Mountain West commish says league ready to 'move on' from expansion talk

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

The Mountain West Conference’s decision this week not to expand is expected to be a lasting one, commissioner Craig Thompson said Wednesday.

The Mountain West presidents met Monday and Tuesday in Las Vegas. Thompson said a vote was never taken.

He doesn’t expect membership to be an issue at the presidents’ next meeting in June.

“I would suspect we’re ready to move on to other items,” he said. “The only thing that would probably change that was if there were additional membership changes in the Mountain West between now and then, which I don’t anticipate at all.

“… It was very simple. They feel very strongly about the future membership and they think the prospects for success are very high. … For the foreseeable future, we are pleased and content to build the league around the 10 future members in July 2012.”

Other notes from Thompson:

— He did not collect bids from the TV partners based on an expanded league. “Because I didn’t know specifically who we’d be talking about,” he said.

— Utah State was the only prospective member he called after the meetings. He had not told them to expect a particular outcome, he said. “I didn’t know what to expect,” Thompson said.

— The Mountain West is talking only with its current TV partners. Colorado State president Tony Frank told The Coloradoan that he doesn’t expect the TV money to change significantly from the current $12 million per year.

— The Mountain West usually releases a complete football schedule in April, with times and TV. The league has discussed an earlier release with just dates, but some of those dates would be changed when the TV partners selected their few weekday games.

— The Boise State-TCU game probably will be placed at the end of the season, as the WAC has done with its marquee game in recent years.

— Beginning in 2012, with 10 football members and an eight-game schedule, the team each school won’t play likely will be selected at random. However, Thompson expects each school will be able to protect up to two rivalries. The league still is discussing whether to play nine conference games in 2014 and beyond.


Boise State president Bob Kustra said Wednesday that individual candidates weren’t part of the Mountain West discussion.

“It’s not as though that meeting was a long meeting to discuss individual candidates for acceptance into the Mountain West,” Kustra said. “That never happened.

He also said TCU’s president attended the meeting to try to convince the presidents to overrule the athletic directors on the site of the Boise State-TCU game.


San Diego State president Stephen Weber told the The San Diego Union-Tribune the Mountain West isn’t expanding because none of the candidates were strong enough.

“There was nobody arguing we should have added one of these teams,” Weber said.


Boise State will begin spring ball March 7. The Spring Game is at 1 p.m. April 16. The Spring Game is the only practice currently scheduled to be open to the public.


It would be great for Boise State to have its rivalries with Nevada and Fresno State in writing, which they would have to do to protect them in scheduling. Now we just need a good name and trophy for the Nevada-Boise State game.

Also, PLEEEEEASE keep the UNR-BSU game on the day after Thanksgiving every year!!!! The two teams have earned the tradition.


had a nice article about the latest MWC events and after reading the article I read many of the 50+ comments left by the Tribune readers. There was one comment that referred NV and Fresno as behaving like cheap whores. The reader went onto say they commended USU for having integrity. I tend to agree. Another CSU Aggie refers to BSU as a community college with an ugly blue turf. Hmmm...sounds to me like if you lay in a bed with a dog that has fleas that you'll get fleas. Good luck hope BSU doesn't catch any fleas.

He Who

Sleeps with dogs wakes up with fleas.

Or Dim Sum, according to VNDL?


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year


It was USU that was leading the secret plan to get BYU away from the MWC. It blew up in their face and they screamed how they had integrity and wouldn't do what FSU and UNR did.

Pot + Kettle = USU

Doesn't seem to matter what

You and other Bronco believers want to say or believe...the fact of the matter is that NV and Fresno's behavior has tainted their reputations as well as the MWC, especially the fact that at the end of the day public tax dollars may be used to buy their way out of the WAC.

Oh Wiggity WAC, all that Crack. IDK IDC


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year


You don't really believe that do you? I mean come on......They accepted an invitation to a better conference.

And, what "public tax dollars" might those be?


In 3 years, nobody will even remember or care about the Nevada-Fresno situation (except for Karl Benson).

For crying out loud, I think people are already forgetting about September 11th


UI spoke with the MWC about possible inclusion too. So after all that went down, UI still decided that perhaps the MWC would be in their best interests too. There is no moral high ground here. to say that BSU is lying with dogs, fine, but the administrators of the UI knew about the dealings and still asked to be considered.

whatever i guess.

I disagree

I believe San Diego State will be one of the new powers in the revamped MWC (this season was no fluke). San Diego provides a wonderful warm weather destination for the Boise fans and the Los Angeles-Orange County-San Diego plethora of high schools and awesome athletes is a gold mine that Boise can't afford to pass up. Boise will be losing the Nor Cal market when they cease to play San Jose State starting next year.

Fresno State isn't what it used to be. Nevada has been an awesome rivalry, but was close to fading until UNR finally won this past season.

However, it's hard to pass up Colorado State or Air Force and the Denver market. As of now, the ESPN covergae (conference games) is gone so Boise needs to make sure they are seen by recruits.

I'll take San Diego and Denver over Reno and Fresno any day.

What about Hawai'i? That's always been a great rivalry plus the (13th games in traveling years) which also opens up Boise to all the Hawaiian high schoolers. Watch Jeremy Ioane this season and you'll see why recruiting Hawai'i is key to Boise's dominance.

Everyone recruits Texas so it's hard to stand out. Boise needs to keep an annual presence in Southern California and Hawai'i.

Wouldn't it be great if Boise snagged the next Reggie Bush (minus scandal) and Troy Polamalu?

with Hoke gone

i am not sure about that. He's, apparently, a good coach and good at turning around cellar-dwellars. he also has the uncanny ability to leave at the right moment when the going gets "tough". so while i hope for the best for San Diego, i'm not too optimistic.

i agree with half of chord's

comments. losing brady hoke is huge and one must wonder if he was there long enough to develop a system of winning. if you are referring to his departure from ball state, he was forced out.

didn't know he was forced out.

didn't really care to dig that much more into it. why was he forced out? in favor of Parrish? who then went one season and completely failed.

administration wanted their own puppet

and another one on boise state

it's kind of funny reading the article

and whitlock talking about keeping hoke.

even though he is an alum, that is odd that the administrators would not make the committment both to women's b-ball and football.

though i do think that regardless of his staying power, he still would have left for Michigan. Perhaps Ball State would have had a few more years of success, but he still would have been poached in that respect.

Fresno and nevada

Seem like the natural choice

if tcu was staying

i'd say it would be a toss up between Fresno and TCU for an annual game. that matchup would legitimately decide the MWC crown on a year-to-year basis.

UNR would definitely need to be kept.

Fresno State

Coach Pete believes this game would most likely be tougher when played earlier in the season - due to the physical aggressiveness of Fresno

i agree.

Fresno always seems to do well in the beginning, then the eventual fade in the stretch.

fresno starts

past 5 season for fresno- 16 wins & 14 first 6 games and 17 wins & 13 losses last 6 game

Bonwell "Rivalries"

I lean with coach Pete in this that the new conference will have new rivalries. That said, A San Diego State Boise State Rivalry would be fun - both are great universities with city names before "State" - and in Cali, doesn't hurt - especially if the Rivalry is as usual - at the end of the season (NICE and WARM usually : ) for final game.

New Update!

The Mountain West Conference’s decision this week not to expand is expected to be a lasting one, commissioner Craig Thompson said Wednesday. Also related news: Commissioner Craig Thompson has recently reported to the Idaho Statesman that Boise State will be playing all conference games at home and have dropped Georgia from the schedule to add Ball State. Commissioner Thompson, "we feel that this will give Boise State a better chance at finishing the season undefeated and ultimately, he he he, the National Championship Game and all the money due!" Channel 7 will have all the updates at 10:00!

Read more:

You dweeb.


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Is a weisturd than can spell...

Rivalries #2

I would like to see Boise State move on with new rivalries by taking the two teams that are most likely to maintain strong football programs: San Diego State and Air Force. Also, they''re in the strongest markets.