Former Micron exec Larry Grant considering run for Idaho Democratic chairman

Former congressional nominee Larry Grant says he's likely to run for Idaho Democratic Party chairman next month. Outgoing Chairman Keith Roark is not expected to seek another term.

"What we Democrats need to do is get all back on the same page, dust ourselves off and move forward," Grant said Tuesday.

Grant said he began considering the race after the November election, in which Democrats lost their only major post -- 1st District Congress -- and five seats in the Idaho House.

"My objective is to get those seats back in the Legislature," Grant said. "And, in 2012, President Obama will be on the ticket and that will be interesting."

Grant said he is no longer interested in elected office and withheld criticism of defeated 1st District Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick.

"I know Walt was doing what he thought he needed to do to get elected," Grant said. "Obviously, what they tried didn't work, but I don't think that's a criticism. It's a fact. We've got to evaluate what we're doing and figure out a way to get it done."

Added Grant: "It's pretty obvious that Democrats didn't get out the vote, for whatever reason."

Grant, 64, is a former vice president and general counsel at Micron Technology. Now retired, he lives in Fruitland. In the 1990s, he was finance chairman for two-term 1st District Democratic Rep. Larry LaRocco.

In 2006, Grant came within 12,000 votes of winning the 1st District over Republican Rep. Bill Sali. In 2008, he sought a rematch, but stepped aside for Minnick, who defeated Sali by 4,200 votes. In November, Minnick lost to Rep.-elect Raul Labrador by 24,000 votes.

The chairmanship will be decided at a Feb. 26 meeting of the Democratic State Central Committee, held in conjunction with the annual Frank Church Banquet in Boise. Grant said he was unaware of any other candidates seeking the job.

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Labrador's margin of victory

Minnick lost to Labrador by 24,000 votes, not 12,000 as the 3:47 p.m. version of this blog states.

Thanks for the catch. Margin was 24,096.

Dan Popkey

New blood

New possibilities.

Maybe they can put more than token stand-ins for positions. Any REAL candidates? Any REAL Statesmen (character not the paper)?

Grant Paid His Dues

The good news is Walt Minnick is not running for chairman.
Walt proved by his votes in Congress that he was not a true Democrat.

This will be fun

To see how the left-wing of Idaho's Dems square their hatred of Micron with supporting a leader of Micron. Big Business BAD!!!!! but not when we need the bosses to lead us. Why not grab one of Idaho's Labor Leaders. The Sheetmetal workers or electrical workers, or maybe the person who organizes those very successful SHAME ON campaigns.

Larry is right, 2012 will be interesting. I hope that wasn't his light bulb.

This is Idaho

Democrats did not fail to get the vote out in either 2006, 2008 or 2010. This is Idaho. Simply put if the national mood is pro-GOP than the GOP domnates all state and fed races and if the national mood is pro-Dem than it simply means they have a chance in a few races. Grant is deluding himself if he believes Dems lost races in Idaho due to turnout. Besides that, having Obama on the top of the ticket in 2012 in a pro-GOP states may not even be a benefit but more of a hinderance for some Democrats.

Larry Grant needs to go home and watch ESPN more.



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