Justin Beiber and not be stuck with my sports talk! Anway, very strange to say the least, it would be like hearing Rome on Z100 in Portland! Too crazy!

This was planned that way, just like killing off 'J105'.

They must think that if they make it suck progressively worse you will welcome whatever they do.

KFXD (580, in the 80s) did the other thing, playing the same two Barry Manilow songs over and over with a teaser.


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Major leagues

Now that we have several sports radio stations how about going after say many of the local pro leagues like the Seattle Mariners, Colorado Rockies or Utah Jazz for example. It would be nice to be able to listen to the Mariners on radio in the Boise area....

(Sings)It's Jammin' Jeff on the airwaves of the night...RIP KBBK


It's Chinese New Year now. Unfortunately it's been recalled.

I haven't seen that big loud ad for 2-3 days now, they close?


It's Chinese New Year now. Unfortunately it's been recalled.