GOP chair: Idaho Democrats 'to the left of Obama' on education issues

It took a few days, but the Idaho Republican Party has lashed back at the Democratic Party — coming to defense of GOP state schools superintendent Tom Luna's education reform overhaul.

"Sadly, the Idaho Democratic Party, which once succeeded in electing individuals to statewide office, has withered away into a wholly owned subsidiary of the teacher’s union," state GOP chairman Norm Semanko said in a statement today.

On Friday, the Democratic Party ripped Luna's "Putting Students First" plan: "Increasing class sizes, intimidating dedicated teachers and taking critical decisionmaking authority away from locally elected school boards may be 'new' ideas but they certainly are not good ideas."

Here's the Semanko statement, in full:

Last week Governor Otter and Superintendent Luna introduced a comprehensive package to educate more students at a higher level with limited resources.

While student achievement continues to progress in Idaho, one-third of our schools are still not meeting our high academic goals, and more than half of Idaho students do not go on to post-secondary education after high school. Furthermore, the current system is fiscally unsustainable. Governor Otter and Superintendent Luna’s plan, titled “Students Come First,” boldly sets out to change the current system.

However, the opposition has already started mounting a campaign against this crucial change.

On Friday, the Idaho Democratic Party came out against Governor Otter and Superintendent Luna’s plan asking, “why should any parent, student or voter put the slightest faith in any idea proffered by the architect of such failure?” and saying the plan may include “ ’new’ ideas but they certainly are not good ideas.”

Sherri Wood, the head of the teacher’s union, called the plan “draconian.” Sadly, the Idaho Democratic Party, which once succeeded in electing individuals to statewide office, has withered away into a wholly owned subsidiary of the teacher’s union. The party is so out of touch, and so beholden to the teacher’s union bosses, that it now sits well to the left of President Barack Obama on education issues.

did the Idaho Republican Party listen to today's JFAC hearing?

Plenty of Republicans expressed misgivings about the plan as well.


Did you listen to the same JFAC proceedings I did? Inasmuch as the questioning, with a couple of exceptions, was focused on funding and not on the plan, I find your comment inaccurate. Pearce and LeFavour asked comments outside the funding scope but I did not witness "plenty of republicans expressing misgivings about the plan...."

don't know which JFAC proceedings you listened to

but Betsy Russell listened to the same one I did; she cited three Republican legislators -- Shawn Keough, John Goedde, and Dean Cameron -- as expressing skepticism and concern about the plan.

Wouldn't that mean they want MORE THAN OBAMA???

Might be GOOD then!

Don't make the legislative chamber the new definition of 'idiot box'?


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year

Taking kids back to 1984 is just that.

Explain how a limited and outdated school issued laptop will change or enhance the educational experience of North End Boise/Timberline High School students?

Like these kids do not already have access to top of the line PC's, Macs with iPhones, iPads and related apps. Like they will appreciate a freebie, limited computer as a learning tool when they have had access to every high end PC, Mac and Adobe product since age 9.

Will their travels to foreign countries and their expectations suddenly be dialed down to meet Luna's expectations?

Jes sayin'...

I thought 1984 was pretty good myself!

I graduated, got a summer job and rented my first place!

Pretty killer!


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year

Yeah, that is the thing about 1984....

It is fairly subjective! Not so much about the hype.
While I did lose my virginity that year!
I was only a Junior and taking my SAT's...working 30 hours a week...saving for college.

But good for you!!!

Mmmmmm, 1984

Pool rooms, jukeboxes and bar bands.

"Yearnings unanswered reckon the wage you pay to recapture the innocent age." Dan Fogelberg