Bloggers suggest China investment presents threat to Idaho

The Idaho Statesman sent me to China in June to follow Gov. Butch Otter’s mission to attract Chinese investment and, as Otter repeated from Shanghai to Beijing, to sell groceries.

Through the trip a few readers expressed concerns about Otter’s efforts to attract Chinese dollars to Idaho but the reaction from Idahoans was mostly positive. Of course Otter won reelection easily in November and the China issue never really came up on the campaign trail.

However, since I broke the story Dec. 31 that a Chinese national company was considering developing a 10,000- to 30,000-acre technology zone for industry, retail centers and homes south of Boise’s airport, some people have expressed fears.

Some of the fears are straightforward. Gresham Bouma, a small building contractor from Latah County who ran an unsuccessful campaign as a Republican for the Idaho Senate, expressed concerns about giving Chinese immigrants investment preferences to Idaho businesses. He also worried about the strategic implications of a major Chinese development next to airport where the Idaho Air Guard is based.

“We know the Chinese firms send spies over here,” Bouma told me in a telephone interview.

For others, Sinomach’s interest in developing a technology zone in Idaho, the same kind of industrial development it does throughout the third world is much more ominous. Utah conservative blogger Paul Drockton pointed out that the Chinese Communist Party not only is deeply involved in its national companies but also the military. It’s the same military, Drockton says on his blog that “has made repeated threats against American interests.”

“The fact that Chinese Communists would have the ability to bring in military equipment undetected, if such a lease were given, seems to escape the Governor of the State of Idaho, who visited China and extended the offer to the Communists to do business in his state,” Drockton wrote.

But another blogger, Vicky Davis, sees another use for the new technology zone next to the airport. Her conspiracy sees the development as a conduit for Chinese workers.

These conspiracy theories underscore the political challenge Otter and other Idaho political leaders will face as their success at attracting Chinese investment grows. Most Americans don’t know much about China except that most of the things they have in their homes were made in China.

This week, China President Hu Jintao, visits Washington and we should learn what direction our most important bilateral relationship in the world is headed. George Washington University China Scholar David Shambaugh says the two sides should work hard on stabilizing the relationship strained by a series of incidents and China’s rising power.

If the dialogue of these recent blogs reveals the direction of our national dialogue I suspect it is going to be a bumpy ride.

I will be discussing China with radio host Tom Egelhoff of Bozeman Montana’s KMMS show “Open for Business,” Saturday Jan. 15 at noon. You can listen on line at

So send John Rambo again. Meanwhile listen up.

They will choke under their own flotsam and jetsam.

Sit and let it happen.


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year

Oh Well America Doesn't Own America Anyway....

Let em in....They will threatened to sell all their USA T-Bills if we don't...What will Wal-Mart do without them?

Could there be other reasons

Having spent a fair amount of time actually talking to these immigrant investors (BTW, they are not just Chinese) I have discovered other reasons for the interest in the US. A significant number have an interest in their children's education and their ability to start and grow businesses here under circu*stances considerably different that are very different than they face in their own countries. Many of these investors do this as a means of "safe harbor". In many other countries, national governments can and regularly makes decisions about who owns and/or operates businesses. Many of these places have civil and religous instability. It has been a real eye opener to talk with these people and discover that for all our failings the US is still the place that many of these people see as the ultimate safe place in the world. Before looking for a "commie" under every rock maybe getting to know more about other countries and their people you might be surprised. Don't let ignorance be the reason for judging people from other countries.

If they have problems in

If they have problems in their home countries then they should change things there. Why should we give away what we've earned?

If you've bought anything in the last year, then you are

probably guilty as well.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

I buy discount food and old stereo stuff.

My clothes are made by slavery outside China. get real


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year

Break out the

Rosetta Stone and start learning Chinese. We will need it in a few years. Otter is a sellout, and a fool, and certainly no conservative. Welcome to Chidaho, brought to you by a REPUBLICAN administration.

What are Chinese to do with all of their US Dollars?

It only makes sense that they spend their ever depreciating US dollars on depreciated US assets. Every day that the US prints more debt, the US looses purchasing power in the global economy and at home. Oddly the the Chinese currency is not accepted for international trade except, perhaps by North Korea, and is a non transparent figment of the Chinese Governments imagination. If the Chinese want to make a purchase in the international marketplace, they pay with balance of trade surplus Euros or Dollars in almost all cases.

Here is an interesting ABC News Poll on what Americans want to do to solve the US Government debt problem that is upsetting not only the US Economy, but the entire World Economy.

I'm sure

the Chinese Communist will be asked to help celebrate, Idaho Human Rights Day, by Otter.

Re: Under every rock

Native- If so many foreign nationals are dissatisfied with he state of opportunity and social mobility in their home country, how come they don't band together to facilitate change in. their. home. country? It is not our job to provide opportunities for the children of the Chinese middle class to become members of the American upper-middle class. The last thing that America needs, and for certain Idaho, is to become an immigration spillway for a catastrophically overcrowded asia. Given the two economic principles of Scarcity, and Finite Resources, there is only so much Idaho to go around. Kick starting business is one thing, but allowing foreign nationals to hold the keys to local enterprise and fiscal power is unacceptable.

So close down, Coca-Cola, GM, Chrysler....


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year

Just another reason

for me to leave this state as soon as possible. I'm a liberal and have been told to leave. I don't attend church and have been told I am not welcome and to leave. I don't fall for every conspiracy theory out there and have been told to leave.

Now we have the dreaded Chinese who have plans to help build our local and state economy and Idahoans actually believe this is a gateway to the Chinese military and the dreaded Communist party.

I think Chinese investment is a good idea and will actually help this state which is actually sinking before my eyes.

Don't worry, I'm leaving.

How does it feel

knowing Glenn Beck agrees about the threat from China? ;-)

I don't really care, but it's nice for you so fine.


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year


It looks there is a coming Chinatown right here in Boise. The Chinese facility will bring in hordes of Chinese workers who will be treated like slaves and will reside in their own little ville. I doubt there will be much job creation for Idahoans involved in this. Yes, they will buy groceries from us, possibly. Mostly they will live, eat, work, and shop in their own separate community and the economic impact for Boise and Idaho will be virtually nil. I guess the economy here is so bad that Otter and his crew and willing to do anything that looks or sounds like progress even it it is just another huge lie.

American corporations do the

American corporations do the same thing in China and other foreign countries - create English-speaking enclaves where their American employees live, work, and shop. That's not to say the American workers never venture out of their neighborhoods to experience another country's culture, just that they are there to do a job for their employer and the company owes them this protection and security.

bad China

China killed my cats by poisoning their cat food. I do not like China.

Hedge Funds Bailing on China

They fear the bubble that is China's economy is about to burst.

Today's spew by China's leader appears to be, perhaps, more bravado than substance considering the opacity of China'a internal accounting systems.

Hedge funds suck anyway so what if they're cautious anyway?

Financial weasels they be.


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year

They are already here!

There are approximately 40 Chinese restaurants in the Boise area. More are being built as you read this post. Do you think that they are just making chop suey in the kitchen. NO! These establishments have been here long enough to bring in many "spies" who have infiltrated our society. They even have the cabability to spy on our government via "home delivery" to the Capitol building while it's in session. Does any one know if Gov. Otter has "chinese" delivered "in"? Besides spies, some of these "cover" restaurant kitchens have basements large enough to build a military arsenal to take out most (if not all) of the good fishing spots and campgrounds around our great state, not to mention knocking off a few of those GD LOUD jets flyin overhead day and night (Sorry wingnut, you know who you are).

All of this and more is right under our noses (or stomachs) and we just drive by every day and wave like we have good sense. I don't know about you, but every time I step up to that Chinese buffet I shudder to think what may be going on back in the kitchen. Have you ever noticed how busy they always look, if you can see them at all. They scurry around like mice disappearing when you most need them and then magically the Chinese egg roll tray is full again.

I implore you to take heed and eat American as I have begun to do. Besides you know when you go to Rocky's you are going to be stuffed to the gills when you come out and not be hungry an hour later. Which poses a good question. Why are we always hungry after eating Chinese? Are they actually poisoning us with out us even knowing it????!!!!

Paranoia. Ain't it great!

p.s. Ever wonder where all those cats disappearing in your neighborhood go to? Think about it.
p.p.s Don't eat hot "yellow" mustard.

Oh, shut up. They get run over near the interstate.


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year

Very funny!

Very funny!

An obvious oversight on your part: The addictive drug trade.

What is in the kung pao chicken that keeps me going back?

"We are islands to each other, building hopeful bridges on a troubled sea." Neil Peart

Is this Sarah Palin's fault?

Too? Rush?