Boise State football team finishes No. 7 in Coaches' Poll, No. 9 in AP poll

By Chadd Cripe
© 2010 Idaho Statesman

The Boise State football team finished No. 7 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll and No. 9 in The Associated Press Top 25 early Tuesday morning.

The rankings mark the Broncos’ third Top 10 finish in the past five seasons and their highest final rankings in a season that included a loss.

The Broncos finished fourth in 2009 and fifth (AP)/sixth (USA Today) in 2006. They have finished in the top 16 in seven of the past nine seasons.

TCU finished No. 2 in both polls.

Nevada was No. 13, Virginia Tech was No. 15 and Utah was No. 23 in the Coaches’ Poll. Nevada was No. 11 and Virginia Tech was No. 16 in AP.

Boise State (12-1) was behind Wisconsin and LSU in the AP poll. Those schools tied for No. 8 in the USA Today poll, just five points behind the Broncos.

Looking ahead, Boise State faces three of the AP Top 25 teams next season and two other opponents received votes. Not on that list: Georgia, the season-opening foe. The ranked opponents are No. 2 TCU, No. 11 Nevada and No. 24 Tulsa. San Diego State and Air Force received votes.


Here’s how the Broncos have finished in The Associated Press Top 25 and USA Today Coaches’ Poll since 2002, their first year in the polls:
2002 15 12
2003 16 15
2004 12 13
2005 NR NR
2006 5 6
2007 NR NR
2008 11 13
2009 4 4
2010 9 7


Here is my post on Kellen Moore winning the national pass efficiency title.


Here’s the AP Top 25:

Record Pts Pv
1. Auburn (56) 14-0 1,472 1
2. TCU (3) 13-0 1,392 3
3. Oregon 12-1 1,379 2
4. Stanford 12-1 1,300 5
5. Ohio St. 12-1 1,220 6
6. Oklahoma 12-2 1,108 9
7. Wisconsin 11-2 1,055 4
8. LSU 11-2 1,051 11
9. Boise St. 12-1 1,031 10
10. Alabama 10-3 961 15
11. Nevada 13-1 866 13
12. Arkansas 10-3 863 8
13. Oklahoma St. 11-2 833 16
14. Michigan St. 11-2 696 7
15. Mississippi St. 9-4 578 21
16. Virginia Tech 11-3 577 12
17. Florida St. 10-4 502 23
18. Missouri 10-3 477 14
19. Texas A&M 9-4 359 18
20. Nebraska 10-4 334 17
21. UCF 11-3 225 —
22. South Carolina 9-4 169 19
23. Maryland 9-4 144 —
24. Tulsa 10-3 128 —
25. N.C. State 9-4 119 —

Others receiving votes: Utah 98, Iowa 54, San Diego St. 52, N. Illinois 47, Miami (Ohio) 21, Florida 19, West Virginia 16, Notre Dame 9, Connecticut 8, Air Force 5, Navy 3, Hawaii 2, BYU 1, E. Washington 1.


Here’s the USA Today poll:

Record Pts Pvs
1. Auburn (56) 14-0 1,424 2
2. TCU (1) 13-0 1,336 3
3. Oregon 12-1 1,333 1
4. Stanford 12-1 1,254 5
5. Ohio State 12-1 1,197 6
6. Oklahoma 12-2 1,096 8t
7. Boise State 12-1 1,012 10
8. LSU 11-2 1,007 12
8. Wisconsin 11-2 1,007 4
10. Oklahoma State 11-2 883 13
11. Alabama 10-3 860 18
12. Arkansas 10-3 818 8t
13. Nevada 13-1 734 15
14. Michigan State 11-2 676 7
15. Virginia Tech 11-3 636 11
16. Florida State 10-4 506 23
17. Mississippi State 9-4 505 22
18. Missouri 10-3 473 14
19. Nebraska 10-4 354 16
20. Central Florida 11-3 328 24
21. Texas A&M 9-4 277 17
22. South Carolina 9-5 181 20
23. Utah 10-3 156 19
24. Maryland 9-4 111 NR
25. North Carolina State 9-4 94 NR

Others receiving votes: Northern Illinois 82; Tulsa 41; San Diego State 36; West Virginia 35; Iowa 31; Miami (Ohio) 13; Florida 10; Connecticut 7; Air Force 4; Hawaii 4; Notre Dame 3; Washington 1.


Here’s my AP ballot:

1 Auburn
3 Oregon
4 Stanford
5 Ohio State
7 Boise State
8 Oklahoma
9 Wisconsin
10 Alabama
11 Arkansas
12 Nevada
13 Michigan St.
14 Okla State
15 Virginia Tech
16 Florida State
17 Miss St
18 Missouri
19 Texas A&M
20 S. Carolina
21 Nebraska
22 UCF
23 Maryland
24 NC State
25 Tulsa

Dropped out: Utah, West Virginia, Hawaii
Also considered: Utah, Northern Illinois, Iowa, Miami (Ohio)

Thanks, Chad.

You know what's great about being a Boise State fan? For a few minutes or hours, it takes us away from all the strife of our daily lives and the tremendous economic challenges we face living in Treasure Valley. The Statesman has done a fantastic job shedding insight and opinion. I especially like the reporters and editorial opinion. I'll take the good with the bad, and it stirs pot so to speak. It's great that the Statesman keeps us informed, and perpetually feeds the fire that burns in each and every fan. We want to know as much as possible, every week, every month. It's just an amazing experience rooting and supporting this team knowing what it means to not only this valley, but to the fans throughout the country. I wish I could somehow vote for a Nobel Prize in Sports for the Statesman's coverage. It has been nothing short of outstanding.

thanks, Brotzman

TCU couldn't have done it without you.

Fake Fake Fake

See you still have not found your spine, still pretending to be a TCU fans. What's the matter BSU owns your team, so you needed a fake logon so you could pretend that your team didn't suck so bad.


wanna bet?

LOL! you CAN'T!!! Bronco accounts all BUSTED!!!! WE OWN YOU!

Hey Fake Frog Boy

Come on you can do it, find or buy you a spine. I know they suck, but your real team needs your support.

RichFrog RealDeal!

(flex, flex)

Hey frog

You working out the muscle to hop over to our BLUE lilly pad for a stampede? Keep flexing buddy ;-)

Kudos and accolades

Amen brother............amen. And the same to the outstanding athletes from BSU who are ultimately responsible for the opportunity. Our hearts and hearty thank yous go to them also. And thanks Pete for having the same opinion of our valley as most of the rest of the country. GO BRONCOS....GO VANDALS

Thanks BSU FB Team and Staff

You've done more this season to put Idaho on the map than our governor has done in four years.


Thanks for keeping us all up on what is going on with BSU. One thing that I'm just so impressed with is Coach Pete. The guy can go anywhere and has had multiple offers from big programs for much more money than he can make at Boise State but he stays here. Thank you Coach Pete for your commitment, you're an inspiration to us all. Lets make sure that Bronco Nation does everything we can to keep this the best program for our coaches and players. Can't wait to start up in the spring. Its exciting to watch these coaches take players that others don't see the talent in and make them NFL prospects. Bleed'n Blue every day!

I think.....

Coach Pete is out to prove something. Yes, he can go to big school with big school money and big school recruiting. But, I think he stays at Boise State to prove that winning programs and BCS games (and possible NC games) can be won by teams with far less money and "less talent". I think he's trying to say that coaching a team with 2- and 3-star athletes from smaller universities with budgets about 1/4 of these other school takes more skill than one of the teams with all the resources. Boise State has a history of doing more with less than any other school in the nation. And I think Coach Pete is trying to prove that point.

Idaho did that first.....

The history of Idaho has more professional NFL players than BSU....Idaho did that is a small list Yarno, Kramer, Schlereth, Hobart, Willis (kicker), Merriman, and about 30 more....

Hooray for Idaho

Yeah, we know.
Your big brother can beat up our big brother.
Your mom has a bigger mustache than our mom.
Your dog's better 'cause he eats Kennel Ration.

Give it a rest, can't you?

Re: your list

WHO? I don't know any of those players. Were they in the NFL long? The only Vandal I'm familiar with is John Friesz. Other than that, it's all foggy to me.

OK, I am familiar with Mark Schlereth and Mike Hollis. To see all Vandals that have played in the NFL:

At least with Boise State you have: K Wilson, K Hall, D Schouman, R Clady, G Alexander, C Carr, D Colledge, L Naanee, and O Scandrick

The list of Broncos isnt as long as the Vandal list, but Boise State is catching up. To see all Broncos that have played in the NFL:

My point is that few Vandals have gone in recent years.

Ω Pretty darned famous

Jerry Kramer played for Vince Lombardi and the Green Bay Packers. He was 5-time All-Pro.

Don't think there is any question he is the most decorated player to come from this state. It's a travesty he is not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


What? You didn't even mention Jerry Kramer? Didn't Yo Murphy play alittle NFL? You guys brag about BSU, but Idaho beat WSU and Oregon State long before the famous BSU....Idaho rules...Idaho also dominates Boise in business and politics....we also have at least two gold medalists in Olympics--Dan O Brian and Kirsten Armstrong.....and also Sarah Palin....she graduated the same year Ugly did...1986....

If BSU was generous....they would donate 2 million to Idaho's football program to help rebuild it....Idaho has done alot for Boise!

Ω "Talking", an Olympic event?

ugly, which "Talking" Olympic event did Sarah Palin win? Was it one of the sprints or a longer distance? Did she win by "alittle" or "alot"? Did she get "anice" medal?

And, you want to be VNDL's brother in colors? "Kristin Armstrong" and "Dan O'Brien" are waiting to vet your candidacy.

ps - Football can't resume soon enough.

pps - Have to go get "abeer".

No Olympics on Palin....

Just a great UI grad...I like Sarah Palin; she just has made a few mistakes....I am mad at college football too....their system sucks...the Oregon and Auburn game was a good one...but college football leaves too much open and nothing solved....I'm now going for Seattle in least its a fairer system....CFB will be here goes meantime, the Boston Marathon will be in April...that should be a good event....did you see the Japan Marathon where runner went wrong way and lost about $100,000....spring training in CFB coming soon so hang in there.....Ugly will watch and also run and get ready for Famous Potato Marathon in Boise....

Ω No dice

Oregon and Auburn a good one? Hardly. How about being ready to play instead of this first quarter; here are the possessions:

Oregon, 3 plays for 7 yards - punt
Auburn, 3 plays for 8 yards, punt
Oregon, 5 plays for 22 yards, interception
Auburn, 2 plays for 2 yards, interception
Oregon, 8 plays for 33 yards, interception
Auburn, 5 plays for 12 yards, punt
Oregon, 9 plays for 56 yards, end of quarter

Three punts and three turnovers. Yeah, great championship football there. Wake Forest - Vanderbilt wouldn't have been any worse.

ps - And, then we get to see pictures of some lying, cheating, thieving lout holding an ill-attained piece of Waterford. Tremendous. Nice work NCAA/BCS.

Ugly Disagrees Razor

It was good....The defense on both sides played very well...It reminded me of the old Purple and Blue division rivalrys of Minn and Chic...Also of Purple People Eaters v. Fearsome Foursome...or the Steel Curtain.....those one yard line stances were reminded me of my Chess days....a good defense is a good offense...I was lousy with the knights....bishops alittle better....a friend knew how to align pawns that made him un-beatable....remember Bobby Fischer?....It was a good game....I have more respect for both Oregon and Auburn.....however, the BCS does need an 8 playoff system with others going to bowls....

Ω Not buying

Those were supposed to be two excellent offenses. They had plenty of time to prepare. Both fizzled most of the night.

Oregon's defense wasn't even all that impressive throughout the year and Auburn's looked very vulnerable at times.

It was a crummy first quarter and set the tone for the rest of the game. Yeah, 22-19 is close. So is 3-0. Doesn't make it a good game.

For what was billed as a title game, C+. BSU, TCU, Nevada, Stanford, and some others would have given either Auburn or Oregon more than they could handle.

Razor...Ugly Agrees

Yeah...there needs to be a 8 team playoff...a 16 team I prefer but it won't would be too many games for the final four teams and may cause injuries and hurt NFL chances.....A final 8 is better than now....BSU, TCU, and Stanford good.....the BCS needs to change.....every other college sport has playoffs or finals, why not CFB?.....

And I agree on the cheating....Auburn #90 should have been ejected as well as the dude that kneed the Oregon player and caused blood....

Ω Carry on later ...

... watching old comedy videos. Laughing my arse off.


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then return to devouring posters.


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year


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Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year


It's a shame that the teams ranked 3 thru 10 don't jump at Mark Cuban's playoff proposal. They can lose their chance at competing for a BCS title in the future, but the interest and teams getting to play for their chance for a title would be exciting.
Teams could elect to compete in the BCS or the playoff division. The polls would rank the teams, and even use computers like the BCS. 8 teams would take 3 weeks. All 8 could share in the revenue according to their finish.
I enjoy your insightness and honesty when you do your ballots.I am the #1 Boise State fan in Hagerstown, Maryland.

A 16-team playoff is better

The first round could be the week before Christmas (just after finals week). The second round around Christmas. The third and final round can be around New Year's Day. And, the NC game a week later. Between these playoff games can be played the other Bowl Games. And, the BCS Bowls can be slotted by teams that lose in the final 2 rounds of the playoffs.

An 8-team playoff sucks. There are a number of teams that will be left out, which shouldnt happen. The ranking system should only be used after the conference champs have been selected.

You must of missed

Hanco-ck the other day. Basically he said the BCS would go back to the traditional bowl setup before they touch a playoff.

The very best we will see is a plus-one

nation house writer surprised

this character cannot write is he paid by the nation

'this character cannot write is he paid by the nation'

look who's talkin'? hahahaha watta dope

and please folks. dont mar bsu's image referencing any mention of bozo bootchie...


Please speak in complete sentences.I know I'm asking a lot, but the the viewers at home demand this.

.................also what ever you post is bla bla bla, nobody cares.............. your a joke

And the Ducks are still out of luck ;-p



Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year

"WE" rule what?

A 9th place finish and a basically no-name bowl game? At least the Ducks made it to the championship. Bwa ha ha ha!!!!!!

Bwa Ha Ha--Back Atcha

While I was rooting for Oregon last night, I have to point this out:

Q: What do Auburn and Boise State have in common?
A. They're both undefeated against the Ducks.

(Oregon seems to have a problem beating teams that wear blue and orange.)

"WE" rule THIS...

...the PURPLE ROSE FROG BOWL and the WUSSconsin Badgers, and Boise's BCS BankDraft!

Buy avowal,


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year

Beavers or even Portland State. Get real.


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year

Oregon's fluorescent neon yellow socks.

Good lord, this team has more uniform combo's then anyone. I was surpised they didn't put the stupid yellow fluorescent wings on their jersey's too. well this should keep bduck off here for a bit now that the all mighty ducks took a crashing.


Too bad for OryGun. Hopefully next year they can get players under 30 years old,with out kids and a Rent-A-Center heavy debt.LOL

Just think.....

BSU could have been the one to finish 2nd in the polls. thanks again brotzman for screwing up the season and the future of BSU football. :choke choke gasp:
watching the game last night, the way both teams sputtered, i believe BSU could have beaten either team.

get over it

It's a game. Get a little perspective and get a life while you're at it.

I agree

I agree

BSU Fans

Oops, this was supposed to be under the Brotzman haters chat..

Why it is most BSU fans are over this. Every team or player can have an off day making them lose a game. BSU lost one game in years, how many teams can say that. Brotzman did have an off day, however most of the team lost steam after the first quarter of that game so it is far from one players fault. Most people can see that except the BSU haters.

I'm just glad most Duck and Vandal fans are good sports, but there are a lot nitwit fans to (yes I know BSU has a few to). But it still amazes me how many non BSU fans come here to make stupid posts. Talk about pathetic losers if this is all they can find for entertainment. And most of you LOSERS know who I'm talking about; we see your stupid posts day after day. Fortunately we can just see the name and forget about even reading your dribble.

FailKick comes with a PriceTag

seems "dribbel" is a part of da price. RichFrog can't get over the MAGNITUDE of this one FAIL. Seems none of you BSU BoiseBoyz gets it,... and until I can adequately relate this HUGE TRUTH unto the simple Boise in-bred mind that your great, glorious, and grand future, as HUGE AS IT WAS, now belongs to da FROG,... well,... "dribble" i must.... (napkin, please?) If but one Boise fan would copy and paste the following confession, and post it under the banner "FrogUncle, FrogUncle", RichFrog would hop away happily everafter.


We, BoiseStateBustedBroncos, confess to da FROG that WE ARE NOT WORTHY. Thou Art Worthy, O Frog, to receive GLORY, AND HONOR, AND POWER, and ALL OUR FUTURE BCS PAYOUTS along with current BrotzFailKickPayouts. Have Thine Own Way With Us, o Great and Mighty Frog. Have Mercy Upon Our Sad and Bankrupt SOULS! Frog Have Mercy.


yes, my lowly smurfers, yes. FROGiveness for ALL. Come to Frog...Quick to FROGive Fiesta's PAST... purple frog-aid for ALL. Drink, my ToadiConverts, drink.