Eagle High star Dillon Lukehart chooses Boise State over Idaho; two kickers, safety also commit

By Chadd Cripe
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Eagle High star Dillon Lukehart has de-committed from Idaho and committed to Boise State, Eagle football coach Paul Peterson said.

Lukehart’s father, Dan, played on Boise State’s 1980 Division I-AA national championship team. He committed to Idaho in early December, but Boise State offered him a scholarship Thursday.

Lukehart was the 5A Southern Idaho Conference offensive player of the year as a running back. He also played safety.

“Dillon yesterday was given an opportunity to fulfill a lifetime dream,” Peterson said. “It’s something where Dillon just feels he needs to go attack the dream he’s always had in his heart.”

Lukehart (6-foot-1, 205 pounds) scored 51 touchdowns in three years of varsity football. He will join the Broncos in August, Peterson said.

“BSU is getting a very intelligent, high-integrity player, as hard-nosed of a football player as I’ve ever been around,” Peterson said. “There are not too many high school players who I’ve ever respected more. He’s earned everything that he’s getting. He’s one of those guys where it’s, ‘Yes, sir. No, sir.’ — he’s very polite and humble — but if you want to compete, he’s going to beat you.”

Boise State and Idaho were Lukehart’s only offers.


Boise State also has added two kickers and a safety from Florida to its collection of incoming players.

Kicker Jake Van Ginkel of Upland (Calif.) High replaces Matt Goudis, who de-committed to go to Michigan, in the recruiting class. Van Ginkel set a California record with 39 career field goals, including 14 this past season. He also is a strong kickoff specialist and punter.

Van Ginkel (5-foot-11, 185 pounds) was a three-year starter at Upland. As a freshman, playing on the freshman team, he made field goals of 57 and 58 yards in one game.

“He has always been nationally ranked in his age group,” Upland coach Tim Salter said. “I thought he would have been a done deal (on his college choice) a lot earlier because he’s at an elite level.”

The Broncos recruited Van Ginkel for more than a year but made a run at Goudis first.

The Broncos also have added Saddleback College kicker Michael Frisina (5-6, 155), who will join the team next week. It’s unclear whether Frisina will receive a scholarship. Frisina was 20-of-31 on field goals in his Saddleback career.

Meanwhile, safety Jamie Byrd (6-1, 195) of Pasco High in Dade City, Fla, has committed to Boise State, Pasco coach Tom McHugh said. Byrd made the all-Suncoast football team produced by the St. Petersburg Times. According to the Tampa Tribune, Byrd’s other offers included Iowa State and Purdue. Byrd led his team in tackles for three straight seasons.


High school seniors
— QB Jimmy Laughrea, 6-2, 185, Rocklin (Calif.) HS
— DE Sam Ukwuachu, 6-5, 203, Pearland (Texas) HS
— WR Dallas Burroughs, 5-8, 165, Rocky Mountain HS (Meridian)
— DT Jeff Worthy, 6-4, 280, Whittier Christian HS (La Mirada, Calif.)
— DL Robert Ash, 6-3, 255, Cosumnes Oaks HS (Elk Grove, Calif.)
— S Taylor Loffler, 6-3, 195, Kelowna (B.C.) Secondary
— OL Rees Odhiambo, 6-3, 298, Mansfield (Texas) Legacy HS
— RB Jay Ajayi, 6-0, 200, Liberty HS (Frisco, Texas)
— LB Blake Renaud, 6-2, 230, De La Salle HS (Concord, Calif.)
— OG Marcus Henry, 6-3, 275, Bellevue (Wash.) HS
— CB Eric Agbaroji, 6-1, 180, Midlothian (Texas) HS
— S Corey Bell, 5-11, 200, Capital HS
— DB Darian Thompson, 6-2, 172, Paraclete HS (Lancaster, Calif.)
— TE Hayden Plinke, 6-4, 230, Glencoe HS (Hillsboro, Ore.)
— LB KT Tu'umalo, 6-2, 200, Punahou School (Honolulu)
— K Jake Van Ginkel, 5-11, 185, Upland (Calif.) High
— S Jamie Byrd, 6-1, 195, Pasco HS (Dade City, Fla.)
— LB Dillon Lukehart, 6-1, 205, Eagle HS

Junior college transfers
— S/LB Dextrell Simmons, 6-0, 210, Blinn College (Spring, Texas)

Grayshirts from 2010:
— WR Troy Ware, 6-2, 164, Vista (Calif.) HS
— DE Tyler Horn, 6-4, 225, Mountain View HS (Meridian)
— TE Holden Huff, 6-6, 195, Rocklin (Calif.) HS


Former Boise State running back Ian Johnson has signed with the Detroit Lions for 2011. He joined their practice squad in November.


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All I can say is WOW

Remembering back to the 2001 recruiting class and how fast and big they are now..>WOW.
The number of Texas kids...>WOW.

Yea I remember those days.

Yea I remember those days. We were lucky to even have a Texas recruit verbally commit. Now we have 4 recruits joining and a JC transfer.

The nice thing about playing TCU in Fort Worth instead of Boise is all the extra eyes that will be on the Broncos. Sure it would be nice to see them play on the blue turf, but playing in Texas will help with future recruiting. And that's the bottom line.

TCU is losing Dalton, their 2 best WR's, 1 O-lineman and 7 defensive players, IIRC. They're losing 26 seniors and 11 starters. I saw an artice commenting on that this upcoming season will find out if Patterson built a excellent football team or an excellent program. It should be an interesting football game.


They actually lose 4 starting O-lineman. That's going to hurt a lot. Their running backs are great but with all the other pieces they need to replace on offense I see them struggling. Defensively they've always done well, so I don't see much of a drop in that aspect of their game.


this link is awesome at espn. It puts BSU at # 5 for 2011 and TCU at #18...... Actually I hope TCU will be better than expected as we need the SOS help. Wouldn't it be something for the fake frog fans here if BSU played the NC game. Crystal trumps roses every time....



but no cigars for smurfers. Actually, how sweet can yo dreams be? They always end up the same... WIDE RIGHT... Only "crystal" in Boise is that stuf ya smoke ...dream enhancin' no doubt. who needs cigars? "right," chokers? (ak, ak, ak ...

Not sure TCU

will be much help to us next year. Losing Dalton will hurt for sure (the new starter has all of 9 pa$$es under his belt), but losing all but one starter on the O-line is really going to hurt. If it weren't for Patterson, this team is probably 6-6.

Ω TCU will be fine.

bogpolliwog is trying out for "kicking tee". He will have to be de-slimed first.

enjoy THIS...

Can't watch this enough!!! GREAT STUF! He knows BSU football!

It appears to me

the Statesman staff has done an excellent job (I know some people hate this term) creating an online community. Of course it helps having a passionate fan base that participates.

who cares

you are in the mwc conference low level recruits

with the emphasis on "low"

how LOW can you GO? MAACO? (that's gettin' DOWN there), and MWC w/o TCU? LOL! rather, loW!

TCU rematch

TCU is going to face those Broncos yet. Talk about a LOW BLOW ;-)Especially if your prized toads can win that game! Nice sentiments though. How fun would it be to have the newcomer beat those Horned Frogs..... talk about leapfrog ;-)



Not only did we get a kicker, but we got TWO KICKERS!!!!!!!!!!

Blog improvement...free beer

Oh, and get rid of weisberg.

Thanks for all the Bronco reports.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart


Not sure if we should get rid of weisturd. With his type of commenting, he makes the rest of us look awfully intelligent. I need that boost occasionally....Sunny...

Yeah... and he sleep walks and carries an assortment of toys.

E E E E E E E.

I find it hard to believe

that the statesman staff cannot remove posts or ban posters that are habitual agitators. I think AQfunk can attest to that.

I'm told...

...the posts have to violate one of our rules and they haven't. If you guys see something objectionable, send me an e-mail and I'll pass it along.

Chad, I'm so glad

That the sports area hasn't been forced to change over to that disqus format. That thing absolutely and totally sucks, and is not the least bit user friendly imho. Thanks....Sunny...

Ω Disqus that bad, huh?

I haven't messed with it. Seattle Times forums, Oregon Live, and NWSportsTalk are examples of easy navigation, imo.


You guys do a great job here, we don't need folks like Weisberg, I vote he gets the Boot !

Weisberg is a MULTIPLE, I keep telling you!


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year


Yes, I can. And so can Wiz. Murphy admited to Wiz on a weekly chat, a month or so ago, that Murphy can delete posts he considers to be 'off-topic' or made in poor choice. I can't remember whose posts he deleted (Wiz's. or razor's, or another regular poster's), but he can do it. And so can Chadd. They both can delete and/or edit posts made to their blogs.

However, Murphy or Chadd cannot ban postes. The only way posters can be banned is if they violate the Statesman's Terms of Service (TOS). The only entity that can ban posters is a Statesman reviewing representative/board, as I understand it.

I have seen several posters banned. I was banned once, under the handle VNDL. I was banned because I discovered that at least one full-time Boise State University employee (the BSU Swimming Pool Manager and Football Equipment Manager) was posting and contributing to these blogs, on a habitual and very frequent basis, Mondays thru Fridays, during work time, using BSU computers and hardware, for his personal entertainment; again - during work time. This was violative of Idaho State Employee Computer Usage Policy as well as President Kustra's mirroring policy for State of Idaho Employees of Boise State University and BSU computer resources. In my postings I posited that this action by this poster was a waste of Idaho Taxpaayers' money and should be investigated by President Kustra.

The username VNDL, was initially banned.

I composed an e-mail to the Statesman's review people asking specifically, what what part of the TOS VNDL had violated? I received an e-mail back, informing me VNDL had been reinstated and giving me a Temp Password to use for initial login I have tried many times to log back in using VNDL, however there is always some little glitch that does not allow me to proceed. I have received many subsequent e-mails from the Statesman's reviewng people informing me that the problem must be on my computer, as they officially show VNDL as cleared for reentry. I have given up trying to use VNDL (which supposedly has an official clean bill of health) - and have instead been using an alternate of 'aqfunk'.

So, yes it is possible for Murphy or Chadd to monitor, edit, or delete posts they believe are not conducive to the maintenance and good order of their blogs.


You gotta get that fixed... Whatsa a VNDL without a handle?

wow that would make great blog name.

What was interesting is . . .

. . . How it was tolerated and all. Some might say, even encouraged as a 'normal way of doing business', and such. For example: I discovered that at least one full-time Boise State University employee (the BSU Swimming Pool Manager and Football Equipment Manager) was posting and contributing to these blogs, on a habitual and very frequent basis, Mondays thru Fridays, during work time, using BSU computers and hardware, for his personal entertainment; again - during work time. This was violative of Idaho State Employee Computer Usage Policy as well as President Kustra's mirroring policy for State of Idaho Employees of Boise State University and BSU computer resources. In my postings I posited that this action by this poster was a waste of Idaho Taxpaayers' money and should be investigated by President Kustra.

Well, nothing happened by BSU. The person is still at BSU. That person just created new usernames to continue to post on his employer's dime - using his employer's equipment and internet resources. The sad part is his employer is the taxpayers of the State of Idaho. P2 was gonna use his clout with Bronco Bob's office to get rid of the person or get the person to stop posting and abusing state resources. but apparently P2 has no clout and Bronco Bob stiffed P2 (not surprising really - as it appears the short hand of 'rhetoric' is 'P2'). This is all as I get the story, anyhow. Wasn't there, so don't know for sure. Maybe P2 never had any intention of stopping it, to begin with.

So the moral of the story is to never say anything negative about President Kustra or allude, in anyway, to any possible and/or probable situations at BSU involving the fraud, abuse, and waste of taxpayers' dollars/resources by BSU employees, or the Statesman, might censor you. as a possible eventuality. It is kinda obvious, so far, based on results seen to-date, that BSU has condoned these actions of BSU employees using BSU computer and internet resources, for personal gain/entertainment, while they are at the work place, on work time. Maybe it is only okay for athletic employes to be able to do it, like those who manage a swiming pool or maintain athltic/football equipment?


Ω Chocolate chip ...

... or oatmeal raisin?

Could be cookies. Have you cleaned them? All of them?

Yeah...especially the links to the Oregon Cheerleader's website


Ω Ahhh, now I know ...

... what you owe me!

Deleting posts

I can do it, but I only do it when there's something egregious. And even then I seek a second opinion. I don't want to be responsible for policing comments.


Please reconsider. This forum that you and the crew at the Statesman have so fervently built into a very special place that Bronco Nation has come to greatly appreciate, express opinion, get the latest news, and occasionally throw a jab or two. But this Weinsberg poster is a proverbial blight of any sort of intellectual thought with incoherent ramblings reminiscent of serious alcohol and/or drug abuse. It's good to have opposing views and it sparks conversation and debate. However, this individual is of a truly unusual sociopathic disorder. It's not funny, and rather sad. As you mentioned you don't want to "police" the comments. That's understandable. The Statesman's on-line comments throughout the Statesman's articles have been rabid with liberal posters and those of a very negative and hateful ilk, and I love to throw the ball right back at them full force. I feel obligated and respond frequently to those posts in attempt to bring some balance to the forums. The overwhelming majority of this state is conservative, as well as in great support of the Boise State football program and the institution itself. Weisberg contributes if anything, only egregious posts. Perpetual inarticulate banter that lacks any sense of clarity and is frankly beyond stupid. Again, it's rather sad. Read the posts and I think you'll agree. I don't necessarily propose banning this ignoramus. I do petition that the comments should be removed based off your prerequisite of posts being egregious, and by the readers vote of flagging. Jim Rome doesn't tolerate it. Idaho Sports Talk doesn't tolerate it. These pages shouldn't either.

Artanis: grow up or at least lighten up.

I guess since I'm Liberal and a Duck fan and I live in Portland, I should be banded. Thanks for making me welcome in my home state of Idaho. Wiesberg is okay with me... I assume his personality is an act. I find you boring and judgmental- To each his own.

Ω Sending you to Bandon.

Not a bad place to be, actually. Anywhere on the Oregon coast is okay by me.

"the weisberg" is a shtick. If it/he were a comedy routine, SNL would come calling. He doesn't really bother me either ... well, except for the double and triple posts which, of course, are deliberate.

ps - One more time: where the héll is Wiz?

Wheres Wiz??

Don't know...someone said they had his phone number...that person may want to call and check his well-being....some people go elsewhere...others may have had something happen?


I'll give him a call in the morning and see what he's up to.

He's prolly been skiing and getting laid, knowing him.


Cripe luvs da FROG!!!

Why else would Chadd keep me around? Chadd, you da MANfrog!

Yeah Wiz and Landon?

I worried about Landon... was he able to survive the kick? The kick in Reno?

Ω JL posted ...

... once or twice within the past couple of days. It's Wiz who is MIA.

Liberal...and a Duck Fan. Who would have guessed.

Need I say more.

Dude can't even spell WEISBERG he's so Pekoe'd...


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year

Portland eh?

Well I live in Portland and find no impact on where you chime in from or who you root for, but Weisburg needs some standards and should be held accountable for the language and manner in which he/she (keep it gender neutral right?)conducts him/herself. Toleration is one thing, but standards are still important to uphold.


P.S. I don't see why you being a liberal gives you any other voice to chime from. I have seen some of Weisburgs statements (I use that lightly)and with his language and lack of any regard for others he has abused the sites good nature enough to get censorship.


how much for da VNDL handle? you know i can have sum fun w/dat

first amendment


weisberg - you are such a pimple head ready to be popped

You, in essence abandon your First Amendment Rights, when you accept the TOS per your initial registration to be a user of the Statesman's TOS. The Statesman is not a public venue/site. It is a private site that has 'permitted' you to post and use 'their' site as a self-invited guest (which you are if you think about it).

Any posts you make to these sites are basically Statesman's property and their review people/board can discontinue your status and terminate you as a user at about any time for any reason, as long as it is violative of at last some portion of the TOS, as they interpret and construe it to be.

You been watching too many reruns of 'Law and Order' and 'Olberman Does Maddow'.


More like self-inflicted.

Olberman does Maddow... How does that work? ....better yet, let it along.

Ω I'll bet Rachel ...

... is much more soft and sultry than she projects.

ps - Could be wrong. Never did a search.

pps - Gotta check out for a couple hours. O/U on new posts upon return is 35.

It would seem

that the statesman would have to do something if all of us flagged every stupid frog weisberg bduck post and e mailed Chadd or Murph a ton.

As a contributor of this blog, I think I speak for all of us that it would be a better blog if we had some room and freedom to make this an even better blog. I think that weisbergs and especially frogs belittlement of Brotzman should be enough.

lets clarify that

We're out to gig a richfrog, not all frogs (like us poor 'ens)

Ω Clarified ...

... butter and froglegs. Yummm!

Clarified Butter and the spoon has a mind of it's own

Had clarified butter with sweet baby Manila clams at Murphy's on Broadway for Lunch yesterday. Was just okay. Not their usual outstanding dish. The sauce the clams were cooked in was supposed to be white wine, with cilantro, garlic, capers, and butter. The sauce tasted blah - bland. The chef ran out of capers and therefore, not the same - Kids - don't do this at home - if you don't have capers, never cook clams!!

The Lobster Bisque was to die for, though. Each spoon full was a true taste explosion in my mouth. The green chile and white truffle oil floating in graceful arcs in appropriate proportion, on top of the bisque; was almost org@smic, as my spoon semed to seek out the areas containing the green nectar, wouthout any control of my fingers guiding the spoon, in the collection effort, whatsoever.


Ω I should never read ...

... your posts when I'm famished!