Mountain West may move Boise State-TCU football game to Boise; league won't play nine games in '12, '13

By Chadd Cripe
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The Rose Bowl champion TCU Horned Frogs could be playing in Boise in 2011.

The Mountain West Conference athletic directors favor tweaking the football schedule to make TCU play at Boise State in the only conference game the two schools will play, commissioner Craig Thompson said Wednesday. TCU is leaving the Mountain West after the 2011-12 academic year to join the Big East.

The final decision on the Boise State-TCU game site will be made by the league presidents in the next couple weeks. It takes a majority vote — and TCU doesn’t have a vote.

If the game is moved to Boise, one of Boise State’s other conference home games will become a road game, Thompson said. The Broncos are scheduled to play Air Force, New Mexico, Wyoming and San Diego State in Boise.

Moving the game to Boise would make sense for the future of the Mountain West. As the league chases an automatic bid for the Bowl Championship Series, it gets to count results from Boise State and TCU for the evaluation period that ends in 2011 (2008-11). But for the next period, which runs from 2010 to 2013, the Mountain West gets Boise State’s results and TCU’s results carry over to the Big East. The Mountain West and Big East could be competing with each other for BCS positioning in that cycle. Boise State hasn’t lost a conference home game since 1998.

Later in the day, the Mountain West office informed me that changes have been made since the athletic directors originally agreed to game sites for the 2011 season, so there could be several changes. For 2011, four schools get four home conference games and four get three. The league has had a balanced schedule in recent years and will in 2012 and 2013, so nobody is "owed" the extra home game this year.

I’ll have a full recap of my interview with Thompson in Thursday’s newspaper, but here are a couple notes:

— The Mountain West has settled on an eight-game conference football schedule for 2012 and 2013. Previously, Thompson had said he expected to play nine games for a full round robin. That means Boise State has an opening in 2012 and two openings in 2013. The Broncos have six home games scheduled in 2012 — so they have the flexibility to play another big-money road game, sign another home-and-home deal or play Idaho. In 2013, the Broncos need two home games — they have four conference road games and dates at Washington and BYU — so Idaho would make sense there.

— The Mountain West has meetings Monday and Tuesday in Las Vegas but several presidents are going to be unavailable, which could hinder decision-making. It’s also unclear who is going to vote. Right now, the 2011-12 members except for TCU hold the only voting rights. Six of those seven members must vote in favor of expanding to add a team.

— A report in the San Jose Mercury News indicated San Jose State could be an expansion target. Thompson said the only conversation with the Spartans was when the school called him to ask that it be considered.

— In a change from previous interviews, Thompson waffled when asked whether it was certain that the Mountain West would remain with the same TV partners. Still, he expressed optimism about the recently approved purchase of NBC Universal by Comcast. The expectation is that Comcast-owned Versus will become an NBC-branded sports channel. Versus, CBS College Sports and The Mtn. air Mountain West events. “What we ultimately want to do is play in front of as many television sets as we can,” Thompson said.


Offensive lineman Adam Sheffield (6-foot-5, 300 pounds) of Branham High in San Jose, Calif., told the Mercury News he chose Boise State over San Jose State and Fresno State. He visited Boise State the weekend of the Broncos’ 51-0 defeat of the Bulldogs.

“I’m in awe that this is all happening,” he told the newspaper. “I’m excited to go to Boise — they’ve proven that they can go toe to toe with anyone.”

Also, I was able to confirm this evening via text message that linebacker KT Tu'umalo of Honolulu has backed out of his commitment to Boise State to go to Colorado.

High school seniors
— QB Jimmy Laughrea, 6-2, 185, Rocklin (Calif.) HS
— DE Sam Ukwuachu, 6-5, 203, Pearland (Texas) HS
— WR Dallas Burroughs, 5-8, 165, Rocky Mountain HS (Meridian)
— DT Jeff Worthy, 6-4, 280, Whittier Christian HS (La Mirada, Calif.)
— DL Robert Ash, 6-3, 255, Cosumnes Oaks HS (Elk Grove, Calif.)
— S Taylor Loffler, 6-3, 195, Kelowna (B.C.) Secondary
— OL Rees Odhiambo, 6-3, 298, Mansfield (Texas) Legacy HS
— RB Jay Ajayi, 6-0, 200, Liberty HS (Frisco, Texas)
— LB Blake Renaud, 6-2, 230, De La Salle HS (Concord, Calif.)
— OG Marcus Henry, 6-3, 275, Bellevue (Wash.) HS
— CB Eric Agbaroji, 6-1, 180, Midlothian (Texas) HS
— S Corey Bell, 5-11, 200, Capital HS
— DB Darian Thompson, 6-2, 172, Paraclete HS (Lancaster, Calif.)
— TE Hayden Plinke, 6-4, 230, Glencoe HS (Hillsboro, Ore.)
— K Jake Van Ginkel, 5-11, 185, Upland (Calif.) High
— S Jamie Byrd, 6-1, 195, Pasco HS (Dade City, Fla.)
— LB Dillon Lukehart, 6-1, 200, Eagle HS
— OL Adam Sheffield, 6-5, 300, Branham HS (San Jose, Calif.)

Junior college transfers
— S/LB Dextrell Simmons*, 6-0, 210, Blinn College (Spring, Texas)

Grayshirts from 2010:
— WR Troy Ware*, 6-2, 164, Vista (Calif.) HS
— DE Tyler Horn*, 6-4, 225, Mountain View HS (Meridian)
— TE Holden Huff*, 6-6, 195, Rocklin (Calif.) HS
* already enrolled


Auburn quarterback Cam Newton has won the Manning Award, which takes into account bowl performance. Boise State’s Kellen Moore was one of 10 finalists.

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If they move

New Mexico or Wyoming, that would mean that 5 of the 6 home games would be against bowl teams......

Has that ever happened before?

My vote would be New Mexico

I would rather keep the Wyoming game and move the New Mexico game. I realize travel expenses to New Mexico would probably be greater but I would think the Wyoming game would sell better in Boise than the New Mexico game. That would make for a pretty good home schedule (Air Force, Wyoming, San Diego State, TCU, Nevada, Tulsa). Getting the Top 3 MWC teams at home in the first year would be sweet!

Missing Out??

Maybe we're missing out on an astronomical amount of money here. The only regular season game between two of the most interesting FBS football powers in the country (TCU & BSU) playing in Bronco Stadium. WHY? If its possible why not play the game at a huge neutral site like Mile High in Denver, Quest Field in Seattle or even in Glendale, AZ. Texas Stadium would be too much like a home field for TCU. Bronco Nation will travel as proven by both Fiesta Bowl appearances. We didn't too bad when we traveled to FED X Field, about 2000 miles away last year. Maybe the big money TV sports networks can throw some cash around to make something like this happen. Just a thought.

Not really

BSU will net close to $1M for a home game with TCU (and no travel cost)

That means BSU would need $1.3M (or so) payout from a neutral site game just to break even. (they got $1.25M for the VaTech game)

With stadium expansion at the top of the list, a home game with TCU would huge boost.


You got that right. I am truly sorry to see TCU leave but I sure understand why they are going. They have been the only team in recent memory to give us a legit game excepting V.T. But, before the Wolf Pack whiners start, let me say we gave that game away. Nevada didn't beat us.

nevada beat

nevada beat you............GET OVER IT

Don't start with that crap JLF

Nevada beat us fair and square. We win as a team, we lose as a team. I sure hope your poor-sport "whining" falls on deaf ears!

The reports

are Tu'umalo has committed to Colorado

How Many Is That Now?

I think it is three but I am not certain. Three isn't too bad. I can't imagine what he sees in Colorado. Doesn't the kid want to win? He sure won't as a Buff.


let TCU come to the BLUE!!!!

Looks like...

it will be frog legs on the 'barbie' for tailgating and on the field.

Even with TCU

on the blue, our toughest home game will probably be Tulsa.


dont forget nevada.

Nevada is going

to be replacing 13 seniors that played in every game along with nearly 6,000 yards of offense.

Rebuilding may be an understatement


but nevada always plays us close. remeber the OTs game? Though I am stoked that TCU might come here, you can bet that the circled game on both teams lockers is the Nevada game.

nevada and tcu aren't going

nevada and tcu aren't going to be good next year
they are both losing alot of starters

and im tired of people thinking the mountain west is going to challenge for a bcs automatic bid...........NO WAY
the big east will keep it as they should.
the mountain west is not even close to being good enough for a bcs automatic bid.
it probably would have been with tcu, bsu, utah and byu
not anymore


Do you even know what equations are used for qualification to being accepted as a BCS conference?

bandito is a bitter vandal

No need to ask him honest questions. He seems to think having 3 teams in the Top 25 shouldnt be a qualification for AQ status but the Big East and Champion Uconn at 8-5 is deserving. Sounds logical. Sure.

my guess is the bandito

is thebroncokidboundpoolboy.

Such a short memory...

Nevada always plays us close? Here's a list of the seven Boise State - Nevada games prior to Colin Kaepernick playing QB for Nevada:

1999 @Boise State 52, Nevada 17
2000 Did not play
2001 @Boise State 49, Nevada 7
2002 Boise State 44, @Nevada 7
2003 @Boise State 56, Nevada 3
2004 Boise State 58, @Nevada 21
2005 @Boise State 49, Nevada 14
2006 Boise State 38, @Nevada 7

As stated above, Nevada will be without QB Kaepernick, as well as 12 other starters next season, including Vai Taua and Dontay Moch.

Great news!!

Until I got to the decommittment. UGH! I hope KT enjoys Boulder b/c Colorado will not be good for years, at least. Hellllloooo mediocrity!!!

Now, hopefully Henry stays true to his commitment.

Go Broncos!!!

What A Crock

This is a sh'tty way to treat TCU after all they have done for the MWC. TCU helps bring the conference prestige and notoriety and they try to steal an owed home game from them. For those who don't know, Boise is coming in to replace Utah who was scheduled to play at TCU. Now, TCU may be forced to play at Boise in December. Well, if that doesn't favor Boise I don't know what does. Why in the world are they even playing at Boise? It has limited seating and will very likely have bad weather. That makes for a terrible venue. If they want to make it a big game and showcase the league, they should at least pick a neutral site that could get 70,000+ and has at least a chance for good weather in December. This is ridiculous and TCU didn't even get a vote in this corrupt bargain. TCU should tell the MWC to stick it and not play the game. If the MWC is not going to play fair, why should TCU?

Ok TCU forfeits then

Why should TCU be rewarded when they're spurning the MWC for the big east? Should the MWC reward TCU for this? Didn't think so...

Yes, b/c the conference owes

Yes, b/c the conference owes TCU a home game. And TCU did not spurn anyone. The MWC has always known TCU would eventually leave for another conference. They knew this from the very beginning when TCU joined. Frankly, the MWC is fine with teams coming and going which is why they do not have leave penalties like your previous conference the WAC. TCU has honored their commitment to the MWC and has been a good representative for 5 going on 6 years. If the game is moved away from TCU, the MWC is not honoring their commitment. It is as simple as that. The MWC is putting its interests ahead of honoring its commitments. There is no getting around it. It stinks and we can smell it all the way back here in Texas.

You said if for me

"The MWC is putting its interests ahead of honoring its commitments."

Did TCU honor its commitment to the MWC? No they did NOT. What, did they only agree to stay in the MWC for 5 or 6 years? No, they're leaving the conference and they shouldn't get rewarded......

Plus the MWC decided to fill BSU in Utah's place BEFORE BYU and TCU left, thus causing new tweeks in the scheduling.

You're Right!

Boise State should have to join the league and play their only game with TCU in Ft. Worth. That will make our four games equal: Two at TCU and two at NEUTRAL sights - Congratulations! You're already thinking like a member of an AQ league.

That's the Price of Leaving

The MWC did not have an exit fee, so consider this TCU's exit fee. When BSU decided to leave the WAC, the WAC said that Boise would not receive any of the money that is typically divided among the WAC teams from the Bowls/BCS. Oh well. You might also consider it preparation for moving to the Big East. I'm sure playing at Pitt, Syracuse or Connecticut in December is a bit chilly.

Such sour grapes...

The Broncos and Frogs have played 3 times so far. Two were neutral site games(2008 Poinsettia Bowl, and 2010 Fiesta Bowl), and one was a TCU home game (2003 Ft WOrth Bowl). It is only fair that TCU return the favor and give the Broncos a home game. As for the Broncos being a replacement for the Utes, that was before BYU also jumped ship. Now it is equally valid that the Broncos be a replacement for the Cougars.

As for TCU not getting a vote, they made that bed when they chose to jump to the Big Least. And as for TCU telling the MWC to "stick it", if the Frogs want to forfeit the game, they are free to do so, although I'm sure they would then be legally on the hook for the money they would cost Boise State by denying them a home game.

This has nothing to do with

This has nothing to do with it. Stop trying to justify wrong doing with things that have nothing to do with the other. Are you really trying to compare bowl games to conference games? Nobody forced Boise to go to those games? You are forced to play conference games. The fact is TCU is losing a payday for no good other than to stack the deck in favor of Boise. That is pathetic and even if you win the game it will be tainted. Where is the honor in that? Are wins so hard to come by in Idaho that you basically cheat to get them? Heck, with this move by the MWC, can we really reasonably expect the MWC officials to call a fair game? I doubt it. Thought the nonAQs were supposed to be not about the dollars but as it turns out, they are just as bad as the people they rail against.

How is TCU losing a payday?

They had a home game scheduled with Utah, and a road game scheduled with BYU. They lost both of them. Why do you just assume that the MWC should replace TCU's home game, but not their away game?

As for "stacking the deck", by your definition, if the game is played in Ft Worth, it is stacking the deck against BSU. How is that fair? If TCU won, would you claim their victory was "tainted"? Where would the "honor" be in that? Are wins so hard to come by in Texas that you basically have to cheat to get them? The fact is that you are looking at the situation through Purple colored gla$ses.

Contract Anyone

JD, have you ever heard of a contract? You know those pesky little legal agreements that people sign. Guess what? TCU has one with the MWC, it says if a team is leaving the conference they have no voting rights. Guess what? When BSU announced it was leaving the WAC, BSU lost its voting rights. Abiding by your contract is what is fair. If the MWC thinks this move is best for the MWC and they have the vote, they should move the game. The WAC made decisions without BSU’s vote, and I also supported that even if I didn’t like some of their decisions.

I like your idea that TCU refuses to play. Then the MWC can take them to court and take $3M away from them.

70,000 Neutral site! You think 70,000 Neutral sites during football season with only seven month before the start of the football season, are just laying around for the asking. Hey, why don't you call up "The Cowboys" and ask Jerry if you can his football field for 4-5 days. Sure he will say no problem.

Have a nice day and thanks for playing.

Good luck to TCU after the 2011 season. I have no issue with them.

Explain exactly how TCU is

Explain exactly how TCU is being compensated for losing a home game? If you can't answer that justly, you have no argument and you have no case.


The MWC 2011 schedule is uneven, meaning some teams have 4 home games and some have 3 home games. TCU has 4 home games in 2011 (which was done prior to TCU leaving). It so happens that all of BSU's home conference game are against teams the have only 3 home games. This is a win-win for the conference. There was no prior commitment from the MWC that TCU would be one of the teams with 4 home games. Given the fact that TCU is leaving (with absolutely no penalty), rewarding them with an extra home game when long time conference teams only play 3, seems kind of ridiculous.

How's that for a case?

If that is your case, I

If that is your case, I think I just won a summary judgment against you. TCU has never done anything to deserve a penalty or should be given one. They have been above board all the way through and are getting the shaft b/c of corruption and the pursuit of money. And yes, there was a prior commitment made b/c TCU played Utah on the road last year and once again Boise is taking Utah's place---meaning Boise should be playing TCU on the road.

First, drop the Utah excuse

it was moot the minute BYU left.

Second, TCU is not being penalized. The teams that played BYU on the road last year are currently being penalized. The second they (the MWC) decided to go to an 8 game schedule it created a lot of imbalance in the scheduling. In the tentative scheduling, setup prior to BYU leaving, Prior to TCU leaving, and prior to the decision to play an 8 game schedule, the Utah substitution worked. But not now, TCU, Air Force, and Colorado State all now have an EXTRA home game. TCU is on it's way out, so they draw the short straw, Air Force and Colorado State are staying so they are not going to take the EXTRA home game from them.

Pretty simple stuff really

No, sorry but that is not

No, sorry but that is not how it works. This is the justification they are trying to use but it is TCU that will lose a payday who had to go on the road the year before. Spin it however you want but this is unprecedented, they are breaking their own rules. Karma has a funny way of coming back around so if the MWC does give it to TCU, they will get back two-fold in return.


You don't seem too worried that San Diego State is "losing" a payday, or that Wyoming is losing a payday, or that New Mexico is losing a payday.........

Sorry, but this is how things work.

By the what rules are they breaking? tentative schedules are changed all the time, especially when there are member changes. TCU was told they would be one of three teams to get a "EXTRA" home game. Since TCU is now leaving the conference, why give them on of the "EXTRA" home?

Cheese anyone?

If life were fair...

If life were fair, TCU would have had an opportunity to play for the Championship. You must be a little confused seeing as how you state "If you can't answer that justly, you have no argument and you have no case". You are posting on an Idaho newspaper site demanding answers that only the MWC Commissioner can answer. Last I checked, he was not a regular poster on this site. Perhaps your time would be better spent out in the rye fields catching a few kids instead of freaking out about a rumor.

Ω Great post

I was waiting for something with "rye" and "catch". Nice job!

No tears ... none whatsoever ... for soon-to-be Big East TCU.

Boise has the right to know

Boise has the right to know they are stepping in a mess. Obviously, it is to Boise's advantage to argue that they should get the home game. But it doesn't mean it is the right thing or the honorable thing. The Boise fans should at least get to know the truth before they think it is as simple as TCU just doesn't want to play b/c they were scared or some other type of ridiculous nonsense. Even if you wanted to ignore the fact that MWC is screwing over a school that has helped it become something. Just look at it practically, which is a better game:

1. Play the game at Boise...maybe get 50,000 fans and have a great chance at getting really crappy weather. Obviously with the home field advantage, and bad weather, you are tilting the scales in favor of Boise.
2. Play at a nice neutral site with state of the art facilities that can seat 70,000 or 80,000. If both teams are undefeated as some predict, the fans would travel, sell a bunch of tickets and create a great showing that CBS would love to showcase and get plenty of TV viewership too b/c the winner may have a chance at a BCS Game or BCS Championship game.

This maneuvering by the MWC is short sighted and completely lacking in any idea of fairness, honor, or respectability. If I was TCU, I would never forget this and make every effort to stick to the MWC every chance they got.

I afraid you're neutral site

won't fly with the powers that be.

Reason #1

TCU game with OSU last year drew only 46,000 fans (a virtual home game for TCU) in an 80,000 seat arena.

Reason #2

Oregon State/TCU game drew only a 2.3 U.S. rating and 3.660 million viewers on ESPN, down 18% in ratings and 20% in viewership from BYU/Oklahoma from the year before (2.8, 4.562 mil)

And will you stop with the December cold weather rant. First, we play only one game in December, if that. Second, Boise is a day on the beach in December compare to Hartford, Cincinnati, Piscataway, and Pittsburgh.

Sorry dude, but you need some cheese with your whine.

You know putting the game in

You know putting the game in Boise in December stacks the deck in Boise's favor. Just b/c you can't seem to understand that a Texas team plays better in warm weather than cold is not my problem. It would be just as bad if we forced Boise to play in August in the 100 degree heat and humidity.

As for the neutral site argument, the OSU game was at the beginning of the year and OSU brought very few fans. Let's not forget that TCU sold out a number of home games this past year with lesser opponents who traveled even less and then the Rose bowl had record fan attendance of which TCU delivered 40%. Boise also travels well. The Fiesta Bowl where TCU and Boise would be a better yard stick of attendance. I think both schools could reasonably get 30,000 each to come and know you could get another 10,000 from casual sports fans at least if both teams are undefeated. Either way, they would get more attendance than they could at either home stadium. Also, comparing viewership of OSU/TCU to BYU/OU is not a fair comparison. TCU may be similar to BYU but OSU has no where near the following that OU has. This game is also said to be aired on CBS along with the SEC conference game. It will get very good ratings if both teams are undefeated. The TCU v. Wisky game had the highest ratings for an event that was not a pro football game. Had the game been on ABC instead of ABC, it would have been a new ratings record.


how is TCU losing a home game? It is just conference scheduling, BSU was supposed to slide into utah's schedule, a conference can tweak that, it isnt like they played here last year and are now getting the shaft, it is just that maybe one of the other teams goes to TCU instead of BSU. honestly BYU is the one shafting TCU in regaurds to taking away a game from them next year.
Tell me how it is fair to play TCU in TCU when you are trying to get an AQ bid for your conference. Nevada, and Fresno will be the ones truely shafted by a conference this year just you wait.

TCU is losing a home game

TCU is losing a home game b/c they played on the road the year before against Utah. Boise State is taking Utah's place which includes taking their place as the road team against TCU in 2011.

Now, the MWC is making "new conference scheduling" that is not in keeping with their agreement and is only in keeping with what they feel is their best interests. I.e, trying to get Boise a win since Boise will remain in the conference beyond 2011. That is despicable and shameful especially when TCU has been a great school to the MWC. At the very least, it should be made a neutral site game which is actually a much smarter play if they can't bring themselves to honor the agreement. However, even that takes a home game away from TCU which they have earned.

All your talk about AQ status and how Boise won't get a return game should never enter into it. TCU is owed a home game by Utah and you took Utah's spot. That means Boise owes us the home game. I realize as a Boise fan, this would seem like a raw deal b/c there is no return game but the fact is your are joining an existing scheduling structure that is now being ignored. Everyone in conference knows this is how it is. The MWC is now making new rules to promote its interests. All this other talk about AQ status, or Boise won't get a return game, or whatever is just sorry justification of a bad act.

As it stands, TCU will now have to play an extra away game (if they do have to play in Boise) and never get their owed home game which they have earned as a member of the conference for 5 going on 6 years. It is a broken contract and I hope that TCU refuses to play straight up. It is a joke and a ripoff and not about equity or fairness but about money and corruption. The biggest irony here is that Boise fans that actually supporting this are unwittingly doing the against same thing the BCS system has done to them.

Ω Ears

Deaf ones.

Hankies? None. Towels? Check with TBK.

Visiting a BSU-centric blog to cry ... use your shirtsleeves and deal with it. What did you expect, sympathy or applause?

Get yourself a real grip, JDS. It would be a whole lot more meaningful for a rebuilt TCU to come into Boise and get a win than it would be doing it in Ft. Worth or anywhere else.

"The Rose Bowl champs are getting the shaft!" What baloney. "Fair" doesn't have anything to do with this. The MWC is taking care of its interests and TCU is not one of them. They are owed nothing!

What are you afraid of ... losing?

Taking Utah's place

I could be wrong here, but I thought it was announced that BSU was taking Utah's place in the conference before BYU left. With BYU gone the landscape has now changed. Who is to say BSU isn't taking BYU's place now?

This really shouldn't surprise anyone. Just like TCU is looking out for their best interest and future by joining the Big (L)East, the MWC needs to look out for their best interest and future, even if it is at TCU's expense. Right or wrong this is college football and money rules over principles. Ask Nebraska how they felt they were treated their last year in the Big XXII.

TCU is also losing a road game...

... since they played the year before at home against BYU, and they will not have to return the trip to Provo this year.

Your argument holds no water.

BSU scheduling...

Its so dang political & complicated. Its almost like you guys have a Illinois politican running the show over there....

PS- I recommend Troy, Miami of Ohio, or Western Michigan for those open spots. Real nice fellas...they'd get along well with ya Bronco Gentlemen. Talkin' weather and shaking hands type of stuff. Not Nasty by any means. Good luck filling that extra spot....

Just couldn't help myself. Hows Spud2 these days? Just as angry as ever brotha?


acually low key lately. as others can attest I have settled down on the rhetoric, however the blog has several trolls that make me want to take a mental health day.

P2 - You are to be commended

When you act civilly and get rid of the hate rhetoric, your posts are actually quite informative. You know CFB in depth and I have learned much from your insight, over the past several years.

It is much nicer to look forward to reading your posts, these days, anticipating some 'good stuff'; as opposed to the old stuff you used to post which was predictable and unimaginiative and over the top negativism.

Keep up the good work, as I can attest you have changed your hate filled rhetoric, and have become a true asset to these boards.

You even have some well developed dry humor, from time to time, that is very welcome in my book.

Thanx for changing for the better.


PS - Possibly, the Clonopin and Lithium helped?